100+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Twin Sister

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Birthday wishes are lovely, something that seems as important to the sender as to the recipient, words capable of brightening a day or being an important part of it. There have always been the typical standard congratulatory wishes or taglines, such as the simple word “congratulations” without more, or “that you meet many more and that I am by your side to celebrate them,” or in the case of the most jokers, any wish that alludes to the twin sister’s old age.

However, a congratulation can be more important than it seems and, as we said, something extraordinary for the one who receives it and for the one who gives it; and frequently, it usually happens that the more important and loved the person who has a birthday is, the more unique and meaningful we want our congratulations to be,

Birthday Wishes for Twin Sister

The importance of our words also entails a difficulty, a struggle to penetrate deeply into our congratulations and make them feel the protagonist of the day. Sometimes, it is not easy to find those words and get to the heart of the birthday boy.

But if we are also lucky enough to have to congratulate two people because they are twins, we would be talking about something more challenging: twin sister congratulations or a congratulation capable of making both of them happy; How to find the right words, the most ingenious wishes or the most heartfelt letters with which to brighten the day of its protagonists, can mean a problem due to a lack of imagination, or even having spent all the ideas in previous years.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Twin Sister

  • Twin sister, congratulations!
    You are the dearest to me.
    I wish you good health, I wish you
  • May your dreams come
    true on your birthday and bring you
    Love, luck, prosperity,
    So that you are always on top.
  • There are no sisters dearer in the world,
    And there is no doubt about this,
    After all, together we are with you from the cradle,
    More precisely, from the very birth!
    I love you so much, dear,
    After all, you are a friend and sister!
    I sincerely wish you
    Health, happiness and good,
    And may your dreams and goals Come true
    as soon as possible,
    So that your eyes shine,
    So that your heartbeat more fun!
  • Sister, you and I are twins, which means that
    with you, we just do not spill water.
    I wish you happiness, warmth, good luck
    On your birthday for you!
  • Let
    your life always sparkles with a multi-colored rainbow of fun.
    Smiles surround with a bright carousel,
    Let nothing ever grieve.
  • And I’m always there to help,
    if anything – I call you.
    Happy Birthday! All strictly
    Congratulations – for you!
  • So that the whole world is at your feet!
    Doors for you to open the
    Wonderful palace,
    Happiness to find a crown!
  • My twin, dear sister, congratulations!
    After all, your birthday is coming.
    I wish
    you great happiness and great love, So that you always smile, beloved.

