150+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Old Lady

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Older women tend to be admirable. All classes of people should appreciate more senior women, especially her son, daughter, son’s wife, grandchildren – all should be kind and caring towards her. A grand ceremony can be organized for him on the occasion of the important day on which he was born; then, he will get peace of mind and meet all kinds of relatives. In this post, we have given some important messages to wish an old lady on her birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Old Lady

  • Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!
    And even though we sometimes hear –
    This holiday makes us
    old, – We will discard this sadness,
    Let there be birth; let it!
    And this holiday brings us
    In winter cold – the sun of summer!
    On a sad day – mood!
    On a bad day, fun!
    On the day of longing –
    Welcome friends, Long-awaited congratulations
    And victories in business and disputes,
    New meetings and new songs!
    Happiness for 100 years ahead, A
    bright life without worries!
  • Happy birthday to you,
    May there be happiness for years,
    All dreams come true,
    And every day in great love!
    There was enough wealth
    so that no one would forget you,
    And the soul was warm,
    The rest is all the same!
  • Birthday is a suitable date,
    But it’s always a little sad
    our best years in life are flying unnoticed.
    Birthday is a unique date,
    This holiday cannot be compared with anything,
    Someone smart once invented the
    the joy of giving to the birthday man.
    The joy of meeting, smile, hope,
    Wishes of health, warmth,
    So that happiness is cloudless,
    So that things are successful!
  • It remains for me to wish that on your birthday and, of course,
    a whole year, you would not be discouraged, would not give up even in the most challenging hours
    and minutes, so that people would give you a piece of their faith, hope,
    love, so that all troubles would dissipate like a haze! I wish you that
    all your dreams come true, all your enemies become friends!
  • A woman of Balzac age,
    Beautiful and always wise.
    He is proud of his life experience,
    And always shares his advice.
    Happy birthday, I sincerely congratulate you, the
    A woman I have known for a long time.
    I wish you happiness, kindness, good
    health, comfort, and warmth.
  • I want to congratulate you on your birthday
    and wish you not to grow old in soul!
    Let success, luck always accompany
    you, let your health not let you down!
  • You are the best of all famous women,
    sincere and young at heart.
    You are an example of decency, honor to us,
    so be that way you always!
  • We measure the time in a minute,
    And quickly as the years go by
    We congratulate you on your birthday,
    We wish you always right.
    We wish you good health,
    success in life and work.
    Love, harmony, luck
    Let them accompany you.
    Even today we wish to
    live a hundred years happily.
    And all the bad weather and sadness
    Always bypass the side.
  • A woman – how much is in this word!
    Honor, conscience, intelligence, and beauty.
    She is beautiful from birth for life,
    And, despite her age, she is young.
    And you, as a true lady,
    Slim, beautiful, and smart.
    All your wise advice has
    always been important to us.
    Today is a holiday – we congratulate you!
    And we sincerely wish you.
    To be joyful, healthy and happy,
    To the envy of all your enemies.
  • Happy birthday,
    I wish you joy.
    Be happy this day,
    Wear the best dress.
    May you be lucky in everything!
    Let joy fill the house!
    Let the sunshine brighter, The
    heartbeats more cheerful.
    So that your soul is filled with a
    beautiful and desirable Song,
    So that everything in life is fulfilled – the
    expected and the unexpected!
  • Grandchildren, children, and relatives,
    Gathered again at your place,
    Congratulations to all heartily,
    Be healthy, of course!
  • We will admire needlework,
    And we will ask for advice again,
    Life is always beautiful,
    Even if it is Indian autumn.
  • You cook very tasty,
    Let your soul rejoice!
    And to the joyful songs, she will
    certainly dance!
  • Blossom – always beautiful!
    Even if the appearance is not even so young,
    Fight so that the soul is happy in the first place,
    And so that spring always blooms around you.
  • We wish you not to grow old a little,
    to remain a young soul,
    We also wish you to stay forever
    For everyone to be needed!
    There is no peace, and it is not needed –
    There are a lot of things to come.
    Good luck, health, strength,
    May your happiness find you!
  • According to your passport, you have been living for a long time,
    It looks like 20 years can be given,
    you are like a bird flying in flight,
    And this can never be taken away.
    The birthday will show that on the cake,
    We will build a bright gesture from the candles; We will
    remind you of your birthday,
    We will prove that we have gathered here for a reason.
  • Today is your birthday,
    And how many years it does not matter.
    So stay cheerful, as always,
    And never let your heart grow old!
    I wish you mental vigor,
    success in everyday life,
    strong health always,
    never lose heart!
  • And no matter how old you are,
    Believe me; you should not be afraid of them.
    We wish you bright happiness in fate,
    Your years are your wealth!
  • I admire your wisdom, intelligence,
    you have probably seen a lot in your life.
    First, children, grandchildren, then,
    gave their heart and love.
    Happy birthday to a woman
    I know, I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.
    May everything good in your life is,
    Live happily, and believe in your dream.
  • Let illness and adversity pass
    you by, so
    that you
    remain young for many years.
    To make a bright smile
    Add sparkle to your eyes;
    So that your spouse gives you happiness
    And he would be happy himself!
  • Children, grandchildren at the table,
    Husband is fussing in the kitchen,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Everyone strives to congratulate!
