70+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Nephew of 2023

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Without a doubt, nephews occupy a very special place in our lives, as children of our brothers, many times we come to see them as if they were our own children. However, the distance and the time of not seeing them can distance our relationship, so in this article, you will see some beautiful birthday messages for a nephew.

If your nephew’s birthday is close, it is the ideal time to start creating a closer bond with them, for we bring you the best happy birthday wishes for nephew that you can find on the net since we know distance can make you doubt about what to write.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

If your nephew is also your godson, then we recommend you visit the birthday messages for godson section, where you will be able to find more specific birthday greetings for him.

The Best Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • The day of my nephew’s birthday has finally arrived. As time goes! And it seems that it was nothing ago when I had you in my arms and you were a baby. Now you are a man with iron values ​​who knows what he wants. I want to give you blessings on this special day and have a great time with your friends. Happy Birthday!
  • Today is my beloved nephew’s birthday. I want to ask God to protect you on this day, as well as on any other day of the year. Congratulations!
  • Your birthday has arrived again and I would like to tell you, along with your aunt, that we are proud of everything you have achieved in your life. You are an autonomous, capable and hard-working man, capable of setting goals and doing the impossible to achieve them. Congratulations!
  • I want to convey my best wishes to a nephew for his birthday. I want this day to be full of joy. Happy Birthday!
  • This year I will not be able to be with your aunt to celebrate your birthday, and it is that work commitments prevent us. But, in any case, remember how much we love you and you should know that we have a very special gift for you. Happy Birthday nephew!
  • Your birthday has come again. You have become a grown man! It fills me with pride to know how you are, your empathy, courage and your way of giving everything for others. I hope you celebrate your birthday surrounded by friends and family and that you can spend a year surrounded by God’s blessings. Congratulations!
  • Today is the birthday of one of the people I love the most: my nephew. I would like you to fulfill all the goals you have set for yourself and to find your better half in this coming year. Remember that your uncle and I love you very much and that it makes us very happy that you have got the job you wanted so much. Congratulations!
  • You have become a father and we want to congratulate you! I am still unable to assimilate how quickly time has passed. I ask for the best for your whole family and that you can achieve all the goals that you have set for yourself. Happy Birthday!
  • It’s your birthday, nephew! I would like that in this year you can achieve all your goals and continue to be that man capable of developing alone, the one that you have managed to become. Congratulations nephew!
  • You have always been the naughtiest person in the family, and also my favorite nephew for it. At the same time, you are very intelligent and I know how much you love us. For all this, we forgive you. Receive a happy birthday!
  • You have become another son to me, a very important person in my life. I would like to thank you for how well you have behaved with me, as well as with the rest of the family members. We are very lucky to be by your side. I would like you to have the birthday you have imagined and to have a great time with the most special people in your life.

Messages to Congratulate a Nephew on His Birthday

  • Dear nephew! I have made the birthday cake that you like so much to celebrate this special day. Happy Birthday!
  • This year has been difficult, but you should know that whenever you fall, you can get up and try again over and over again. And it is this perseverance that will lead you to success. Congratulations nephew!
  • I am very sad not to pass this birthday by your side, but, in any case, I would like you to read these words that come directly from my heart. I am very proud of the man you have become: you are independent, noble and hard working. I love it when your mother tells me about the new goals you have set and achieved. I know that you will continue down that path full of successes. Congratulations!
  • I’m so glad that you finally found love and got married. The truth is that I was very worried about you staying single, since a person like you, so hard-working, needs to be next to a woman who supports him, listens to him and loves him like never before. I hope you have a great time on this birthday and that God gives you a beautiful future.
  • I am very happy to be able to celebrate your birthday one more year with you. If I remember, I still seem to see you go home in diapers, and now you are quite a man. You are a hard worker, and this is precisely what makes you achieve everything you set out to do. I wish you love, prosperity, joy and much happiness in this year to come. Congratulations nephew!
  • I want to offer you my best blessings, my nephew. Congratulations!
  • On this special day, I hope you have a great time with your friends. You work so hard every day that you don’t deserve less. Congrats friend!
  • Today my nephew turns 30 and I want to express to him how happy I am for the achievements he has been able to achieve in such a short time. And I don’t doubt for a moment that you will continue to achieve whatever goal you have set for yourself. I don’t know a more persevering and fighting person like you. I love you very much and I hope you have the best birthday.
  • My nephew is turning years old and it fills me with happiness to know that he has achieved everything he has set out to do in all aspects of life. I am very happy to see you smile so much since your happiness is undoubtedly that of the whole family. I hope you have the birthday you have always wanted, we can already tell you that we have done the impossible to make it perfect. Congratulations!
  • I wouldn’t have gambled because my little nephew would be the first to marry… but it has. I am very happy that you finally managed to settle down and that you have found such a good woman. May God offer you his blessings, and may he also bless your marriage. Happy birthday, nephew!
  • I am very happy to spend another birthday with you. I love you as if you were my own son. You are very important to me, and it fills me with pride to know all that we have experienced together in recent years. I wish you have a year full of joys and have a good birthday. Congratulations!
  • You don’t know how happy I am to be the aunt of such a promising young man as you are. I would like you to have a year full of joys and good times, of health and of economic prosperity. Congratulations, nephew!
  • From this moment, you are already a man. You have turned 18 and you have seen how responsibilities have added up in your life. However, you have faced them fearlessly and have emerged victorious. I am clear that you will be able to achieve everything that you have considered. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday Messages for Nephews

With this list of special wishes, you will surely find those that you can say to your nephew to make him feel more special on the big day.

