100+ Beautiful Happy 6 Month Old Birthday Wishes of 2023

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The child turns 6 months old and how not to congratulate the parents and the baby on such an excellent date! There is a collection of wishes in prose and poetry for a child with happy 6 month old birthday wishes. Congratulate the parents of a baby, girl or boy with 6 months of life with a beautiful poem or cool congratulations in prose.

Happy 6 Month Old Birthday Wishes

Choose a suitable congratulation and send a message. The baby’s parents will be delighted with such a beautiful gesture!

Happy 6 Month Birthday Wishes

  • Six months to you – how sweet it is!
    Let the baby grow up happy.
    Let his laughter not stop,
    And the angel saves from adversity.
    Child – goodness, health,
    Let it be surrounded by love.
    Let nothing bother him.
    And God will help him in everything.
  • Six months is a date!
    Just a little more –
    And crawl somewhere,
    Starting your bright path!
    I wish you, baby,
    Grow healthy,
    And only a colored childhood,
    And a bright way!
    To all, all relatives for the glory.
    Live and prosper.
    And please dad and mom,
    Rusty and do it!
  • It’s already six months for your baby,
    And I congratulate you!
    Ah, these arms, these legs …
    And how the eyes shine!
    Let the little toddler give joy to the
    Family every day
    And in life, he only knows the sweetness.
    And happiness is sure!
  • 6 months ago, a miracle happened:
    stork knocked on your house.
    And now I congratulate you on this.
    Let your life be filled with good!
    I wish you happiness, a joy to the child,
    May he grows healthy and smart.
    The baby does not know, let sorrow, grief.
    And let happiness in life find its own!
  • Our sun is growing little by little,
    Here’s six months to our baby!
    He is so cute and beautiful, He
    always radiates positive!
    We cherish him, cherish,
    And we do not regret love for him!
    May our baby grow healthy
    bring a lot of joy to everyone!
  • You are half a year baby,
    You grow up a little.
    Let the parents love,
    cherish and dove.
    Grow to the joy of everyone,
    To be like a sweet jam.
    To please us,
    Now and every hour.
  • Happy birthday, baby,
    Half a year old!
    Soon, baby, you will run –
    The world will be filled with happiness.
    May all dreams come true,
    Even impossible –
    In a house full of warmth,
    Everything is possible for you!
  • Happiness settled in the house for half a year,
    A little miracle appeared for dad and mom!
    We wish the child happiness, joy, goodness,
    And so that luck with him goes through life.
    We wish our parents patience, of course,
    and let the crumbs’ successes give inspiration!
  • A little sun, mother’s angel, sweetheart, beauty is celebrating happy 6 month old birthday wishes today. 6 months is still so little. The most interesting thing is ahead – the first tooth, the first step, the first word. Let the little miracle grow, to the delight of all relatives, happy, beautiful, healthy and smart child!

Birthday Sms on 6 Months Old Baby

  • Can you already sit,
    Turn your head with might and main,
    Reach for the toy,
    You know where mom’s ears are.
    Happy six months, baby,
    Our joy, our strong man!
    Now you learn to walk,
    run, jump, talk!
  • Who is this chubby?
    A real little man!
    The first tooth is already there,
    now you can sit down,Well, dear boy,
    You have become very big.
    For six months!
    Now you can eat porridge.
    Congratulations, dear boy,
    Eat, gain strength,
    To become big, like dad,
    And to play football!
  • Every day you become more mature,
    Tirelessly learning the new world.
    Six months is also a birthday,
    And we congratulate you today.
    May happiness, our angel, find you,
    And nothing will disturb your life.
    May you be lucky in everything in the future.
    We will be there and will always help.
  • A small holiday in your family:
    Half a year for dolls is doubly happy!
    We congratulate you on this date, we wish
    you a lot of patience.
    We wish you
    good health, May every date bring you a holiday!