  • Having decorated the house with embroidery,
    It became so warm, cozy!
    You are beautiful, as always,
    How old – we dimly know!
  • And let them fly,
    What is counting years sad?
    The main thing is that the young have a
    joyful heart!
  • They say that after forty
    Life is just beginning!
    I confirm it is so!
    After all, you are a beauty with us!
  • Do not think that much
    has passed since birth!
    After all, every year it is more interesting to
    live for us all the same!
  • I wish you happiness
    And long, long years!
    After all, you are wise, taught,
    You will find the answer to everything!
  • Today is a sad and cheerful holiday …
    After all, it happens sometimes on a birthday.
    You are glad to meet youth, but childhood,
    It leaves us quickly forever.
    So let the ringing laughter never cease today,
    And happiness flows like a fast river!
    You are happier today than everyone,
    And this is your holiday and only yours!
    Let your friends stay with you,
    they do not leave you in difficult times.
    You never ask you, do not forget,
    After all, in this life, you are always needed by someone!
  • We have known you for a long time and of course,
    We will come to congratulate you on your birthday,
    bring our hearty gift, To bring you directly to your house personally,
    Excellent congratulations come out,
    Many wishes for many years,
    Let the sunrise every day,
    And give a ticket to the concert …
    Let every one fly by years,
    And you still do not grow old,
    Beautiful, always young,
    Be healthy, do not get sick!
  • There is no woman more beautiful in the world,
    More attractive, good-natured, and smarter.
    Thank you very much from us,
    For well-brought-up children.
    They are all, just like you are beautiful,
    you gave them all your warmth.
    Your efforts were not in vain,
    We realized this long ago.
    Live for many years and prosper,
    May cherished dreams come true.
    Accept congratulations from all of us,
    Today there are all flowers in the world for you.
  • That you have become older – do not regret,
    After all, every year, you are needed more.
    Both in the family and at work.
    Our life’s meaning is in care, to
    give joy to our loved ones
    And in return to be happy!
  • It is always both sad and pleasant to
    celebrate Your birthday:
    Years go by irrevocably,
    They only have time to count.
    But time, as if the flow,
    Nothing can hold.
    Today, on your birthday,
    We want to wish you happiness,
    Good luck, joy, success,
    Be healthy, do not know troubles,
    Obstacles in life and obstacles
    Easily and quickly eliminate,
    More laughter, less sadness –
    And never lose heart.
  • You will never say how old you are,
    you are always neat, beautiful, and slim.
    And I will tell you not flattering but in secret,
    Your gray hair looks perfect for you.
    Happy birthday,
    I congratulate my former colleague; I wish you a lot of happiness and kindness.
    May beautiful sunrises delight you,
    And spring always sings in your soul.
  • Much dear has already been passed,
    But how much remains to be given,
    For you – the best, most persistent,
    And in fire and water just right to go.
  • Let’s remember the best moments,
    Let the eyes shine with joy,
    Let the eyelids be a little tired,
    Today they will again believe in miracles.
  • A little banality will not hurt, however,
    For your health, for your father’s house, I
    want to drink a glass of wine,
    Yes, not just like that, but to the very bottom.
  • For your bright soul,
    For a pure direct look,
    For warmth, for good-naturedness,
    What do you give us free of charge!
  • Many words are not enough,
    Poems and rhymes, chants,
    Many smiles and the same amount of happiness,
    Our dear, Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you forget about illness, adversity,
    Be healthy for many years to come,
    So that people give you joy in full,
    So that peace and spring reign in your heart!
    We wish you health; we wish you success,
    More smiles, cheerful laughter!
    We wish you spiritual, personal happiness,
    So that trouble and bad weather do not knock on the door!
    We wish you to be loved and dreamed of, To
    avoid trouble,
    To keep your soul beautiful,
    And you would always be young!
  • The clock goes on, and the course is unhurried,
    But he does not stop for a moment,
    Watching us and not missing
    Neither the wave of the eyelids nor the heartbeat.
    The stern bookkeeper does not sleep, does not sleep,
    Even if the dream reigns over everyone for a long time.
    “Tick-tock” – oh, how unhurried this move is!
    Tick-tock – how quickly time flies!
    You say to yourself, “The clock is ticking.
    What did you do when you listened to their battle”?
  • Let them whisper: “AgeAge, they say … Oh, yes …
    Well, they say, not twenty or thirty! ..”
    But you, as before, are young,
    If your heart sparkles with love!
    You are not “cheerful”, but – cheerful,
    And, how easy it is only for a young lady,
    From the life of a full bucket
    You drink happiness with light sips!
    And everyone who
    sees, oh yes, Will say: “The lady is young! “,
  • Life, it seems, has only begun to
    change its path … But no.
    It’s hard to believe how many
    sunny years have already been lived!
    But more in reserve with God,
    Once youth in the heart again.
    Forget that you are many years old,
    Know: you are always twenty-five!
    Live you and rejoice in it:
    What – years, and even – years?
    When we shine with smiles,
    We are young again. Oh yeah!
    No, not wrinkles on the skin –
    You are younger in soul!
  • The woman becomes more beautiful over the years, the
    a woman becomes wiser over the years.
    For advice, help and just talking, We
    often turn to her.
