Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom From Daughter Or Son

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Mom is the dearest, beloved, closest person to everyone. It is she who wants to talk about sorrows and joys, failures and luck. I would like to surround her with love and care, help her and, of course, give gifts – with or without reason.

Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom From Daughter

As you know, a mother will be glad to any gift from her child – regardless of whether it is successful or not. It is important for her that her beloved baby (and it does not matter whether he is 5 years old or 25) was thinking about how to bring her joy, choosing or even making something in secret from everyone.

A DIY birthday present for a mom is probably the best that a woman can get from her child. It can be made of paper, made of cardboard, it can be unusual and even unexpected. But always priceless.

Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom From Babies

Probably the best gift for mom with her own hands from little kids is an applique made of colored paper. They can make daisies or a dress for mommy.

To make an applique for daisies, you need to glue the stems and leaves, which are cut out of green paper, on a cardboard base. Cut strips of white paper and fold them in half – this is how you get petals. Glue each petal so that you get flower heads. Place the center cut from the yellow paper inside.

A baby can make a dress for a mother like this: cut out a sketch of an outfit from thick paper, and then decorate it with a neat applique made of beads, flowers, ribbons.

Another, no less pleasant surprise from the kid will be a drawing made with pencils, paints or using felt-tip pens. To begin with, a sketch is invented (for example, a birthday girl’s hobby). Or you can make just a festive version of the picture – a cake with lighted candles, balloons, gift boxes.

To make the image look as expressive as possible, you need to circle its contour with a colorful felt-tip pen or helium pen. If the kid draws with a pencil, the strokes should be in the same direction. If he works with paints, then you need to wait until one part of the picture dries and then paint the others.

A sweet gift, of course, is very pleasant, but you can make a surprise for mom from salt dough. Yes, you can’t eat it, but you can mold some figurine out of it.

Such a test will make good homemade plasticine. To prepare it, you will need a glass of wheat flour and fine salt and half a glass of ice water.

Mix all ingredients until smooth. If you add food coloring, you can divide the dough into several parts in advance and color each separately. Or do without dye and decorate the products later, with the help of paints.

You can make a figurine, figurine, keychain from the salted dough. Or you can use an unusual frame for a photo or postcard.

A good gift option is paper origami. This is suitable for older children, 8-10 years old. You can use simple schemes so as not to get confused. This is how beautiful flowers, birds, animals, trees, even castles are obtained.

Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom From Daughter

A do-it-yourself gift for a mom from her daughter is always something interesting and useful. After all, girls, in most cases, I know what mommy will be happy about. It is the girls who understand jewelry, cute souvenirs, and things that can create a cozy atmosphere in the house.

Here is a shortlist of gifts that will delight the birthday girl:

  • Kitchen apron (a girl can sew it herself on a typewriter or even with her hands, it’s not difficult; a ribbon or braid will be used as a decoration; this will be a very useful gift with her own hands);
  • Fruit bouquet (it will probably be a little more complicated here, but teenage girls are able to cope with this; you need to pick up your mother’s favorite fruits, string them on long skewers and wrap them in wrapping paper, decorating with a cute bow);
  • A large balloon with wishes (buy a balloon, write sincere good wishes on colored pieces of paper and roll them into a tube, put them in a balloon, and then inflate it; then the birthday girl can pierce it with a needle and the wishes will rain down);
  • Knitted scarf from her daughter (if the girl knows how to knit even a little, it will not be difficult for her to knit a beautiful scarf for her mother);
  • Embroidered towels (you can decorate with embroidery – satin stitch, for example, ordinary waffle towels; embroider mom’s initials, flowers, hearts or an original pattern);
  • Candle with hand-made decor (an ordinary thick candle will do, which can be decorated with ribbons, bows, beautiful buttons, even with rain – it will definitely be in a single copy);
  • “Clothes” for the cup (again, for those who know how to knit – you can knit a rectangle with braids, diamonds, elastic band 2×2, 4×2, according to the volume of the cup, and “fasten” it around it with a decorative button);
  • An original needle case (if mom often sews, she will definitely come in handy; you can make a needle case in the form of a cupcake or cake – bright and unusual).

Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom From Son

When a boy thinks about what gift to give his mother, he can do a lot with his own hands. It is important to guess the mother’s desires and then to bring them to life. To do this, you need to take a closer look in advance – what mom is fond of, what she likes, and so on.

