How to Celebrate Child’s Birthday During Covid 19

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How to Celebrate Child’s Birthday During Covid 19: There is no day more special for children than their birthday. For this reason, regardless of the situation that the world is going through, it is not allowed to overlook such a special date. Celebrating life always does good and much more if it is the life of a child.

How to Celebrate Child's Birthday During Covid 19

The psychologist Karina Valenzuela sees the celebration of birthday parties as the way to sow hope in times of lack of faith. “Due to the current situation that leads to states of anxiety, sadness, etc., celebrating a birthday is a way to rejoice and sow hope, since, despite what we are experiencing,

we can have a happy time with our loved ones and the mere fact of being alive and thanking for it serves to raise the spirits not only of the celebrant but also of the guests ”.

No matter what happens in the world, children’s birthdays should always be a cause for celebration, that’s why we give you some recommendations to do it while you are still in quarantine.

How to Celebrate Child’s Birthday During Covid 19

“It is true that we are in quarantine and that the world is going through a crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this is not a sufficient reason to spend a sad birthday, much less boring, on the contrary it is an opportunity to make it special and different”, consider learning therapist.

1. Watch a Movie

Although it seems simple and, perhaps every day we watch movies, it is not the same when we plan it, and we can add popcorn, ice cream, sweets, whatever we want; perhaps organize movie night in a place other than the usual one, and all together see that “movie” that the celebrant wants to enjoy so much.

2. A Family Sleepover Is Never a Bad Idea

Yes, I know, every day we put on our pajamas and go to bed. But, to celebrate a birthday, we can make this activity a more special night: if possible, everyone in the same pajamas, we look for ice cream, cake, sweets, pizza, whatever we want, and we have a night of games in pajamas; Cool? Yes a lot.

3. King or Queen for a Day

It is his birthday, he is allowed to be treated or treated in a special way. An easy way is to pretend that the celebrant is the king and that day that child does not have to do any household chores and everyone serves him and does his chores, king or queen for a day!

4. Party With the Family

It does not matter that only those in the house are there, that day we all dress up, put on music, play games, contests, eat delicious meals, dance and give thanks to because a very special person in the house is celebrating another year of life.

5. A Virtual Meeting With Friends and Family

What is the trend? Now everything is a virtual meeting, so let’s take advantage of it! We can prepare a digital invitation and send it to the most special friends. This invitation is to have a meeting through a video or video calling platform. Among the options we recommend: Zoom, WebEx, Skype, the one you choose will be fine.

The really cool idea is to do activities, everyone from homes, such as slime afternoon, karaoke, truth or dare, make cookies or brownies, whatever they decide, but everyone should have a list of things they will need beforehand.

Anibelca Castro, a Dominican who lives in the United States and is the mother of three girls, has had to celebrate two birthdays in quarantine, but for her being at home has not been an obstacle to achieve it.

“I decorate their room with lots of balloons, I try to make sure that they have a great day, that they feel happy and special, that they remember that they are important to their sisters and to their mother and father. They also break a cake between us, we take many photos of them to remember and sing happy birthdays for them, but we never stop making that day a special day for them, ”says Anibelca.

Marcial Lamarche is another father who has had to manage not to miss an important date. “We explained to him that, due to the situation, we could not get together with friends and family; that the gifts come after this process and we bought him a cake, we made a video call with all the available cell phones to the people we could, we sang and then we had cake, ice cream, and soda. “

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