    I want to wish my neighbor a happy birthday,
    I wish you health and home warmth.
    So that children, grandson often visit,
    So that friends never forget.
  • Do not regret that on your birthday
    For a year you become an
    adult, Throw away all doubts from your heart,
    And pour champagne with a run!
    Our years are a hard-hitting coin, It is
    no longer possible to return it,
    And therefore we must
    use our life in full on the planet.
  • You are a woman of advanced age,
    But this also has its advantages,
    This is another dawn,
    These are studies; these are blues,
  • This is a concern from relatives,
    And congratulating
    you on your birthday, I wish you golden days,
    Live, not knowing bad troubles!
  • We wish you happiness and love,
    So that all dreams and aspirations come true,
    With a good mood, so that you
    never leave anywhere.
    I wish you health for a hundred good years,
    And that’s right; it’s worth a lot!
    Workers’ industrial victories,
    In family life – quiet!
  • We cannot regret the fleeting years.
    We are not able to return them.
    We wish you to be the same bright
    And illuminate everything around us.
  • Let the language be added again,
    But everyone is in a hurry to congratulate you,
    And there will be an immense holiday,
    And everyone will wish you so:
  • Excellent care, admiration,
    Health, happiness to all relatives,
    On your best birthday,
    All the best of the good saints!
  • Age is not a hindrance to happiness,
    It grows stronger with age, like wine
    We will not open the door with bad weather,
    You are destined to cherish children with grandchildren!
  • On your
    birthday, the sun is shining, Radiant, clear and kind, like you!
    May God protect you, dear,
    From all ailments, troubles, and emptiness.
  • We wish you health for many years to come.
    So that adversity bypasses you,
    So that happiness and joy do not know separation,
    So that your children and grandchildren warm your soul.
  • Let a little for you …
    But you are always young.
    You look great,
    That there is nonsense written in your passport,
    I want to congratulate my female colleague.
    Wish you happiness and health,
    Have fun on your birthday,
    Invite guests, and do not lose heart.
  • From thoughts, worries, no need to frown eyebrows,
    Let the smile shine in the eyes,
    We wish that all adversity
    passed by, trouble passed by,
    And simple human happiness,
    Let it always be your companion!
  • Happy Birthday!
    Let the years not rush,
    Do not rush their run,
    Golden leaf fall –
    A memory of past years
    We wish you to live happily,
    So that they always say afterward –
    “How beautiful this woman is,
    How infinitely young! “
  • Happy birthday congratulations
    And with all our heart we wish:
    In business – complete success,
    In life – joy and laughter,
    Never be upset,
    Do not be sad, do not worry,
    And entering your new year
    To be happy and healthy!
  • Such an age, he is right,
    Care of loved ones, warmth,
    And we clap our hands to you,
    We shout solemnly hurray!
  • And we wish you health,
    Among friends, among relatives, A
    big bright feast,
    And beautiful, golden days,
  • And do not count your years,
    Let them not see the count,
    Troubles and hardships will pass,
    And so let year after year,
  • And
    celebrate this date, Only solemnly always,
    She will give you delight,
    And the bright joy in full!
  • New birthday – one more greeting,
    Over the years of their life, a rather large bouquet has gathered,
    Always be young at least how old you are,
    Let a new light flow into your life.
  • Happy Birthday!
    You heartily
    We all congratulate
    And cloudless happiness We
    I sincerely wish you!
    We wish you to find
    Joy and good luck,
    and let
    God give you health also!
    Every woman is average to face,
    I declare this to you, boldly.
    You have become more beautiful today,
    Because you have matured for a year.
    Any outfits to your face,
    any man will tell you.
    Today is your birthday,
    This is the reason for a smile.
    We sincerely congratulate you!
    Let any wishes come true.
    Long years to you and happy days.
    Love, Happiness, and Prosperity.
  • To the sound of crystal glass, The
    a hiss of sweet wine
    We congratulate
    you on your birthday. We wish you happiness and good.
    We wish you personal happiness, An
    excellent mood,
    So that you were healthy, You
    lived before the wedding of your grandchildren.
  • Already a grandson at the festive table,
    But you cannot succumb to age!
    Always the fighting spirit leads forward!
    Otherwise, life is unbearable for you!
  • Kohl summer means a garden and a vegetable garden,
    In the winter you anneal on the Internet,
    And you like to bring comfort at home,
    Such as you are no longer on the planet!
  • We are happy that you are!
    And stay optimistic!
    Today you can even take a sip, Allow
    yourself to be an artist again!
  • You have matured for a year today, Do
    not rush to the mirror with alarm –
    You have
    become prettier this year, Have fun and laugh heartily.
    Forget resentment and adversity,
    Smile magically and lightly.
    In the heat and cold, rain and bad weather
    We wish you luck.
    Be happy, affectionate and sweet,
    Behind your back – good luck two wings …
    Be such that life loves you,
    So that you do not live in vain.
  • You are so beautiful at this hour –
    An outfit to your face, a smile to your face!
    To the face and the look of crafty eyes –
    No wonder we love you a lot!
    Let your star burn, the
    Star of love and inspiration
    Never fade in life, Never disappear even for a moment.
    Take a look at the sky. Where the milky way is,
    You will see a significant cluster of stars,
    Take one of them and do not forget,
    What is your birthday today?
