100+ Best Birthday Gifts for 15-year-old Girls

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Best Birthday Gifts for 15-year-old Girls: 15 years is a kind of starting point into adulthood. Yesterday the girl was playing with dolls, and today she dreams of great and sincere love. However, for her family and friends, she is still a child. Therefore, on such a momentous day, everyone wants to present an unusual, valuable and memorable gift.

Gifts for 15-year-old Girls

If you find it difficult to answer the question of what you can give a girl for 15 years, use the most interesting ideas and tips collected here.

15 years is a time of contradiction for a young person when she herself does not know what she wants. Choosing what to give a 15-year-old girl is not easy at all.

In deciding what to give a girl for 15 years, it is worth immediately throwing away toys and too adult things. And try to find the same “golden mean” competently and thoughtfully. Below you will find a huge number of gift options that can surprise a girl.

Mega 100 Ideas What Can Be Presented to a Girl for 15 Years

  • Hair multi-styler.
  • A set of multi-colored crayons or mascara for strands.
  • Electronic book.
  • A bright model of a wristwatch with a creative design.
  • Kigurumi pajamas or a beautiful home suit.
  • Instant camera.
  • Stylish Thermo mug – sippy, shaker or water bottle.
  • Towel and robe with initials and cute lettering.
  • Mirror: a dressing room with lamps, table or pocket.
  • Instabuk.
  • Cozy home slippers with fluffy animal face.
  • Set for making chocolate, rolls, and cookies.
  • Fluffy mittens or gloves: sensory, fur.
  • Desktop organizer for cosmetics with drawers.
  • Smart column Yandex.
  • Large professional cosmetic palette.
  • Yoga or fitness set.
  • Hangers.
  • Fashionable comb Tangle Teaser.
  • Pins are bright and cool badges for denim jackets, school uniforms or backpacks.
  • Instagram is a photo taken on canvas.
  • A choker around the neck is a trendy piece that most teenage girls like.
  • Markers for nail design.
  • Beach accessories: mattresses, circles, beach towels, stylish woven bag.
  • Funny bedding with prints of anime heroines, etc.
  • Plush small rug.
  • Aroma lamp with a set of replaceable aromas.
  • Solid shampoo, handmade soap with additives.
  • A beautiful animal-shaped keychain made of natural fur.
  • Wall clock in the shape of the moon, smiley, with a joint picture.
  • Beautiful personalized cake.
  • Ekokub is a set for the self-cultivation of a flower.
  • A large set of nail polishes.
  • Gift coins made of precious metals with the zodiac sign or decorated with stones.
  • A set of decorative cosmetics for everyday makeup.
  • Wall-mounted bright glider with stickers.
  • Earrings with Swarovski crystals.
  • Electric nail file.
  • Scrap – set.
  • Phone stand with built-in speaker.
  • Iron – corrugation.
  • A set of lenses for a smartphone.
  • The book is a box.
  • Luminous pillow in the shape of a heart.
  • Musical plant pot.
  • Aquafarm.
  • Makeup brushes set.
  • Fitness mat.
  • Blanket with sleeves.
  • Signature styling devices.
  • Manicure or pedicure set.
  • Backlit bag.
  • Wireless headphones.
  • Jewelry (ring, bracelet or earrings).
  • A set of growing pencils.
  • Perfumed spray.
  • Portable speaker.
  • Animal-shaped slippers.
  • Power bank of the original form.
  • Small inflatable chair.
  • Aromatic bath products.
  • Sunglasses from a renowned company.
  • Fondue set.
  • Fur headphones.
  • Cozy bathrobe.
  • Urban backpack or duffel bag.
  • Sneakers with the luminous sole.
  • Selfie monopod.
  • Belt bag.
  • Folding mirror with a comb.
  • Glowing rope.
  • Artistic set with easel.
  • Luminaire with control panel.
  • LED-backlit laces.
  • Ice cream set.
  • Cool wallet.
  • Convenient cosmetic bag with a basic set of cosmetics.
  • Beautiful and fashionable jewelry.
  • Skates, rollers and other things for outdoor activities.
  • Hanging chair or padded pouf.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Fitness bracelet.
  • Beach tennis rackets.
  • Dictaphone.
  • A set of markers for drawing on fabric.
  • Stylish hairpin.
  • Embroidery kit with rhinestones.
  • Electric scooter.
  • Shaker.
  • Chocolate set.
  • Germination toy (grass).
  • Sports water bottle.
  • Warm boots.
  • An unusual table lamp.
  • Magic non-extinguishing candles
  • Chameleon mug.
  • Body care kit.
  • 3D lamp.
  • A wristwatch with a fashionable strap.
  • Pedometer.
  • Wireless mouse.
  • Hair straightening comb.
  • Set for nail design.
  • Set of exotic fruits.
  • Musical instrument.
  • Glowing keyboard.
  • Japanese rock garden.
  • A lantern for reading books.
  • Digital photo frame.
  • USB heated slippers.
  • Action camera.
  • Panel with decorative moss.
  • Hula Hup.
  • Flower with wishes on the petals.
  • Carnivorous plant.
  • Electronic translator.
  • Cool hangers (signs that are hung on the door handle).
  • An automatic machine for self-preparation of your favorite sweets and other goodies: a device for cotton candy, an ice cream maker, a popcorn maker or a yogurt maker for delicious and healthy breakfasts in the morning before school.

