100+ Best Birthday Wishes for Sister

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A sister is one of the few relatives who will come to the rescue at any moment, and will also sincerely rejoice for you in moments of happiness. To prepare birthday wishes for your sister, the best birthday point website offers thousands of kind words and wishes.

Birthday Wishes for Sister

Everyone who wants to surprise not only guests but also a sister – a loved one, a friend and reliable support – will find a suitable congratulation for a solemn event and a feast. In this section of the congratulatory portal, you are given the opportunity to choose tender wishes in poetry, prose, humor, or short SMS congratulations. Any sister will appreciate the sincerity and kindness of receiving such wishes.

100+ Best Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • You have a holiday today,
    your birthday is now!
    And I sincerely wish you have
    fun all day long!
  • Receive a lot of gifts
    And accept you a stack of flowers,
    And let your beloved
    shower you with a shower of petals!
  • I, sister, congratulate you
    on a bright holiday.
    Always be beautiful, sweet
    And spend your life loving!
  • Many bright wishes,
    accept Pozdravunchik!
    I kiss, hug!
    Don’t wait too long with the treat.
  • I am sending
    you a birthday card for you.
    Sister, I sincerely wish you
    Happy, happy to be always!
    Pulling by the ears, hugging!
  • Wake up, sleepy sister!
    Don’t oversleep your birthday!
    Dress up and makeup,
    Celebrate in the morning run!
  • I wish
    you to spend your holiday actively :
    You sang in karaoke, I drank
    coffee in the bar, I
    cake in a cafe, I treated all my friends, I
    brought in more
    guests in the evening!
  • Let them give a lot of money, They
    will take flowers-brooms
    And they will
    help you remember a wonderful day!
  • I wish my cousin sister,
    That your dreams come true,
    There was a smile on your face, You are
    always worthy of it.
  • My dear sister –
    Cousin – like a dear one.
    Today you have a holiday –
    Congratulations from me.
  • Happy birthday, dear,
    my best sister.
    Today I congratulate,
    you are the only one.
  • Happy birthday, sister,
    I hasten to congratulate you, I
    wish you health, happiness
    And a strong, joyful hug.
  • I don’t like the word “cousin” –
    There is the magic word “sister”.
    You are beautiful and very beautiful,
    And in your eyes, there is a shine of silver.
  • Sister, on this bright birthday,
    I want to wish you all the best!
    Let the mood be excellent,
    I wish you to shine with the sun!
  • I wish you great roads,
    Hot love, friendship, no doubt,
    So that there are fewer troubles, worries.
    Be happy, sister,
    Leave all the sadness for yesterday,
    And today is the day of a smile,
    Forget about all the mistakes.
  • Happy birthday, dear,
    my best sister!
    I do not have a soul in you, You are
    all kin to me.
  • I wish you happiness, laughter,
    May all dreams come true,
    May luck and good luck
    Walk side by side.
  • Let different surprises in life
    You will have a lot.
    Fewer sad days –
    More joy, warmth.
  • I am always with you –
    Do not forget that.
    Sisters, we are with you for a reason.
    I love you, you know!
  • My dear sister,
    I am glad to wish you
    To live a very long time, without knowing troubles,
    And never to lose heart.
  • You are a sister and I am a sister,
    Together we are sisters.
    It’s your birthday,
    And I’m standing on the sidelines!
  • I really want to
    wish you a lot, sister,
    To begin with, to be healthy,
    Not to get sick and not to be ill.
  • But seriously, be yourself,
    kind, so affectionate.
    You are fire with us, heat!
    I love you, sister!
  • Happy Birthday dear!
    As a sister, I wish you a
    a lot of happiness and kindness,
    Always be fun.
  • Happy Birthday Sister!
    May your dreams come true.
    Best wishes,
    Honey, you are worthy.
  • Thirdly, I will say, dear,
    do not forget your sister.
    May God protect you,
    I love you, you know.
  • Sis, Happy Birthday. Congratulations!
    Be happy, take everything from life.
    I love you so much, my dear.
    Fly, dream, breathe, live, create!
  • I want fun, positive, laughter,
    I wish you, my sister!
    Distances and years are not a hindrance to us,
    We will be together forever in the soul.
  • And only we will become closer to each other
    Day by day, from year to year, forever.
    You are both sister and best friend, my
    beloved and dear man!
  • Happy Birthday Sister.
    We are with you – two wings.
    As you can see, our mother
    gave birth to each other.
  • Together, nothing is complicated,
    All tasks are within reach.
    I don’t need another sister,
    I don’t want another.
  • Together we fly to childhood –
    It’s cozy and warm there.
    Happy holiday to you, dear.
    I was lucky for you!
  • A beautiful, unforgettable day,
    What happens once a year –
    birthday And I’m in a hurry to congratulate you!
  • You grab luck by the tail
    And lead the guys by the nose.
    You always have an active
    rest, Charity with your energy.
  • To never lose heart,
    I was always confident.
    So that only uphill and downhill
    Run all your affairs!
    With all my heart I wish you Happy to
    be as never before!
  • Years fly by, we cannot
    stop the mad run.
    So try
    to live them beautifully And profitably.