  • Happy birthday, congratulations to the
    A team from the bottom of our hearts!
    We all wish you happiness
    And gifts from fate!
    Let the
    infinity of vanity bring you surprises,
    And let them meet
    cute features in the life of Friends more than once.
    So that misfortunes and adversities
    Always shunned you,
    So that health lasts for years.
    And diseases never
    dared to approach.
    Joy, to last forever
    And more than once to return to you,
    With the kindness of people I could!
  • We wish you wisdom, kindness, generosity. So that health does not fail. So that the
    the mood is always on top, let the family be warm and cozy.
    Good luck. Good luck. Luck.
  • Life, it seems, has only begun to
    measure its path … But, no.
    It’s hard to believe how many
    sunny years have already been lived!
    But more in reserve with God,
    Once youth in the heart again.
    Forget that you are many years old,
    Know: you are always twenty-five!
    Live you and rejoice in it:
    What – years, and even – years?
    When we shine with smiles,
    We are young again. Oh yeah!
    No, not wrinkles on the skin –
    You are younger in soul!
  • On your birthday, I hasten to wish.
    Do not pay attention for years,
    After all, you are as good as ever,
    Happiness, health, love, and kindness!
  • Happy birthday, I congratulate you,
    Do not forget to invite everyone, I wish you,
    To bring flowers to your feet,
    So that you meet them with a smile.
    On the lady’s birthday, I wish,
    And I trust in my word,
    So that this century will live with love,
    So that our man is joyful.
  • No matter how quickly the years flew away,
    No matter how complex reality is,
    The main thing is
    that the soul is always young, and become, and sexuality.
    So that health grows stronger every day,
    And the radiance of the eyes does not diminish,
    So that they do not find with fire during the day
    Neither sadness, nor bitterness, nor despair!
  • Usually on a day so big
    Which is called the birthday
    Friends with an open soul
    bring your congratulations.
    So let life be pure,
    And let it be brighter every day,
    And let the beauty of life
    itself come to you as a gift!
  • Fun, joy, happiness, laughter,
    Gifts, congratulations,
    Hold the upper hand over everything today,
    On your birthday!
  • I wish you, beloved woman,
    Your happiness and success,
    I wish you a long night
    And fervent laughter,
    I wish you
    good news, I wish you, welcome guests!
  • Let health be strong,
    Let love and comfort surround the house,
    And let success and luck be well-aimed,
    And the years do not take their toll.
  • How many years
    have we lived We will not count,
    But we want this day
    We wish you:
    Do not get sick, do not grow old,
    Never get bored
    And many more years to
    celebrate Birthdays!
  • Happy birthday congratulations
    And from the bottom of our hearts, we wish:
    So that old age does not creep up,
    So that youth remains,
    So that there is happiness in the house,
    So that the heartaches less,
    So that life is more and more beautiful –
    These are our wishes!
  • May this holiday bring beautifully
    congratulations, warmest wishes,
    sunny mood
    and the most sincere communication!
  • You are too young,
    To be called a grandmother,
    And on this day,
    we are in a hurry. We confess our love to you!
    We all wish you
    Today, on your birthday,
    Health, happiness, joy,
    Hope and luck,
    And let love, like a rainbow,
    Color your days!
    from our entire family!
  • I am in a hurry to congratulate you,
    Happy Birthday Madame, I
    I wish you inspiration,
    Do not break the beauty for years!
    You are just as irresistible,
    As dozens of years ago, You
    are loved by your loved ones,
    Everyone is always happy for you!
  • My dear, the most ordinary day with your appearance turns into a fairy tale:
    The sun shines brighter and warmer.
    The sound of the wind in the leaves becomes melodic.
    The sound of rain on the windowsill sounds like a song.
    Even a senseless bird noise becomes necessary and meaningful.
    Stay magical, always! Happy Birthday!
  • Your birthday, my holiday,
    You are dear to me, my friend.
    And in the cold and in the heat, any time,
    We remember you now and forever,
  • Don’t be a girl already.
    Let your grandchildren grow up.
    On this. new frontier
    There is no need for grief and separation.
  • There is no need for petty grief,
    Let there be only grace
    And I want on your birthday.
    Kiss you as a friend
  • I congratulate you today, I
    I wish
    you on your birthday, I will make a flock of banknotes for you, I will make
    more happiness,
    In general, everything that I know for sure,
    So that everything is like paradise,
    So that you live side by side, not on the edge,
    I kiss you tightly; I hug you!
  • Anniversaries as milestones on our way,
    They cannot be circumvented,
    They cannot be circumvented.
    They cannot be ordered,
    They cannot be asked,
    We must respect them,
    We must survive them!
    Behind it is not enough,
    But you should not be sad!
    On a birthday there is a reason,
    To treat everyone with cooking!
  • Let the years flow like a river,
    Give joy infusion!
    Stay so cheerful
    And young in soul!
  • Joy, happiness and good luck,
    Fortress of spirit in the life of days!
    So that there is always a happy chance, I
    helped in your affairs!
  • We sincerely congratulate you
    On one of the best dates
    We wish you to live for another hundred years,
    Without knowing grief and loss.
    We wish only to smile, Do not be
    upset over trifles,
    Do not be nervous and do not get sick,
    Over the years, only get younger!
