How to Make a Birthday Toast for Girl

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How to Make a Birthday Toast for Girl: There are many holidays in every person, but one of them – the most anticipated and beloved – is his birthday. Nothing is surprising in this, because this is a personal holiday. On this day, it is customary to give gifts and make pleasant surprises to relatives and best friends.

How to Make a Birthday Toast for Girl

Sometimes it is not easy to choose a gift for a dear person because everyone has different tastes. Besides, they tend to change, and it is impossible to find out in advance what exactly the hero of the occasion will want on this solemn day.

But it can be much more challenging to compose an original and creative wish. This is especially true of the moments when you have to congratulate the birthday person with many people.


In these cases, it can be challenging to find words to make a beautiful toast. What exactly should be the toast depends primarily on the gender and age of the birthday person… So, it will be inappropriate for older people to use youth humor and slang words, but when congratulating a young girl on her birthday, you can safely use all this.

However, everything here depends on the birthday girl’s character and lifestyle because a young lady who is fond of poetry and drawing can easily be insulted or frightened with such a toast.

What to Look for When Making a Toast for Girl

As mentioned above, when making a toast for a girl, you should pay attention to a number of factors. Here are the most important ones:

  • Age. The term “girl” can be applied to different people. Indeed, for some, a girl is a representative of the fair sex at the age of 14 to 25, for someone – from 18 to 30, and some of the highly respected ladies, even in their 40s, consider themselves a girl. Naturally, in each such case, you should make up different congratulations.
  • Hobbies. The birthday girl’s favorite hobby can also be given attention when writing a congratulatory speech. Admire her talents in painting, versification, or handicraft: the birthday girl will surely appreciate it. We can wish her success in all such endeavors. Well, if you also present a suitable gift for your congratulations, there will be no limit to the delight of the hero of the occasion.

Be sure to consider the situation in which you make a toast for the birthday girl. So, with a large number of guests attending the holiday, you should not operate with general secrets and intimate wishes, even if you are congratulating a close friend or girlfriend. After all, in this way, you can put it in a not very comfortable position.

Well, if you are celebrating a holiday together, then you can mention one of the above, but again only if you do not offend the birthday girl. It is also important to remember that many people can be present at the celebration of a girl’s birthday, so it is not worth making a long congratulatory speech. Keep your toast short, succinct, but memorable.

In order not to forget the words at the time of congratulations, buy a beautiful postcard in the store and write your toast in it. Someone may be surprised to think that it is impossible to forget a text written by yourself.

However, at this exciting moment, anything is possible – do not forget about it. The irony should be used very carefully when making a toast for a girl’s birthday. It is quite possible that the young lady and her guests will not understand your humor.

How to Make a Birthday Toast for Girl

Also, with an unsuccessful joke, you can accidentally, of course, not wanting to, offend or humiliate the hero of the occasion, .and put people at the birthday party in an awkward situation. Therefore, think carefully before making a joke while delivering a congratulatory speech at the table.

If you’ve already made a humorous toast for a girl, show it to a friend or family member. Let them give an objective assessment of the speech you invented.

Types of Toasts That Can Be Used for Girl’s Birthday

You can congratulate a young birthday girl in different ways: it all depends on the situation and your personal preferences. A short toast must contain your wishes. If you are using speech that is missing, be sure to say a few words of your own before making the toast.

There is nothing complicated in their selection. Just tell her how respectfully you treat the hero of the occasion and wish her love, good health, and good luck. Table speeches intended for a girl can be of several types:

  • Traditional. This option is perfect for any birthday girl. You can use it in any setting. Such toasts usually include wishes, congratulations, a beautiful legend, etc.
  • Humorous. Such table speech should be used exceptionally carefully if senior colleagues at work, elderly relatives, and parents gather at the holiday. You should be especially careful when using toasts containing profanity and youth slang. And it is better to refrain from using them altogether.
  • In poetry. Such toasts can only be composed independently by a person who has the skill of the artistic word. But such a text sounds beautiful and melodic and makes an excellent impression on others, causing them genuine delight.

If, for some reason, you cannot independently compose a congratulatory speech for a girl, use ready-made examples of toasts, which can be found in specialized book publications or on the Internet.

Try to choose an original and unusual congratulation with warm and kind words. Only in this case, your toast will be remembered for a long time not only by the hero of the occasion but also by the guests present on her holiday.

How to Make a Birthday Toast for Girl

Thus, you will show the girl you wish her a happy birthday, how important her holiday is to you, and how glad you will be present at such a celebration.

Options for Traditional Greeting Toasts for Girl’s Birthday

It’s easy to compose a traditional greeting. It can contain a beautiful legend and a wish or just a congratulation. For a girl, you can use a standard table speech like this:

For the Kindest, Most Beautiful, and Intelligent

“The old belief says that angels kiss all children born in heaven. Kisses on the forehead – the child will be incredibly smart, in the heart – very kind, on the legs – will be born a strong and enduring athlete, in the eyes – will become beautiful. When you were born, it seems that there was a malfunction in the heavenly office, and the angels kissed you several times.

So let’s fill and raise our glasses for the kindness, beauty, genius mind and other good qualities of our dear birthday girl! “…

For the Eternal: Youth and Beauty, Health and Prosperity

“Today we are gathered here to wish a wonderful person a happy birthday. I want to wish you cheerful clarity, only productive actions and mind-blowing ideas. I want time not to dominate you, and you will always be just as young and beautiful. I want peace, wealth, health and prosperity to always reign in your family.

Let’s drink to the fact that all this will certainly come true, and we checked it all in a year, having gathered at this table in the same composition. “

Option for Romantics in Love

How to Make a Birthday Toast for Girl

You can use the following traditional toast for your girlfriend with a romantic slant: “I don’t need much to be happy. I just want to see you – sleepy and disheveled in the morning, to see you smile and wrinkle your nose funny asleep.

I want to admire you every day and not trust my happiness. When you are near, all problems recede and all adversity bypasses our quiet, cozy home. My beloved, be happy, and I will try to do everything that is required of me. Let’s drink to the sweetest and most beautiful birthday girl in the world! “…

Humorous Birthday Toasts for Girl

If you think that the birthday girl will like the use of humorous greetings, use this version of the toast: “One woman, coming home from a long party, said to her angry husband: “Well, why are you waving your watch in front of me?

When she left for a walk, my father generally waved a calendar in front of her! “I propose to raise your glasses so that no unit of time – no clock, no calendar – would have power over you, and you always remain the same beautiful, mischievous and young! “…

“One of my acquaintances, when strangers approached her and started a conversation with the words: “This, of course, is not my business …”, always answered: “Of course, not yours!”, – she turned around and left. So let’s drink to you so that you can always put everything in its place and avoid unnecessary advisors who in no way can decorate your life! “…

How to Make a Birthday Toast for Girl

Birthday Toasts for Girl in Verse

As mentioned above, toast in verse is the most common form of congratulations today. You can congratulate a girl in this way as follows:

You are beautiful and sweet. You are always good with us. Let you be young. After many years!

It is not so important which version of the toast you choose to congratulate the girl on her birthday; the main thing is that all wishes and words come from a pure heart and give the birthday girl a charge of positive emotions!

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