Wishes on 6 Months for a Girl/boy

  • Only six months to the baby,
    With which I hasten to congratulate you!
    Let him eat, laugh,
    And shine on you, as if the sun!
    Let it grow in goodness, prosperity,
    So that life is insanely sweet!
    And every moment and every hour.
    Let him only make you happy!
  • We are already big, we are already six months old
    We are glad to smile to all the people.
    Small hands always stretch,
    Never give mommy rest.
    Just smile, just grow up,
    Never sadness, my baby, do not know.
    You go through life boldly, far.
    And then you will achieve everything easily.
  • Six months rushed by like an instant,
    And your baby has grown up noticeably:
    He is already trying to crawl, sit down,
    Communicate with might and main, become heavy.
    Let it fill the
    hearts of parents and your whole house with infectious laughter,
    Let the child grow up as a healthy,
    cheerful and happy baby.
  • 6 months – not a lot and not a little,
    But still ran quickly,
    During this time, you learned something,
    Sit, crawl quietly sought.
    Tried to tell all of us something, To
    walk, to babble in a childish way,
    Gave us: joy, pleasure,
    Smiles, laughter and admiration!
    We also wish you to continue:
    Grow healthy, do not know sadness,
    Grow in love, care, affection,
    So that your eyes shine!
  • Half a year flew by in an instant, and your baby grew up so quickly. I wish you only goodness and light so that the baby will happily explore this world. Rather, I got up on my feet and rushed forward, towards miracles. May he be healthy and infinitely loved, warm not only with sunlight but also with the warmth of the souls of people close to him.
  • Six months ago, another beautiful baby was born, bringing joy to the hearts of his parents. Happy birthday little miracle! May his every day be filled with sincere childhood happiness, and may the baby himself grow up healthy and inquisitive!
  • A wonderful child is six months old today. I sincerely congratulate manyunya and wish you great interest in life and knowledge of the world, tender care and kind songs, loving loved ones and sweet passers-by, fantastic mood and excellent weather for beautiful walks.

Happy Birthday Wishes on Half a Year

  • 6 months, half a year,
    You are today, baby,
    And every minute
    You grow a little.
    And your laughter is like a bell,
    And your eyes are clear,
    And no one in the world.
    We can find more beautiful.
    For the happiness that you give us
    , Thank you, baby.
    Grow Healthy
    And be happy in life.
    Today you are six months old,
  • I congratulate happy parents.
    Love and peace of mind to you,
    I wish the child health.
    May fate
    be supportive of the baby
    And give so much happiness,
    That it will last for a lifetime.
    Let him get what his heart desires
    And never run out of strength.
  • You tried, you weren’t lazy, You
    achieved a lot,
    And only six months have passed,
    Since you were born!
    Learned to smile,
    Deftly crawl and sit,
    And with clever eyes,
    Look at the beautiful world!
    From the bottom of our hearts, we congratulate you,
    you on the holiday baby, We wish you to
    be healthy,
    Grow up faster than a strong man!

Funny and Comic Wishes on 6 Months Old Baby

  • Six months ago, you were born,
    How fast time flies forward!
    No one in life is more important than you,
    And everything else will wait now!
    Grow only upward, develop faster,
    And the main thing is that I have never been sick!
    May our love warm you, dear,
    After all, we love you stronger and stronger!
  • Hey! It’s been six months already for
    your baby Golden.
    May it fill you with joy
    like no other.
    The first tooth and little step are
    still waiting for you ahead.
    Your flower will run –
    Just try to follow.
    I wish everyone health,
    And the child – to grow,
    May the angel protect
    Baby on the way.
  • Six months is the first birthday.
    Grow up, our baby, rather!
    A little more and you can run
    you will be you will become a great man.
    Try and learn everything –
    Find out what and why.
    We give you all the love.
    And expect the first words from you.

