What to Give a Gift Ideas for School Principal

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What to Give a Gift Ideas for School Principal: On the eve of various holidays, the question of what to give the headmaster on February 23, New Year, and Birthday is very relevant.

Gift Ideas for School Principal


In this article, we will try to analyze such a topic in detail and tell you what would be a good idea to congratulate a female and male director, what gifts children can present, and what parents, as well as the work team.

Note that it is in this case that money will be an absolutely inappropriate choice. After all, a gift to the director from students or their parents, and perhaps teachers, is not just an occasion to express their respect, but also excellent memorabilia. Money is unlikely to be able to cope with such a task.

How to Choose a Present for the Director on the Occasion of Different Holidays?

At first glance, it may seem that this is too difficult a task to cope with it “perfectly well.” But it’s true, most likely, you are little acquainted with this person, you don’t know either his tastes, or his hobbies, and, moreover, his hobby.

That is why, in your choice, you should, first of all, proceed from the versatility and practicality of the gift you have chosen for the headmaster for an anniversary or any other significant celebration.

Separately, we draw your attention to the fact that there is a certain etiquette for such presentations. And now we will consider it in more detail because with your congratulations you want to sincerely please a person and leave a pleasant memory:

  • It is considered bad manners in such etiquette to present money in an envelope, as we have already mentioned earlier. But this is not the only exception.
  • You should definitely give up the idea of ​​buying personal items that are usually exchanged only between close people, we will also include cosmetics (be it care or decorative, male or female) in the same category.
  • It is not considered correct to present alcoholic drinks – it may not look as nice as you would like and create some kind of awkward situation.

Presents and Ideas for Congratulating the Principal for the New Year

Of course, for the New Year, the school principal can be presented with a huge number of various things that will serve as a wonderful present, but we will talk about them below, since these are more universal options, and in this section, we will consider exclusively thematic ideas of congratulations, in particular:

  • A crystal Christmas ball is an amazing thing that will become the central decoration of a festive tree and later turn into a wonderful souvenir. The present can be packaged in a beautiful box to make it look as festive as possible.
  • The top of the Christmas tree is in the form of an angel or a star. The principal of the school will be able to take such a present to his home or, for example, decorate a Christmas tree with it in his office at school. Such a choice is a universal solution for the New Year because, on this very symbolic and, of course, thematic holiday, we all want to receive beautiful and cute things, as well as memorable souvenirs.
  • New Year’s card, signed with his own hand. A wonderful gift for the headmaster for the New Year from the students of his school, which he will be really pleased to receive and then keep for many years. It is best to make such a beautiful and touching greeting card with your own hands, for example, at a labor lesson. So, the present will become even more valuable and important for its recipient.
  • Porcelain Christmas figurine. It may already be traditionally Santa Claus or Santa Claus, a Snow Maiden or a snowman will also do. You can choose a beautiful snowflake. Such porcelain products look very elegant in any interior, and the gift itself looks very respectable and expensive.
  • Christmas tree toy with a photo of the school principal or students congratulating him. You can be sure that such a present will be remembered by the recipient for many years, and he will be happy to keep the toy for many years and decorate a festive tree in his office with it every time.
  • Box of gingerbread. In most schools, it is not customary to present something too valuable to teachers or principals in honor of the Christmas celebrations. But if you still want to thank you for the attention of your children and express your respect – you can pick up something suitable and inexpensive. In particular, we offer just such a gift to the headmaster from parents for the New Year. Gingerbread cookies are best prepared by yourself, beautifully decorated, or ordered from a professional confectioner. But from those bought in the nearest supermarket – still refuse.
  • Set of wooden Christmas decorations. Ecology is now a popular topic and, of course, it is supported by the school, because it is here that our children are taught to respect not only each other but also the surrounding nature. With your gift, you can demonstrate how diligent the students are. To congratulate the director, choose a beautiful gift set of Christmas toys made exclusively from natural materials – wood. In some situations, at the lesson on labor, you can even organize a whole course on working with wood and carving such products. Thus, you will get not only a good present but also an exciting practical task.
  • Candy tree. A similar present looks like a famous holiday tree, but instead of spruce branches, there will be the most delicious sweets here. At first, such a gift can be a beautiful themed desktop decoration, and then a very tasty treat for hot tea or coffee at lunchtime.
  • Decorative live Christmas tree in a pot. You can buy such a gift for the school principal for the New Year at any florist’s shop. Before the holidays, there will be just a huge selection of such trees, and you can easily pick up something suitable. How good is this present? It will not need to be removed until next year at the end of all Christmas celebrations, because after the New Year such a tree will turn into just a beautiful living flowerpot in the director’s office.