    Love yourself and be loved,
    create a family, give birth to children.
    Be beautiful, unique,
    Be aware of fashion news.

    I gladly congratulate you,
    my dear sister.
    And get only positive
    from today!

    Open your eyes soon,
    After all, the name day is on the nose!
    Be beautiful, the most tender!
    On a wonderful day, the brightest
    I want to congratulate my Sister!

    Let the sun warm you with warm
    rays always,
    Let the rain pass and all the bad
    water will carry away with it,

    Let the cloud
    cover it with a wonderful umbrella From troubles for years,
    And the wind by its strength
    Sweep away the obstacles to nowhere!

    Always walk boldly through life:
    Sister, I will support you!
    I want to congratulate you on your birthday,
    I want to hug you harder!

    I am sending you a congratulations
    on your birthday!
    Be, sister, always beautiful,
    kind, sweet. Be loved!
    Always be on top!

    To congratulate my dear sister,
    To give her pleasure.
    In the morning I am in a hurry! I want to wish you
    health, happiness and good luck

  • As a bird has two wings,
    So I have you, sister.
    On your birthday, I will say:
    “I love you! I’m proud of you!”
  • My dear little man,
    I congratulate you.
    It’s good to have a sister.
    Know that I have you!
  • Shine like the sun in the morning,
    Live and listen to your heart,
    Believe in love and fairy tales, as in childhood.
  • Let everything be fresh with you,
    Let if you cry, then with happiness,
    Build bridges to your dreams.
    With great love from my sister.
  • Sister, my dear, dear,
    I love you; I adore you.
    I wish you health, success, love.
    My dear, you take care of yourself!
  • My beloved sister, today is your holiday.
    On your bright, bright birthday, accept a gift from me.
    I wish you happiness and health, success, money and love.
    So that evil people do not meet on your life path.
  • May God protect you, keep your fate from troubles,
    And may He sacredly protect for many years.
    I love you, my sister, may your dreams come true,
    So that you are only surrounded by wealth, money and flowers.
  • My beloved sister!
    May life be kind to you.
    I wish you a house full of happiness,
    So that laughter sounded all the time in it.
  • May
    Yours, sister, soul be filled with joy ,
    come true; life will be good.
  • Happy birthday again, dear.
    I kiss you hard, tenderly and love.
    Sisters better and more beautiful I do not know,
    I give you my love, dear.
  • Know, I value you,
    If necessary, I will help.
    I adore you,
    my beloved sister.
  • As a sister, I will say authoritatively:
    We cannot find anyone like you anywhere.
    I wish you a bright, multi-colored life,
    good people, kind on your way.
  • May your
    friends cheer you up with a bunch of congratulations on your birthday.
    I wish you travel, impressions.
    I love you always, my sister.
  • Dear sister, congratulations,
    I wish you without a shadow of a doubt:
    Be stylish, desirable, awesome, spectacular,
    Dreamy, daring and somewhat magical!
  • And no matter how many quarrels,
    Scandals, screams, misunderstandings we had with you …
    You always
    remain my dearest to me, my sister – without any obligations.
  • From the days when I was still a child, An
    invisible thread stretches –
    For my beloved sister
    I will not
  • Health, good luck, good ideas
    And loyal, loyal, reliable friends.
    I love you; we are not sisters in vain –
    We will always be together, believe me, you and me!
  • Let your eyes shine,
    Laughter sparkles sonorous.
    Happy Birthday, my
    dear sister!
  • Happy Birthday Sister!
    Let everything come true, whatever you want,
    And the soul sings like a bird,
    And health will be lasting.
  • May tomorrow be a new day
    More beautiful than yesterday,
    May all your wishes come true
    , sister!
  • On your birthday, sister,
    do not be bored, do not be discouraged!
    At the institute, in the park, in the club
    Give the guys the heat! Congratulations
    from your sister by phone!
  • Let a wonderful warm ray of light
    open the Day for you!
    Happy birthday,
    I kiss on the cheek in the morning!
    From sister to beloved sister
    These gentle words!
  • Happy Birthday! Wake up!
    Congratulations, accept!
    As a sister to my sister, I wish the
    Day with fun,
    In the evening ,
    bring home an armful of beautiful Roses!
  • Good luck, strength and patience,
    From a life of joy and love!
    I kiss you on your birthday,
    I give you beautiful flowers!
    I wish my sister the fulfillment of the
    cherished secret dream!
  • We lived together for many years,
    We shared our joy and misfortune.
    We made plans, we wanted
    to add a dream to life.
  • I am glad that I can congratulate
    You on a wonderful day, sister.
    Take my simple words.
    I pronounce them lovingly.
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I wish you to live in prosperity, in peace,
Nothing from my husband is melting,
To give birth to healthy, lovely children,
To please me with them!

