Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes for Men

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Suppose the man you want to congratulate is a good friend. In that case, I recommend you to read this article on birthday wishes for men. Here we have tried to give all kinds of birthday wishes for men with some very lovely congratulations for that someone special.

If the man who is having a birthday is your son, you can enter our website of birthday wishes for a son, and there you will find more personalized wishes for that man in your life.

Birthday Wishes for Men

Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes for Men

A spectacular day for you, wonderful man

A big birthday hug, for a man as special as you! May the fairies always be with you to make all your wishes come true, no matter how difficult their realization may seem.

No matter how time passes, you are still a charming person, full of magic and joys, which you infect everyone in your path, Congratulations, wonderful man!

A wonderful man

A wonderful man and an exceptional person, that’s how my eyes see you, and I didn’t want to stop telling you today. On this day, when you change your age, you leave behind experiences that surely helped you grow and that will help you face everything that is yet to come. Happy Birthday!

We share this day with you, a great man

You are a wonderful being, full of wisdom, peace and a huge heart. That’s why today we want to congratulate you for being who you are, a great man who deserves all the best that life can give him.

Congratulations and the greatest joys to you on this day! With the emotion of being able to share with you one more year of your extraordinary life.

Happy birthday to a special man

Happy birthday to a special man! I hope that today you have a day of good emotions that you celebrate with your family and are very happy.

How not to congratulate such a special man on this day

How not to congratulate such a special man on this day! Congratulations! You still thought I was going to forget it but no! Here I send you these words of affection, with which I tell you that I am very happy to have met you and to have shared thousands of stories and experiences with you. Let’s toast to many more!

Big celebration on this day, dear man

Congratulations! A great birthday to you! You are an exemplary man; we want the celebration of this day to go according to your qualities. Enjoy the beautiful moments, as we all enjoy your excellent company.

We come for this message to wish you the best for all aspects of your life during this year that comes today and forever. Be happy and keep spreading that happiness wherever you go.

Receive all the gifts that your friends and the Universe give you; you are worthy of that. Have a grand celebration on this day, dear man, masterful man!

Congratulations for a special man

There is another year in the life of a great man, like you. Happy Birthday!

Have met a man like you

I am very lucky to have met a man like you and continue by your side after so many years. Congratulations!

Congratulate my favorite man

Of course, I wasn’t going to let this day go by without congratulating my favorite man. Happy Birthday!

The most special man in my life is my brother

The most special man in my life is my brother, and today is his birthday! I want to tell you how much I value you, and how happy I am that we have shared life, growing up with you was wonderful!

I love that, even if you are independent, you are always available to talk and spend time together, and also, today we will celebrate as a family! Congratulations!

A good man

A good man always yearns for a better future, and you are fighting for that. Congratulations, birthday boy! May this year be a very successful one!

Men like you

Men like you exist very few, so it is a necessity to congratulate you this day. Have a good time!

You will become a great man

Congratulations, boy! I can see your future in your eyes, and I know that you will become a significant man step by step.

For a full man, on this beautiful day

You are a full man as there are few these days, time with you seems to stop when one talks and shares moments with you. Thanks for all those conversations and good advice that you always offer without interest.

Happy birthday, full man! Have a beautiful day.

The most special man that I once knew

You are the most special man that I once knew, and each year you show me that you are more and more. Happy Birthday!

Such a kind man as you

I want to become as kind a man as you. Happy Birthday!

You are a very honest man

Happy Birthday! You are a very honest man and today I want to wish you a particular day. I am, without a doubt, a lucky person to have you in my life, because we share a beautiful friendship that lasts many years and from which I have learned a lot. Thank you for everything you give me and don’t forget about me today for a little while to celebrate.

Have a man like you by my side

Your smile lit up the room where we were the first time I saw you, and since then I couldn’t forget about it. Today that you are one more year old, I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I am to have a man like you by my side.

I hope to continue discovering the world with you, learning from everything that surrounds me, laughing so much at your jokes and your occurrences, and I also hope to continue having different opinions from yours on some issues, because arguing with you is beautiful! I love you with all my heart and I say to you, happy birthday!

You are a cool man

Congratulations! You are a unique being and I cannot imagine what a life would be like in which you were not present. Crossing with you that day was beautiful, and meeting you was much more so.

I hope we continue to preserve this beautiful friendship; no one gives better advice than you. You are a cool man!

You are a lovely and special man

You are a lovely and special man, and I wish this birthday is spectacular for you. Congratulations!

The most special man in my life

The most special man in my life is you, I never want you to forget it! Happy Birthday!

You are the man who inspired me

You are the man who inspired me to make all my dreams come true. Happy Birthday!

You are an exemplary man

A long time ago when I met you I knew how special you were, and today I couldn’t let your birthday go by without sending you my best wishes. Have a lot of health to continue celebrating, and many people who appreciate you!

You are an exemplary man, and anyone who knows you would know it with a few seconds of conversation. Congratulations on this more year!

