Best Gifts for the Birth of a Child for Young Parents

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Together with the joy of replenishing the family, young parents face many questions. How to equip a room, make a crib, choose how many diapers you need and what size of diapers to buy. If you want to help young parents, make useful gifts for the birth of a child.

Gifts for the Birth of a Child for Young Parents

Best Gifts for the Birth of a Child for Young Parents: There are a lot of ideas. After all, literally, everything is needed for a baby. But before you go shopping, check what the young parents already have and what they need.

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Gifts for the Birth of a Child Can Be Conditionally Divided Into 2 Categories:

1. Those that are given without any questions. For example, diapers, diapers, rattles, or teethers. There are never many of them.

2. And those that are worth asking in advance. For example, your parents bought some of the things and no longer need your gift. Expensive items such as a stroller or infant car seat also fall into this category. Such gifts must be discussed.

Gifts for the Birth of a Child That You Can Give Without Asking

– Cast for Leg and Handle

Impression kits are traditionally given on the first visit to a newborn Best baby. The prints will harden and preserve the memories of the baby’s infancy forever.

– Bath Towel

This hygiene item is always needed, so a supply of towels will not hurt. The most popular now are hooded towels.

– Sleeping Accessories

An extra bedding set will always come in handy. But it is worth considering the shape of the bed. For example, a standard set of linen is not suitable for the oval cribs that are now popular.

– Large Pack of Diapers

At first, diapers fly like hotcakes. Even if parents do not keep their baby in diapers all the time, they are still indispensable for a walk. The important thing here is to guess with the size and manufacturer.

Choose from popular brands: Moony, Mepsi, Merries, Goo.N, Libero, Pampers, Eco by Naty, Huggies. Usually, for newborns, they buy size 5. But if in doubt, be guided by the kilograms (child’s weight) written on the package. By the way, the diaper cake idea sounds original but not hygienic. With this design, all diapers are taken out of the package and wrapped in ribbons. But after that, it is not advisable to use them.

– Baby Photo Albums and Diaries

Often such things are ordered from Hand Made masters. One of the popular styles of photo albums is scrapbooking. Each book becomes a miniature masterpiece. Parents themselves can paste photos of the baby there.

– Photobook

If you have pictures of mom and dad before and during pregnancy (or already with the baby), you can make a cool baby present. This is a photo book from family photos. Unlike ordinary photo albums, all photographs are printed inside the book on thick sheets. A professional designer is working on the layout.

– A Personal Fairy Tale for the Kid

This is a big-name book, where the main character is your child. According to the plot of the tale, he (or she) is looking for the letters of his name. A separate story is dedicated to each letter. As a result, the child collects his own name. The authors came up with several stories for each letter of the Russian alphabet. Therefore, you can order a personal fairy tale with any name. This is one of the most original gifts for children and parents.

Gifts to Be Warned About

– Envelope for Statement

Blankets are a thing of the past. A beautiful envelope for the first appearance is an integral part of the baby’s dress wardrobe. It is worth choosing an envelope under the weather. But even summer envelopes for newborns are sewn with insulation, most often, it is bamboo. Interior decoration – always cotton. The shape of the holiday envelope resembles a rolled blanket decorated with ribbons and embroidery.

– Walking Envelope

A walking sleeve is a practical and convenient option for everyday use. It resembles a bag with side locks and carrying handles. It is convenient to use such an envelope in the cold season as additional protection. Plus, it fits well in a stroller.

– Baptismal Set

The baptismal set includes pants and a vest or dress (shirt) for bathing, a cap and a towel. In addition, you can give a beautiful dress or costume for going to church, a cross and a chain. Usually, such clothes are bought by future godparents.

– Mobile

Mobile is a set of hanging toys that are attached above the baby’s cradle. In the first months of life, the baby learns to focus his vision, distinguish colors and shapes. And the objects above his head will help with that.

– Stroller

There are many models of strollers for newborns. For long-term use, many buy a transformer for children from 0 to 3 years old. From a carrycot stroller, it turns into a model with a seat. The only drawback is its cumbersomeness. Not all mothers can cope with such a “ship”.

– Infant Car Seat

The infant car seat will be needed when traveling home from the hospital. It is fixed in the car with seat belts. It is also convenient for carrying. For such purposes, it is better to purchase an infant car seat on a stand base. The base is attached to the car seat, and the infant carrier snaps into place and is also easily removed from the stand.

– Pillow for Feeding

This is a convenient feeding device for your baby. The nursing pillows have different U, C and G shapes, but they all help to comfortably attach the baby to the breast, give relaxation to the spine and do not strain the mother’s arms.

– Changing Board

The changing board, upholstered in soft material, serves as a kind of table for changing clothes or hygiene procedures for a child. It fits easily onto a crib, table or chest of drawers. The board is an obligatory item in the children’s room if there is no special changing table.

– Ergo Backpack or Sling

This is a device for carrying newborns. Thanks to the wide belt, the mother can walk with the baby for a long time without feeling tired. But it should be borne in mind that most backpacks are designed for children who hold their heads confidently. Therefore, it is recommended to use the ergo backpack for babies 6 months and older.

– Canopy and Crib Bumpers

Many novice mothers are very careful about the choice of colors for the children’s room. And therefore, the canopy and the sides should correspond to the ideas of the parents about the design of the crib.

– Video or Radio Nanny

A useful thing when there is a small child in the house. Having installed the baby monitor on the crib, parents can easily leave the room. When your baby wakes up and cries, the handheld transmitter will alert you.

– Baby Respiration Monitor

In the first year of a child’s life, mothers often worry about the baby while sleeping. Will he not bury his nose in the pillow? Will he wrap his head in a dream, as he will breathe with a cold? This device helps to track the breathing of the baby and calm the nerves of the parents.

– Baby Clothes

The sizes of children’s clothing from Russian manufacturers are fully consistent with the height of the child. For example, the smallest size, 56, is designed for babies up to 56 cm. This is approximately from birth to 1 or 2 months. If you do not know the parameters of the child, choose clothing sets from size 62 and more. Children grow incredibly quickly in the first year of life, so it is better to give them for growth.

– Bathing Set

The bathing set can include a baby bath, a slide or mattress for washing a baby, a highchair for bathing in a large bathtub (for growth) and rubber toys. Give everything at once or separately.


At the birthday party, don’t forget that your parents need not only your gifts but also emotional support. Come up with a kind and warm words addressed to young parents. You can bring a cake and balloons with you in a good mood.

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