Happy Birthday Wishes for Rockstar

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  • We’re going out tonight to celebrate and burn the city.
  • Feel the power of metal running through your veins on your most special birthday.
  • With my hair in the wind I’m leaving, I am a Bon Jovi fan, on a day as special as today my best congratulations to you.
  • To the best rhythm of rock, I congratulate you so that you also vibrate on your birthday.
  • I hug you on your birthday and I wish you, long life, rock and roll and a lot of parties and that you are by my side to live all these things together.
  • Dance non-stop on your birthday. Give it you are all on the dance floor and don’t let anyone call you docile.
  • On your birthday, I declare your most faithful groupie.
  • Always on the road, always true to rock.
  • On your birthday, move your hips towards the sound.
  • Don’t stop dancing and the chords will sound.
  • With your rock guitar, I will spend my whole life and congratulate you.
  • Put your hair and do your best hairstyle, today is a very special day.
  • I want to see you blow out the candles today because it’s your birthday and I’m going with you.
  • Not Elvis, not Loquillo, not Cadillac, not Los Suaves. You are the best rocker in the world, and on your birthday you will show it.
  • Old rockers never die, but they are always years old. And you show it with your energy and vitality, congratulations!
  • You make the beat every day, and all of us around you have the best possible day we wish for.
  • I wish you all the best of your marked day and that you dance until the sun goes down.
  • We are going to spend the night dancing rock so that you can celebrate the years with your best fans.
  • I want to see you dance and hear you sing and celebrate your birthday non-stop.
  • It is the best day to keep dancing, and the day of your birthday together to celebrate.
  • Let’s go out to eat in the city on your birthday and dance the night away to the best music.
  • Leather, rhythm and rock and roll, that’s all I need to spend your birthday by your side.
  • On this special day for you, I just wish you have a happy day and feel the rhythm rise on your feet.
  • Dance with me, dance and spin without stopping so that your birthday has only just begun.
  • This birthday is a very special day. Let’s spend it together and let’s not stop dancing, I wish you a fantastic day.
  • That in this new year of life, metal continues to run through your veins, filling your soul with musical notes. Happy birthday and rock and roll!
  • Let’s let our hair go to the wind, let’s play our guitars until dawn, and shake until we can’t! Happy birthday rocker!
  • Let the best rock beat continue to mark your steps in your new cycle of life. I send you the best-vibrated metal for your birthday.
  • On your birthday, I wish you a long life, rock and roll, and lots of fun!
  • Hear the notes, feel the metal, and let the rhythm of rock and roll fill your body to vibrate. Happiness on your birthday!
  • Put on your best jacket, put on your best jeans, play your best music and live rock and roll to the fullest. Happy Birthday!
  • True to the paved road, moving on his motorcycle, with his leather jacket and the wind in his face, he has always been in search of the best rock and roll in life. I hope you continue your search and that on your birthday you like the chords that you like the most.
  • Singing your rock guitar and shaking your hips, you have traveled on this journey called life. Today, when you finish another year of travel, I want the music to continue vibrating between your fingers and making your whole body move.
  • I want you to continue to beat your vibrations every day and enjoy every note today and always! Happy birthday and rock and roll live.
  • Leather, rhythm and rock and roll, that’s all you need to become the king of the stage.
  • To celebrate your birthday today, I want to make you bring out the best in songs and wish the king a long life!
  • Hey, girl, yey, yey, yey, a rock girl I’m going to make you. On the head, a good wig, leather boots on the feet. And the dance with a good backhand on your birthday will not be missed.
  • There was an Elvis in the United States and a Loquillo in the cradle of Spain, gua gua, who sang in the tundra. On his birthday, we will give him the plectrum on the street.
  • Presley called his father. Joplin was the screaming mother. With this and other parents, rock is the engine of his life. Let’s go out this Saturday to celebrate and burn the city to the ground.
  • I’m from Metallica and Extremoduro. With long hair, I go to the world. I met my queen on a day like today for being exactly who I am. Happy Birthday Princess Bon Jovi!
  • You left me hanging in the Cadillac without a shred of compassion, Pilar. I forgave you for turning around and looking like I was in that bar. Let’s forget everything and celebrate, Pilar, this special day.
  • The total fanatic of the clan that I follow wherever they go. I hope you are too. From there, I choose this plan. Congratulations, Ivan!
  • How I would like to live in the 50s and return to the future in a pirouette. He played guitar in any sewer and asked for money from door to door. You always walked on my sole. Are you joining this great rock party that we are preparing for you, birthday girl?
  • Kurt Corbain calls me because of how blonde I am and because of the gun I have on my guitar. When I play, I become mass. I leave my body and I am only a soul that, without weight, brushes the step. Do you like a good pass, fairy, on the day of your immaculate encounter?
  • With hair gel and stripes in the center, with a ponytail, skirt and fringes, we will rock dance until Sunday. See you on your birthday, damn it!
  • I’m not a bad boy, even if I’m a rocker. Tell your mother and if I stay to watch you blow out the candles and your hair floats on the cake, read verses on your birthday and I’ll take you to the subway.

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