Birthday Wishes 6 Months Old Daughter & Son

  • The baby is six months old
    Today it is,
    Six months, like the sun
    The family is illuminated.
    I wish you health and love,
    Unforgettable minutes,
    Immeasurable tenderness, warmth,
    Inexpressible feelings.
  • Six months of immeasurable happiness, love,
    Your child is a great miracle.
    He brought warmth into the house, the days became bright.
    And now it will never be boring.
    We wish you great health to the baby,
    Grow like a beautiful flower in the garden.
    Let our great world learn a little,
    Let your worries go away forever!
  • Well, you are already six months old.
    Well, yes, not two, not yet a century.
    You are small yet, but for the Universe
    you really need a person!
    Grow faster so that you can stand on your feet
    To make a cake out of the sand.
    Learn to hold a toy, a spoon
    And speak the word “mom”.
    You become, baby, big and strong.
    Play, read, learn, for adults,
    You know and remember that for loved ones.
    You are the best of people!
  • Half a year turned
    today to the baby,
    I have a wonderful holiday
    I hasten to congratulate you.
    I want to
    wish your child Health,
    To give to parents
    Peaceful night sleep.
    To be always obedient
    And eat well,
    So that
    your baby leaves faster with her legs.
    Let only luck
    Always wait for you in life,
    And a little happiness
    Grows in your family.

Touching Wishes on 6 Months to the Child for Parents

  • Our dear
    angel, Golden ray of the sun,
    You are for dad and for mom
    The best, the most.
    Here’s six months for you.
    As usual, we
    congratulate you with the whole family.
    Be healthy, grow big!
  • Six months – as it was not,
    We rushed – only on the road,
    And a lot can be done,
    At least a little bit,
    And you will learn a lot, The
    time will come.
    Eh, naked childhood,
    Hurray for you, hurray!
  • You are half a year old today, our baby,
    Days, like minutes, like moments, fly by,
    You have grown so much, already, sometimes, you are naughty,
    And from your smile, the heart just melts.
    For us, you are the most important member of the family,
    Our dear angel, you are our joy,
    When you pull your chubby hands,
    We don’t need anything else in this life.
  • Our little fairy,
    You turned half a year today,
    Hair and cheeks in porridge,
    But then you yourself are already eating.
    Congratulations on your excellent date,
    Grow healthy, we sincerely wish you,
    Be an obedient clever girl always,
    Let fate reward you generously.
  • What kind of miracle lies in the stroller?
    You are given by God from heaven!
    Open your eyes soon,
    After all, six months today for you!
    Rather grow, develop,
    And learn to walk a little!
    Always smile to mom and dad,
    Our dear baby!
  • Six months is a very important age,
    You already know how to sit,
    You eat mashed potatoes and love to
    play and watch cartoons,
    Time flew so quickly,
    Six months, like day one,
    We wish you happiness, baby,
    To achieve all the tops in life!
  • Your crumb is growing
    by leaps and bounds.
    Soon he will say a word,
    Crawl to dinner himself.
    In the meantime, the baby is celebrating the
    first birthday in his life.
    He grows stronger for six months,
    Becoming even nicer.
    Let him grow up healthy,
    Learn the world with a bang,
    Become prettier and sleep soundly.
    Happy birthday, baby!
  • Six months for you today,
    Six months with us you have already,
    We waited for you and waited for
    you, You are forever in our soul,
    We congratulate you on this
    beautiful date at this hour,
    We wish you health,
    Baby – you are the sun for us!
  • With 6 months of life!
    You won’t understand me yet, I know that,
    But you will soon understand everything, everything,
    And run, and jump, and just jump!
    Your smile is a real miracle,
    And let this miracle shine for us everywhere,
    smile at your mother more often, With a smile, you eat, play, exercise.
    Grow healthy and delight your parents,
    so that they know that they have received a reward,
    when you deigned to be born,
    After all, there is no better baby in the world!
  • Today the child is already six months old, congratulations, manyunya, you. I wish you informative and vivid walks, quiet sleep and fun rest, interesting leisure time, strong parental love and support, prosperity on your way and great happiness.