  • Let my note of
    congratulations run to my sister.
    I want to wish you good luck.
    On your birthday, I will.
    A sea of ​​joy, smiles,
    Approaching a dream!
  • Birthday is a wonderful day!
    This holiday is the time for cakes.
    Congratulations from me.
    Receive a bouquet of flowers.
  • I want to wish you, little sister,
    surprises and miracles for you.
    So that over the years the
    interest in a fun life is not lost .
  • Enthusiasm, flirting, hobbies,
    love, poetry and serenades!
    Let dancing, songs, entertainment
    Never bore you!
  • I want to congratulate you
    On your beautiful holiday,
    To say that
    I was lucky in life I was your sister!
  • You are my sister, and I am yours:
    You and I are two halves in life.
    Happy birthday, my dear!
    I congratulate you, my blood.
  • Thanks to our mom and dad for
    giving me my sister.
    You are more beautiful than the sun at dawn,
    Flower dew in the morning!
  • Be happy, my sister,
    My ray of sunshine is golden.
    I congratulate you on your birth,
    I am proud of such a sister!
  • My sister and
    I were lucky; I wanted to say for a long time,
    For me, my dear,
    Best of all, you dear!
  • Happy birthday, dear and beloved sister,
    Let me congratulate you before everyone else, already in the morning,
    Let them give you bouquets of the most beautiful flowers,
    I’ll congratulate you modestly, with lines of poetry.
  • Let the whirlwind whirl you of fun and miracles,
    I wish you, sister, only happiness to heaven.
    Be beautiful and happy, be cheerful, groovy.
    Be, of course, healthy and young all the time!
  • A sister will always understand her sister,
    And in a sad time
    The trouble shared with her Will be reduced by
  • And the happiness in half with her sister
    will be Lighter and brighter by half.
    Sister, dear person!
    I was lucky in my life with you!
  • You bloomed on your birthday,
    And I’m glad to congratulate you.
    How I would have lived without you –
    I can’t even imagine!
  • I remember from childhood your sonorous laugh
    , dear, dear sister!
    We wove pigtails for each other,
    We played fun, sister!
  • It’s still fun to laugh.And to rush towards miracles,
    Happier than everyone else on the planet,
    You are the best sister in the world!
  • Sister, happy birthday, dear.
    You are the best of the best I have.
    And I confess to you, without hiding,
    That there is no girlfriend better for me!
  • I love you … And I do not hide it.
    Sister, it’s good that we are together.
    Once again, dear, congratulations:
    Health, and love, and beauty!
  • Sister, I wish you happiness,
    And also great patience.
    Let all the bad weather rush away,
    Opening the way for luck.
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Happy Birthday Image for Sister

Birthday Wishes for Sister
Birthday Wishes for Sister
Birthday Wishes for Sister

Birthday Messages for Sister

I wish you a festive mood and a fun day! I wish you a positive attitude towards life and confidence in the coming day! Do what you see fit and don’t look back! Always smile, and treat failure with humor! Have your head on your shoulders and don’t run after the crowd! May sincerity, kindness and sympathy be unfamiliar to you! Dear sister, happy birthday!