List of 50 Best Gift Ideas for School Principal for Different Holidays

If it’s difficult enough for you to decide on a present for the headmaster, you don’t know what to pick up at all and have already become confused, then we offer you a universal list of 50 presents that you can present to the headmaster on his birthday and other holidays:

  1. Personalized mug for your favorite drinks.
  2. Dated diary.
  3. Stylish Parker fountain or ballpoint pen in a case.
  4. Laptop stands with ventilation function for cooling equipment.
  5. Bluetooth headset for computer.
  6. Massage cape for a computer or office chair.
  7. Small coffee maker.
  8. Convenient briefcase for notebooks and documents.
  9. Spacious leather wallet.
  10. Leather goods.
  11. Thermo mug.
  12. Flash drive original form or with personalized engraving.
  13. Portable device for charging gadgets.
  14. Antistress toy.
  15. Mini keyboard vacuum cleaner.
  16. Book lamp for reading.
  17. Book safe.
  18. A delicious bouquet of sweets and various delicacies.
  19. Basket with exotic and seasonal fruits.
  20. Chocolate greeting card.
  21. Book in a deluxe edition.
  22. Festive cake.
  23. Hourglass for the desktop in the office.
  24. Alarm.
  25. Comfortable folding computer keyboard.
  26. Glowing in the dark computer mouse.
  27. Digital frame for your favorite photos.
  28. Flying globe.
  29. Gift certificate to a bookstore.
  30. Creative table lamp.
  31. Cover for documents.
  32. Humidifier for the office with the function of aromatization of the room.
  33. Cinema, theater, museum or exhibition tickets.
  34. Mug with USB heating.
  35. Bouquet of various stationery.
  36. Diploma in the frame “Best director”.
  37. Wireless headphones.
  38. Velcro wire holders.
  39. Housekeeper.
  40. Electric kettle.
  41. Small household appliances for the home.
  42. Ergonomic computer desk.
  43. Heated rug under the feet under the desktop.
  44. Desktop Japanese rock garden.
  45. Table plate with quotes from famous teachers.
  46. Leg hammock.
  47. Desktop USB fan.
  48. Author’s wall or table clock.
  49. Set for coffee gourmet.
  50. Box of handmade chocolates.

How to Congratulate the Headmaster on February 23?

As it already becomes clear from the title of the section, here we will consider options for presentations for a male director, but only those that fully correspond to the theme of the upcoming celebration. So, on February 23, present one of the following options to the school principal:

  • Lighter in the form of a pistol. It looks very cool and impressive, and most importantly – it fits the theme of the celebration. Shouldn’t a real defender of the Motherland have such a lighter?
  • Army dry rations, of course, are personalized, so that the present looks even more impressive. A great solution if you don’t know what to give the school principal on February 23rd. Instead of traditional army food, we suggest placing all kinds of delicacies inside such dry rations: elite cheeses, sweets, fruits, etc. – it will not be difficult to make a choice at all.
  • Porcelain figurines of a thematic nature can become a wonderful decoration for your desktop, as well as a nice memorable souvenir. Suitable, for example, bronze or gilded figurine of a famous commander.
  • Interior chess set, where instead of traditional figurines, army character figurines are used. Such chess will definitely look very impressive and presentable in the headmaster’s office.
  • Memoirs of famous military leaders, or their biographies. A great gift idea for the principal on February 23, especially if you manage to find such a book also in an exclusive leather cover, decorating it with personalized embossing.
  • Keychain, made in the form of combat grants. An inexpensive present that students of the school can give to their director, thus organizing a pleasant surprise for him.
  • A large painting depicting the famous battle, framed in a gilded and deliberately worn frame. Note that in particular, this version of the presentation is suitable for the director who teaches history. But, in principle, any person will like such a picture, and it will look really elegant in the director’s office.

If you still decide to buy a non-thematic thing as a gift for the school principal on February 23, then complement it with beautiful packaging made in the form of an army chest or simply using decorative paper in military colors. It is both spectacular and symbolic, and quite inexpensive.

Choosing a Gift for the School Principal: a Present for a Woman

Let us immediately draw your attention to the fact that traditional and already classic gifts in the form of expensive perfumes and jewelry will be superfluous here. Indeed, in the first case, you can easily not guess the aroma, since it is unlikely that you are so familiar with the tastes of the hero of the occasion.

And in the second case, your present can be regarded as a bribe or an attempt to get close to the head of the school in your own interests, so now we will tell you what you should pay attention to and what to give the head of the school to a woman on her birthday or, for example, New Year.