Beautiful Wishes for Six Months to a Child

  • Here’s six months to the kid,
    Time rushes fast.
    Let everything be better sooner
    in life.
    Let the tummy not hurt,
    Do not bother the teeth.
    I wish only health to
    Tiny baby.
  • Baby six months old,
    Let fatherhood give you.
    Delight and tenderness.
    Let love multiply
    In a strong, friendly family.
    May the baby pleases you with a
    pearly smile,
    Let the new world
    explore With increased attention.
    The health of your whole family,
    Good luck, prosperity.
  • You are
    six months old, 6 wonderful months, the
    first 6 have overcome the
    Steps we are on the stairs.
    Another six months
    to go Until our first site,
    And every day gives us
    surprises and riddles.
    Let the ladder of your life
    Runs up does not end,
    Happiness meet on every line.
  • You are still quite a child,
    You are only six months old.
    We call you “kitten”,
    You smell a lot of milk.
    You don’t walk yet,
    And you don’t crawl at all.
    You don’t go to the store yet,
    And you don’t know all the problems.
    You are still quite a child,
    And let the years pass.
    Despite everything, “kitten” –
    We will always call you.
    Grow up quickly, baby.
    Do not be sad or painful.
    Even if the clothes are still small,
    Look more boldly to the whole world.
  • With 6 months of life,
    And grow up healthy,
    6 months of happiness,
    Our baby is beloved.
    Our alarm clock is early,
    Morning bell,
    doesn’t want to sleep with us?
    According to your regime
    The whole family lives,
    Goes to bed
    with you And gets up with you.
    Be happy, baby,
    Grow and do not
    hurt, Make us happy every day with your
  • With 6 months of life,
    Sweet baby,
    Your sprout,
    Sweet kitten.
    Let the affairs of the age.
    Carry out the kid,
    Please parents,
    Well, we are a little.
    Let him grow up healthy,
    Happy laughs.
    And let
    Mom get enough sleep.
  • It’s like a moment passed six months,
    And you need freedom.
    Climb everywhere and find out everything
    The whole world so wants to know.
    Try and lick,
    scatter your toys.
    There is still a lot you don’t understand,
    But you’ll find out very soon.
    We wish you health,
    To live surrounded by love.
    Learn the world with interest,
    Explore everything around you.
    Get up on your feet faster,
    And do not get tired of pampering.
    To have a good appetite,
    And let the angel keep you.
    Six months is a glorious date.
    We wish you, baby,
    So that everything in life is as it should be.
    And you already sit so evenly.
    We wish you to be in shape,
    It’s not for nothing that you are so dear to us!
    We wish, wish you immodestly.
    Everything that you yourself want.
    We wish you to be persistent,
    It’s so important at times!
    And be as perky as always.
    Be joyful on your holiday!
  • The best toddler,
    Round-cheeked like a watermelon,
    Sweet like a loaf!
    I would like to
    cuddle you, kiss you heartily,
    With half a year of life,
    tirelessly congratulate!
  • Happy birthday, our dear!
    Only 6 months have passed.
    You will still discover a lot,
    So all those close to you are lucky.
    Our baby, on your children’s holiday
    We wish – grow up!
    Sing funny songs,
    and do not lose heart.
    May good luck follow everywhere. Like a
    shadow always goes.
    We wish – let all the troubles.
    You go around dashingly ford.
  • You are six months old, our golden boy,
    We celebrate this date
    with the whole family, Six months with us, you, our dear angel,
    How we lived before without you – we can not imagine.
    You appeared in the light, like a ray of the sun,
    And our faces lit up with sweet happiness,
    And every day you grow up and better,
    Grow healthy and hurry to learn everything.
  • Congratulations! For half a year
    your baby is golden.
    Let the crumb fill you with joy
    like no other.
    The first tooth and little step are
    still waiting for you ahead.
    Your flower will run –
    Just try to follow.
    I wish everyone health,
    And the baby – to grow,
    Let the angel guard the
    Baby on the way.
  • On this glorious birthday,
    You are our great pride!
    Only six months. You are in charge here!
    There is no need for pride today.
    Congratulations, you are dear
    to us, You are like a light in a window for us. Keep the
    power of good slander
    , and remember too!
    We wish you light,
    And success in a glorious life.
    Let success fly like a comet!
    You’re so funny so far.
  • Kid, you’re only six months old,
    But you can see the breed right away!
    A man will grow up that is necessary,
    Noticeable at first sight.
    In the meantime, you are my mother’s baby,
    You understand a little bit of everything …
    Now the first tooth, then the word …
    Be happy, nice little man!
  • Friends invited
    Let them come again.
    We cannot live without them.
    Let them find the time!
    We wish that on your day
    everything was fine.
    Only 6 months! Believe me, the
    holiday will be cool!
  • The boy can’t be six months already!
    How imperceptibly this time flew by,
    A little bit more – the baby will begin to walk,
    He himself sits and crawls so boldly.
    Our angel, you have become a real miracle,
    The whole house is shining with your smile,
    Laughing mouth, and two brilliant teeth
    We all fill with great happiness.
  • Everything is fine today – news, weather,
    And even the lamp seems to shine brighter for us,
    After all, our little boy
    will celebrate his birth six months this day.
    We sang a song to him in the morning with the whole family,
    Today they give him all the gifts,
    Six months have flown by so quickly,
    For this miracle, we are all grateful to God.