  • To say cousin is often to say sister with other letters. That is, an accomplice and friend.
    There are so many moments that I have lived by your side, and our union is so strong that I consider you a sister. Happy Birthday sister!
  • Even your mom says that since we were little, we never wanted to separate. Happy Birthday cousin! You will always be like a sister to me!
  • How beautiful the day was born today, and surely it is because it is your birthday, cousin. Congratulations! You know how important you are to me, and that is why I consider you, my sister. I will always thank life for all the time we have shared, and for allowing me to grow by your side.
  • I am very lucky that you are my family, and you know that for me, you are like a sister. I also want to say that thank you very much for taking care of me whenever I have needed it. You're the best!
  • Happy Birthday cousin! As every year we will respond as a family, I want to because being with you is like being with a sister!
  • Happy Birthday cousin! I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I love you, and to thank you because you are the person who has supported me the most when I have had problems. More than cousins, I think we are like sisters, and that makes me very happy!
  • Happy Birthday! You are my cousin, but you know that I think you a sister, for all that we have lived and for all that unites us. You know that I will always be available to you, so do not hesitate to ask me for help when you need it. I adore you!
  • You are my cousin, but without a doubt, you are also a bit my sister, and I love that. Happy Birthday!
  • This time it's your turn, cousin! You have always been there, so much that many think you are my sister! And I feel you like one! I know how much you like to celebrate your birthday, that's why I am here to celebrate it and be one of the first people to congratulate you. I love you so much!
  • The time has come to celebrate your life, cousin! You are the sister I always wanted and an unconditional counselor. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations cousin! You and I are like sisters, always together, side by side, since we were little. I can't imagine a particular moment in my life when you weren't there, and I wish it were like this forever.
  • Do you still remember when we went for a walk? I do! And from that moment I knew that you would be beside my cousin, a sister! We have all grown together, and it could not have been better. They say cousins ​​are best friends, and I think that is very true.
  • Congratulations cousin! That the years do not separate us and that I can also consider you a sister forever.
  • I wish you a beautiful day and illuminated by the most beautiful smiles and sincere respect. May they always share life, because having a twin sister is an extraordinary blessing; it is to walk through life individually, but never alone.
  • You, as a knight, are not afraid of household chores and difficulties at work. You are not familiar with longing and fatigue. So let excellent health, nerves of steel and a sharp mind be your faithful helpers in all matters! I wish you to do everything and find time to relax! Happy holiday, sister, happy birthday!
  • Sister, Happy Birthday to you! Be fantastic, charming, smart, beautiful, loved, needed and important. Let all your plans come together, ideas come true, and life surprises will only be pleasant. Great happiness to you! Happy Birthday Sister!
  • Congratulations sister in law! Your day has come to celebrate and gather friends, friends and family to have a great time. I who see you grow another year I want to tell you that for me it is a joy, that you are part of the family, because I love your personality, your vision of the world, and your knowing how to be!
  • Dear Sister! Let your world be exactly as you imagine it. Let you always have what you want. Let your most enchanting dreams come true. I wish you always to be the happiest, most beautiful, and the best. You are a wonderful person, and such people are worthy only of love, peace, and joy. Happy Birthday!
  • Sister, happy birthday to you, dear! I want to wish you a lot - the most magical, the most gentle, sublime, and kindest. Let everything come, what you want, joy lives in your heart, everything in your house will be in abundance, and fluffy clouds of calm and tranquility float in your soul. I wish you not to get sick, not even a little sad, to always be positive, bright, unforgettable, and truly happy. Love, your sister.
  • A birthday is an important event, regardless of the date you celebrate. My beloved sister, I wish you not to count the year, because the soul remains always young, not to regret what has passed because there are many interesting things ahead, they are not afraid of the new, because the risk is a noble business! Let the family be your joy and reliable support on the path of life!
  • You are a kind sorceress and an affectionate fairy! You always know how to interest and entertain children. So be a dream come true for your husband too! Let your homework be done like magic, and fatigue bypasses you. Let your family vacation be fabulous! Stay smart, creative, sociable! Happy birthday, dear sister!
  • Sister, dear, I wish you a happy birthday! Let everything turn out exactly as you intended. I wish that your life is not boring and monotonous and that its surprises cheer up and be useful! Be always "on horseback", do not lose your head in difficult situations, and find a way out of any situation! Sister with love.
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Today I raise a glass to my beloved sister! On a bright holiday full of joy - Birthday, I want to wish you to find your happiness! Let there be a lot of new, interesting, exciting things in your life. Spend time usefully and pay attention to rest. Set a goal and confidently move to the top. Love, dream, smile!

You are a creative person. I wish you inspiration and a high flight of imagination! So that thoughts always find a way out on paper with suitable words, and the hand does not get tired of writing them down. Let your muse not arrange strikes, but always be in touch. Create, write, create! Happy birthday, beloved sister!

Final Thought

So, your sister's birthday is approaching, and you have nothing to say to her, but you want to give something good? On this occasion, Pozdravunchik offers you the heading "Happy Birthday Sister". Read it all, and you can pick up the most beautiful wish for your sister. Read congratulations to her in the morning, so that her whole holiday will be filled with joy and sweet anticipation.

Give her an unexpected but very pleasant surprise by wishing her a happy and beautiful life. Present her a beautiful postcard with a bouquet of charming flowers, and this will be a nice addition to your wish. Your sister will certainly be delighted with such a gift and shower you with gratitude in return.

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