How to Give Money to a Friend for Her Birthday

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Choosing a good birthday present is not an easy task, even if the birthday girl is your good friend. You can easily make a mistake both with the idea and with its implementation. The only surefire option is money. But you need to give them correctly – beautiful and unusual. Therefore, we will show you how to give money to a friend for her birthday in an original way, in order to please her for sure.

How You Can Not Give Money to a Girlfriend

Money is a very controversial gift. On the one hand, they will always come in handy, on the other, improper delivery can ruin the whole impression and even offend the recipient. Therefore, it is important to remember how to give money gifts:

  • Get bills out of your wallet and count the required amount, especially in front of other guests.
  • When handing over, announce the amount of the present.
  • Use shabby bills for a gift.

Money must be packed in advance and it is desirable to do it in an original way. It is also important to choose the correct words for the presentation. It is ugly to do this in silence, so think over a small speech in advance so as not to get confused and not get lost.

10 Ways How to Give Money to a Friend for Her Birthday

  • In a bouquet of flowers
  • In the package of kinder surprises
  • Money in the “bank.”
  • In balloons
  • In the icy, “iceberg.”
  • In the form of money rain
  • On the money tree
  • In the form of a carpet
  • In a box of chocolates
  • In a beautiful box

Simple and Original Ways to Give Money

If you do not have enough time to prepare an exclusive surprise, ready-made envelope postcards from the store will help out. Only it is advisable to choose not standard envelopes with flowers, but something with funny pictures and jokes. You can also attach money to a regular large-sized greeting card so that at first, the girlfriend does not guess what is the surprise inside.

If the store option is not for you, order handmade packaging from the master. It will cost, of course, more expensive, but the gift will turn out to be more original. You can also order the printing of an author’s postcard in the printing house.

How Easy Is It to Make a Gift Out of Money With Your Own Hands?

There are a lot of options for original crafts from money. All of them are quite simple in execution, so even people who are far from needlework will definitely succeed. The simplest ideas:

  • Cake. It is necessary to make a frame out of cardboard by gluing or stapling it. The workpiece must be at least two-story. Top “cake” is decorated with banknotes. In order not to damage them, it is better to tie them with threads, to which you can also attach paper flowers.
  • Carpet. It is not difficult to make it: you need to take a suitable fabric, layout bills and other decorative trifles on it and cover it with a transparent film. Then the entire filling of the carpet must be secured with pins, and the film must be stitched with a machine to the fabric so that the decorative elements are in a kind of pockets.
  • Money Tree. To make it, you need a stem of a tree – real or made of wire, a pot and filler for it. The tree must be fixed in a pot with plaster and stones, glue and foam, sponge and alabaster, etc. After solidification, bills are attached to the branches.
  • Beads or garland. Banknotes must be folded like an accordion and tied in the middle with a thread. You get some kind of butterflies. They must be tied to a ribbon along with beads and other decorative elements. Depending on the length of the base, beads or a garland will be obtained.

Such simple crafts will not require much effort and time, but they will help to give money in an unusual way and surprise the birthday girl.

When creating a money composition with your own hands, do not forget that the birthday girl will need to somehow disassemble it in order to use the gift. Therefore, you should not fasten bills too securely.

How to Creatively Give Money to a Girlfriend for Her Birthday?

If a friend is a lover of unusual solutions, you need to come up with an unexpected and creative way of presenting, for example:

  • Present cabbage. Earlier, money was often called cabbage, so such a presentation would be interesting and funny. Before you start packing, be sure to place your bills in several plastic bags to protect them from moisture. A large and beautiful head of cabbage must be cut into two parts from top to bottom, and the core must be cut, and in its place, we put a gift. Then the head of cabbage must be carefully connected, wrapped with cling film and tied with bright satin ribbons.
  • Iceberg. Banknotes must be sealed in a film. Then you need to freeze the water in a semicircular pot, saucepan or kettle so that the money is inside the lump. You will have to freeze in several stages. They give such a gift in a large package and on a tray with a hammer so that the birthday girl can break the iceberg and get her present.
  • Money rain. For such a presentation, you need to purchase an umbrella. In the open position, tie many silvery “rain” threads of different lengths from the inside to its knitting needles. Some of them must have bills. Then fold everything neatly and present. When the birthday girl opens the umbrella, real rain of money will fall on her.
  • Dessert money. Everyone knows about the custom of hiding a wedding ring in a piece of cake or cake. By the same principle, a coin of precious metal can be hidden there.

Original and Funny Giving Money to a Girlfriend for Her Birthday

The birthday girl with a good sense of humor will definitely like the comic presentation of the gift. This will cheer up the hero of the occasion and the guests. Best funny present ideas:

  • Brick. It is not easy to prepare such a gift, since you will have to saw the building material in two. You need to put a bill inside and glue the brick neatly along the edges. The birthday girl will have to work hard to extract her present.
  • Money in balls. You need to take more balloons and put confetti and small bills inside and then inflate and tie. When handing over a gift, be sure to hint to the birthday girl that the balls must burst immediately.
  • Money in the “bank”. When we say this phrase, a bank deposit comes to mind. But in this situation, it is worth acting more literally and hiding the present in a real glass vessel. Fold the bills in a regular jar and roll up the lid. Be sure to stick a funny label, for example, “Pickled cabbage” or “Swiss Bank”.

You can supplement such a funny gift with a small joke or funny ditties about the birthday girl. Think of rhymes or songs in advance. You can give guests their roles so that you have support at the right time.

Jokes and pranks should in no way seem offensive to the birthday girl, so never make fun of topics that excite a girlfriend.

How to Present Money to a Friend for Her Birthday in an Original and Beautiful Way?

Most girls like the gifts to be not only useful but also beautiful, and their presentation amazed with sophistication and excellent taste. If your girlfriend is also a lover of beautiful things, try to come up with a cute and bright presentation for your gift. The best ideas on how to give money beautifully:

  • Kinder surprise packing. They are adored by many young girls. You need all the eggs or one of them to make it more interesting to look for a gift, carefully open it and put money inside instead of a toy.
  • Bouquet. There are many options here. You can make flowers out of banknotes using the origami technique, but this is not easy, and there is an excellent chance of just tearing up the money. It is easier to make flowers from ordinary corrugated paper and use bills as leaves or cores. You can also take a real bouquet of roses and attach the bills to the buds.
  • Sweets. Buy a nice box of chocolates and wrap each of them in a banknote on top of a factory paper.
  • In the box. It is enough to buy a cute, inexpensive jewelry box and invest money in it.

To make the gift even more memorable, you can order a song for the birthday girl on the radio, having agreed that it will sound at a certain moment. It is at this time that you begin the presentation, having previously tuned the receiver to the desired wavelength.

It’s a good idea to complement your gift not with a traditional bouquet of flowers but with an interesting arrangement of candies or balls. You can collect a whole bunch of balloons, tie an envelope with money to them and let them into an apartment or restaurant where the celebration will take place. You just need to do it carefully so as not to let go ahead of time and the present does not fly into the sky.

Final Thought

Do not be afraid of unusual and original solutions. So you can turn even the most banal several bills into a non-trivial present. This will surely delight the girlfriend, and your gift will be remembered for a long time.

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