How to Celebrate Your Birthday Without a Party

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How to Celebrate Your Birthday Without a Party: Sometimes what you most want for your birthday is to enjoy a quiet day without worrying about preparations. It is not good to organize something because your friends/family are far from where you live or because everyone is busy with the dates … In this post, you will find ideas to celebrate your birthday without the stress of having to organize a party.

How to Celebrate Your Birthday Without a Party

When was the last time you organized something special for your birthday? As was?

You surely have birthday party memories, and if you like to host them, I think you should throw one. But if you don’t feel like it, I wouldn’t hesitate either: I would completely discard the idea of ​​”you have to organize something, it’s my birthday.”

It’s your birthday; Arriving relaxed into your day is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

However, just because you don’t host a party or don’t have guests, it doesn’t mean you won’t appreciate how extraordinary your day is.

Here are some ideas to make for your birthday if you don’t feel like throwing a party:

Getting Ready (for You)

What if you put on one of your favorite clothes? One of my favorite options is to wear those underwear so beautiful that you feel sorry to wear every day. Or how about a little makeup that makes you feel special? And don’t forget to smile and congratulate yourself in the mirror.

Watch a Movie That You Like

surely there is one that always puts you in a good mood or moves you. You could also take the opportunity to rent/buy that movie that you wanted so much to see. Of course, if you get a chance, going to the movies is a great option. The advantage of movies over series is that they usually have a closed ending and don’t leave you wanting to see more (it would be a shame to “lose” the day in front of a screen).

Enjoy Being Congratulated and Singing

thank them from the heart and with a smile. Never say or think: ” bah, after certain ages it is not to celebrate “.

Take a Special Walk

do you like nature? Maybe you can go for a mini walk outside your city. Or to a lovely park. It’s amazing how transformative a little fresh air can be.

Visit a Museum

obviously, only if you like them. It is something that is not usually experienced every day and it is very enriching.

Go to a Concert or the Theater

this is another variant of going on a walk, museum or cinema. Choose according to your personal preferences or what is most practical for you, depending on where you live.

Write a Letter

birthdays are the end of the cycle and the beginning of a new one, a bit like a new year, but often with fewer commitments than during the holidays. You can take this opportunity to write a letter to your future self or a thank you letter to your parents (your birthday was the day they went from not having you to having you in their lives).

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If you establish the custom of writing yourself a letter every year, for your birthday, you can read the one you wrote the previous year; It is a way of celebrating the life that beautifully invites reflection and honors you.

Disconnect for a Few Hours

what if you allow yourself a little “technological” break? It is nice to receive congratulations on Facebook, WhatsApp, but sometimes, we are checking messages too often on our birthday. What if you decide to put the mobile on silence for a couple of hours? What better gift than some quality time for you!

Baking a Cake

not only because it is a classic to eat cake for birthdays: making sweets is not something that is done every day (at least in my case), so it is something special and fun.

Buy Yourself Something to Eat Special

why do I say eat? Because normally with something to eat or drink, we will not spend too much, no matter how gourmet it is. And we will not increase objects at home, which can later be a cause of stress (lack of space, increase in “pots” that cause disorder) …

Light a Candle for Yourself

Even if you don’t make a special cake or have no birthday candles, you can light a “normal” candle and blow it out after the happy birthday. Rituals can be very powerful.

Clarify Your Space

your birthday does not have to spend it ordering (unless you are a Marie Kondo and it is one of your favorite activities), but if it seems that your environment is not clean enough for your taste, you can set a timer for 30 minutes and do a quick clean. Having shiny toilets or the floor vacuumed on the birthday is very lovely.

Treat Yourself to Affordable Luxuries

really, this is what the day is all about. And by affordable luxuries, I mean AFFORDABLE. For example, change the sheets for clean ones. Or let the children watch TV to have your time to read a little. Or take a nap. What makes you better appreciate how beautiful life is and how lucky you are to be alive. In the end, the simple details are the best.

Spend the day at a theme park

Time on an amusement day is something special. You are in a world apart, far from every day worries.

