How to Organize a Child’s Birthday Party

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How to Organize a Child’s Birthday Party: Throwing a party to celebrate your child’s birthday is an excellent idea. Children’s parties are not only an opportunity for children to have fun but also encourage socialization and integration into the group, as well as helping to create beautiful childhood memories.

How to Organize a Child's Birthday Party

However, if you want your child’s party to succeed, you will have to start organizing everything a few weeks before. Remember that improvisation is usually not a good advisor.

7 Steps to Planning a Children’s Party

Set the Date and Time

Most of the children’s parties are held during the weekend as this is when parents and children have the most free time. Conveniently, you indicate a starting time, especially if you will hire a children’s entertainment service so that the little ones do not miss the fun.

And you can also indicate an approximate time of completion so that parents who drop off their children can return to pick them up. If it is a party for small children, from 1 to 3 years old, the usual thing is that it does not last more than an hour and a half, for children over 4 years it usually lasts about two hours and for those over 7 years old about three hours.

Determine the Location of the Party

How to Organize a Child's Birthday Party

Children tend to enjoy outdoor parties, but there is always the risk of time playing tricks. The ideal is to have space indoors and another outdoors, so adults can also have a quieter place to chat. Some parents prefer to celebrate birthdays in restaurants to take care of the menu, but you should make sure that the place you choose is suitable for children, especially if they are young.

Prepare the Guest List and Invitations

How many children will you invite? If your child is very young, the ideal is not to invite many people so that he does not feel uncomfortable. If he is older, depending on the space to celebrate the party and your budget, you can invite more children.

To save money and give the invitations a personal touch, you can make them at home and involve your child in organizing their party. You can also find predesigned invitations with different motifs that can be in tune with the birthday theme on the Internet.

Choose the Decoration

How to Organize a Child's Birthday Party

You can celebrate a thematic party on the occasion of princesses, pirates, superheroes … In that case, the usual thing is that all the decoration revolves around the chosen theme, from the glasses and tablecloths to the balloons and the piñata.

You can also bet on a more traditional decoration, but always making sure that the garlands, lanterns, streamers and balloons do not become a danger or a hindrance for children. The best thing is to choose a minimalist decoration that gives a festive air to space but does not interfere with children’s activities.

Plan the Menu

There are catering companies that can prepare the menu you choose, although if you don’t have many guests, you can do it at home and bet on healthier options. You can prepare yogurt cups with strawberries, ham and cheese sandwiches, vegetable chips, oatmeal bars, homemade chocolate cakes …

If you don’t want to get too complicated, instead of preparing individual boxes, you can place the food on trays for the guests to go itching. Don’t neglect drinks; make sure you have enough water and natural juices because children tend to drink a lot on birthdays. And of course, don’t forget the cake.

How to Organize a Child's Birthday Party

Buy the Gifts

Kids are excited to come home with a gift, but you don’t need to spend too much. If you have a little time to browse the stores, you can find original gifts at a good price. You can give them coloring books, crayons, puzzles, and backpacks to color themselves and accompany them with curious details such as flexible pencils or animal-shaped pens.

Don’t Forget the Animation

A children’s party without music, games and entertainment is not a party. Kids get bored quickly, so plan fun activities. To ensure that the party is a success, you can hire companies specializing in children’s birthdays.

Clowns, magicians and / or entertainers can make sure your little one’s birthday is unforgettable by organizing games adapted to their age, performing magic tricks that will leave the little ones with their mouths open, balloon twisting numbers, face painting and much more. Look for companies that have entertainment options based on the age of the children.

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