Birthday Wishes for Twin Sister

  • Let it be all around and fun and bright,
    Problems fly away like a bullet.
    Let compliments and gifts surround you
    And let sadness never come.
  • For two, my sister,
    We are celebrating a birthday.
    I wish, dear,
    Strength, success, inspiration.
  • Happy birthday,
    My dear sister,
    May your laughter always sound:
    Pure, joyful and sonorous.
  • My beloved twin, it’s
    our birthday today!
    Sing with happiness, dear bird,
    Let the mood be bright!
  • We have known you for a long time,
    From the very first minute in the world,
    Years have passed, and in the same world
    Now we are building different routes.
  • But you, dear sister,
    I always cherish in my heart
    And I wish you warmth and kindness,
    For you, my doors are wide open!
  • May love protect you,
    May health only grow stronger.
    Let success reign in everyone’s affairs
    And let nothing be hindrances.
  • Twin sister, dear, dear!
    Happy birthday to you!
    We divide it in half together,
    And we are never bored with you!
  • To you, little sister, as to myself, I wish
    Love and happiness an ocean without an edge
    And so
    that you cannot count the happy days, How glad I am that I have you!
  • You have a holiday today.
    Just like me.
    Happy birthday to you our –
    I say, loving you,
    My kind sister!
    Not to find a
    dearer Man on any side,
    And safer and dearer!
    I want
    you to be brighter, more
    cheerful, more cheerful in this world.
    May, your family
    appreciate you, May your friends respect you!
    And all the flowers bloom
    In this world for you!
  • Sister, you are my twins,
    My friend, half,
    With you, we share our joy,
    All problems and all tears.
  • On our birthday I congratulate,
    And I send wishes of happiness,
    You, sister, I respect,
    And more than I love myself.
  • Happy birthday, sister,
    For two of us, after all, he is,
    I wish you to look like a
  • Be happy, dear,
    And beautiful, as always,
    Will only be supportive
    May fate always be with you.
  • The closest person in this life, my soul mate, I congratulate today on our birthday! It just so happened that we have one for two. God decided that I would never be sad, scared and lonely, to create a soul mate – a twin sister. I congratulate you, dear, I wish only light in life to always see the right path ahead and be warmed by this light. Never be sad, never despair, and still rely on me in stressful situations.
  • Happy birthday, my lovely little sister. My beloved twin, my joy, the sun, I wish you always to be happy, loved, cheerful, successful and inspired by crazy ideas, creative creativity, striving for your dreams, success and great victories. Sister, may your dearest wish come true today, may the star of your luck begin to shine brighter and stronger!
  • My dear twin sister, my joy, my support, my advisor, my ally, my happy birthday, and my relatives. I wish you the most important and important thing – health, love and happiness, and what happiness for you is success in work or study, the opportunity to travel or do some particular business, just dream or sing, be famous all over the world or create comfort at home – you are already you will determine it yourself.
  • Happy birthday, my beloved twin sister. I wish you to be lucky all year round, that every day will fill you with happiness. Sister, be always beautiful and smart, charming and lovely, kind and sweet, successful and unsurpassed. I wish you not to get sick and not lose heart, but to cope with any vital matter in no time!
  • Sweet twin sister, happy birthday, joy. May life please you, and fate spoils you, may luck always be on your side, and happiness does not leave you for a minute. Sister, I wish you health and that everything in your life was as simple as two and two. Always be beautiful and live beautifully!
  • Dear twin sister, I love you and wish you a happy birthday. My life is sweeter than sweets and jams, may every day be for joy and your benefit. I wish you success, my dear twin, great happiness, great love and coolness in everything.
  • Twin sister, happy birthday to you. My beloved beauty, I wish you to live a happy destiny, an interesting life. My dear, be the coolest and may you always have success, love, luck and harmony.
  • Dear twin sister, happy birthday to you. I wish in no time to achieve important goals; I wish to double my successes. I wish to follow the double continuous success; I wish to be the happiest and most beautiful. I wish you health, little sister, beauty, charm, inspiration and joy.
  • Happy birthday, my dear twin sister. I so want you to be satisfied. And I wish you health and vigor, always good mood and cool opportunities in life. Sister, let any business be as simple as “two and two,” let the double stable lead you to success!
  • Happy birthday, my wonderful sister. My beloved twin, my joy, the sun, I wish you always to be happy, loved, cheerful, successful and inspired by crazy ideas, creative creativity, striving for your dreams, success and great victories. Sister, may your most cherished wish come true today, may the star of your luck begin to shine brighter and stronger!
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Happy Birthday Wishes for Twin Sister From Parents

  • Happy birthday, dear ones!
    I wish you good luck in life,
    Twice more happiness will be, I know!
    I love twice as much as everyone,
    And I only pray to fate about one thing:
    That you were always healthy,
    And you will be happy then!
  • my twins, sons,
    Happy birthday, happiness to you!
    I am happier than all mothers!
    Well, I wish you happiness,
    Neither adversity nor bad weather,
    Together they will not be afraid!
    Congratulations, guys!
  • And I will tell you, like any father –
    Is this not a reason for pride?
    Is this not a crown of joy?
    I congratulate you, sons, today,
    birthday came to visit us!
    I wish courage and bravery,
    Everyone so that they find themselves in fate!
  • I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,
    Happy birthday, and I wish you,
    Blossom more beautifully than all, grow,
    Find happiness in life,
    So that you have everything
    In your life, just a class!
  • And I am proud of them in my soul,
    That you are like this with me!
    I sincerely wish you
    Great happiness with all my soul,
    Health, peace and quiet To be
    able to protect, to be able to appreciate,
    And only sincerely love!
  • family and teachers!
    And only mom knows for sure –
    How each of you shines,
    How each of you laughs,
    And what you do best.
    I congratulate you, daughters!
    I wish you good health!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Twins