  • Happy birthday, sunshine,
    And let the heart only beat more cheerfully,
    More kind, sincere speeches,
    Let the holiday turn into a huge miracle!
    Cherished dreams
    will come true, And all the bad things will come down instantly,
    Health, happiness, sincere love,
    So that life is extraordinary!
  • Relentless years,
    A stop is not in our power.
    So let it be forever –
    The more years, the more happiness!
  • Today is your holiday! Today is your birthday!
    Flowers, gifts from friends, cards, congratulations!
    You are like a flower Smart and beautiful! It’s just a miracle!
    The calendars are all lying about your age! Where from ?!
    And the reflections of all the mirrors on the whole planet,
    You are echoed that you are the most beautiful of all in the world.
    We wish you to remain all the same young,
    With the same, as before, pure, kind soul,
    You are like an angel in heaven – bright, beautiful!
    Let the years have no power over you!
  • How old were you there today?
    Nothing? So that’s it!
    If there was anything, it has long passed,
    you are a year old today!
    Nothing has been lost yet,
    With nothing else to shed tears,
    And fate is meted out to you,
    So that you even get tired of living.
    And joy, and desires
    The cup is full, already over the edge,
    And torments, and dates,
    And April, after April – May!
    There will be joys, griefs,
    There will be a little grief, but
    Nothing, believe me,
    It does not matter now!
    Today there will be drunken holidays
    And there will be hangover days,
    And the ugly Cupids
    Arrows will not be released alone.
    We wish you, beauty,
    Money – poods, health – a cart,
    And figure a little to recover,
    And so that the soul is white with roses!
  • Today is a long-awaited holiday,
    He knocks on the house once a year,
    He is the most colorful and important,
    And all relatives at the table,
    And let congratulations shine,
    Health, happiness, and love,
    And dear inspiration,
    Hope, joy, dreams!
  • Years click, like a taxi driver’s meter,
    And it seems that she lived a lot in the world,
    And in her heart, she’s still the same – a little girl,
    Dear dear – how are you.
  • We wish you good health,
    We wish you great joy,
    To be always the same gentle,
    With an open, kind soul.
    May your
    family and friends come on your birthday,
    Minutes of good communication
    With nothing can be replaced.
  • You are beautiful and no matter how old,
    Your age does not age you at all.
    Give us, please, advice,
    To slow down a little for years.
    Happy birthday to the woman,
    with whom I live in the house next door.
    I want to wish you human happiness,
    And let the Lord take the trouble away from you.
  • We want to congratulate you on your birthday
    and I wish you happiness and health.
    Let the years go by stubbornly,
    and you will never take wisdom.
  • Let the loved ones warm them up with their warmth,
    so that the holiday is cheerful and groovy,
    and let the husband love and appreciate it as before,
    so that you are always happy with him.
  • Time passed imperceptibly
    We all gathered here today,
    To congratulate you on your birthday –
    Life is very fleeting!
    We have known you for many years
    And there is no more beautiful woman!
    Every year you are younger,
    every year you are more beautiful!
    Health, happiness, and good luck!
    Let the heart never cry!
    Let your family and friends please –
    After all, you cannot offend you!
  • Years run, rush in succession
    We will never return them.
    But an eternally young soul remains,
    Everything else is nonsense!
    And on my birthday, I want to say:
    Let the soul laugh and sing
    And every day dreams come true,
    And let the heart never tire of love!
  • Spring gave carelessness,
    Dreams and unrestrainedness – summer,
    And autumn – gravity and wisdom,
    Too many questions – answers.
    And on the next birthday
    Let the sadness of your eyes not touch,
    And all the warmth of congratulations
    will respond with love in your soul!
  • Hair turns gray stubbornly,
    Cute features grow old.
    But don’t be upset mom,
    you raised your children.
    Thank you for your affection,
    For the kindness, for the warmth
    Live for yourself and our joy
    And do not count your years,
    Healthy, cheerful and beautiful
    We wish you to be always!
  • Happy birthday
    And let
    many years have lived in this world,
    And let
    many joys and troubles remain in the past.
    But today you will be congratulated by
    Children, grandchildren, and friends
    And your beloved husband will embrace,
    The whole family will gather.
    Let your eyes sparkle with happiness
    And you are always lucky in business,
    Strong health will be
    for many more years.
  • What to wish you, dear,
    wealth or beauty?
    Wouldn’t it be better if you are
    always happy in life?
    So that there is no place for trouble,
    And so that no one would guess
    Which year is coming to you.
    Take everything you can from life,
    Everything simple and light,
    After all, life cannot be multiplied by experience,
    And you are not destined to live twice.
  • At this moment I congratulate you on your birthday,
    And I wish to paint your portrait in verse:
    Years later, you are just as young at heart,
    You always knew how to watch yourself!
    And you, the life counter, can turn back,
    You will always be only 25!
    And on your birthday
    I will give you this festive bouquet as a present for tenderness!
    On that, I will complete the lyric syllable,
    And I leave this congratulation to you!
  • I wish you to be blooming and strong,
    Not to notice gray hair and wrinkles,
    To appreciate all your efforts
    Husband and son – beloved men.
    So that the most cherished come true,
    Health never betrayed,
    And the memorable, joyful, bright
    With you, every day walked!
