How to Give Flowers to a Girl for a Date or Birthday

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Girls love original and adventurous men who can surprise them. And still, all women love signs of attention and courtship. One of the standard courtship is flowers.

Flowers – their magic is limitless. With the help of even one flower, you can express the whole gamut of warm feelings – love, sympathy, falling in love or a sign of friendship.

A correctly composed flower arrangement is one of the best ways to please and surprise a beloved woman, girlfriend, bride, colleague or to present a sign of attention to a stranger at the first meeting.

The main thing is to do it correctly so that the flowers presented to make the necessary impression.

How to give flowers to a girl and which ones to choose are the eternal question of more than one generation of men. Of course, you can buy an arbitrary bouquet and hand it over … But this is obviously a losing option because such a bouquet will not be remembered.

How to produce the proper effect, choose the right amount, variety and shade of flowers for the upcoming event, so that the bouquet will bring positive emotions to the woman, all the answers to these questions are collected in the presented article.

And also TOP-ways of how to give flowers in an original way, so that they will be remembered for a lifetime and be the subject of happy memories.

How to Choose the Right Bouquet

To start solving the problem of how to give flowers to a girl, it is worth choosing flowers. After all, whatever the exquisite method of giving, everything will be in vain if the girl is allergic to certain flowers, or she does not tolerate their aroma, or she does not have excellent memories with these flowers.

Therefore, first of all, you need to unobtrusively, but find out about it as accurately as possible.

Most men hardly thought about how many flowers to give a girl. However, there is a specific symbolism regarding the number of flowers in a bouquet. It is represented by the following values:

  • 1 – a sign of attention, for example, if you met for the first time;
  • 3 – personifies respect, such a bouquet is appropriate at the beginning of a relationship;
  • 5 – the optimal number of flowers for a bouquet, ideal for confessions of sympathy for a girl;
  • 7 – as a sign of respect and adoration;
  • 9 and more – for the one and only.

Also, when choosing which flowers can be presented to a girl, it is advisable to take into account the meanings of the language of flowers, especially their shade.

Since the ladies are very sensitive to such meanings and symbols. Here are some simple rules for choosing what color to give flowers to a girl:

  • Scarlet bouquets (passion and love) – for girls with whom there are close romantic relationships;
  • Flowers in a white shade (purity, innocence, freshness and tenderness) are a sign of attention to a young girl: first date, the anniversary of relationship;
  • Yellow, orange (sun, happiness, joy and the beginning of love) – a bouquet before a long separation or for a bright, cheerful and creative girl;
  • In blue, purple (sincerity, friendship, trusting relationships) – will emphasize the originality and originality of the girl;
  • Pink (romance, tenderness) is the most versatile shade of flowers that is suitable for any age and event.
  • The easiest way to please a girl is to buy whatever flowers she likes. But, if it is not possible to find out about her preferences, pay attention to the tips for choosing which flowers are best for a girl:
  • Roses – one of the most popular flowers, can tell about your ardent feelings, serious intentions and warm attitude.
  • Lilies – suitable for a gentlewoman, however, it is better not to give a young girl.
  • Daffodils are for the brave, reckless, who knows her own worth.
  • Calla lilies are an original and, at the same time, universal flower suitable for any girl.
  • Chamomile is a symbol of tenderness, lightness, sincerity and depth of feelings. It will be a pleasant surprise for any girl, regardless of the age and status of your relationship.
  • Alstroemeria is the flower of friendship. If a bouquet of pink alstroemeria is a tender attitude, purple is the donor’s enthusiasm for the girl, red is serious intentions.
  • Hydrangea is a beautiful flower that symbolizes care and hope for reciprocity.
  • Orchid is an exclusively feminine flower that bears beauty and love. A sprig of an orchid or a bouquet of it is a talisman and even a talisman for a long-term love relationship.
  • Gerbera – a bouquet of them is a win-win in any case. Will give joy and fun to a beautiful nymph.
  • Peonies represent family and financial well-being. Perfect for a spouse or sweetheart as a sign of a long and sincere relationship.