Happy 6 Month Old Birthday Wishes

  • Six months since our baby was born.
    We wish you to grow up cheerful!
    We wish you to develop the best so that you
    bring joy to your family and friends!
    We wish you, baby, that
    bright support awaits you everywhere.
    We wish you to always believe in a miracle.
    So that life is simple and joyful!
    Let everything you want will be near,
    And joyfully welcome you to the new day.
    Let everyone hear how loud you laugh.
    And we are not too lazy to congratulate on your holiday!
  • I congratulate your parents
    With a grown-up belly!
    Your beloved son For
    six months with you!
    Let him grow up healthy, smart
    And play pranks not too noisy.
    Will be brave, curious,
    sound asleep, eat with an appetite!
  • We were just born recently.
    We are 6 months old.
    We appeared in the world!
    This is the most important thing for us.
    Congratulations and I wish you
    to continue to grow, be cheerful!
    We dreamed about our son so much,
    How not to throw a holiday?
    Congratulations on your birthday.
    How lovely this holiday.
    Mascara candles soon!
    Everything will be as you asked.
  • For half a year now, baby, you.
    Happiness to you, sun, only by fate,
    Fabulous childhood, the warmth of relatives,
    Feats, baby, only big ones!
    Balls, toys, vanity of life,
    Holidays, crackers – everything is just for you.
    You grow, kitten, in happiness and love,
    Be a wonderful sun in this life you!
    And your parents – long, long years,
    They live only in harmony and without any troubles.
    Let the child grow in warmth and affection.
    We are waiting for an invitation when there is a year!
  • Today is a day, it is not more beautiful!
    Six months, here’s a birthday!
    You know that you are our pride,
    There is no dearer in the world.
    We wish you – to grow up healthy,
    Although you are still quite
    tiny, We wish you to be cheerful,
    And that you were the best!
    We wish that every morning the
    sun shines through the window.
    And remember: life is such a miracle,
    And sometimes it should be so!
  • The boy is like a father!
    It’s just obvious!
    The kid celebrates six months,
    And it already looks solid.
    He looks down on the world,
    Sitting in his dad’s arms.
    May his life be comfortable,
    beautiful, bright and successful!
  • This birthday is small but so important!
    Congratulations, babies.
    You are the hope for us, our pride,
    Choose your own among the roads.
    On your birthday, we wish
    you to be cheerful and healthy.
    In the sky, a colored rainbow will rise,
    For you there is, after all, our love.
    We wish you to be cheerful,
    We wish you to be cheerful.
    Let the birds and bees sing to you,
    Only six months – be happy!
  • The family is now keeping an eye on you,
    You have now subjugated the whole house to your power,
    Half a year for a boy, and on this day, loving,
    Gifts, our butuz, we bring you.
    You have grown noticeably, your arms have already become stronger, You should
    already buy booties,
    A little more, and our baby with a toy
    will stand on his legs, he will begin to walk.
  • Six months of life, six months from birth.
    A perfect date, a special hour!
    Accept our congratulations today!
    May your every day be bright with you!
    Child – health and new skills!
    Patience to parents, wisdom, strength!
    Success, good luck, in all inspiration,
    So that your every day is significant!
  • You are six months exactly, little fairy,
    And this day today the whole family has gathered,