Take a Getaway

this, like going to an amusement park, requires prior preparation (making space in the agenda, buying tickets, perhaps booking accommodation …), but in return, once there, you no longer need to think more; everything you do will be special because you are in a new place. Maybe you can combine it with a visit to a friend or someone in the family who lives far away and you haven’t seen it for a long time.

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Get a Massage

getting a massage can help you relax without having to go to a spa (also, have you noticed that it is common to receive massage vouchers as a birthday present?).

Pamper Yourself a Little More

think about everything you have experienced so far and everything that lies ahead. You have done a lot and you still have more! For that alone, you deserve to be recognized and rewarded for it. Maybe at the moment of truth, what you most want is neither things nor external experiences, but to nourish yourself better: take care of your diet, sleep more, be more selective with which you consume (both physically and in the field of information) … The important thing is that you do it without the feeling of ” should …”, but because it makes you feel better.

The Mindset to Enjoy Birthdays More

This article would not be completely complete without some suggestions to enjoy your day more.

I write this as a birthday enthusiast who has made quite a few mistakes over the years that have caused me to miss out on good birthday moments, while at other times I had beautiful birthday experiences (like getting a business class upgrade for a flight or getting a date with a handsome boy).

And on reflection, I think that the difference was often more in the attitude than in anything else (really, as in any other day, only that our birthdays we are more aware that we want to have a good time).

Celebrate It

you don’t have to spend money on it or expect gifts. If it bothers you to be congratulated, you can even hide that it is your birthday (like I did on Facebook, because then I feel bad for not answering). But enjoy it, which is only once a year. Even if I repeat myself, pamper yourself, love yourself, and remember how lucky you are here.

Remember That the Magic is in the Day, Not in the Material

ideally, we would be grateful for each day of our lives and every morning, we would be aware of how lucky we are to be in this life. But it is not done; there are more urgent things to think about. One day a year is more comfortable to remember, and what better occasion than on the anniversary of our arrival in the world.

Be Grateful

they say there is a perfect trick when you feel bad. It consists of being grateful for what you have. Are your kids driving you crazy? Be grateful that they are healthy. Does the bus close the doors in your face and leave? Be thankful that you have access to public transport or that the weather is not worse (or that you are not as unfriendly as the driver). To give a couple of examples. Even if you don’t feel bad, thanking feels good because it reminds you of things we already have. Birthday is the perfect day to be grateful for the privilege of fulfilling more.

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Rejoice Genuinely

when you’re in a good mood, you tend to spread it and everyone has a better time.

Do Not Be Obsessed

this complements the previous point. In my opinion, it is very important to be happy that it is your day and to be convinced that everything that is going to happen to you is the best, but at the same time, avoid wanting everything to come out perfectly.

This is the mistake that I have made the most: hoping that everything was perfect and getting angry if it wasn’t, with the excuse, “ but today is my birthday!! ”. Unfortunately, illnesses don’t strike even on your birthday. And for others, it is not their only special day of the year, so, understandably, they are not as excited as you, even if they are your best friends or your partner. But nothing happens.

Enjoy what they give you (and by that I do not mean gifts, but love) and to that, add all the love you can. A trick that I use if on my birthday someone does not treat me as I want (for example, the cashier of the store who did not make an exception with the expiration date of a discount coupon): I think, “well, nothing happens because although this has not gone as expected, later I am going to eat a delicious cake ”.

Be Generous

more and more studies show that sharing makes you happier. But come on, that has always been known: all religions preach it and from a less transcendental point of view, it is the reason why we took candy to school on our birthday. But this is not only exclusive to the material. Of course, you can invite or donate if you feel like it and your pocket allows it this year. But your most precious assets are neither your money nor what you know how to do (in the case of your birthday, the ability to organize a party or bake a cake). The best thing about you is your ability to gift your presence, share your kindness, and be patient.

Extend It

celebrating everything in one day is nice, but in order not to create stress, think rather that it is “your birthday week”, rather than just one day. Others don’t have to notice, but you can pamper yourself a little more days before (and then days after). This way, you will enjoy that state of good birthday vibes a little more.

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