Original Birthday Gifts for a Girl at 15 Years Old

To choose a gift for a 15-year-old girl, will have to work hard. The ideas collected in this category will save you time and nerves, and most importantly, they will definitely surprise and delight the hero of the occasion.

1. Disco ball for parties

Any holiday with this device will turn into an unforgettable celebration. It will paint the room in all the colors of the rainbow. The disco ball is compact and portable, you can take it with you to visit or to the country.

It is very easy to use: you can adjust the sound, and select tracks using a remote control or a phone. The device plays any music from a flash drive.

A good gift for a 15-year-old girl. Thanks to its versatile design, the ball can be attached to both the wall and ceiling.

2. An exotic plant in a pot

A great idea of ​​what to present to your girlfriend. Given the young age of the birthday girl, she can be presented with beautiful orchids. No young lady will refuse such a gift.

If the flowers are properly cared for, they will delight the eye for a long time, unlike a bouquet of cut flowers. Also, florariums are becoming more and more popular.

This is a beautiful vase with living plants inside, mostly succulents. If you want to really surprise a girl, present her with citrus fruits, and let her try to grow a tree with miniature fruits on her own windowsill.

3. A mask for lucid dreaming

It seems incredible, but the manufacturers of such a mask claim that with its help, a person will be able to control his dreams, which in the future will allow him to overcome fears and phobias. The device starts working after the person falls into a deep sleep.

This is an original gift, the action of which is based on the blinking of light bulbs, reminiscent of flashes or lightning. You can choose any color of fabric, and in order to personalize the mask, you need a computer monitor.

Inexpensive Birthday Gifts for 15-year-old Girls

A good gift for a 15-year-old girl does not necessarily have a high price, there are many excellent options for quite budgetary congratulations on the shelves of shops and Internet sites, which simply dazzle.

Below are selected excellent budget options for a fifteen-year-old girl that she will definitely like and sincerely delight in:

1. Delicious ambulance

A delicious ambulance is an inexpensive but pleasant surprise for a fifteen-year-old girl. Represents sweets (marmalade, marshmallow, etc.), decorated in a beautiful transparent jar with a creative inscription. For example: “When everything pisses me off,” “For a good mood.”

2. Stirring mug

A stirring mug is an excellent gift for a girl on her 15th birthday. It has an interesting design and a unique mechanism that stirs the drink automatically, without a spoon.

3. Sketchbook and liner set

A sketchbook is a notebook whose pages are unlined. To create it, use different paper. It can be black, or watercolor, like tracing paper, etc. And liners are special pens filled with ink. They are often used by artists. Not a bad option, what to give a girl for her 15th birthday. With such a set, she can easily create a sketch, sketch, sketch. This will take no more than 15-20 minutes. And thanks to your gift, the image will not only be beautiful but also of high quality.

4. Selfie lamp for your phone

This is a modern and demanded device and one of the most suitable presents from a friend. Lamps give you the opportunity to showcase a spectacular photo at any time.

To choose a quality product, first of all, pay attention to the presence of soft fabric on the inside of the lamp, otherwise, the girl’s phone will quickly become covered with scratches.