  • Leather gloves in classic black or noble brown. Gray models will also look good, but it is better not to buy bright and with various prints.
  • Soft and warm stole, with the help of which, throwing it over the shoulders, it will be possible to give any look a special French charm and genuine elegance.
  • A bouquet is something that is traditionally presented to any woman, including the headmaster. You can choose beautiful roses, or a bouquet of lilies, you can give preference to deliberately simple but spectacular options from daisies and other wildflowers. And you can buy all kinds of compositions that can stand much longer than a regular bouquet.
  • A flower vase with a personalized engraving is an excellent birthday present for a school principal from a class and a very useful thing for a lady. It can be a magnificent floor and beautiful table model made of porcelain, glass and other materials. The main thing is that it has an original shape and an interesting design.
  • Aromatic decorative candles in a set with various floral or fruit scents, as well as the invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee with the smell of the upcoming holiday.
  • Live plants in a pot. Instead of a bouquet of flowers, present the headmistress with a flowerpot with live plants, for example, a luxurious orchid.

Choosing a Gift for a Male School Principal

If we figured out the text above with a present for the director of a woman, then now is the time to consider the best options for congratulating a man. We present to your attention the best gift ideas for a school principal for a man on his birthday and other holidays celebrated at school:

  • Tie clip. Here you should immediately abandon jewelry and very expensive items for the reasons that we have already explained above. Fortunately, in the modern market, there are a huge number of very strong and at the same time fully fit into the budget options.
  • A stylish cane umbrella is a must-have item in the wardrobe of every elegant man, especially one like the headmaster of your school.
  • Wooden cufflinks are made now in a fashionable eco-style. They are perfect for different models of suits and will look good in a business style.
  • A compact shoe shine kit that will help you keep your shoes always neat and tidy, despite any weather.
  • A screen magnifier for a smartphone is even a very useful and practical thing to use, which will allow you to view even documents from your smartphone, which means it is quite convenient to work with your compact gadget.
  • Unique table lamp in the Bonsai office. A unique lamp model that combines several important and necessary functions at once: a lamp, wireless charging and a Bluetooth speaker.

Original Ideas to Congratulate the Principal of the School

An inexpensive and original gift to the director for the New Year, February 23 or Birthday can be a great solution for organizing cool greetings:

  • The desktop globe is a beautiful and business-like decoration for the headmaster’s office.
  • A portrait made by a professional artist in a traditional style based on one of the director’s photos. Then such a portrait should be framed in a beautiful frame and, wrapped in gift paper, presented as a very effective and really ordinary present.
  • The golf game for the office, so that your director has the opportunity to have fun, for example, during a meeting or just at lunchtime when you can get distracted from work tasks.
  • A mug with a slate base and a set of colored crayons, or just a white mug with colored markers. Such a cup can be very coolly painted, for example, with the signatures of students or beautiful words of congratulations, so that it turns into a wonderful souvenir for one of the holidays.
  • A bouquet made not of flowers or even sweets, but of photographs of students. A very interesting and original gift for the headmaster on February 23, New Year’s Day, March 8, etc.

Inexpensive Gifts for the School Principal for the Holidays

To organize a good congratulation for the school principal, it is best to choose budget-friendly gift ideas so that such a gift is not perceived as a bribe and does not create an awkward situation for both parties.

  • A pad for a computer mouse with a photo of the director or students who presented such a present. Useful, and most importantly – what an absolutely inexpensive gift to the headmaster on February 23 or New Year;
  • Convenient and roomy lunchbox, which is additionally equipped with a thermo function, which will allow you to maintain the temperature of the products for a long time. This way, your principal can bring his favorite meals to school for a lunch break from home without worrying that they will have time to cool and lose their taste.
  • High-quality electronic type calculator. Choose the model with the most extensive functionality. The most modern version is a handy calculator, additionally equipped with the function of displaying the performed action on the screen.
  • Motivational mug with some inspirational quotes to start every morning with the right words.
  • The stationery set is a wonderful gift for the school principal for his birthday from the team, which will definitely come in handy for the principal to decorate his desktop. Such a set, as a rule, includes a complete set of stationery accessories: pens of different colors, slate pencils and ending with loose-leaf notebooks, loose-leaf calendars and other attributes.
  • Chancellery organizer for the table in the director’s office. Another great option for a really useful present. Such an organizer can be made of high-quality plastic and will last for many years. It will ensure the most rational use of space so that the table looks neat and all the necessary office supplies are at hand.

Choosing inexpensive gifts for the New Year to the principal of the school and other holidays, including February 23, birthday, etc., you can focus, first of all, on all kinds of business presentations that will be very relevant for such a tenement. In addition, symbolic gifts for the theme of the celebration are always suitable. These are universal tips that will definitely help you decide on a good congratulation.

In this article, we tried to tell you in as much detail as possible about what you can give the director of the school for his birthday, New Year and February 23.

Presents for different budgets are offered here, they all differ, first of all, in their versatility, and therefore, in any case, they will look good as a congratulation. You can safely choose any of the presented ideas and be sure that it will be a good decision, and the hero of the occasion will definitely like the gift.

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