70+ Best Gifts for Fitness Lovers

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Best Gifts for Fitness Lovers: It’s foolish to think that a fitness trainer only wants something closely related to fitness as a gift. On other sites, you’ll find something like a fitness bracelet, dumbbells, a swim cap, and other gibberish written by rotten marketers to drive as much traffic to the site as possible.

In this article, we propose to move away from standard cliches. A fitness trainer doesn’t always need a fitness gift. Pedometer, calorie counter, yoga mat and other accessories – these will not be in this article.

To see in a person only his profession is superficial and desperate, stupid, stupid, insulting. The one to whom you will give such a fitness gift will immediately become clear: he didn’t bother, didn’t try, didn’t think about me, didn’t remember, but just took the first thing that came to mind, they say I’m a trainer and I need a certificate as a sports master.

Perhaps a fitness trainer needs canvas and paints, well, a person wants to draw, a rotten fitness bracelet will be a crappy gift. People have hobbies and hobbies besides work. Stop thinking that a fitness trainer needs a fitness gift. You are looking for a gift not for a fitness trainer but for a person.

80 Best Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Here we will give 80 gift ideas. You do not take everything literally, but try to apply each point to your situation. What kind of relationship are you in? Would it be appropriate to give it?

Best Gifts for Fitness Lovers

What’s your budget? Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for someone who receives this gift? And the best thing you can do is turn on your imagination, fantasy, memory and remember the subtle hints that 100 times accidentally slipped through conversations.

1. Promotion of the Page on Instagram

Give me a month, a week, a year of Instagram promotion. This will give new clients, connections, acquaintances, and maybe the first advertising contracts. Everyone wants to have a large audience of subscribers. A great gift.

2. Coffee Machine

It is unnecessary to go to Starbucks or coffee mania for a fragrant cappuccino, you can make it at home using a new coffee machine. If he/she loves coffee, this is a great gift. For example, Nespresso offers inexpensive options. And with the purchase of 500 capsules, you can get a coffee machine for free. The coffee is really excellent, tasted.

3. Air Pods Pro

If the old ones fell out of the ears, then the new ones will suit absolutely everyone. Just incredible sound and acoustics and the noise-canceling effect is space. This is perhaps the best gift for those who love music.

4. Apple Vochi

And it’s not about the calorie counter. This is just a cool gadget that is convenient to carry in any situation: training, business meeting – wherever you go. Plus, hundreds of handy apps are built inside.

5. A Book of Interests

Remember what he/she is fond of. Business, management, sales, palmistry, esotericism, philosophy, classics, cuisine, art, etc., choose and donate the best book. Just see if he/she has this book on the shelf.

6. Tour

Present a trip to another country.

7. EMS Suit

New in the world of sports – EMS suit. Looks stunning and fits perfectly. Training is 200% more efficient. Such a device will help you always stay in shape without lengthy workouts.

8. Meeting a Celebrity

If he/she is dragging on a specific blogger, singer, artist or other celebrity – arrange a meeting with them. It can be a fan meeting where an artist signs autographs or signs a book, or a concert, a performance, a forum.

9. Favorite Movie in the Cinema TT

Order a screening of her / his favorite movie at the cinema, make sure that there is no one else in the hall. For greater effect, you can order pizza, rolls, popcorn, hookah, etc.

10. Wild Tusa

Take her/him to a club, private party, afterparty or any other place where there is a lot of loud music, strangers and alcohol. This will help relieve tension, negative thoughts will be forgotten for a while, and the mood will be a gun.

11. Update iPhone

Traditionally, but I agree, everyone wants a new iPhone. Give an excellent smartphone. You can take it on Avito, on top or in installments from the officials.

12. Subscription to Your Favorite Magazine

RBC, Forbes, Man’s Health, Cosmo, etc. This can be the print version or online magazines.

13. Annual Subscription to Streaming Service

Netflix, HBO, OKKO, KinoPoisk, Disney +, Apple TV, MEGOGO, TVZAVR, etc. Give access to millions of your favorite movies and TV shows. Many have fantastic offers. For example, OKKO has a monthly subscription for 1 ruble.

14. Subscription to Apple

Give access to your favorite music in the best quality. If only she/he has an iPhone.

15. Subscription to Liters

If you do not know which book to donate, donate a subscription to a collection of e-books. For example, you can buy from 10 to 20 books of different genres.

16. Shares of Companies

Yes, now you can donate shares of Gazprom, Sberbank, Apple, Google and other companies. An unusual gift, but very valuable.

Other Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Other Gifts for Fitness Lovers

  • purchase by your favorite brand
  • erotic toy
  • trip to an expensive restaurant
  • English language courses
  • powerful column jbl
  • Yandex station
  • car-sharing travel card
  • stylist
  • animal
  • photo session
  • website
  • decoration of bras
  • make a mask on Instagram
  • games for the console
  • consultation with an expert (stylist, palmist, astrologer, headhunter, coach, etc.)
  • subscription to the dentist
  • sauna, steam bath, hammam, spa
  • relaxing massage session
  • a visit to a beautician
  • unusual art: paintings, products, etc.
  • ticket to the exhibition and art exhibition
  • ticket to a performance, musical
  • gelik for a day
  • hookah and stock for a month in advance
  • aikos
  • cleaning
  • collect old and unnecessary things to hand them over to an orphanage
  • go out of town, to a house
  • show Nikola sloth
  • make a visa
  • delivery of ready-made food for two weeks.
  • learning something new with terrain: skiing, skating, hardening, chess, pp, etc.
  • VIP ticket to a sports exhibition
  • a haircut at the best barber
  • psychologist session
  • morning with wine and paintings
  • complete cleansing course organism
  • extreme: bungee, jump, diving, wind tunnel, go-carting, etc.
  • ticket to UFS
  • moleskin notebook
  • a trip to the water park
  • unusual places with an expert
  • purchase of dietary supplements for iHerb
  • purchase with a sports meal
  • edit a video congratulation from friends and relatives
  • an album of memories
  • board game
  • bork or dyson technique
  • a celebrity congratulates
  • pressotherapy apparatus
  • overnight in a tent by the lake
  • 100 taxi rides
  • home theater
  • luxury hotel for one night
  • training on water rights
  • limited merchandise or gear
  • shooting in a video
  • viewer in an urgant show
  • bring to stand up
  • prank play
  • VR attraction
  • subscribing to valuable newsletters.

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