It will not be superfluous to check the reliability of the fastening so that the product does not slip off the phone at the most inopportune moment. Keep in mind that the girl will often take the lamp with her, so it should be compact in size.

5. Showerhead with LED lighting

Such a gift for DR will make the birthday girl believe in a miracle. Installing the nozzle is easy, and thanks to its classic design, it will look great with any mixer.

You can choose a product in which the colors change depending on the temperature of the water. There are also multi-color nozzles, and their shades change arbitrarily. The products will look most effective if you turn off the light.

Cool Gifts for 15-year-old Girls

1. Chameleon umbrella

The chameleon umbrella is a great birthday present for a 15-year-old girl from friends. The main feature of such a gift is that as soon as a drop of rain touches the dome, the magic begins – a drawing appears on the umbrella!

2. Shimmering oil or body spray

Shimmering oil or body spray is an original gift from a friend for a holiday. The best beauty product for the body with a “fairy dust” effect. In addition to a beautiful radiance, these products are great for skincare, making it soft and silky.

3. A reusable diary or notebook

A reusable diary or notebook will surprise and delight the girl who has everything. Comes in a set with a special write-erase-write marker. As soon as the notes or drawings become irrelevant, the girl can easily erase them, having received a blank notebook, ready for new notes.

Ideas for Valuable Gifts for the Birthday Girl for 15 Years

Not all girls lose their heads from romance, some of them prefer things that are useful. If you are looking for a gift just for such a young lady, then be sure to take a closer look at the following options.

1. Tripod tripod

Girls of this age often have their own blogs, which require quality content. A device with three legs allows you to fix the camera in a fixed position.

When choosing a tripod, remember that the young lady will have to take it with her, so it should be as light as possible. Also, when choosing such a gift for a girl for her 15th birthday, take into account its installation method, minimum working height, and ability to change the shooting angle.

2. Dressing table with LED lighting

Having your own beauty spot is the dream of many girls. This is a place where you can be alone with yourself, eliminate the shortcomings of your appearance, and emphasize your advantages.

Such a table will evenly illuminate the face, and in multiple drawers, you can store all your “treasures” (cosmetics, jewelry, etc.). It will provide comfort not only when applying makeup but also when creating a hairstyle.

A wonderful gift for a girl for 15 years, which, thanks to its elegant design, will transform any room.

3. Wireless charger

This is a truly magical device that allows you to quickly charge a gadget as the flow of energy is transmitted through the air. Such charging has a number of advantages: it is convenient to use, the wires will not get tangled, and the charging port of the device will last much longer.

Some products are made in the form of vertical stands, which will allow you to simultaneously watch a video on your phone and charge it.

Unusual and Beautiful Presents

Until now, they have not decided what to give a girl for her birthday at 15 years old, then the options presented below are just for you. Choose one of the presents you like and get ready to see the surprised eyes of the birthday girl.

1. Box with tropical butterflies

This is perhaps the most unusual and enchanting birthday surprise. Butterflies of incredible beauty will give the birthday girl a fabulous experience.

You can choose butterflies of the same color for your presentation or collect fluttering beauties of different types and colors. Before preparing your gift, you must make sure that the girl is not afraid of insects. With proper care, these graceful creatures can live from a couple of days to several weeks.

2. Decorative LED candle

Such a gift for a girl for 15 years from a guy will help create a relaxed atmosphere, give a good mood, and a sense of calmness and peace. The use of such candles has a number of advantages: fire safety, environmental friendliness, long service life, and aesthetics.

At first glance, these products are difficult to distinguish from natural, wax or paraffin candles. They run on batteries, so you can take them with you to any place: to nature or to a summer cottage.

3. Luminous pillow

A creative gift from a guy that can be used as a night light or interior decoration. In addition, the pillow is so soft and comfortable that you can sleep on it. The product is absolutely safe and does not cause allergies.

It can be washed both by hand and by a typewriter. In order to activate it, you just need to press a button, and then the girl’s room will be illuminated with all the colors of the rainbow.

Stylish Gifts for Girls of Fashion

Any girl at this age treats her appearance with special trepidation. Therefore, the birthday girl is guaranteed to like gifts that can make her even more beautiful.