8 Rules of Flower Etiquette

There are unspoken rules for giving flowers, which are not talked about but are unconditionally followed. These include:

  • When to give.  Better more often and for no reason, any day! Men in vain consider flowers a waste. Indeed, for millions of years, a woman subconsciously acts like this, cuts flowers due to rapid wilting, causes a feeling, to be happy, that you need to live now, at this second.
  • Cost.  There is no definite answer, it all depends on your financial possibilities. But if you have known each other not so long ago, you should not give too pretentious bouquets, this can put the girl in an uncomfortable position.
  • Packaged or not. According to the rules of etiquette, the packaging from flowers should be removed before donation (exception, provided packaging). This is especially true for the combination of one rose and cellophane – it terrifies any girl. Such cellophane wrappers have long remained in the 90s.

On the street in winter, in rain or cold autumn, flowers can be presented in paper packaging.

  • How to give. We give with the left hand, from the heart. Buds up, otherwise the aesthetic appearance is lost. We look straight in the eyes, do not take them away, otherwise, the girl may think that you are embarrassed or insincere.
  • What to say.  In no case do not be silent, say the words of congratulations, compliments. Better yet, tell us why you chose these flowers.
  • Freshness.  The buds should be half-open, the leaves are dense and green, if they are roses, then the thorns should be trimmed.
  • Date.  If the bouquet is dated for a date, it should be compact, lightweight so that the girl is comfortable.
  • Courier.  If you are sending a bouquet by courier, be sure to attach to it a small note or a postcard with a few words – “I love,” “Missing,” “Happy Birthday,” “I love you,” “I can not live without you.”

How to Surprise and What Flowers to Choose for a Date

If you want a girl to agree to a second date, make the first one unforgettable! The bouquet detail is important at this stage of the relationship.

The girl does not know you very well yet, so you can surprise her and show your originality and non-standard approach.

Below are the most effective ways to give flowers to a girl who likes on a date so that she will remember the moments of your meeting with delight.

If this is the first date with a young girl, then it is better to refuse flowers that carry a love subtext (rose, orchid). Opt for a small bouquet of violets, lilies of the valley, daffodils or lavender.

If you are going to a meeting with an adult woman, then she probably already received many different flowers as a gift – roses, lush bouquets … Surprise her and present alstroemeria or lisianthus.

When asked how many flowers can you give a girl on a first date, the answer is simple – do not give expensive and lush bouquets.

Firstly, it is better to save such large bouquets for a more solemn occasion, and secondly, it will be simply inconvenient for a girl to wear many flowers on a date. A small compact bouquet is what you need!

To present a bouquet in an original way means to definitely attract attention and kindle interest: if a guy is so resourceful, what else can he come up with? For a girl, this is very, very interesting. Below are the most effective ways to hit a girl on a date.

1. A car

If you have to pick up the girl by car, then this is a great way to effectively present her flowers when she gets into the car, taking them from the back seat of the car. Giving with the words: “A small surprise for you.”

Positive emotions and a charming smile are guaranteed for you.

2. Surprise in a cafe

To do this, you will need to book a table in a cafe in advance and agree with a waiter or hostess. So that as soon as the girl went out to wash her hands, they brought you flowers.

If the girl does not go anywhere, you can step back for a minute yourself and appear behind her, surprising with flowers.

Or, at the exit, you magically take the bouquet from the hostess and give it to the girl. You will definitely be fascinated.

3. Flowers out of nowhere

This popular method is perfect if you are planning a walk in the park or around the city. It is necessary to agree in advance with a friend so that at the appointed time in a certain place, your acquaintance will give you flowers as little as possible. The girl can be distracted by something at this moment, for example, hugs.

4. Walking together

A simple but effective way that girls really like. Walk, you turn to the girl with the words: “You are very beautiful / cute / charming, and I know what will definitely emphasize your beauty.”

Mysteriously leave (here you need to know in advance where the department with flowers is located nearby) and buy one flower in the color of your eyes or clothes. Such a sudden impulse and the effect of surprise, girls adore and appreciate very much.