  • Your children’s laughter sounds fun,
    I love you, twin daughters,
    you are like delicate daisies in a field!
    Happy birthday to you,
    And I wish that many times,
    In life, you have met only success,
    And that you were always happier than everyone!
  • I want to congratulate you now,
    What can I wish for you?
    Always help each other,
    It’s not in vain that you are so similar!
    The Lord created you without concealing
    your talents! So strive!
    Achieve everything! Strive to the goals!
  • Two happy
    faces today they celebrate their day
    And receive gifts.
  • A common holiday for two
    For our dear and family,
    But the gift will certainly
    be for each separately.
  • Together you, but for us everyone is
    very necessary, very important.
    We love you very, very much, A
    couple and one by one
  • That’s what luck is
    So beautiful that the two of you,
    After all, it’s much more interesting
    To spend time together.
  • Congratulations on your enthusiasm,
    And we wish you all in chorus:
    Happiness, laughter, adventure,
    (Name and Name) Happy Birthday.
  • dears, May your days be bright!
    God gave me two beauties at once,
    And I never regretted that!
    My girls quickly raise,
    cherish your sister’s friendship,
    Happiness to you for many years,
    Be always successful!
  • Two hopes,
    Two living fires.
    Time rushes along the great highway.
    I have two youths in reserve,
    Life burns in me inextinguishable.
    I have two eternity –
    Two sons.
  • Two stars lit up in the sky!
    And now let those stars
    show you the way,
    Well, we will help!
    We are parents all the same!
    Twins, happy birthday!
    Happiness and luck!
  • you are my beauties!
    I congratulate you, sisters,
    Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart!
    Good luck to you, I wish
    God to help you!
    To make life like this –
    Above all, praise!
  • and we wish you, as parents, happiness!
    Always smile, be happy,
    forget about sad things now!
    You have become adults; we wish you good luck!
    Mom and I love you; we adore you!
    And we wish the very best –
    Love and health! Reach everything!
  • There is no better family in the world!
    I love you for your character, gentle, meek,
    Near you – and warmer in your soul!
    Happy birthday, dear girls, I
    congratulate you from the
    bottom of my heart, Let your ringing laugh sound more cheerful,
    And let all days be good!
  • It’s great that I have two of you, my dears. You are so funny, mischievous and different – my kids. You are my happiness. My love, care and motherly warmth will always protect and support you. Grow faster and make mom and dad happy. Be happy and keep up with good luck in life. Happy Birthday!
  • We wish your hearts to always beat in unison. Let in spite of the kilometers that may divide you; you will still be one whole family. Be happy. Happy Birthday.
  • My dear children, even if not looking at your identical faces, your identical laughter, your destinies will be different, but both interesting and unforgettable. Love each other and never betray. May your every birthday be better than the past. And let every day be a holiday. Happy Birthday.
  • After all, once we were lucky, and instead of one child, we got two at once: similar and at the same time different, friendly, funny and groovy. Happy birthday, our family and loved ones, with your common holiday! Whatever happens in your life, you can always be sure of the love and devotion of at least one person! Born together, you will walk your path together, sharing the most intimate and meaningful, that which can only be shared with the closest person. Live happily and amicably!
  • As two flowers, you are alike, but simultaneously so different, each with its character and characteristics. Each one is beautiful and irreplaceable. We wish you always to live in peace and mutual understanding, love and friendship. We wish that all your dreams, even if sometimes stupid and unrealistic, come true, may there never be a disappointment in your world. Happy Birthday.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Twin Sister

  • My beloved twins,
    It’s our birthday today!
    Sing with happiness, dear bird,
    Let the mood be bright!
  • I love you, my sister,
    you are only worthy of compliments!
    So that your laughter spills out loudly,
    I wish you joyful moments!
  • Be happy and loved,
    Smile and flowers,
    And you are lucky, dear,
    Let on the path of life.
  • On our birthday, smile,
    You and I were born on the same day,
    much you and I are alike, I love you very much, to shiver!
    You are my friend and sister,
    I wish you only useful,
    A lot of joy and positive,
    Always be incomparably beautiful,
    And also be healthy, dear, I wish you
    dreams come true,
    And, of course, success in everything,
    Be happier every day!
  • You, my dear sister, smile on
    this birthday!
    I sincerely wish you that
    your life is happy!
  • You and I are two dear blood,
    I love you, remember this,
    I and you are two equal halves!
    Let our world be filled with light!