1. Multi-colored mascara for strands

A wonderful gift for brave girls. Not every young lady dares to dye her hair in a bright, provocative color: pink, green, or blue.

And with this versatile tool, you can color just one or a few strands. If you don’t like the result, the girl will just wash it off. This is the only hair dye that even kids can use, so don’t worry about safety.

2. UV lamp for fast drying of nail polish

Many girls are familiar with the feeling of defenselessness after staining their nails. Any wrong move and all work will go down the drain now if the surface of the nails dries out in just a minute.

With such a lamp, this desire has long since become a reality. Everyone can purchase a product; there are many models of different brands and capacities.

3. Makeup airbrush

If earlier such a device was available only to professionals, now everyone can become its happy owner. Thanks to him, cosmetics are applied to the face in an even and thin layer.

Such a device allows you to significantly save on expensive cosmetics, and you do not need to purchase additional consumables (for example, sponges). This is a good gift for a girl who dreams of becoming a makeup artist in the future.

4. Beauty box

One of the most popular trends in the beauty industry. You order only one box, and you get many different cosmetics in different formats.

Often, as a surprise, manufacturers put in boxes recently released new items for different areas of the face and body.

This is very convenient because, at the age of 15, the girl has not yet had time to choose the right cosmetics for herself, to understand what suits her and what does not. You can be sure that your present will cause a flurry of emotions.

Surprises by Hobbies and Hobbies

It is very important for any person to have their own hobby or hobby in addition to study, work and everyday life. If your girlfriend has this, then the best option would be to present a present for her hobbies.

So, you will emphasize their importance and interest in her hobbies. Below are several collections on the different interests of young ladies.

A selection of surprises for a fashionista:

  • A set of mono-earrings – such a set will help you create a new look every day by combining earrings with each other.
  • Wallet – you can choose a silicone keychain wallet or a small stylish model that will easily fit into a backpack or small purse.

For creative and intellectual people:

  • A sketchbook and a set of liners will delight a girl who is fond of drawing or sketching. Due to the special paper, the girl will be able to create bright works, easily mixing colors with each other.
  • Plein air suitcase – is a natural wood organizer box for storing paints and brushes, with a convenient carrying handle.
  • Anti-books – bright and creative trick covers for books, notebooks and textbooks.
  • Paints for working with ceramics, glass or fabric – will allow the girl to be creative and create her own masterpieces by painting jeans or something from dishes.
  • Magnetic bookmarks for books are a practical alternative to paper bookmarks. If your friend loves to read, this gift will win her over!

Beauty and Personal Care Options:

  • Magic soft curlers for Hollywood curls – a novelty among the products for curling hair. The main advantage of such curlers is soft curling without spoiling them.
  • Beauty – boxing, from your favorite video blogger, the best gift from a girlfriend. It is a box with full-size and miniature must-haves.

Gifts for the music girl:

  • Tool case – there are a huge number of options in stores, from monophonic to hand-painted, the main thing is to know exactly the instrument the girl is playing.
  • An electronic synthesizer is an excellent gift for a young girl musician. It will help develop hearing, creativity and just have an interesting time.

A Couple More Interesting Thoughts That You Can Give a Girl for 15 Years

Probably one of the most versatile options for congratulating a young girl is attractive options with various delicacies.

This option can be either an independent gift, for example, from friends or classmates or an addition to the main surprise from parents, godfathers and relatives.

1. A set of handmade chocolates

are unique sets with an inscription message made of chocolates. For example: “Beloved daughter,” “Name.” All sweets are made from Belgian chocolate with the addition of strawberries, lime, raspberries, etc.

2. Basket with exotic fruits

A basket with exotic fruits will be an excellent substitute for sweets and other sweets. Such a basket will be a surprise for any girly holiday, and it is also not just a sign of attention but also a concern for the health of a dear person.

3. Boxing with flowers and macaroons

Boxing with flowers and macaroons is the best gift that 100% of modern girls like. It is a beautiful gift box, one half of which is filled with flowers, and the other half is filled with sweets.

4. Fruits in Chocolate

as an option, what to give a girl for her birthday at 15 years old from friends and family. An exquisite dessert that melts in your mouth. With such a surprise, the girl will definitely taste the summer!