How Unusual to Wish a Happy Birthday

A creative approach to such a seemingly ordinary business, how to hand over a bouquet and what flowers to give a girl for her birthday, can turn a celebration into a real and unforgettable holiday. There are tons of ways to do this, below are the most interesting ones:

1. Bouquet in the window

This method of congratulations is suitable if the girl lives no higher than 4-5 floors. You will need balloons filled with helium. Tie flowers and a rope to them. For which you will adjust the lifting height. As soon as the bouquet is at the height of the window, call the girl and ask her to look out the window. Any girl will be delighted with such a surprise on her birthday!

2. Sprinkle with rose petals

This option is relevant if you have access to the girl’s apartment. On a festive morning, while she washes her face, sprinkle the whole room with rose petals. The method is quite common, but it does not lose its relevance at all, girls love this holiday atmosphere. Petals can be found easily at a flower shop.

You can also shower with petals, waking up the girl in the morning. Even the most pragmatic girl will appreciate this beautiful gesture.

3. Toy with flowers

We select a cute plush toy, usually the choice stops on a bear and we tie a small bunch of, for example, wildflowers to the toy’s paw. You can leave it at home until a woman arrives or put it at the door, call the girl at the door and quickly go down the flight below. Opening the door, the lady will see a cute toy and a bouquet, a smile on her face is guaranteed!

4. We speak the language of flowers

We collect a lush bouquet of different flowers, from rose to chamomile. We present to the girl and offer to understand their symbolism. Of course, we prepare a small table with decryption in advance, making up a real love story or even a confession.

We Give a Bouquet Beautifully

Flowers – in themselves, are an independent element that can surprise and delight any woman. However, you can give flowers in different ways.

Below are the best ideas on how to beautifully give flowers to a girl in order to surprise her for sure.

1. Package

This option is suitable if you live separately. After purchasing a flower, attach it to the door handle. Dial the girl, saying that a surprise awaits her outside the door. Do not stay there, having received such a flower gift, it will definitely cause a great desire to see you.

2. 8 roses of love

To do this, you will need to buy 8 roses of different shades (one of them must be yellow). We give the girl one rose and tell her what each color means. For example, a red rose – so that there is always passion in a relationship, a pink one – tender emotions, etc.

And 8 rose, we give a yellow one, with the words: “Yellow is the color of separation. Therefore, let there never be such a color in our relations! “Break the rose and throw it away.

3. Lettering on the bud

A simple and very cute option for giving flowers to a girl as a sign of love. In flower salons, it has long been possible to order a small inscription – printing on the petals. It can be a name, a sweet word, or a declaration of love.

Looks especially beautiful on roses or lilies. The inscriptions on flowers are incredibly pleasant and amazing for any girl.

We Give Flowers in an Original Way

The ability to amaze and surprise is the shortest way to a girl’s heart. Knowing how to present a bouquet in an original way, you will give your beloved girl great pleasure. TOP – the most original ways of presenting:

1. Quest

Here you can use several donation options:

  • You can create questions related to the history of your relationship and family life. The last question will indicate where, after going through all your clues, the girl will find your bouquet.
  • In this case, you will need the help of her friend. You are writing a note that your friend gives to the girl. Which indicates the cafe, the time and the code word for the waiter (for example, a cup of coffee with petals). You warn and ask the employee of the cafe that he brings a bouquet along with the coffee. There will be no limit to joy!

2. Until the last rose withers …

The most original and pleasant bouquet for your girlfriend. Buy a bouquet of roses and one artificial, as close as possible to real flowers in the bouquet. Attach a small postcard or say yourself: “I will stop loving you only when the last rose in the bouquet withers.”

When the roses in the bouquet begin to wither, and one remains the same, the girl will understand your intrigue.

3. Anonymously

This option is relevant when you are just starting to communicate. Any girl loves increased attention to her. Send the girl once a week a small bouquet or a rose with a note: “Your secret admirer.”

So several times, the girl is all in thought, who it could be. Then you make a T-shirt with the same inscription and appear in it. Or you can send the next flower, only with the words that you two know from the correspondence and invite you on a date.