    We all want you to grow up sooner,
    To see your first ball in life.
    We will buy you a mountain of the best dresses,
    And five hundred of the most fashionable pairs of shoes,
    You will be the best, our little happiness,
    Let it all happen without fail.
  • The little girl is six months old yet,
    But how she behaves like an adult,
    She knows how to sit, eat porridge,
    And she will drink milk from a cup to the bottom.
    Grow healthy, we ask you very much,
    Just do not get sick, everything else is nonsense,
    We will fulfill everything you want for you,
    You will always be our favorite.
  • Six months have passed, like two weeks,
    Upside down apartment in the morning,
    Already you are six months now, really?
    After all, it seems, I was just born yesterday.
    This glorious girl, that with her mother
    Now sits so quietly side by side,
    Our dear little man, he is the main one,
    To know so much lies ahead of her.
  • Today our girl is six months old,
    And in her honor, the sun shines so brightly,
    The whole world is glad to her both the wind and the weather,
    And even the birds congratulate our baby.
    Everyone wants her to be healthy and obedient,
    Be smart and be more beautiful than everyone,
    In response, this mouth laughs innocently,
    There is nothing better in the world than children’s laughter.
  • The little girl is already six months exactly,
    But recently it was quite a lump,
    So she grew up, got stronger, of course,
    I congratulate you, baby, we are very glad.
    The family has grown, we have become more cheerful,
    And there is not enough space, there are few rooms,
    We are waiting for your first steps sooner,
    And the first words that we will remember forever.
  • The little crumb smiles sweetly,
    She is already trying to stand on her legs,
    Six months is a weighty period,
    Everything is interesting for her, everything is new.
    Be healthy, baby, always,
    Let a bright star illuminate your path, Let the
    golden angel protect you,
    Let every day pleasantly surprise you.
  • You are already confidently sitting yourself,
    You say something in your language, You are
    carried away with a bright rattle,
    And you try to grab the cat by the tail.
    We congratulate you for six months already, We
    sincerely wish you all the
    best and joy, We wish you strong health, good,
    Always be under the angel’s wing.
  • Sharp teeth stick out through one,
    Eyes shine so joyfully,
    You are always surrounded by attention and love,
    Everyone just adores you, baby.
    Six months to you, dear, congratulations, We
    sincerely wish you good health,
    Grow to our joy always,
    Let fate generously reward you in full.
  • We are glad to congratulate you on a beautiful celebration, you
    have already turned six months old,
    For us, you are a joy and a reward,
    May God grant you good health.
    Grow obedient, smart and beautiful,
    Be always the happiest,
    Let luck choose only you,
    Let the excellent angel always protect.
  • Dear daughter, my angel,
    I admire and am proud of you,
    You are the most beautiful creature,
    My joy and charm.
    6 months old are you, congratulations,
    I wish to live in happiness, joy,
    Be healthy, my daughter,
    let the golden angel protect you.
  • You turned six months old,
    You are already big with us,
    Let everything be fine in your destiny,
    Let the troubles not notice you.
    Grow healthy and happy,
    Let life be long and beautiful,
    let the Lord protect you,
    Let everyone surround you with care and love.