Twins Sisters Birthday Wishes

  • I’m lucky – I know that
    Together with you, I
    celebrate My birthday on the same day.
    Sister! Let the drops ring,
    The cold freezes, the summer warms.
    But for me with you – a lot of light!
    Always warm, always cozy.
    Let the birds sing for you.
    And happiness will be endless.
    Live cheerfully, carefree.
    Love fulfilled desires
    And trembling confessions to you.
  • You are my twins,
    dear, sister!
    Together you and I grow.
    Let the strength grow stronger!
  • And today we have a
    Popular birthday!
    I wish you with all my heart
    Joyful moments!
  • Blossom your sister,
    Like a forget-me-not.
    And not to know never to have a
    difficult moment.
  • My glorious twins,
    My reflection,
    May you great happiness
    Be destined in life.
  • You and I are twins, dear sister.
    I look like you; you look like me.
    Happy Birthday!
    Peace, joy, pleasant excitement!
  • You and I were raised
    Nearby. There is no dearer in the world
    You, dear sister.
    You, my twins!
  • So that there is a whole world up to your feet!
    The door was opened by the
    Magnificent palace,
    Happiness to find a crown!
  • Mom has two princesses.
    They chirp, without stopping, Accepting
    And grunted with sweets.
    What to wish for twins?
    Grow up; don’t get sick.
    And warm your mom’s soul.
    Two lovely angels,
    Two ringing voices.
    Live without offense,
    May Fate keep you!
  • If you believe the rumor of people.
    Oh, everyone will probably get hotter, there
    are two birthday girls today.
    Two sisters. There are two girls in the shower.
    Two flowers of unearthly beauty.
    Let your little eyes sparkle with the
    Light of happiness, warmth, kindness.
  • But all the same, the fillings are different inside!
    I congratulate you today, kids!
    May your dreams come true on your birthday!
    I wish you never to no worries,
    I wish you never to lose heart,
    Let them wait, girls, you will always win, To
    conquer a lot of men’s hearts!
  • You cannot be separated by anything
    And, like tumbler dolls,
    It is impossible to distinguish!
    your worries, people, days change you little by little…
    You are like angels with God,
    With your friends, relatives.
    Make peace without fights, without flattery,
    Good light-hearted!.
    So be together everywhere!
    I wish you happiness, great love !!!
  • Didn’t surprise you,
    After all, you are twins, girls,
    So laugh fervently and loudly,
    Dance now, have fun,
    But in the evening – calm down,
    So that dad and mom say:
    Here is happiness, but we did not know:
    The most obedient of all on the planet
    Only our beautiful children!
    And now I congratulate you,
    May great luck awaits you, Let
    all dreams turn into reality,
    And also the dreams that you dream,
    Friend to friend, girls, love
    And the fact that you two, appreciate it!
  • And a strong friendship between you.
    Girls! Happy this bright day
    I want to congratulate you on poetry!
    You remain the same, I
    I wish you great beauty,
    Huge loyal love,
    And live helping each other!
  • Everything was always divided equally.
    There was a reason – they laughed in two voices.
    Grief for two sisters is not a problem.
    We wish that it always was so.
    Happiness gilded you with a double key.
    We believe that there is strength in unity.
    Difficulties twins do not care.
  • funny, Mischievous twins,
    Good, beautiful,
    Playful little sisters,
    I wish you
    all admiration for the guys birthday,
    I wish you a sea of ​​sweets,
    I wish a river of joy,
    I wish the ocean for love …
    I wish that deception
    disappeared from your soul,
    So that honor was not a hollow sound!
  • And you are not just sisters,
    Born twins,
    The happiest.
    they made their parents happy,
    Stay, sisters, you
    Just the same beautiful.
    May your birthday be doubly
    Joyful and cool, Let people close to
    you come to congratulate you
  • No twins!
    Unlike each other,
    Like a plate on a mug, A
    bell on a daisy,
    A warm jumper on a shirt!
    And smiles are different,
    And noses and cheeks too!
    Hands, hair, little eyes …
    So what? But sisters!
  • You beauties, cuties,
    Miracle – girls, twins!
    Happy birthday from the bottom of our hearts
    We are in a hurry to congratulate you,
    We want to wish you
    Sea of ​​happiness in half!
    So that love is always,
    The rest is nonsense!
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Funny Birthday Wishes for Twin Sister