If mom has a lot of jewelry – and it doesn’t matter – gold and silver or just jewelry, you can make a holder for them in the form of a picture. Take a regular photo frame, attach pieces of fishing line to the edges (five rows are enough). Mom will be able to hang her earrings, bracelets and chains in this way.

A letter made of twigs will look beautiful. Cut out the outlines of the first letter of my mother’s name from cardboard. Glue this layout with paper, and then, using a glue gun, glue thin twigs on it. They, in turn, can be decorated with a decorative snowball, for example.

It will be nice for mom to get an unusual flower vase. To do this, you need to take a small old vase, a tall glass or even a bottle of wine or champagne, apply a thin layer of glue to this vessel and wrap it with bright threads of twine. Above – if you wish, you can attach the letters “Mom” or “Happy Birthday!”, Or you can just neat flowers. This will be a truly original DIY gift for mom.

Postcards and Bouquets

When mom’s holiday is approaching, children begin to think about how to make a gift for mom with their own hands. First of all, naturally, thoughts about cards and flowers appear. And this has its own logic. Such postcards that a daughter or son will make cannot be bought even in the most expensive store, and unusual bouquets are now becoming more and more popular. This is easy to do, the main thing is that there is a desire.

Self-made postcards from a child will surely appeal to the mom.

You can make a card with a heart like this. Take a sheet of thick paper and fold it in half. Cut out a heart in the front. Its edges are decorated with green “waves” cut from plain colored paper. For example, cut out several circles, cut them in half and stick them with a cutting line on the edges of the heart – these halves will represent the “waves”.

The front side of the postcard is also decorated with balloons made of thread and paper. Balls are cut out of the same colored paper, folded into a certain bouquet. The strings are the strings of the balls. And on the balls themselves, there will be the letters “mom”. You can complement the postcard with openwork paper butterflies.

The inside is busy with holiday greetings. And opposite the hole – draw a mother with a baby.

Such a card is suitable for both birthday and Mother’s Day.

You can make another postcard yourself and give it to your mom on the DR. She is of an unusual shape, which will only once again attract the attention of others to her.

First, you need to circle your palm on paper and carefully cut it along the contour. Using the template prepared in this way, draw the contours of the palm on a sheet of white paper bent in half (just at the fold). Cut out the palms “connected at the wrist”.

Now take a piece of purple and make another layer of palms. Only slightly larger than white palms. Both layers must be glued (purple at the bottom, white at the top).

Cut a heart out of red paper and fold it like an accordion. Glue the heart on your palms.

Now you can decorate the card with delicate flowers, which are also cut out of colored paper.

Quickly, easily and in stages, one more gift is made for mom with her own hands. Such a card will definitely please a sweet-tooth mom. A sheet of paper (for example, green) is folded in half, on its outer side, it is necessary to stick at the bottom – a rectangle made of another, diametrical color, paper.

On it, you can write “Congratulations!” or something similar. And at the top, place a volumetric flower with petals of the same color as the rectangle. And “the cherry on the cake” – the sweet in the middle of the flower – the one that mom loves.

An excellent do-it-yourself gift for a mom from her son is an unusual bouquet, to create which you need to use corrugated paper. It will turn out to be a very interesting composition. Everyone can do it, the main thing is to be patient. You will need several shades of corrugated paper, green tape, glue gun, wire and scissors.

First, cut off a strip of corrugated paper by choosing pink. Fold it in half, so twice more. You need to get a rectangle. Now the upper part of this workpiece is cut off in the form of a semicircle and gently straightened on the table so as not to break. Twist the edges of each petal equally carefully. In the center, stretch the petals with your fingers.

Take the wire, glue the first petal with hot glue. Then, in turn, attach other petals and, if necessary, fix them. As a result, you should get a small bud.

It was the turn of using green paper. Cut a small strip out of it. Fold it in half twice and cut to form a leaf. Each leaf must be divided and stretched in its central part.

Glue the leaves to the bud and “hide” the wire in the tape. In the same way, make a few more flowers using corrugated paper of different shades. This is how a beautiful and unusual bouquet for mom turns out for her holiday.

From Bags to Books

For mummies, lovers of relaxation and beach gatherings, it is enough just to figure out what gift to give a mom with your own hands. A beach bag is ideal. The required materials are a piece of cotton cloth, thread, acrylic paint, leather strap, scissors, potatoes, knife, sewing machine.

