10 Best Gifts for Fitness Lovers for the New Year

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Do you have a fitness lover at home and are looking for a suitable New Year’s gift? Are you wondering how to please friends who love a healthy lifestyle for the New Year? Especially for this, we have prepared 10 New Year gifts that will delight any fitness lover.

10 Best Gifts for Fitness Lovers for the New Year

1.New Year’s Gift Set for Fitness Lovers

A comprehensive New Year’s fitness gift set is the most suitable gift. It contains products that a true fitness lover cannot even imagine their life without, namely a combination of nutritional supplements and fitness accessories. BestBirthdayPoint has prepared themed New Year fitness gifts for you.

2. Fitness Accessories

If someone among your close acquaintances and friends is a powerlifter, bodybuilder, crossfighter, runner, or just loves to go to the gym, they will undoubtedly appreciate such a gift as:

  • Fitness Elastic Bands – Great for bodyweight exercises, will increase muscle strength and are suitable for rehabilitation exercises.
  • Fitness Ball – Improves body stability and balance greatly relieves back pain.
  • Push-ups are ergonomically shaped device that minimizes pressure on joints, shoulders and wrists.
  • The Foam Roller is ideal for relaxing muscles and improving post-workout regeneration.
  • The gymnastic roller – Ab roller wheel – is an excellent assistant in the formation and improvement of physical fitness. Trains the abdomen, back, shoulders and biceps.
  • Fitness mat Yoga Mat – soft anti-slip mat – the basis for body shaping and relaxation. Great for Pilates, yoga and other fitness activities.
  • Jumping rope is an effective way to get rid of excess fat.

3. Shaker Stylized With Superhero or Star Wars Themes

Want to delight fans of DC and Marvel movies? Present them a shaker with the logo of your favorite comic superhero. Performa company offers shakers volume of 800 ml with the logos of superheroes like Superman, Supergirl, Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. With this shaker, everyone will train like a real superhero!

If you want your friend or acquaintance to be accompanied by power during the year, give him a shaker from the Star Wars collection. Here you will find stylized, 800 ml shakers such as the Storm Trooper, Kylo Ren or Darth Vader. These shakers guarantee excellent mixing of nutritional supplements and are made from safe BPA plastic.

4. Sports Bag

The food bag is a good gift for people who eat healthily. The bag has many pockets and compartments for storing healthy food and groceries at your fingertips. This bag will undoubtedly be appreciated by fitness lovers. Food bags are available in different sizes and colors.

Another practical gift is fitness bags. You can find them in our store in different varieties – from popular shoulder bags, sports bags, classic fitness bags to luxury leather sports bags.

5. Fitness Diary

Diary is the most popular New Year’s gift for everyone. Fitness Diary, besides the calendar, offers many tips and ways for a balanced diet and exercise and is an excellent form of motivation that will make everyone strive to achieve their fitness goals. It is suitable for both experienced athletes and beginners.

6. Fitness Bracelet

Smart fitness bracelets are one of the popular technology trends. At first glance, they don’t look much different from classic bracelets, but they contain a chip that measures and monitors daily physical activity. Most often, it is a pedometer, calorie burn, heart rate measurement and sleeps analysis. Fitness bracelets can be tied to a phone, where data-driven charts can be generated.

7. Cooking Fitness Books

Traditional New Year’s gifts are, of course, books. Fitness books offer a myriad of innumerable sports topics and new workout ideas. Fitness recipes are a great source of new, tasty and healthy food for athletes, allowing you to prepare healthy meals with a minimum amount of calories.

8. Sportswear

Every athlete wants quality fitness clothing in their wardrobe. In our online shop, you will find a large selection of men’s and women’s sports pants, sweaters, shirts and T-shirts with motivational quotes. Girls will appreciate sports bras, women’s T-shirts and T-shirts, sweaters, leggings and shorts. Also worth mentioning are compression garments that promote blood circulation and minimizes muscle lactic acid production, helping to prevent muscle fatigue and pain.

9. Gloves, Shoulder Straps and Fitness Belts

A fitness belt can be a great New Year’s gift for your loved ones. It strengthens the body, supports the back muscles and reduces the likelihood of injury. Gloves are another great gift option. They will protect your hands from injury during sports. Another option is to pull straps and hooks to help increase your grip and prevent possible injury.

10. Gift Certificate

If you want to choose a New Year’s gift for a loved one, then the best choice would be a gift certificate, which will allow you to choose what you really need. Gift certificates have a price range from which you can choose the one you want.


Finally, don’t forget that New Year is coming soon, so you don’t have much time to choose a gift. We hope we have given you gift ideas that will delight your loved ones and friends. Share these tips and maybe make it easier for someone to choose a New Year’s gift. Write in the comments what gift you would like to see under the tree.

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