  • Two happy
    faces today they celebrate their day
    And receive gifts.
  • A common holiday for two
    For our dear and family,
    But the gift will certainly
    be for each separately.
  • Together you, but for us everyone is
    very necessary, very important.
    We love you very, very much, A
    couple and one by one
  • That’s what luck is
    So beautiful that the two of you,
    After all, it’s much more interesting
    To spend time together.
  • Congratulations on your enthusiasm,
    And we wish you all in chorus:
    Happiness, laughter, adventure,
    (Name and Name) Happy Birthday.
  • Two identical creatures,
    Both laugh very loudly,
    Twins are a miracle of the universe.
    You were born into this world
    On the same day and hour
    And you learned
    Love and friendship from each other every time,
    it was challenging for the same, dear life,
    And helped one another,
    After all, you are together day and night.
    Today, on
    your general birthday, we congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts,
    Well, and gifts, by the way,
    We are in a hurry to give everyone.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Twins Sister

  • Lord will give them only twice as much –
    Love, communication, different adventures,
    So that it would be more interesting for children to live and easier.
    But there is one birthday for two children,
    The more valuable this holiday is for two,
    And we give twice as many books,
    Sweets, toys for dear twins!
  • I wish you twins
    To receive more in life,
    May the Lord
    give you from the heart Doubly all will endow.
    I wish you a double income,
    you have twice as much success,
    twice as many lovely ladies
    And a vacation for twice as long.
    Twice as many children for you
    And everyone has a huge house,
    To invite friends to visit.
    Nice to live in abundance in it.
  • Exactly eighteen years ago
    a couple of guys appeared,
    Two identical in the face,
    Little beautiful twins.
    Since then, the guys have grown up
    And today, they are adults.
    Courageous guys and serious,
    Entering together at a perfect age.
    Happy common birthday man,
    Let sometimes you are not distinguishable
    And yet each of you is undoubtedly a
    A unique image in the universe.
    I wish on a common birthday
    To help each other without a doubt,
    But everyone should be himself
    The path in life to choose a unique, his own!
  • a holiday is doubly joyful.
    Two cute
    children are celebrating Dnyushka in the family.
    Boy, girl – two crumbs,
    Together they are forever.
    They are never lonely
    anywhere and never.
    Together to kindergarten, to school together,
    Eat and walk together.
    How interesting it is.
    There is always someone to play with!
    Congratulations to the inseparable
    We are twins from the bottom of our hearts, We
    give everyone a present.
    Happy birthday, kids!
  • Five years go by the handles
    Two similar men,
    Identical trousers,
    Smiling carelessly.
    I am very happy for you guys,
    you are friends from birth,
    joy for parents,
    together with a friendly family.
    Happy fifth
    birthday, twins, Happy birthday twins
    You are already big,
    Congratulations, well done,
    I wish you today
    Many games and adventures
    How wonderful that you are two
    Two birthday gifts!
  • Two girls are so alike,
    Like water droplets.
    Only mommy can help you
    distinguish between two beauties.
    Your happy birthday
    One day and one hour.
    Please accept my congratulations.
    We are very happy for you!
  • A year turned twins,
    It was very difficult for you.
    Two faces did not give
    you rest for a minute.
    You have doubly experienced everything –
    Nipples, diapers, diapers.
    And, of course,
    two girls fell in love with Mom and Dad.
    Believe me; it will be easier further
    More interesting, more fun,
    Children will delight you
    And they will warm you with smiles.
    Two beauties – cuties –
    Old age is a joy for you.
    Your nimble twins are the
    Lord’s reward.
  • And brought important little ones in small bags.
    Dad was surprised; mom was shocked,
    Twins suddenly appeared in the house.
    Since then, the guys are inseparable together,
    Brothers are never bored.
    We congratulate them on their joint birthday
    And we multiply all wishes by two!
  • Called a family
    Have fun with their childhood,
    They are best friends.
    Brother and sister are inseparable:
    Together to school and walk,
    Children are never bored, There is
