Creative DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Everyone

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Not everyone can make a good quality gift with their own hands. But those who succeed can be sure that they have made the right decision – handmade things have always been appreciated because they are unique and created, especially for the person to whom they were intended. How to make a birthday present with your own hands, who and what will suit?

Creative DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Everyone

Creative DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Everyone

Mom and Dad

Both daughter and son can make a gift for mom or dad on their own. To do this, children need to focus on what they can do. For example, a girl can sew or knit something, make embroidery, make a photo album or a book for writing recipes using the scrapbooking technique, etc. Simpler options:

  • decorative candles;
  • Handmade soap;
  • topiary;
  • hand-painted dishes;
  • box for storing small items;
  • pin cushion;
  • a case for glasses or a housekeeper made of an ordinary old men’s tie, etc.

Boys are unlikely to sew, knit, embroider or decorate. But as a birthday present for mom with their own hands, they often cut out a cutting board, and then burn a picture or an inscription on it. And sons can also make a simple piece of furniture with their own hands – a stool, shelf, etc. An excellent handmade present is a photo frame.

It is given to mom and dad, and grandmother, and grandfather, and friends. The only difference will be in the design. What is the best way to decorate the frame? There are many options, it all depends on what materials will be used and how much time will be spent on the craft:

  • Figures made of polymer clay are glued onto an ordinary wooden frame. You can also make letters from this material; then, you get a personalized gift.
  • Perhaps a slightly more complicated option is fabric photo frames. For their manufacture, dense materials are used, and to make the product look voluminous; they put a synthetic winterizer or foam rubber.
  • Excellent material for decoration is a finely chopped CD, fragments of ceramic tiles, and eggshells painted in different colors.
  • The frame of the frame is wrapped with threads, ribbons and cords. And decorative elements are attached to the winding.

To make homemade gifts for parents beautiful, neat and not fall apart from one touch, you should start making them long before the holiday. You may have to redo it several times until you get what you need.


They say that grandparents love their grandchildren more than their children, and rejoice at their success more than parents. That is why a well-made handmade item will undoubtedly delight the parents of mom and dad. What can be made for older people?

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  • Picture. Only you do not need to draw a drawing, but write a real picture with oil, pastels, watercolors, etc. It is also necessary to decorate the picture somehow especially, ordering for it, for example, a baguette.
  • Glasses case. Such a gift will suit both grandmother and grandfather. The material for the cover should be chosen dense: felt, woolen cloth, denim, etc.
  • Newspaper baskets. Grandma will be able to use these baskets to store craft supplies and tools, and Grandpa will store fishing tackle or tools.
  • Cushion. Useful for those who like to nap on the couch in front of the TV during the day. To make this thing as convenient as possible, no convex decorative elements are sewn to it.
  • Photo album. This photo album’s pages are made of thick cardboard, gluing unique corners on them to fix the photo. To staple cardboard pages yourself, you need to make holes in them and thread a beautiful tape.

Even the smallest grandchildren and granddaughters can “make” a grandmother or grandfather’s DIY birthday present. For this, adults prepare an alginate mixture, dental plaster, or, in extreme cases, salt dough and make casts from the kids’ arms and legs.

Then the casts are framed and handed over to the grandparents. And children over 2 years old will be able, under the supervision of mom and dad, to make a postcard for grandparents and perhaps write the first words in it. Such gifts always look very touching!

To Be Loved or Beloved

Many girls try to prepare original birthday gifts with their own hands for their loved ones. In a fit of feelings, some guys can also try to make a gift for their beloved.

A simple but very cute thing is a photo collage. If the donor is well versed in special computer programs, he can easily combine the necessary frames, make cute and funny signatures and decorate the finished collage. Then this college can be printed and decorated with a frame. Or order it to be applied to a pillow or blanket.

What are other handmade gifts appropriate to give to your halves?

  • a jar of notes (each should have a compliment or just warm wishes);
  • support for a mug (it is sewn from felt, woven from newspaper tubes or cords, etc.);
  • a vase or glass for writing utensils (it’s okay if you can make the container itself, and not just decorate it);
  • an interior item – only true craftsmen are able to make such a thing (men can try themselves in plumbing, and women – in the role of a decorator);
  • Covers for gadgets (made of fabric, leather, and other materials, and making such a simple object a unique one, it is decorated with applique, embroidery, etc.).

Of course, a woman will find many more ideas for birthday gifts with her own hands, because she has the opportunity to knit something, sew, and weave, and embroider, etc. Men are rarely fond of some needlework, so for them, it is often easier to buy or order a present for a loved one from a professional.


It is difficult to imagine that one grown man would give another handmade gift. Such an item can only be a joke: a bouquet of dried roach or sausage, a banknote under glass in a frame with the corresponding inscription, and something else in the same spirit.

But girlfriends exchange such gifts at any age: schoolgirls, students, and adult ladies can make something for their girlfriend. What?

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  • bead jewelry;
  • polymer clay jewelry;
  • bracelets made of elastic bands and threads;
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • pillows;
  • needle beds;
  • decorative elements for the interior;
  • lamps and lampshades;
  • artificial flower arrangements;
  • topiary;
  • painted mugs, vases, etc.;
  • covers for gadgets;
  • book covers;
  • notebooks and diaries;
  • aprons;
  • potholders;
  • embroidered towels;
  • handbags, wallets, cosmetic bags, etc.

Of course, some of the things from this list will be useful for a man so that a girl can do them for her friend. But when making, it is imperative to follow the design – it must correspond to both the age and the tastes of the birthday person.

Final Thought

All those who decide to make birthday gifts with their own hands should remember that this takes much more time than searching for things in the store. And if you sew an apron, make a collage or write 100 notes to put them in a jar, you can in one or two evenings, then sometimes a whole week is spent on clay products, topiary items, interior items and so on.

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