Best Gift Ideas for History Teachers

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Best Gift Ideas for History Teachers: At the mere mention of history, pictures of ancient pyramids, wonders of the world, pharaohs, discoverers and reformers come to mind. It is logical to present a history teacher with an object that will be thematically related to the type of his activity.

He will gladly accept such a gift from grateful students, which will remind him of your class or of you personally. A gift related to a teacher’s hobby or leisure in free time will also be appropriate.

Teacher’s Day Gift

On this holiday, it is customary for teachers to give gifts that symbolize their daily activities. These can be books, stationery, postcards, souvenirs, and, of course, flowers. If you, having looked through many options for gifts¸ and have not decided how you can really surprise the teacher, then it is better to stay on the “classic” version.

1. Book-biography of an Outstanding Historian

It would seem that there is nothing easier than buying a book. But in this matter, one should show ingenuity and care. You can purchase a gift edition, and it will become a present for the teacher on Teacher’s Day. In doing so, one should pay attention to one important aspect.

Each teacher has a favorite topic in the subject. A history teacher, for example, may separately be carried away by studying the period of antiquity or the Renaissance. It would not be bad to buy a biography of a historian who was just dealing with this period of human history.

2. Primary Book

In his work, a history teacher often uses primary sources. You have to refer to them in almost every lesson since, without documentary evidence, the material presented will be “dry” and uninteresting. Primary sources that is, historical documents – this is what the teacher will be very happy about. Such a book will become not only a beautiful present but also a valuable assistant in everyday work.

3. Wall Panel

Imagine how beautiful the original panel would look on the wall of the history teacher’s office. He can also hang this gift in the home living room.

4. Bookend

Teachers have to work with several books at the same time. So that you do not have to constantly go to the bookcase, you can place your desk books on a beautiful stand. This way, literature will not be piled up on the desktop by a disorderly “pyramid,” and any work will always be at hand.

5. Souvenir in the form of an Old Artifact

With such a present for Teacher’s Day, you will get straight to the point. The historian will definitely like the original souvenir in the form of historical artifacts. In online stores, you can find souvenirs in the form of pharaonic masks, Scythian pectorals, small mini-sculptures of famous architects, a Trojan horse or ships of famous discoverers and reformers.

Birthday Gift Ideas for History Teachers

Gift Ideas for History Teachers

When choosing a birthday present for a story teacher, note that the teacher has hobbies and interests outside of school. On such a holiday, it is advisable to give something that will emphasize the individual characteristics of a person. If you do not know what the teacher is fond of and how he prefers to spend his leisure time, it is better to limit yourself to the classic but win-win options.

1. Mosaic Picture

It can be a copy of a famous design piece or an original by a famous medieval artist. But you can pick up a more modern version.

2. Lamp

An original lamp as a birthday present. You can find an almost unlimited number of options for original lamps. It can be an object made of natural stone illuminated from the inside or a luminous figurine. You can buy a beautiful lamp made of glass or iron, made in Provence or fusion style. The teacher can put it on the bedside table or on the desk at home. After all, the teacher probably stays up late checking notebooks or likes to leaf through a book before bedtime. Such a gift will definitely please him.

3. Large Paperback Notebook

For what purposes to use such a present – to keep working records in it or write down culinary recipes – the teacher will decide for himself. Your task is to find a beautiful product and pick up original gift wrapping. It will be great if you are not lazy and take the notebook to the printing house for engraving. The teacher’s initials and a short birthday greeting on the cover will come in handy.

4. Named Vase

This unusual gift will appeal to most teachers. A beautiful vase with laser engraving will not leave indifferent a history teacher and your gift will surely take its well-deserved place on her desktop or at home. You can order a vase with the teacher’s name and wishes in online stores or specialized departments that make souvenirs.

5. Wall Clock

When choosing a birthday present, you need to pay more attention not to the subject that the teacher teaches, but to his inclinations and hobbies. Wall clocks can be decorated in a strict classical style, made of transparent glass or in the style of shabby shek, the main thing is that your teacher will like them and cause only pleasant emotions in him.

Gifts for September 1

Surely, more than once before the onset of September 1st, you thought about what to present to teachers. Consider the gift in advance so that it does not repeat what other classes will present to the teacher. Do not forget to present a beautiful bouquet of flowers with the main gift.

1. Encyclopedia

Such gifts are never superfluous. When preparing for lessons, teachers often turn to such books. You can also present a dictionary of historical terms. It will help the teacher in his work and will become a decoration of the desktop or office. In addition, this gift will always remind of you, because the teacher will certainly handle the book very carefully.

