How to Give Money for a Birthday in an Original Way

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Do you think about how to give money for a birthday in an original way? We will advise you!

How to Give Money for a Birthday

We have 30 wonderful ideas on this topic: 15 of them are very simple, do not require skill and long preparations, masterclasses, you will have to spend time on them and show your own imagination somewhere.

Simple Gifts With Money

They are not complex. You will immediately understand how you can make a gift just by looking at the picture. But nevertheless, you will be able to surprise the birthday man and his guests with your imagination and originality.

1. Cool Gift Envelope Card

A simple envelope will work too, but there is nothing original in it – the birthday boy will simply put it in his pocket. But a postcard with a witty inscription will make you attract attention and laugh.

2. Money Necklace

A wonderful gift for a girl, it resembles a Hawaiian necklace. For each butterfly, two bills are needed, which must be folded into an “accordion” and divided into left and right wings, and then attached to the beads.

3. Bow on the Box

Where do you think the present is? Of course, outside – it is just in the form of a bow for gift wrapping. The main thing is that the birthday man is attentive and does not break it abruptly. And you can put chocolate in the box.

4. Money on a Broom

It is believed that a new broom attracts money into the house. Decorate it the way you see it in the picture. And when handing it, tell the birthday man such magical words: “I sweep evil and poverty out of the house and sweep luck and money into the house.”

5. Money in the Form of Conservation With a Cool Label

Great idea – conservation of money, some donors even roll up the jar in the old way. But it is more important to decorate the jar itself in an original way and come up with a cool inscription on the label.

6. Money in a Candy Box

It would seem, well, isn’t it lovely to get a box of delicious Rafaelok? No, all the same, the surprise is that there is a minimum of sweets, and among them, there are a lot of twisted bills tied with a ribbon.

7. “Ambulance”

A very original gift, it can be presented, for example, to a doctor’s birthday. A box in the form of a first-aid kit (across from a patch), and in a syringe – a banknote folded into a tube to use in case of urgent need.

8. Pizza “Happy Birthday!”

It’s cool, if a guest comes with a box of pizza as a gift, will the birthday boy like it? But disappointment will give way to delight as soon as he opens the package – a fan of money will immediately cheer him up.

9. “Photo Collage” of Money

There is nothing complicated. You just need to purchase a frame with glass, and bills can be folded in a chaotic manner. The main thing is that they are visible, then the birthday boy and guests will notice what a generous person you are!

10. Money Under an Umbrella

A very cool present with a surprise – it seems that you are giving an umbrella, but when the birthday boy opens it, money “rain” will fall on him. Banknotes are attached to the knitting needles with tape, and instead of coins – chocolates in golden foil.

11. Money in a Balloon

It is clear that before you inflate the balloon, you need to put a few folded or folded bills into it, this is not at all difficult. And for beauty, you can also add some light sparkles there and tie the ball with a bow.

12. Fast Food From Mcdonald’s

How do you like this idea – to come to a birthday party with a bag of “bad calories”? What will be the joy of the birthday boy if instead of french fries, he finds tubes of banknotes in a bag! This is the most youthful gift option!

13. Money in Cabbage

The famous expression “cut cabbage” means “make money”. But the birthday man will not need to chop vegetables, he will find “cabbage” (that is, money), by unfolding its leaves. As a gift, choose a soft, young head of cabbage.

14. Money Basket

You can make a basket yourself if you are doing needlework, or you can buy it in a store. In general, there is no surprise in this gift, but visually it looks very presentable and beautiful.

15. Banknote in an Apple

As a gift a simple apple? It even seems insulting! But the surprise is inside it – as you can see in the picture, the fruit must be cut, cut into the pulp, put some money there and tie with a ribbon. The main thing is that the birthday boy does not bite the bill!

Sophisticated Gifts Made of Money With Your Own Hands

This section of gift ideas contains videos with detailed master classes. There are jokes, complex puzzles, surprises, and original solutions. In general, read and watch, you will definitely like something.

1. Money Cake

A great gift for an anniversary, because you will need a lot of bills for decoration. And you will also need cardboard, scissors, glue and a box of paper clips. Money is rolled into tubes and attached to cardboard circles of different diameters as three “layers”.

2. Smiley

A very positive surprise – you pull the smiley by the tongue, and you pull out the money. To work, you need white paper, corrugated cardboard, PVA and hot glue, acrylic paints, scissors, transparent tape and a little bit of your personal imagination.

3. Bouquet of Money

It does not matter to whom such a bouquet will be intended, a man or a woman, it will please representatives of any gender. It is desirable that the bills be in small denominations because you will have to make a luxurious bouquet with many buds.

4. “Savings Book”

It is made in the style of scrapbooking – an album with paper decor. The video tutorial shows how this book is made and where the money is placed. But you will have to come up with jokes for each page yourself.

5. Origami Shirt

“Shirt” consists of just one bill, everything is very simple. Such money can be presented to a fashionista, a business person or a white-collar worker, for example, to your colleague.

6. Origami Dress

This is a women’s gift and is also made from one bill. A good present for a friend, mother or daughter. It can be supplemented, for example, with a small chocolate bar to make it look a little more voluminous.

7. Painting “Money Growing on a Tree”

In order not to draw a trunk with branches on your own, you can download the finished picture, as the host of the master class did. But the “fruits” on the tree will be banknotes. The result is original.

8. Money in Kinder Surprise

There is a surprise in any kinder, but it is put in during production at the factory. From the video tutorial, you will learn how you can cleverly remake a chocolate egg and hide your presence in it.

9. A Ship With Sails Made of Banknotes

From the master class, you will learn everything, even how to make a ship’s hull from a wooden block. And real banknotes will develop on masts and yards! In the present, you can add something else of your own, at your discretion.

10. Money Printing Machine

Is it possible to do it yourself? Yes, Easy. Then you need to insert a white sheet into the machine, and a real bill will come out. Of course, this is a trick, but how to solve it and make the machine itself – you will learn from the video tutorial.

11. Garland of Money

This garland should not be hung immediately. It is best to put it in a box, from which only 2-3 top bills will be visible. But pulling the string, the birthday boy will see that there is a lot of money, and the donor was not at all greedy.

12. Magic Wallet With Banknotes

Such a trick is already quite “ancient”, invented back in the USSR. But as you know, everything new is a well-forgotten old. No matter how you twist the wallet, the money will still remain in it, only from different sides.

13. Banknote Puzzle

A very cool gift, but you will have to tinker with it a little – both for the giver himself when making it, and for the birthday man when solving the puzzle. But there will be something to do at the birthday celebration.

14. Surprise Box

In principle, what will be the surprise is already clear – it’s money. And thanks to the master class, you will learn how to assemble an unusual box. Judging by the abundance of hearts in it, such a surprise is intended as a gift for a loved one.

15. Money in a Roll of Toilet Paper

Well, this is the simplest gift, but nevertheless very cool. Banknotes are hidden along the entire length of the roll – one every 5-10 cm. Let the birthday boy spin it and wonder – how many meters are in your generosity?


Now you know exactly how to give money in an original way. All ideas are wonderful just because when making such gifts, the giver thought about the reaction of the birthday man, showed him attention and respect!

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