    only no time to be bored.
    May your common birthday
    be doubly fun.
    May God give you many
    such Holidays in your destiny!
  • birthday double
    Today lemonade, cookies,
    Presents, of course!
    Twins, take care of your ears,
    They will be pulled from the heart
    Funny friends, girlfriends,
    Do not be offended by the kids.
    Let this holiday be glorious
    And ringing laughter is heard,
    Let there be games and fun,
    And fireworks of impressions!
  • Birthday – two in one. At once
    cute twins
    Became one year older.
    We wish you with a smile,
    So that the goldfish fulfills
    all desires
    And multiplies them by two!
  • Twice as many adventures,
    More holidays, gifts,
    Common bright impressions,
    Twice as many achievements,
    And success without a doubt,
    Walking fun
    together And helping each other!
  • I’m not drunk yet at all, but I see double in my eyes: There are
    two guys in front of me, joyful faces.
    I will give everyone
    gifts from the heart, But these gifts lie in small envelopes.
    You are serious guys – buy everything yourself,
    I hope I did not offend you with this money.
  • From the very birth,
    Two babies – she and he are a
    reflection of each other.
    I wish you to live – not to grieve
    And enjoy childhood,
    Love your parents
    Always smile at them!
  • Two babies appeared as if one flesh.
    We celebrate this miracle together again,
    We will congratulate the two satisfied and snub-nosed ones.
    Happy birthday guys, happy birthday kids!
    Smile, have fun together from the heart.
    Let the gifts and goodies cheer you up,
    Two more successes, a hundred times more happiness!
  • Happy birthday, happy anniversary I congratulate you,
    Thirty years – you have matured, you have become the highest class!
    The sisters have not lost the connection, just great fellows,
    All the same cuties, the sisters are twins.
    If in childhood you were always inseparable,
    Now you, each have their own family.
    But the kindred thread has not weakened much –
    you girls have learned to be friends with families.
    From the bottom of my heart, I wish you happiness and love.
    May your ships be protected by God,
    Ships of family and marriage in life – the ocean, May
    there always be health and money in your pocket!
  • Surprise passers-by,
    But each soul is
    Unique and light.
    We give different gifts
    On a birthday, the general bright.
    We sincerely congratulate you,
    And we wish you to live carelessly.
  • Exactly one year ago
    Mother and father were born
    Two twins are just a treasure.
    Happy birthday to
    Mom, Dad, kids,
    And we wish
    all wishes and ideas to come true.
    Only a year old for your
    children, It’s hard to raise two,
    They will become a little older – They will be
    able to cheer you up.
    The guys will live together,
    read common books
    And of course, when necessary,
    help Mom and Dad.
  • Equally beautiful.
    It is impossible not to agree here –
    you girls are amazingly
    exciting and elegant to everyone,
    Sisters are just a sight for sore eyes.
    I congratulate you, twins,
    Happy your common birthday
    And I wish you girls
    Live without grief and troubles,
    Bright, fun, rich,
    In total, somewhere around 200 years.
  • two cute, similar babies were born.
    Parents immediately fell
    in love with two beating little hearts.
    And how can they not fall in love with them? –
    Such good children!
    Parents can be proud –
    They are the most beautiful in the world.
    Two happiness for you full-fledged,
    Today is their birthday,
    A heavenly gift, priceless,
    Double creation from God.
    So let the Creator grant them a
    carefree, long life,
    kiss both of them on the crown, so
    that their souls are kindled with light.
  • Happy birthday, guys,
    you are ten years old today.
    Two brothers are identical,
    Tell us your secret.
    Why are you so similar
    Like two drops of water?
    Identical faces
    And you are equal in height.
    It’s good for the guys to have
    fun and play
    together. And together it is more interesting for you to
    celebrate your birthday.
    Twice as many gifts for you,
    More sweets and candies The
    anniversary is solid, bright,
    After all, you are 20 years old!
  • there are two of the birthday people,
    But do not drive a wedge between them,
    They are not in a quarrel.
    For many years the two of them are
    inseparable two brothers.
    We drink in your honor today,
    be happy, guys!
    Of course, you are lucky,