2. Souvenir Pen With Ink

It is a symbol of intellectual work and high erudition. The pen can come with a letter opener or antique-style writing paper.

3. Gift Set of Old Coins

History has a close relationship with such science as numismatics. It is she who studies the origin of coins. Remember for yourself how the teacher showed you pictures or real samples of old coins in the first lessons. Present this gift to the teacher on September 1st. He will be pleasantly surprised by your attentiveness and will be proud to use the coins as a visual aid in the lessons.

4. Historical Maps

This can be a collection of maps or wall-mounted study maps. Teachers treat such gifts very carefully and accept them with great joy. Having bought a card, you can be sure that the teacher will be happy to use your present in his work for many years. You can buy gift options for specially aged cards, which mark the routes of reformers, discoverers, famous historical figures and travelers.

5. Disc With Lectures

You can buy lectures on the history of the ancient world or the Middle Ages. These discs are sold in bookstores. A huge selection can be seen in online stores. This gift will also help the teacher in his activities and facilitate the work in the classroom.

New Year Gifts

Gift Ideas for History Teachers

On New Year’s Eve, you need to take care not only of your closest friends and relatives. Be sure to prepare a small present for teachers as well. Try to choose presents that will remind you of the upcoming holiday. They should be different from those you give regularly throughout the school year. They must have festive and cozy motives.

1. Home Textiles

For example, a beautiful New Year’s tablecloth. Her history teacher will gladly take her home. Such a gift will last for more than one year, and will always give a festive mood.

2. Mug for Tea With New Year’s Ornament

Choose not only a beautiful but also a comfortable mug. It is important for the teacher to use it and not just keep it on the shelf as a souvenir. You can buy a special heated mug. So the teacher will be able to drink hot tea for a long time without distraction while working at the desk.

3. Confectionery

It could be a large gift box of chocolates or a cake. Do not be lazy to order a cake with New Year’s symbols so that the atmosphere of the holiday is felt to the fullest.

4. Thermos for Tea or Coffee

In it, the history teacher can take hot drinks with him to work and drink them in between lessons. This is a beautiful New Year’s gift that will highlight your concern for the teacher.

5. Gift Hourglass

They can also be decorated with New Year’s ornaments, snowflakes and other New Year’s attributes.

When choosing gifts for the New Year, try to pay attention to things that symbolize the holiday. Surely, clerical paraphernalia is regularly presented to teachers throughout the year, but a New Year’s present should emphasize the fabulous atmosphere and create a magical mood.

Graduate gift

Each graduating class tries to give all the teachers memorable gifts so that even after a few years, the teachers will remember the grateful students. On the eve of the prom, many ask the question: what to give a history teacher so that the gift does not look trite and is useful? You can pick up a lot of options, but the most memorable gifts, as a rule, are made by hand.

1. New Exposition in the School Museum

Such a gift for graduation will not only delight but also greatly surprise the teacher. Show your respect for your teacher by applying the knowledge and skills they have taught you over the years. Create a small display that will remind you of your class

It may include funny photos, the first ineptly written essays, funny crafts and airplanes that teachers took from you in class, drawings with wishes, and pages from diaries. Capture in the exhibition all the kindest, funniest and most significant moments from the life of the class.

2. Thematic Mini-exhibition for the Cabinet of History

To do this, you also have to apply creativity and imagination. The objects of the exhibition can be old coins or accidentally found antiques that were dug up by young “archaeologists” in their grandmother’s garden.

3. Decorative Interior Decorations

For example, clay vases or ceramic gift plates that are hung on the walls. Let such a plate depict some kind of historical plot or a beautiful ethnic ornament.

4. Presentation With Congratulations

Shoot a mini-film about your home school with your camera and add pictures from school life. Such a gift for graduation will remind the teacher of graduates who are grateful to him for their knowledge and care.

5. Wall Collage Crossword Puzzle

Let it flaunt on the wall in the history office. Several pictures of famous historical places can be placed in the crossword puzzle.


When choosing a gift, you need to focus not on cost but on functionality and relevance in each specific situation. The main thing is to invest in it the care and desire to please the teacher.

If you have an idea for a good gift but do not have enough money, you can attach a presentation from the representatives of the parent committee to the purchase. Surely parents will agree with their children to participate in choosing a gift for teachers and support the aspirations of their children.

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