50 Best Expensive Gift for Man on His Birthday

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Best Expensive Gift for Man on His Birthday: A birthday is an excellent occasion for a luxurious presentation. Sometimes, it can be challenging to choose an expensive birthday present for a man, especially if you don’t know his preferences very well.

Expensive Gift for Man

In order not to be mistaken when choosing, it is worth dividing all gifts into several groups and carefully analyzing everything.

By the way, it is expensive gifts, in contrast to inexpensive ones, that are often universal and are equally well suited to a husband, boss, or father.

Hobby Gift

Most men have favorite hobbies and hobbies that allow them to relax and take a break from work. Many wealthy people prefer tennis or golf. If you are a fan of these sports, you can safely present a good racket or club.

Such a present will look especially gorgeous if you make an engraving with the recipient’s name on it. If the gift is intended for a loved one, then the inscription can be more personal with a mention of the holiday and the donor.

If a man is fond of football, he will like a VIP box game ticket if an interesting match is planned soon after his birthday. Also, he will definitely like a unique football souvenir, for example, a rare autographed ball.

A hunter will love a good weapon. But if you don’t understand it, you better choose something simpler, for example, a high-quality picnic set.

Many wealthy men are fond of equestrian sports. It allows you to maintain the good physical shape but also requires significant financial investments. If the man is an equestrian, present to him:

  • A pad or mat that is placed under the saddle;
  • Riding clothes:
  • Head strap for bridle or other harness elements;
  • Originally designed saddle.

If a man is fond of fishing, you can give him a good fishing rod or a modern device such as an echo sounder. He should also like a comfortable folding chair or even an inflatable boat.

It is relatively easy to choose a gift for a collector. You need to find out which exhibit for the collection he lacks and try to find it.

Expensive Gifts for a Man’s Birthday

  • Hobby gifts
  • Unusual gadget
  • Mobile phone with a unique design
  • Jewelry
  • Expensive leather product
  • Cabinet interior decoration
  • Branded handle
  • Adventure or journey
  • Expensive drink and/or damask for it
  • Star certificate

Interesting Gadgets

If we choose a wealthy man’s gift, it is better to forget about simple household appliances and electronics; he probably has everything he needs. Therefore, we must try to pick up something unusual:

  • Mobile phone with a unique design;
  • Electric wine cooler;
  • A pocket scanner that determines the sterility of surfaces;
  • Solar-powered gadget charger;
  • USB air ionizer;
  • Smart wallet Woolet;
  • 3D pen.

Although it may seem that a wealthy adult man does not need such “toys”, in fact, deep down, they always remain boys so that they will be happy with a new, unusual device for their birthday.

Fashionable Accessories

To create a complete image, a man definitely needs expensive accessories. They help to create an image of a successful person, and they will definitely not be superfluous. The most demanded and popular accessories:

Such beautiful and practical gifts will undoubtedly come in handy for a successful business person. They will help complete the look and will often remind you of the donor.

Choosing a “luxury” birthday present for a stylish and wealthy man, remember – he is well versed in modern fashion accessories, so the present should be really worthy.

An Expensive Gift for a Chef or Business Partner

It is often very difficult to choose an expensive gift for a not very close person. You need to give something chic and not too personal. Any items for his office would be a good choice:


It can be a famous artist or just a beautiful composition decorated with Swarovski crystals or natural minerals. The main thing is not a cheap reproduction.

Globe Mobile

This is a qualitative model of the globe, which rotates on an axis using the magnetic field’s energy. It looks very stylish as it hangs in the air, a translucent stand and will certainly catch all visitors’ eyes to the office.

Table stationery set made of valuable material. It helps to give the cabinet a special chic.

The original bottle for drinks

Sometimes, even at work, alcohol is necessary, for example, to celebrate a successful deal or the completion of negotiations. Together, you can present an expensive drink in it.

Valuable Chess

These can be handmade figurines or from expensive materials. Even if a man doesn’t really like this game, the chessboard will be an excellent decoration for the office.

When choosing a gift for your office, be sure to take into account the peculiarities of its interior. For example, some traditional jewelry will be out of place in high-tech style, etc.

Unusual Gifts

Such presentations are suitable only for relatively close people whose habits you know. They are designed to give a maximum of positive emotions and bring dear people even closer together.

An Extreme Adventure Such as Descending a Mountain River

piloting a hot air balloon or sailing. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time, but when choosing it, you must take into account the state of health of a man. Some adventures may not be suitable for everyone.

Star Certificate

An absolutely impractical and expensive gift that can impress a man who has everything.

The Telescope

will appeal to the dreamer who loves gazing at the stars.

Valuable Aquarium Fish

Such a gift will be appropriate if a man is fond of the aquarium hobby. With it, you can present an original aquarium table.


This gift will suit both an adventure lover and a busy man who hasn’t been on vacation for years. But it is imperative to consider whether he has a family and with whom he can go on vacation.

20 Best Expensive Gift for Man on His Birthday

As they say, walk like that! Finally, the budget allows us to make a truly expensive gift. But let’s still somewhat limit ourselves. Otherwise, you can swing at the palace, and at the yacht, and at the plane, and at the sculpture of a walking man, and half a kingdom, and the dominion of the sea, and the stars and the moon.