My dad is the most special man in the world

My dad is the most special man in the world, and together with him and the whole family, today we are going to celebrate, because… it’s his birthday! I wanted to tell you many things, but above all, to thank you, because you always did everything possible because I was okay. Thank you also for helping me with my problems and giving me many opportunities to do whatever I wanted. Happy Birthday!

A charming and thoughtful man

Continue being that charming and detailed man, because they need more like you. Happy Birthday! I will never stop thanking you for being that person who is always willing to help me.

Best wishes to you on this and all upcoming birthdays!

You are the funniest man in my life

Congratulations! You are the funniest man in my life and I am looking forward to joining you to celebrate.

More men like you

There should be more men like you in the world. Happy Birthday!

To look at you is to see a happy man

To look at you is to see a man happy, content and proud of everything he has achieved, and it seems incredible to me because you have many reasons to be so. Today you have a lot to celebrate, but the most important thing of all is that one more year of your life passes and you are building the future that you always wanted for yourself. Happy Birthday!

You were always a very mature man

You were always a very mature man, but you never stopped being thoughtful and romantic. Happy Birthday!

The most handsome man

For me, you will always be the most handsome man and my accomplice in adventures. Happy birthday my beloved!

The man I fell in love with

The man that I fell in love with and that I fall in love with every day a little more is you. I adore that this day comes in which we celebrate for you, in which you receive another year more and we spend 24 hours happily preparing your party and then enjoying it with the best company, that of friends, friends and family.

I feel that today I have to be grateful because you came into my life, because the love I feel for you and the one I know you think for me is immense, and because I know that we will take care of it forever. You are an incredible person I do not stop learning; by your side I feel more confident in myself because I know that you will secure my hand in bad times. Thanks for everything, my love. Happy Birthday!

The man who conquered my heart

The man who conquered my heart, the one who treated me best and cared for me the most that is you, my love. Happy Birthday!

Thank you for being the man who takes care of me

Happy Birthday my love! Thank you for being the man who takes care of me and enlightens me.

I tell you that you are the man of my life

This day is good to say beautiful things, that is why I tell you that you are the man of my life and that I love you. Happy Birthday!

You are an even more handsome and beautiful man

You reach one more year and I do not know if you imagine how great and how strong my love for you is, but I hope I have shown it to you in all these years that we have been together, and of course, continue to do so for many more.

Watching you turn your birthday is fantastic and with each passing year, you are an even more handsome and beautiful man. Congratulations, my love!

Thank you for showing up and for becoming the man of my life

This is a message of love and it could not be otherwise because this is the feeling I have for you and that has completely crossed me since I have been with you.

So, I say thank you for showing up and becoming the man of my life, and I hope to make you have the best of days. Happy Birthday!

Thank you for inspiring me and because being with you makes me want to be a better person. Every day of your life should be right for you, because you have the kindest heart in the world, and if there is someone who deserves to have everything go well, it is you. I love you!

Celebrate life to the fullest, happy man

On this new birthday, take the celebration to another level. Where nothing is missing that guarantees that it will be a day to remember forever.

Receive the greetings of all those who appreciate you and share great moments with you. Congratulations!

That you fulfill them with yours

Happy Birthday! May you fulfill them with yours, and may you continue to be such a careful and respectful man, always attentive to your family and still giving them the best you can.

You are a great friend, and I know you always will be, because, in all the years that I have known you, you have shown me your trust and your great sincerity. You deserve a day of non-stop celebrating!

You are a friend at heart

Happy Birthday! You are a friend at heart, a man with a serenity and patience that I have never seen in anyone like him. I feel like I am the luckiest to have met you, and I want you to know how much I admire you!

We will surely see each other today, as it is customary to have a drink together on this day, I have to hug you in person, and we have to talk about many things!

May your life be very long

My best wish is that your life is very long and that you are a man who always has God in mind. Happy Birthday!

To be by your side one more year because you are the love of my life

Happy Birthday sweetie! I want to make you happy, continue to support you and be by your side for another year because you are the love of my life, the best man I have ever known. You have a lot to be proud of because you have always achieved everything you set your mind to, and there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing you do it. Let’s toast to another successful year!

The love of my life came a few years ago

The love of my life arrived a few years ago and apparently, he did it to stay because today he celebrates another year of life and I am still by his side. A man who shines above all others, whose contagious joy made my heart beat faster and fell in love with when I hadn’t even blinked.

Let’s continue taking care of each other, my love, and giving each other all the love and understanding in the world because together we always go further. Congratulations!

Being with you is what I always wanted

Happy Birthday sweetie! You must know that one day I thought that I would never meet the man of my life until you arrived. I did not expect it at all, and I had almost lost confidence in love, but from the first second you were different, your gaze caught me and I could only think of you, day after day.

Being with you is what I always wanted from that moment, and my dream came true. Today that you turn one more year, I like to remember each of the birthdays that I have spent with you, and the next one always surpasses the previous one. So, I hope that today we have a grand celebration and that this year that begins for you, my love, brings you the best successes and the best news. I love you!