We Give Romantic Flowers

The first rule of how to romantically present flowers to a girl is to know what she likes. The second is the way you will give them.

Having found out which flowers a woman prefers or, having chosen the most suitable ones, you should choose a way of how to present them. For example, like this:

1. Work

Another easy way to surprise a girl is to order flowers for her just for work. The appearance of a courier with a bouquet of fragrant flowers will definitely cheer anyone up for the whole day, as well as the envious glances of colleagues.

Another option is to agree with the security guard at work and leave the bouquet on the girl’s table in the evening or early in the morning before the start of the working day. If the event is significant – a birthday, March 8 or an anniversary, you can completely decorate the workplace with bouquets.

2. Ball – surprise

In the flower salon, you can easily place rose petals with confetti or a small soft toy right in a large transparent balloon. Such beauty will surprise anyone!

3. Inventive romantic mall

No, it’s not about just handing flowers at the mall. To do this, it is necessary to agree with the administration staff that at a certain moment, they will announce an announcement over the speakerphone.

In which your girlfriend will be asked to come to the front desk. She comes up and is handed a beautiful bouquet with balloons. This method will be remembered by any woman for many years and can serve as an excellent option for a marriage proposal.

4. Winter’s tale

This idea is perfect for a snowy winter. You will need roses and plastic wrap. You choose in advance in the forest and put each flower separately in the snow, cover it with foil and sprinkle it with snow.

Offer the girl a walk and gently lead to the right place, offer to pick flowers. The girl will be at a loss, help to find the first flower, and then watch the delight and positive emotions of the chosen one.

A Few More Options for How to Give Flowers to a Girl

As many as 5 extraordinary examples of how you can present yourself as an original man with the help of a bouquet, with imagination and a sense of humor:

1. Girl with a car

This option is suitable if the girl has her own car. You can leave a flower and a note under the wiper every day – a wish for a good day.

If possible, you can arrange a surprise under the visor. To do this, we hide the rose petals on them in advance, when the girl wants to look in the mirror, a rain of petals will fall on her. It looks impressive!

2. Bicycle

Suitable for a summer date, make an appointment in the park or any other convenient place. Rent a bike with a basket in front. You put flowers there and quietly roll up to the girl, presenting the bouquet.

3. Prince on a white horse

An unusual option, which is more suitable for a marriage proposal. Rent a horse, change into a prince, if you wish, and lie on horseback with a bouquet. This will be remembered for a lifetime.

4. Student option

It is not always possible to order a courier or present a bouquet of 101 roses. It doesn’t matter, this method will surprise and delight the chosen one no less! As you know, most students are forced to carry a tube with drawings and other papers with them, so it will help.

Buy one flower and carefully put it in a tube. You are waiting for the girl and offer to show the trick.

You “conjure” over it and magically give a flower, with the words: “For you,” Name. “ Surprise, joy, delight and a great mood for the whole day are guaranteed for the girl.

5. On the way

Also, a fairly simple and budgetary way to please and present a flower. You and your companion are driving through the city and passing by the flower shop, stop and get out of the car.

You buy one rose, but do not give it to the girl, but put it under the wiper of the car on the passenger side. And, getting into the car, say: “I wanted to brighten up your road and cheer you up.”

Flowers as a Gift in a Pot: Flower Etiquette

Any girl loves flowers, even if she says otherwise. Usually, the female half is divided into two types: the first – love cut flowers, bouquets, the second – love fresh flowers in a pot and regrets those that wither quickly.

If your lady of the heart, wife or acquaintance belongs to the second type, then you don’t have to suffer from a present for a memorable date or a date.

The main thing is to choose the right green “friend,” taking into account several factors. And the answer, how to choose and how to give a flower in a pot to a girl, you will find below.

Any indoor flower has a certain energy. Therefore, some potted plants may appeal to a girl, and some may not.

Top – 5 Best Flowers in a Pot for a Girl

Kalanchoe is an unpretentious plant, perfect for a girl who is a career woman. It has very beautiful inflorescences that resemble small roses.