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As in the famous film, we will not give the boy a living uncle, although the uncle will surely be expensive. Let’s set a bar for ourselves so that after the purchase, some money remains for ourselves.

What does a man need to be completely happy? Not so much: for him to be well dressed, fed and in good spirits. Therefore, we will choose gifts mainly from the category of entertainment and practical things.

The Car Comes First

This is the bar that we have limited ourselves to. So we assume that a car is not a luxury. Of course, cars come in different price categories, but here it is for your taste and budget. If your friend already has a car and chooses a cheaper present, then there are many car accessories and gadgets that will fit in as a serious gift.

For example, an acoustic system, radar detector, navigator, mini-wash. Or make something like a tuning certificate with your own hands: offer your man a chic airbrush or any other option for decorating his car. You can also donate a motorcycle or scooter.

Laptop or Personal Computer

Here, as with cars, there is no limit to perfection. Again, if this is too expensive for your budget, or if the man already has a good computer, look for peripherals for him. For example, a large stylish monitor.


Dream travel, romantic travel, extreme travel, travel to exotic countries, traveling to Europe, and traveling to the home country. Suitable if your man is an experienced traveler and if he has never gone anywhere.


Has already become a classic example of a gift. Dear necessary, status thing. Alternatively, consider a tablet, e-book, or other gadgets.

Game Console

A man in his heart always remains a child. Please give him a PS4 or X-Box One, or any of the portable models. And if he already has a set-top box, choose something from the gaming peripherals, such as a virtual reality helmet.

As Jewelry

all men, perhaps, recognize only watches and glasses. Many elite, expensive models of these accessories; you can easily choose what your friend will like and complement his brutal image. By the way, a business suit ordered from a tailor (of course, according to measurements taken in advance) will also be a wonderful gift for your dandy.

Male Outdoor Activities

The options are endless; you need to connect your imagination. Here are a few offhand: safari, royal hunt with dogs, parachute jump, fighter or helicopter flight, snowmobile or ATV racing, diving. You can find a certificate for training at a pilot school.

Radio-controlled Toys

Have you seen this popular photo in which several men are assembling a construction set, and a little boy is not in business? The same story usually happens with cars and radio-controlled helicopters. Therefore, our child in years can safely give something from this category. There is also a real adult toy – a quadcopter.

Equipment for Home Workouts

you can give him equipment for home workouts: treadmill, exercise bike, punching bag, etc. Why go to a fitness club when you have everything you need at home?


Many men have industrial professions or love to work with their hands. Someone dreams of equipping their own carpentry workshop, someone is professionally engaged in the construction, repair or decoration of premises, and someone always repairs houses himself.

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There are gifts for everyone. A set of an angle grinder, a screwdriver, a hammer drill and a jigsaw is required for a repairman. A circular saw, an electric plane, a grinding machine – this is for the joiner. A good, comfortable welding machine – for the welder. A quality tool is expensive, but we have an impressive budget?

A Gift That Matches a Hobby

Does a man play a musical instrument? Present an expensive, branded guitar or electric piano. Or maybe he wants to learn how to play drums? Present a certificate for a year of classes. Are you interested in photography? An excellent photographic lens or a new, cooler camera. Collecting something? Add to his collection.

“Elite Gift”

Almost any online gift shop has a section “elite”, “prestigious”, “exclusive,” or “VIP”. It offers all sorts of original glasses, figurines, beautiful chess, handmade backgammon, collectible weapons, caviar dishes, huge wall clocks, telescopes, globe-shaped bars, as well as mountains of gilded items for interior decoration. Maybe something like this will do for your man as a gift.

Some Men Are Simply Obsessed With Their Family History

And the rest would be just interested in tracking the development of a kind. So, you can order a real genealogical study, which will be carried out by qualified specialists. And in addition, you can order a study of the history of the surname. All this is presented in the form of a beautiful book, a family tree, a text printed on the skin or framed.

Figurine From a Photo, Oil Painting to Order

Let your friend have an artistic copy of himself, which will perfectly decorate the interior.

Forged Brazier

If your man has a garden, a summer cottage or he lives in a private house, then he will like such a gift. Naturally, you need to check first; maybe he already has a barbecue. In this case, give him a real tandoor. He will be surprised!

Is Your Man a Breadwinner?

I mean, he likes to hunt or fish? If so, we suggest assembling a hunting/fishing kit for him. Such a set will include a tent, a box with fishing tackle (for a fisherman), a cartridge belt or game bag (for a hunter), folding chairs and a table, a travel bag for a picnic, a camouflage suit, a set of thermal containers. If we have forgotten something, of course, you can supplement this set at your discretion.

Fashion Accessory

A serious man working with documents will need an expensive leather briefcase. And for those who do not need a large capacity, a clutch is suitable. For example, crocodile leather.

Is Your Friend Interested in Astronomy

stars, distant galaxies, the structure of the Universe? He will be delighted with a real, serious, powerful telescope. You will watch the night sky and space bodies together.

Wrap Up

It is very important when choosing an expensive gift to avoid fakes. Remember, it is better to give a not very expensive, but high-quality present than to be deceived by buying too luxurious.

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