    because you can always
    look at your
    beautiful yourself from the side.
  • Adorable girls.
    To be honest, I don’t know –
    How their mom distinguishes.
    A common holiday – the day of the jam
    Day of gifts treats
    Be happy girls,
    Laugh sincerely and loudly.Never be discouraged
    And help each other!
  • I came to the celebration –
    Identical faces,
    What kind of magic.
    Amazing business –
    double birthday.
    I wanted so much for a holiday,
    And there will be a mountain feast.
    I sincerely congratulate you,
    I am very happy for you.
    Let your eyes shine,
    you are twins – the highest class!
  • The birth of twins is a double joy.
    Having twins is hard work.
    Parents who have known this happiness,
    Double joys and worries await.
    And congratulating you on your birthday,
    We wish you doubly happy days.
    So that the stars in bulk for you double lay down,
    Giving you happiness, joy, and friends.
  • On one of the brightest days,
    Two similar to each other were born.
    Parents, friends, friends of friends congratulate you,
    People from the best communication circle.
    And even if you are the same person,
    You are different inside.
    We wish to love and laughter,
    And also happiness, health and fun.
  • The ace two – hence the birthday
    a special holiday for two.
    Twins sound – congratulations,
    And the verse is divided in half.
    Divided the cake in half,
    And the candles are equally divided on them.
    On your birthday, you are one,
    In a single holiday for two.
  • In this, which is associated with the child, it is multiplied by two,
    If there are twins in the house, it’s a head spin!
    This is exactly twice as many vests and troubles,
    But there is also great joy in your house!
    The first year – diapers, nipples – flew by like an instant,
    And in the future many new life peaks await.
    And today, on the birthday of your beautiful kids,
    Accept, mom and dad, congratulations from friends!
    Let them grow for joy, let their misfortune go around,
    Let the guiding star lead them through bad weather.
    Two children – two hopes, two loves, two blood,
    Let them grow in everything united, friendly, in a word, on an equal footing!
  • On his birthday, twins expensive,
    you are funny and catchy.
    You feel the warmth immediately on your soul.
    I wish you luck everywhere.
    Let study be a joy,
    And life will be like a sweetness.
    Let nothing ever grieve you
    And miracles happen to you more often.
    May you always have all the best,
    I wish you become happier from hour to hour.
  • And our twins have a birthday,
    This means that the congratulations will double,
    May your dreams come true soon,
    Step by step, each of them will come true.
    Let the griefs be unknown to you,
    Only good ones so that there are adventures in life,
    Do not be afraid of the fate of trips and obstacles, An
    expensive diamond of one hundred carats is waiting for you somewhere.
  • A Shade of birth for two – it’s great,
    and gifts and flowers will be shared equally.
    Congratulations today, twins,
    And the seagulls are already running straight into the cups.
    Cut the cake, cook your ears, we will celebrate,
    We will run and laugh, shout cheerfully.
  • Today is our double birthday. (…) Years ago, happiness settled in our family twice. You simultaneously came to this world, to our home and our hearts, and since then, you have been walking hand in hand through life. We love you very much and, today, congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts. We wish you to grow up healthy, beautiful and obedient. We got one congratulation for two, but you won’t have to share the gift. You are very similar, but at the same time, so different, so a separate gift is prepared for each. We hope you enjoy them. Happy Birthday!
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Final Thought

For this reason, help is offered below to congratulate some twins, a source of inspiration, or a place to draw verbatim wishes to turn them into a congratulation when the occasion requires it. The texts that follow these words are intended to congratulate only twins and therefore are dedicated to this type of recipient to provide unique names for specific recipients without having to change anything.

At the same time, they are also offered as bases for building a more personal greeting, playing with the words given, and your imagination, which will surely help to personalize the texts for the people you love and know well.

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