Fold the cotton in half. Now cut half from the potato. Cut a triangle on one part with a knife. Pour some paint on a disposable plate, dip a potato there and print a few triangles on the fabric.

Leave the cotton on until everything is dry. Sew the fabric on the sides, wrap the upper part three to four centimeters and sew. Cut the leather strap into two halves and sew to the purse – these will be handles.

Each mom writes her own recipe book. Periodically, she supplements it with new information, makes additions to the existing recipes. Therefore, when you need to decide which gift you can give your mom with your own hands, an original recipe book comes to mind.

Wrap a regular spoon (for example, a dessert one) in a towel and level it with a hammer. Cut a rectangle from the selected piece of fabric, which will be slightly larger than the size of the prepared folder (it will be the cover for the book). Close the folder with a cloth and mark the corners with a marker.

On a piece of paper, draw a word or phrase, which will then be captured on the cover of the book. With a marker, transfer the pattern (word) with a marker to the fabric. Hoop the desired piece of fabric and sew the letters with decorative stitches.

Flip the fabric over to the wrong side and draw lines along the marks. Sew the fabric with multi-colored threads several times. Gently glue the spoon to the fabric and stitch it in two places to secure it.

Place the folder on top of the fabric exactly in the middle. Fold the bottom, wrap and glue to the folder. Add several pages for records – for example, different colors or all white, but with some patterns around the edges. Everything is ready!

Original Surprises

If you really want to surprise your beloved mother, you need to come up with creative ideas. Such that they will be remembered for a long time.

A poster with congratulatory words and photos. All family members can participate in the creation of such a gift – both older and younger. And the process of creation will be no less pleasant than receiving a surprise.

You need to take a sheet of Whatman paper, draw large bright flowers on it – only petals with centers. Glue family photos inside. The rest of the space is filled with words of congratulations, poems about the beloved mother quotes from favorite films and books of the birthday girl. Adding some decorative elements or even appliqués will be very useful.

Mom’s Jewelry Box

Crafts of this kind will always bring joy to those to whom they are intended. First, cut out a heart template from thick cardboard. Along the entire perimeter, make holes with an awl, insert toothpicks into them (their length is the same height you want to make the box). By the way, you can fix each toothpick with transparent glue or use a glue gun.

Thread the colored threads of woolen yarn with a snake through all the toothpicks (yarn will look very original, in which the colors are from a dark shade to the lightest, for example, from emerald to the color of young greens).

Having reached about the middle, string a bead on each of the toothpicks, then also decorate with strings.

At the very end, fix the end of the thread with transparent glue, and decorate the box with a ribbon on the upper and lower sides.

It will be pleasant to receive an original bracelet from an adult daughter that will emphasize her individuality. It is necessary to soak the colored threads well in PVA glue. Wrap them around each bead so that not a single gap is visible. Wait for the beads to dry out. Thread them on the fishing line, and at the end attach the clasp (they are sold in specialized stores). Such a gift is suitable even for an anniversary.

Impression Gifts

So, how to make a gift for mom out of paper is already clear what babies and older children can give too. Now it’s time to say a few words about experience gifts. This could be:

  • Romantic dinner (children can make such a gift to their mom, leaving her with dad at a beautifully set the table with delicious dishes);
  • Horseback riding (suitable only for those mothers who enjoy riding horses or who want to learn how to do it);
  • Your own poem (mom will be very pleased if the child composes a poem, and then – at a holiday – reads it to her in front of the guests);
  • A certificate for doing homework (it can reflect the idea that in the next month this work will be assigned to the shoulders of the husband and children, and the mother will be freed from it);
  • A song recorded in a recording studio (children who can sing can record a song, dedicating it to their mother);
  • Video congratulations (you can think of it in the form of a small clip in which children, husbands and grandparents will take part).

Each of these options will give mom a lot of pleasant minutes.


And how many more interesting gifts for your beloved mother you can think of! This is her portrait (for those children who can draw well), and a sweater-cardigan-jumper (for those children who knit well), and the performance of a piece of music on the piano, violin, guitar (for those children who learned musical literacy ).

And do not forget that one of the simple, but important gifts for mom, which also falls under the category of “hand-made”, can be called good behavior, obedience, excellent school grades. This loving mommy will also be very happy.

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