There is no universal gift that can be given to any girl, without exception. Choosing the right presentation always takes a lot of effort, patience and time. If you still could not decide what to give the girl for 15 years, hurry up to consider a few more unusual options.

5. Kigurumi pajamas

Pajamas are made of fleece or Velsoft, sometimes in the form of animals, superheroes, or cartoon characters. In such clothes it is cozy and comfortable, it always cheers up and gives a sense of security.

Even after long-term use, the product does not change its original appearance: it does not wrinkle, does not become covered with pellets, does not fade or shrink, and retains heat perfectly, therefore it helps out in the cold season.

6. Flexible video camera

It can also be found under the name “endoscope.” Such a camera will allow you to shoot interesting videos from different angles, it is easy to use, it works under any temperature conditions. A recording is carried out on a phone or tablet.

The camera is very compact and moisture-resistant. A blogger girl who is learning to shoot unusual and creative videos will certainly be delighted with such a gift.

7. Smartphone printer

A pocket-sized device thanks to which you can immediately enjoy and share beautiful pictures with your friends. The battery of the device is designed for 100 photos.

The quality of the images is high, the image is durable, and it takes about 10 seconds to print one photo. You can directly edit and print photos from social media such as Facebook or Instagram.

How to Understand What Is Better to Give to a 15-year-old Girl

Do you want the gift you presented to be worthy of a beautiful birthday girl for the upcoming DR or any other holiday? You want to please and surprise her, cause a sincere smile and joy. Then you should know a few basic rules that will help you choose a great surprise for a 15-year-old girl.

First of all, I would like to note that girls at this age are completely impractical. They absolutely do not care where and when it can come in handy, except if the girl sincerely does not want to receive it as a gift. Therefore, it is worth giving up on a warm blouse or boots for the winter in favor of fashionable and unusual things among teenagers, for example, buying a bright sweatshirt.

When choosing a gift,  don’t buy what you like. Consider the character and interests of the girl, even if they do not coincide with yours.

Jewelry is a separate category of worthwhile gifts Yes, girls at this age love stylish jewelry. You can purchase inexpensive silver carnations, a dainty ring, or a delicate charm bracelet.

At the age of 15, girls are interested in fashion trends, and hobbies and do their best to match them. Therefore, it is important to support such a desire, even if it seems like a silly idea to you. So, for example, if the hero of the occasion loves to take pictures, present a set of lenses to a smartphone.

Buy a gift only in trusted stores, and check quality certificates, especially if they are cosmetics.

If you order on Internet sites,  take into account the delivery time. It will be unpleasant for the girl to receive a gift a week after the Holiday.

If you have doubts about what to give a girl for her 15th birthday, then talk to the people around her – friends and girlfriends, brother or sister, and parents.  They will definitely tell you something and direct you in the right direction.

If you stopped at money – present it in an original way. For example, by tying an envelope to a “cloud” of balloons or by arranging a quest to find “treasures.”

Any gift –  decorate,  girls are very sentimental about gifts. A bright wrapper or a beautiful gift bag will create a festive atmosphere.

Attach a small bouquet of flowers to the gift, then the girl will feel more adult. Instead of flowers, you can present a bouquet of fruits or berries.

And, remember that there are no strict rules for choosing a gift. The main thing is that the gift should be presented from a pure heart.

Examples of Unsuccessful Gifts That Are Best Not to Give

If your budget is limited or there is no money at all, this still does not mean that you need to disown the girl by buying banal shower gels or soap. You can always find something more original, making the recipient happy, the main thing is to put in a drop of imagination and a little time.

Never buy the following items as a gift for a girl.

1. Presentations with a hint

These include various acne creams and lotions, home exercise equipment, scales, etc. Girls at this age are very emotional, with such gifts, you can cause complexes for many years.

2. Boring clothes

Boring clothes such as grandma-style robes, dull school blouses, or floral tights. Only very close people can give something of clothes, but interesting and fashionable, for example, Kigurumi pajamas.

3. A gift “for the future”

such surprises are loved by parents and grandparents. Bank deposits, professional cosmetics and much more, are things that a girl will need for a long time, and the gift should please at the time of receipt.

4. Pet

such a gift can be purchased only after agreement with the parents. After all, animals require not only care and time but also financial costs, which a teenager does not yet have.