Best 15 Gift Ideas for 6-Month-Old Babies

Some young parents in the first year of a baby’s life celebrate his birthday every month. After all, this is an occasion to make a holiday for the whole family and post new photos on Instagram. And, of course, 6 months is the first serious date for which you can invite guests.

But what to give a child of 6 months? A baby at six months is already actively beginning to be interested in everything that surrounds him. Therefore, the gift should not only attract the attention of the crumbs but also help him develop. On this page, we have collected gift ideas for a 6-month-old baby. If you like some options, click on the name or picture to go to the store.

1. Musical Toys

Musical Toys

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy


They are presented in various performances, and with different musical content. It is better to give preference to toys made in Russia because the quality of the musical recording will be better than in the Chinese counterpart.


Educational Objective: Motor and Cognitive.

Age Range (Description): 6 – 36 months.

Item Weight: 6.9 ounces.

Batteries: 3 AA batteries are required. (included).

Product Dimensions: 7.99 x 11.02 x 12.01 inches.

2. Walkers


Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker


There are two types. In some, the child sits and learns to move. And the second is more like a cart that you need to lean on and push. The first option for this age is safer. Parents need to limit the time spent by the baby in a walker. It is harmful to sit in them for a long time.


Color: Juneberry Delight.

Material: Phthalate Free, Lead-Free.

Age Range (Description): 6 months +.

Maximum weight recommendation: ‎26 Pounds.

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 34 x 28 x 24 inches.

3. Jumpers


Fisher-Price Animal Activity Jumperoo


The disadvantage of this gift is that it must be securely fastened. Not everyone has enough space for this.


Color: Blue.

Size: One Size (Pack of 1).

Material: Polyester, Plastic.

Item Weight: 7.94 Pounds.

Batteries: ‎3 AA batteries are required.

Product Dimensions: ‎7.5 x 26.38 x 26.75 inches.

4. Feeding Bottles With a Spoon

Feeding Bottles With a Spoon

Nuby New & Improved Silicone Food Dispensing Squeeze Feeder


Transitional option from a nipple to a spoon. The bottle and porridge from it are already familiar to the child, and you can gradually adapt to the spoon.


Material free: BPA Free.

Capacity: 3 Fluid Ounces.

Age Range (Description): Baby.

Dishwasher safe: Yes.

Item Weight: ‎2.39 ounces.

Product Dimensions: ‎2 x 2 x 8 inches.

5. Mats for Feeding

Mats for Feeding

Highchair Floor Mat, Baby Splat Mat for Under High Chair


New. Silicone mats. Due to their weight and material, they stand tightly on the table, it is difficult for the baby to throw food on the floor. Mom feels calm and confident.


Color: Alphabet.

Material: Polyester.

Size: 1 Count (Pack of 1).

Care instructions: ‎Machine Wash.

Number Of Items: ‎1.

Batteries required: ‎No.

Item Weight: ‎1.3 pounds.

Product Dimensions: ‎13.7 x 9.3 x 1.5 inches.

6. Set of Soft Cubes

Set of Soft Cubes

Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Match and Build Soft Blocks Set


Cubes sewn from fabric with a bright pattern are a safe toy that will help you learn the first words and pictures of objects.


Material: Fabric.

Theme: Video Games.

Number of Pieces: 14.

Item Weight: 0.32 ounces.

Age Range (Description): 9+ months.

Educational Objective: Resilience & Problem Solving Skills.

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16 x 10 x 4 inches.

7. Set of  Tactile Balls

Set of  Tactile Balls

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set – Textured Ball Set


Balls are smooth, pimply, dimpled, small and larger, stimulating the development of fine motor skills and tactile sensations.


Color: Multi.

Age Range (Description): 6 months and above.

Item Weight: 0.35 Kilograms.

Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 7.7 x 2.8 inches.

Item Weight: 12.3 ounces

8. Pyramid


Janod Baby Forest 6-Block Pyramid Wooden Stacking


The classic Soviet toy can be found in wood or plastic. It does not lose its relevance and relevance.