  • I want to thank heaven for my nephew, who is noble, loving, educated and independent. I ask a life that you have joys, triumphs and money. I also hope that you only surround yourself with people who love you. Congratulations nephew!
  • Nephew, I am very happy that this year you got such a good job. I know that you have worked hard to achieve it and that you have sacrificed a lot, so no one deserved it more than you. I want that this year many joys come to your life and that you can enjoy a lot with your friends and family. Congratulations, nephew!
  • My nephew is celebrating my birthday, and this fills me with joy. I want you to remember that you can count on me and your uncle for everything you need. You know that we can help you with everything you need. Have the best birthday of your life!
  • With these words, I congratulate my nephew, the most unruly of all. I ask a life that your friends and family give you a lot of love and gifts so that you can enjoy them. Congratulations!
  • I send you the biggest hug in the world to be able to congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you a very happy day, next to your loved ones, where you can laugh, enjoy and have the best possible time. Happy Birthday!
  • Life is shorter than we think, so do not hesitate to take the opportunity to do everything that you like and that you enjoy so much. You are a resourceful, intelligent man who can achieve all your dreams. Congratulations nephew!
  • I would like God to give you everything you ask and that you have a very prosperous future with your family. Have a great time on that day and give thanks for everything that life gives you. Congratulations!
  • My nephew, through these words, I want to express to you the pride I feel in everything you have achieved. I also want to remind you that if you fall, you can always take a few seconds to shake the dust, but then you have to get up to keep walking. And it is that it does not matter how hard it is because if you keep trying, you will be able to achieve everything you think about. Happy Birthday!
  • Although thousands of kilometers separate us, I think of you at all times, I would like to wish you a happy birthday, surrounded by friends and family. I would like you to be very happy in this year and to attract luck.
  • Nephew, on this special day, we want you to remember that your uncles love you and we are here to support you in whatever is necessary. We hope you have an excellent time in the company of family and friends, always remembering the good times that have made you smile in life. Happy birthday dear nephew!
  • One more year has come to an end nephew, with him, new experiences and learnings for you. We hope you celebrate big in the company of people who love you. Remember to be thankful for everything that life has given you and keep celebrating. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • Happy birthday nephew, life goes by fast, don’t forget that a few years ago, you were still playing with us and your cousins. May all your wishes, goals and ambitions come to fruition. Do not forget that in us you can find your second parents. We love you.
  • Happy Birthday nephew! May life enlighten you and give you many more years of life next to the people you love the most in life. Remember to be grateful for what you have and do not forget that from wherever you are, we send you our best wishes.
  • Congratulations nephew! Today is your birthday, we want all the good that life has to offer to come to you. Celebrate a lot in the company of your loved ones, be happy and rejoice for the opportunity to live one more year that life gives you. May everything you propose come to fruition.
  • Nephew, it seems that it was yesterday when we changed your diapers, however, time passes very quickly. We want you to spend this date surrounded by your loved ones sharing the joy of living. We send you a big hug and our best wishes wherever you are. Congratulations beautiful nephew.
  • One more year to add to the cake candle. Life is short and fleeting, however, we are sure you have enjoyed it. Eat a lot of cake, let yourself be hugged and receive all the good energy that people give you on your birthday. Have a great time nephew.
  • Happy Birthday nephew! Your uncles who love you hope that this date is full of joy and fun for you. Remember that it is important to live to the fullest and celebrate by staying here one more day in this fleeting world. Happy Birthday nephew. We love you.
  • Congratulations! Nephew on this special date we want you to remember that we love you. Don’t forget to thank God for all the favors he has given you in the last year. Celebrate how big you deserve it. A big hug for you.
  • Life passes quickly nephew, on this birthday, reflect on what you do and what you would like to do, remember that life is only one and it is not to be suffered. Congratulations on a new birthday, may God’s blessings flood your life. We send you our best wishes and hugs wherever you are.

If your nephew deserves something more because he is like a son to you, then I recommend you read these birthday messages for a son, surely you will be able to excite your nephew and that this congratulation will be marked forever in his life.