5. Poor makeup

Poor makeup can cause allergies and other troubles on a girl’s sensitive skin. Buy products only in trusted stores, taking into account the type of skin and age of the girl.

6. Children’s things and toys

Children’s things and toys, even if a year ago the girl loved dolls, a lot has changed over the year. At this age, she is already almost an adult and is expecting appropriate gifts from you. Oh, not a Barbie T-shirt.

7. Book editions

Book editions, even if the girl loves to read, put off such a present for another time. The girl is waiting for special gifts for her Holiday.

In order not to inadvertently upset an already vulnerable nature, it is important to know which gifts were included in the rating of the most unwanted. Protect yourself, take some more time and read the following list.

8. Slimming products, acne creams, etc

Any girl at the age of 15 painfully perceives the shortcomings of her body. Therefore, your gift, even if it is made from the heart, will only exacerbate the problem.

9. Souvenirs

Many girls do not like platitudes: teddy bears, fridge magnets, photo frames, and more. All of them will take pride in their place on the mezzanine and will gather dust there for more than one year.

10. Perfume and decorative cosmetics

It is necessary to approach the choice of these presents very carefully and find out in advance what the birthday girl prefers and what exactly she uses.

11. Epilator

Such a gift can only be given by a close person, for example, a mother or sister. And then, only on condition that the girl herself hinted about it.

12. Underwear and clothing

The birthday girl will be very upset when she receives a dress of the wrong size and giving linen is considered a sign of bad taste.

13. Counterfeits

If a girl dreams of a bag of a certain brand, do not even try to give her a fake. She immediately recognizes this and Will is offended.

14. A certificate or gift card to the store

Sounds good, but it’s not always easy to implement. After all, urgent matters may arise, and the validity of the gift will end. Also, you should not give a certificate, for example, for a haircut or fashionable styling, most likely, the girl already has her own hairdresser, whom she is not going to cheat on.

Some Birthday Wishes for 15 Years Old Girl

  • Happy 15th birthday to the most beautiful and wonderful girl! I wish you to shine brighter than the stars and to warm you with your smile, warmer than the brightest sun. Be healthy, and smart and strive to greet every day with a smile. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Holidays, dear “Name”! Until recently, we were touched by your ringing childish laughter and the stamping of legs, and today we have a beautiful young girl in front of us. Let your 15 years reveal to the whole world all your beauty, potential and talents. A sea of ​​happiness, love and good luck in life!
  • Fifteen years is a time of miracles! Today all your friends and relatives congratulate you and I join their wishes. May all your wishes come true, the best princes saddle their white horses and set out on the road. Success in your studies, loyal friends and loved ones nearby!
  • Princess, Happy birthday to you! Let the smile on your pretty face please your family. Grow up smart, in the sea of ​​love and care of relatives, and also a bunch of wonderful gifts, fashionable outfits, sun, joyful minutes and bright moments.
  • I congratulate you “Name” on the Holiday! I wish to conquer this world with my beauty, courage, talents and charm! More loyal and cheerful friends next to you, perseverance in all endeavors and only the highest achievements.
  • A wonderful girl and just a beauty, Happy birthday! Let your life be painted with bright colors on canvas, delicate shades of love and colorful tones of joy and events. “Name” Happy holiday to you!
  • Pretty woman, I congratulate you on your fifteenth birthday! You are no longer a child, therefore, with the first adult Jubilee of you, “Name”. Stay the same as you are now – bright, funny, beautiful, charming and just the very best. Don’t get sick, don’t frown and enjoy every moment of your life!
  • Happy birthday, friend! Already 15 years – this is the beginning of a new book called “Adult Life”. Therefore, I wish you that this chapter was filled with bright events, cool friends and interesting stories with a gorgeous ending. Congratulations, dear!
  • Today celebrates her birthday, the most beautiful and wonderful girl – “Name”! Wishes: only the best – a fun and colorful life, easy study and best friends. Happy Holiday, honey!
  • My nice, good girl, I congratulate you! I wish you to grow further as beautiful and sweet, blooming like a rosebud. And, life will be like a fairy tale, with a handsome prince and a gorgeous ending!
  • My dear baby, another glorious year has increased. I congratulate you on your birthday and wish that all your dreams come true and that you grow up as a sweet, obedient and wonderful girl, surrounded by loved ones.

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