Age Range (Description): 2 years to 5 years.

Cartoon Character: B0728F4LKR.

Theme: Animal.

Material: Wood.

Number of Pieces: 6.

Item Weight: 8.8 ounces.

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 9.06 x 1.38 x 7.68 inches.

9. Busy Board

Busy Board

VTech Latches and Doors Busy Board


Translated “busy, board.” This is a board, with various locks, fasteners, and switches, capable of keeping a child busy for a long time. They can be found in the store or made to order.


Color: Multicolor.

Material: Plastic.

Item Weight: 1.84 Pounds.

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 2.68 x 14.17 x 11.61 inches.

10. Sorter


Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks


Perhaps at 6 months, the child himself will not be able to sort the parts according to shapes or colors. But it will be a pleasure to watch how it turns out in adults.


Theme: Toy.

Material: Plastic.

Size: First Blocks Refresh.

Number of Pieces: 1.

Age Range (Description): 6 months and up.

Educational Objective: Motor and Cognitive.

Item Weight: 11.4 ounces.

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 8.27 x 5.51 x 5.51 inches.

11. The Beads Are Large

The Beads Are Large

Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze – Wooden Educational Toy


This is a very complex simulator for the development of fine motor skills. The child needs to string beads on a wide cord. The lesson is not easy, but if the baby starts to succeed, it will captivate him for a long time.


Color: Multi.

Age Range (Description): 12+ months.

Material: Wood, Metal.

Number of Pieces: 1.

Item Weight: 1.3 pounds.

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.2 x 7 x 8.6 inches.

12. Album


Pearhead First 5 Years Baby Memory Book with Sonogram Photo Insert


If the baby has a lot of photos, you can sort them by age and events and make an original personalized album.


Color: Polka Dots Baby Book.

Item Weight: 1.15 Pounds.

Binding: Baby Product.

Product Dimensions: ‎0.56 x 8.88 x 11.25 inches.

13. Sets of Dishes

Sets of Dishes

Munchkin Splash 4 Piece Toddler Divided Plate


Made of safe plastic, various colors and shapes. Make feeding fun and not boring.


Color: Pink/Purple.

Material: Bpa Free.

Item Weight: 1.02 Pounds.

Care instructions: Dishwasher Safe.

Item Weight: ‎1.02 pounds.

Product Dimensions: ‎8.58 x 4.76 x 9.17 inches.

14. Nibblers


NatureBond Baby Food Feeder/Fruit Feeder…


The design of the nibbler allows you to safely give pieces of fruits and vegetables to your child. The mesh does not let large pieces of food through, thereby reducing the risk that the child will choke.


Color: Peach Pink and Lemonade Yellow.

Material: Silicone.

Dishwasher safe: ‎Yes.

Is portable: ‎Yes.

Number of Pieces: 2.

Item Weight: ‎5 ounces.

Package Dimensions: ‎4.76 x 3.62 x 2.44 inches.

15. Steamer Blender

Steamer Blender

Baby Food Maker | Baby Food Processor Blender


The 2 in 1 device allows you to steam a small number of vegetables and puree them. It saves mom’s time and makes it possible to cook fresh every day.


Color: Grey.

Is Dishwasher Safe: Yes.

Item Weight: 5.88 pounds.

Package Dimensions: 12.8 x 12.32 x 7.68 inches.


Six months from the moment the girl was born, this is a significant event, both for the hero of the occasion and for members of the family in which the newborn appeared. Six months is a significant period that the baby and her parents can add to their assets.

There was a lot of things in these six months: sleepless nights of parents, a lot of chores and chores around the house, the whims of a baby. Therefore, this date deserves special attention and special congratulations. Such congratulations should be joyful, bring warmth, be bright, sunny and lively.

A whole lot of such congratulations can be found on our website. Congratulate your loved ones, friends and acquaintances with this kind of birthday, and be sure that they will appreciate it!

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