  • As the red sun warms everyone,
    So your happiness does not play naughty,
    Kindness and affection for people,
    Smiles, jokes for friends,
    Look at life more fun
    And do not regret the past years,
    Always joke, smile,
    And do not be offended by fate!
  • What is aging is nonsense,
    We do not notice it; we do not regret it.
    If you have spring in your heart, it
    means that you have overcome all obstacles.
    Happy birthday, woman to you,
    Sweet, lovely neighbor.
    Let your family be in order,
    And your grandchildren look like a hen of chickens.
  • Your gray hair is so beautiful,
    Your soul is so young, Your
    eyes are burning with clear fire,
    You are so kind and bright.
    And your birthday is bright,
    We will celebrate it again,
    Your advice is priceless to us,
    Your love is invaluable to us!
    So be always mischievous,
    Always be so sweet,
    And we will be next to you,
    May your path be happy!
  • On this day and at this hour
    We want to wish for you
    A lot of sun and kindness,
    Human kindness, warmth,
    Do not grow old every year,
    Be cheerful, do not lose weight,
    So that you live without looking back
    Everything in the family would be all right!
  • On this joyful birthday
    There is no reason to sigh and be sad,
    You mark not the date of aging,
    But the day when you began to live.
    Even if there are considerable years,
    If there is little joy in fate,
    Even if there are adversities,
    Life is beautiful in itself!
  • You are smart, beautiful,
    And although you are not young,
    But still happy,
    Wise and cheerful!
  • Shows age
    Not in the passport line,
    Shows age
    Young soul!
  • I wish
    you inspiration on your birthday,
    For new deeds,
    For wise words!
  • Years go by (just think)
    But the figure is not at all important.
    After all, a woman is given as
    much as she looks.
    You are young and energetic,
    We wish you to be always like this –
    Healthy, vigorous, pretty,
    Soulful, warm, and simple.
    What to wish? Of course happiness,
    Sea smiles, sun, and warmth,
    So that you never know sadness,
    So that love blooms in your soul
  • There will be happiness in your heart,
    People will be able to surprise,
    We will warm you on your birthday,
    To make life easier.
    Smile our lady,
    The holiday hangs on the nose,
    Let summer come to you,
    I bring it to you.
    Have fun, our lady, The
    the main reward is laughter,
    Without reproaches and deception,
    I am sending you great success.
  • The drops rang out, sang
    And the carefree starry nights, The
    days flew by for tens of years,
    But the soul still does not want to be measured.
    On our birthday, everyday wisdom
    Comes to us to replace doubts,
    And in our souls, everything is still a youth,
    From unexpected glances, excitement.
  • Today is your holiday date,
    Flowers are all blooming for you.
    I want to wish you, dear,
    Health and all the embellishments of life.
    You have achieved a lot in life,
    In love, study and work.
    You have taught us a lot,
    Never left us in trouble.
    Please accept our congratulations,
    And these humble flowers.
    You will always be the most beautiful,
    you are a genius of pure beauty.
  • We heartily congratulate you, We
    carry a lot of wishes,
    Let your face shine with a smile,
    And success is present in everything.
    Let kindness and affection warm you,
    Let love inspire you,
    And, as in a good old children’s fairy tale,
    Desires come true again and again.
  • A beautiful day and the sun is shining,
    Everyone congratulates from the heart,
    And you are happier than everyone in the world,
    Where is your birthday, there are dreams,
    And I will congratulate you now,
    I wish you great joy, And I will
    add a couple more lines,
    To decorate your holiday,
    I wish you a colorful smile,
    And the cake above the ceiling,
    So that all the postcards shine,
    So that everything is like never before!

Happy Birthday Messages Old Lady

  • Today we are celebrating a wonderful holiday – a particular person’s birthday, amazing in the variety of talents and truly kind heart! I want to wish the beautiful hero of the occasion longevity and happiness! May her warmth and care surround her relatives for many years, and all her dreams, cherished dreams – all come true!
  • As you know, the concept of “happiness” is different for each person … So I wish you to find exactly that happiness that is destined for you, and may it be complete, cloudless, and boundless!
  • Today, on her birthday, we give well-deserved praise to the woman who has devoted herself to her family, achieved the most significant victory, and made the people close to her truly happy! Taking care of your home, keeping up with everything, not being sad and always being cheerful, full of strength and fresh ideas – for this, you need to be, at least, a sorceress, and I want to wish you a truly magical life!
  • Happy Birthday! We all appreciate and love you very much, and therefore to our congratulations and wishes; we add a sincere desire that they are also heard in heaven, from where good angels, having heard our words, could bring for you more love and good luck, good health and sunny mood! And – may there be only happiness in your life!
  • I would like to express a thousand praises without stint on your birthday, but they still will not fully reveal your merits! Therefore, let me congratulate you on your birthday and express my wishes from the bottom of my heart! And I wish you great happiness, such happiness that gives a person wings and the opportunity to transform the whole world to your liking!
  • Dear sweet, gentlewoman, happy birthday! Your soul is so pure and pure. Stay like that, regardless of the years you’ve lived. May your eyes always shine, as now, and your lips smile, may your heartburn with the fire of love. I wish you to crush all the elements of the world and achieve your goal.