Happy Birthday Greetings for Nephew

  • Happy Birthday! May life grant you many more years of life alongside your family and loved ones. Have a great time and don’t forget to give thanks for everything you have.
  • Congratulations nephew! It seems like yesterday when you were just a child. Our best wishes are with you, we hope that this coming year is full of new opportunities.
  • Nephew, on this birthday, we want to endorse our commitment to you. Remember that we are here for what you need. We love you and hope that life will grant you many more years of life.
  • One more candle reaches your cake on this day. May life surprise you with many triumphs and positive things for your life. Remember to be grateful for what you have and don’t forget that your uncles love you.
  • Congratulations nephew! You have managed to live one more year without going crazy haha. He celebrates a lot, receives a lot of hugs and cakes from everyone. Remember that life is short and you must enjoy it nephew.
  • Nephew, one more year has come to an end, remember to be grateful for what you have and do not forget to celebrate, that not everyone manages to say that they have completed another year on this planet. We love you.
  • Happy Birthday! Nephew, your birthday today. Go out, getaway, have fun and thank life for everything it has given you. Congratulations.
  • One more year you have fulfilled today and we only want to say: Congratulations! We hope that all your goals and dreams are fulfilled in this short life. A hug.
  • Congratulations nephew, life has allowed you to live one more year. Make the most of every opportunity life gives you to be happy.
  • Happy Birthday nephew! We send you a big hug wherever you are hoping that you are having a great time in your day.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Nephew

  • In a family as big as ours, birthdays come and go, but having a spectacular nephew like you is a joy. Happy birthday, beloved nephew.
  • God had a very good reason for creating nephews, and it is to bring a lot of joy and excitement into the lives of uncles. Receive my congratulations with all my love.
  • I am very happy because this day we celebrate your birthday, I hope you receive many hugs and many wishes full of good wishes full of positive energy and a lot of love. I wish you the best, nephew.
  • Nephew, you are one of the greatest blessings I have received from life, thank you for having decided to be part of my family. God fill you with much happiness on this day that we celebrate your birthday.
  • You know, you are the best thing that has come to my world, thank you for making me smile every day with those antics and spontaneity.
  • On this very important day, handsome nephew, I wish you everything great that life can give you, that every day you have a reason to smile. Congratulations on your day.
  • As time passes and you continue to grow, I realize that you are the nephew that I love to show off in front of my friends because every day I feel more proud of you.
  • May you today receive the best wishes full of good wishes and fabulous gifts, may all your dreams come true and much success in everything you undertake.
  • Life is the result of what you do with it, so take the right path and great blessings will come to you. Have a very happy day.
  • I hope you understand how important you are to me, because although I have a very bad memory, I will never forget the day you came into this world, and I saw you smile for the first time. You are our pride. Congratulations on your day.
  • Even if others tell you otherwise, always have the courage to remain yourself and fight for what you believe in. congratulations dear nephew.
  • I am so happy to see that you continue to grow and enter new stages of your life, just thinking that little by little you are going to put games and races aside, nostalgia invades me. You are a great boy, and I am sure that life has many blessings in store for you because you deserve it. Congratulations on your day, beloved nephew!
  • I always tell you that I love you very much, but today is a glorious day. I have been by your side from a very young age, and I have seen the great heart you have, as well as the values ​​and principles that your parents have instilled in you with so much love.
  • I’m very happy to have a nephew like you and to be able to hug you and shower you with blessings on this special day. Congratulations! And have more years.
  • I am not ashamed to say that I am the aunt who pampers you the most, you are my favorite nephew. And you have become a character and the center of my attention. Congratulations my dear nephew.
  • Dear nephew, we are all very happy and proud of you, and we will celebrate this wonderful day with you.
  • Dear nephew, I always want the best for you, but sometimes that is not enough for someone with such a noble heart as you. So this day receives our best and most sincere wishes, you count on my support to achieve all the goals. Congratulations on your birthday.
  • I searched, searched and searched, but I did not find wishes that could express the happiness that invades me by having you in my life.
  • I love you very much, and that is why I will give you these valuable tips. May humility and honesty never be lacking in your life, they are basic values ​​to walk the correct path towards your goals. Congratulations my beloved nephew!
  • Love, health, happiness, successes, and all those wonderful things that always bring us joy in life, all that is what I wish you on this day, my nephew – beautiful godson. Have a very beautiful birthday
  • Being your aunt and being your godmother is a job that makes me very happy, you know that you count on me at all times, sometimes I spoil you, but it is because although you can be somewhat naughty, it is also true that you are charming and with a noble heart.
  • I want to clarify that, perhaps by kinship, we are aunt and nephew, but for me, you are my second child, a beautiful child who I love to care for and pamper, but also to advise. Congratulations on your birthday.


We hope that the examples of birthday wishes for nephew that our team of editors were in charge of writing especially for this theme, are to your liking and not only that but also serve as inspiration to strengthen the bond that maintained your distant relationship with your nephew. Remember that on our page, you can find other examples of birthday messages that you can use on any occasion.

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