Cyclamen  – attracts love and a friendly atmosphere into the house. Well suited to his wife and will delight with bright colors in the cold season.

Violet  – easy to care for, perfect for a gentle, young girl. Velvet leaves with beautiful flowers will delicately express your feelings for your beloved.

Aichrizon is a real tree of love. Its leaves are like hearts, and the leaves are like small stars, any girl will like it.

Spathiphyllum is a flower for female happiness, an adult girl will like it. Will delight her and attract love, happiness and prosperity to the house.

Having decided which flower to give, you need to choose how to present it. Regardless of the size of the pot, it must be wrapped in burlap and tied with a beautiful satin ribbon. Another good option would be to place the flower in a pretty hatbox.

It can be supplemented with a butterfly, a bow or an inscription on a skewer, which are easy to find in a flower salon.

How to Give Flowers in a Pot

1. MMS for the most beautiful

Here you need to know when approximately your lady goes to bed. After about an hour, call the girl, apologize for calling so late that you woke up. And you ask if the girl received the MMS message. Immediately or immediately after the call, send her a photo where her front door is photographed, on the handle or near it, there is a bag with a flower.

The girl, of course, will run to open the door and find your surprise, be sure to add a note or SMS – a message with the words: “For a beautiful girl to wash the most beautiful flowers, but they will feel bad without water, take care of them.” The girl will be delighted!

2. Shopping with a surprise

This method is suitable for couples when you already have a family life. While the girl is wandering around the shops, leave, saying that we went to watch “pieces of iron”. Buy a small flower in a pot or take it from the trunk of your car, prepared in advance.

Place it in the storage compartment. Before leaving the shopping center, ask the girl to pick up the “pieces of iron” that you allegedly purchased from the locker. Such improvisation will surely delight any lady.

3. Noisy ride

Another interesting option is how to hit a girl. You are eating with a girl in the car and you start to wonder that something is constantly knocking. The girl will most likely shrug her shoulders. You stop the car and ask to go out with you and see what was causing the noise.

Having opened the trunk together, the girl will be surprised to see a beautiful hatbox with a living flower.

4. Balloon

For this method, it is advisable to find Bubbles balloons, which can be found in the flower salon (if you cannot find them, use a good helium balloon). Their main plus is that they are made without seams and have an absolutely smooth surface, and in the air, they hold their shape for up to two weeks!

Get a pot of flowers and attach such a ball to it by inserting stick-fasteners into the ground.

Using a thin satin ribbon, simulate the lines, like in a balloon, you’re done. The girl will be delighted with such an airy surprise!

What Unusual Flowers Can You Give a Girl?

Thinking about how else you can please and surprise a woman for a celebration or what flowers to give a girl for a date if her loved ones have been presented many times, in different places and variations, do not forget about unusual compositions. The main thing is not to forget that the condition for an unusual presentation is the effect of surprise!

Options for what flowers to give a girl in the original version:

Flowers in a box with sweets –  all women, young and old, like such delicious surprises. It is a box, half of which is filled with flower buds on a special sponge, and the second part is filled with desserts that melt in your mouth.

Dried flowers (cotton, lavender, lotus) –  such a composition will delight its recipient for a long time and not only with its exquisite appearance but also with the delicate aroma of inflorescences.

The flower figure is a  novelty in the field of floristry, which is a bouquet in the form of a flower arrangement. At your request, the florist will collect a heart, bear, kitten or any other shape from flowers.

Edible bouquets are one of the most popular trends this season. Such bouquets of sweets, fruits, vegetables or berries are collected. Any of these bouquets can be diluted with flowers, it will turn out very beautifully.

A basket of flowers –  such a present should be timed to coincide with a big event. For example, birthday, anniversary, engagement, March 8. When choosing flowers that can be presented to a girl in a basket, give preference to gerberas, lilies, sunflowers or a live composition of wildflowers.


And most importantly, remember that in order to please or make a good impression on a girl, it is not at all necessary to give a huge bouquet of flowers. How much you give it does not matter, even if it will be one flower, it is only important that you give it from a pure heart.

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