  • As you know, ladies do not like to talk about their age, but today we are celebrating around the date, and I must say that the hero of the occasion has something to be proud of! In her years, she retained not only the purity of her soul but also the beauty of her face; she still believes that miracles have a place in our world, she is a loyal friend and a happy mother, the real head of her large and friendly family! I wish her real, cloudless, and boundless happiness because she so deserves it!
  • Congratulations to you today – with great pleasure! – Happy birthday, we must admit that you are a real decoration of our life, for everyone – in your own way! For some, you are a friend; for others, you are a colleague, but you are especially lucky! For them, you are a spouse, a mother … We congratulate you and wish you to always remain as happy as we know you today!
  • On this day, we will not count how many years have been lived. But today I want to wish: not to get sick, not to grow old, not to suffer, not to be bored and celebrate birthdays for many years!
  • We wish you cheerfulness, kindness, wisdom. May health not fail, may the mood always be excellent, harmony and mutual understanding reign in the family, and my success at work. Happiness, luck, and all the most beautiful!
  • Our youth is a happy, impetuous moment, incomprehensible to us, but all reliably stored in memory. Our new summers are wealth, a wise time that allows us not to make mistakes and enjoy life as we have it. May all your days be filled with sparkling joy, positive serenity, stormy impressions, new insights, exotic travels, and convincing wisdom victories. We want to perceive all the changes in life as curious cruises that will surely end happily and bring only joy and a successful resolution of difficulties. On this day, a meeting with family and friends will fill your whole life with life-giving energy! Happy birthday, let your birthday add optimism and strength to you for many years!
  • Our visit is a surprise for you, and we are happy that it seems we managed to make you smile again on this beautiful day – on your birthday! We want to wish you many years of a happy life, and may every day be full of pleasant and welcome surprises from Destiny and Good Luck!
  • Happy Birthday! Hooray! May all worries miraculously bypass you, may there be a lot of vital energy for a comfortable and serene life! Happy holiday!
  • Beloved, no matter how many years have passed, no matter how many snowstorms have flown over us, no matter how many sunsets we have seen off, everything always returns to normal: the sun rises high into the sky again, blizzards give way to the onslaught of heat, and the years only add to you wisdom, charm, and beauty! May happiness shine in your eyes, your soul sings with prosperity and your heart trembles with love!
  • I wish you joy, prosperity, kindness, charm on this bright day, dear! Never regret the years gone by, because only the best is ahead! Every day, with every wrinkle, with every cunning lurking in the corners of your eyes, you are getting better and more beautiful! Happy Birthday dear! I value you very, very much: for me, you are like a light in a window, like a breath of fresh air, like an eternal and inexhaustible passion!
  • You celebrate your holiday in a close circle, among the people closest to you, and I am happy to be among them. I won’t talk for a long time; I just wish you immense happiness and perfect health! May all the most intimate dreams and desires come true, may your life flow peacefully and calmly, without troubles and shocks! Happy Birthday to You!
  • I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on a splendid holiday! Every woman is good, but you are undeniably the best. You are loved, respected, listened to. I want to wish you well, prosperity, good mood, and vitality! We wish you strength, patience, love, and good health!
  • I must admit that your birthday is a memorable holiday because you are a fantastic person and for each of us, in your way, dear and beloved! I have known you long enough to say with confidence that you have no shortcomings, but only significant advantages – from smiling to gestures and your actions! Please accept my sincere congratulations and wishes of endless, sunny happiness!
  • Happy birthday, I congratulate you on happiness, the joy of wealth, I wish you, you captivated me with your beauty and charmed me with your wisdom!

Happy Birthday Wishes to Old Lady Mom

  • Mommy! How delicious are your pies!
    All the life they attracted and captivated me,
    And on your birthday you baked them again,
    So that I could feel this excellent taste!
    All my life, you mommy, you try for me,
    Happy Birthday, Mommy, thanks for everything,
    And I’ll eat your pie, perhaps more!
  • Although your whiskey is a little covered with gray,
    For me, you, mom, always remain young,
    There are no boundaries of my love for you,
    Without a thought of you, not a single day passes!
    Happy Birthday Mom! Do not know fatigue,
    Do not know sadness, tears, resentment, anxiety, and old age,
    Disagree with aging, go forward stubbornly,
    And I will support you in everything, beloved mother!
  • Mommy! Do not dare to be sad, sad and upset,
    You will always remain beloved for me,
    You are not an old woman at all,
    You are young for me, the same age, girlfriend!
    And do not be afraid, see off the years into the distance,
    You need to continue life with a confident step,
    Mom! Any age for a woman is beautiful,
    And let the spark of inspiration for life in you do not go out!
  • Mommy, congratulations, your age is dawn!
    And no matter how old you are,
    You are young in appearance, young in your soul,
    And let life twist you in a sharp turn!
    May a lot of exciting things happen,
    May luck find you,
    May life give you another surprise,
    And old age may not come to you at all!
  • Mum! I want to give you roses,
    And so that thunderstorms do not rage in your soul So that there are no partings
    in your life,
    So that there are warmth and care around!
    So that the children and grandchildren kiss your hands,
    So that your pies are eaten to the last,
    So that there is someone to help in difficult times,
    And so that the light of your love does not go out!
  • For the fact that mother, you raised us,
    For the fact that mother, you did not sleep enough nights,
    Thank you, our dear old woman,
    You are the most beautiful for us at any age!
    The kindest, affectionate, caring and dear,
    Happy birthday, our golden mother!
    May God grant you health and longevity,
    Mommy, live to at least a century!
  • Your supply of endless love and care,
    You have lived your whole life, thinking only about us, You are priceless for us, you are irreplaceable for us,
    Happy Birthday! Let the sadness pass by!
    From grandchildren and children to your bow and congratulations,
    Let your mood be youthful,
    Let gray hair on your temples not grieve you,
    We wish to see happiness in your eyes!
  • Mom, beloved, dear,
    Happy birthday to you, We
    I wish you joy, luck, happiness,
    Let all the bad weather fly by.
    Dear mom, we all love you,
    May the years never make you old; we
    I wish you strong health and good, may the
    Lord, always keep you.
  • Hair turns stubbornly,
    Cute features grow old.
    But don’t be upset, mom,
    you raised your children.
    Thank you for your affection,
    For the kindness, for the warmth …
    Live for yourself and our joy
    And do not count your years,
    Healthy, cheerful, and beautiful
    We wish you to be always!
  • Even if you are not young for years
    And there are fine wrinkles under your eyes,
    Let me sometimes notice the
    glittering paths of Gray Hair.
    Let them say already that your age has
    passed the best female age,
    But we have sworn for a long time,
    For us, love is like songs and like air.
    In your eyes, I see again and again
    Everything that I can not forget.
    And eternal love does not grow old,
    Like the freshness of your eyes, dear and dear.
  • Dear Mom!
    Do not count the year in vain,
    Do not be sad that the whiskey turned gray.
    This is always the case in nature:
    This is a trail left by blizzards.
    Even if your life was not easy,
    There were all in it both joy and happiness.
    You hold on, dear, hold on,
    They will go around the side of bad weather.
    After all, your wealth is WE:
    Daughter, son, grandchildren, even great-grandchildren!
    You live for a long, long time,
    So that you can nurse your great-great-grandchildren too!
  • Years are quietly counting down,
    Our days are running hastily
    Anxious and sad at times in the soul
    Our beloved mother
    She had to go through a lot in her life
    And there were a lot of sorrows …
    But you managed to raise and love us,
    Dear, beloved mother
    Thank you for all: for your kindness
    For work, for sleepless nights
    We remember this; we are in eternal debt
    And we still love it very much.
  • Peaceful sky, happiness, warmth,
    So that you are always healthy.
    Many years have passed already –
    How many wrinkles you have on your face,
    How many sleepless nights you spent,
    You raised all the children on your feet.
    Low bow to you, dear mother,
    We wish you a long life.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Pensioner Mom

  • You will warm with a warm look and give advice,
    You are
    able to faithfully keep a trusted secret, You will hug, kiss, feed, caress,
    You never complain. You are not sad; you are not discouraged!
    Best mom ever! There is no other one!
    And even aging has not left a mark on you, the
    whole planet Earth obeys you!
    Mum! Happy Birthday! We kiss you!
  • Mommy! Let the angel fly over you,
    And let him protect you from all troubles,
    Let youth give you strength,
    I wish him to keep your life longer!
    Happy birthday mom! Wipe a tear,
    I will drive away any thunderstorm from you,
    We have already agreed with your angel,
    We will take care of you together! We have teamed up with him!
  • Mommy! Although your age and retirement,
    You have a purely pioneer mood and enthusiasm,
    You can boldly go into any battle,
    Nothing will stop you! Happy Birthday!
    At the same pace, mom, keep walking,
    Sweep away all the failures and obstacles on the way,
    Let your aging be afraid of
    you, No one can compare with such an optimist as you!
  • Mom, let’s start everything in order,
    So that there is health – do exercises,
    To make you want to live – invite
    your grandchildren to visit, To your signature cake, sweets and tea!
    In the mornings, go for a walk with your girlfriends,
    Drink milk, eat a fresh bun,
    Jump rope, play a ball,
    Be young, and don’t remember your age!
  • Be healthy, mom!
    Go in for sports, run, jump, swim, squat and temper,
    There is a simple way for all ailments,
    Just be always young in your soul!
    Happy Birthday Mom! Remember our advice,
    You will be on the move; you will live a hundred years, The
    pledge of longevity is an inner attitude,
    Well, what are you staring at? Dance, don’t stand still!
  • Mum! Happy Birthday! I want to tell you,
    That we will dance with you today,
    Fast, energetic, youthful, modern,
    Our excellent duet will be at the height!
    Then we will sing a song with you,
    And after the holiday we will go to the cinema
    with you, We have enough strength for everything,
    I hope it was not boring, and I pleased you!
  • I appreciate your care and affection, mother, hands,
    Appreciate everything, son, daughter, granddaughter, grandson,
    Our whole family loves you,
    We cannot live without your love!
    I can’t imagine life without your care,
    You are the best mom! I announce to the whole world!
    I want to wish you health and luck,
    Live, mom, forever, happy birthday!

Final Thought

Above, we have tried to figure out how to greet an older woman on her birthday. You can send any greetings from here to an old lady.

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