I hope my heart speaks for me

I hope that my heart speaks for me, and the surprises that I made you make you feel exceptional. Happy Birthday my love! You are the perfect man for me, and it makes me very happy to know that you are part of my life.

May we be together for the next few years, and may we build a beautiful future together. I love you from here to the moon!

I will be by your side being the happiest person

It is nice to have you with me, and how nice it is to celebrate your birthday with you. This day when you realize everything you have achieved in the last year, in which everyone who loves you takes time to see you and to send you words of affection, a beautiful and fun day!

I will be the happiest person by your side because I know you are the man of my life. Happy Birthday my love!

It was with you that I wanted to be

Little by little, I realized that it was with you that I wanted to be; over time, you took over my heart and thoughts.

Thank you for being the right man for me and making me look the sweetest when I’m wrong. Happy Birthday my love!

I am the most loved woman

I am the most loved woman, and that’s thanks to you! You have become an essential part of my life, and I wish with all my heart that this day is lovely.

You deserve many good things because you are a good man and create an extraordinary bond with anyone who knows you. Happy birthday, love of my life!

I feel the most protected person

I feel like the most protected person in your arms, thank you for your company and your constant concern, love. You are an extraordinary man and not only do I say it, but it also says each of the people who know you.

May this and every day God bless you! Happy Birthday Sweetie!

What a beautiful life I have with you by my side

What a beautiful life I have with you by my side, the man I love and who loves me. Happy Birthday sweetie! Another year by your side is preparing the best celebration and doing everything possible to make your day the best.

It is very happy to live this day with you and celebrate your life because you are the most important thing in mine, and I always give thanks to because you were born, because you appeared by my side and because you fell in love with me.

Happy Birthday my friend

Happy Birthday my friend! I wish you a day full of joys, that your life never lacks health and love, that on your way, you will always find great success and that all your dreams come true.

I love you very much and our friendship is everything to me. It is a pride to have you as a friend and a joy to know that I can count on you for anything.

Congrats friend! May you enjoy this day and take advantage of life every day.

There is nothing better than being part of your life

The most exciting day of the year has arrived, my love! Congratulations! I want to tell you that there is nothing better for me than to be part of your life, build a common future, and know that I will always be with you.

From the moment you showed up

From the moment you appeared, I feel like the most loved woman, and I want you to feel how much you make me feel today. Happy Birthday love!

May life keep treating you so well

Happy Birthday love! May life continue to treat you so well, because there is no one more beautiful than you, my life.

Being with you

Being with you, I don’t need anything else to be happy! May God give you many more years of life, my love. Happy Birthday!

I melt with love for you

My dear, you are getting more and more handsome! Today you are a year older, and I melt with love for you. You deserve the best every day of your life!

With you, love of my life

With you, love of my life is more than positive every day, but this is the best. Happy Birthday!

You are more perfect than princes

You are more perfect than the stories; let’s celebrate your new year of life together! Happy Birthday love!

I knew it from the first look

I have often been told that at the beginning of a relationship, you never know if the person is the one, but with you, I knew from the first look. Love, what I felt at that moment was something so magical that I don’t know how to explain it, but I hope you felt it too.

Happy Birthday! I love you, and I hope to have you by my side for the rest of my life!

No matter how much you tell me

As much as you tell me that you love me more, it is impossible that it is more than I love you. I hope that you like your gift! Happy Birthday my love!

Congratulations boyfriend and man of my dreams

The man of my dreams and the reason for all my happiness celebrates another year of battles won and tests passed. Happy birthday, my good! May all your dreams come true and may nothing unpleasant happen in your day.

You are a unique and exemplary human being. I am very happy by your side. Every day I appreciate your company, collaboration and attention. Have a happy day, just like our love. I adore you!

I am the luckiest man in the world

Happy birthday, girlfriend! A day like today, you came into the world, and since then, I have been the luckiest man in the world to have you. Neither this passing distance nor anything will diminish the love I feel for you. I want you to celebrate life! And soon, when we meet again, I swear I’m going to make you the happiest woman.

I know I have told you many times, but I love you so much. I hope that when you blow out the candles, God hears your every wish and makes it come true.

I look forward to continuing to build our future together!

Congratulations little man

A day like today, I held you in my arms for the first time, and I think that until today I have not had such a happy moment as that. I always dreamed of having a grandchild and life surprised me with a child as special as you.

It’s incredible how time passes and I see how you grow up and become a real little man, I will soon have to teach you to drive!

I want you to know that I will always be there for you and that you can count on me because that is what grandparents are for. Having you rejuvenates me, makes me immensely blessed, and I am very happy to know that I am here to celebrate one more year with you.

You are made a little man

My son, happy 12 years! You are made a little man, and I feel great pride for you, today I am not going to stop hugging you!

You have become a little man with a big heart

Congratulations to my fifteen-year-old! Over the years, you have become a little man with a big heart, with a strong temperament, and special sensitivity, and above all, kindness. I don’t have to tell you how proud I feel for you, son, but it never hurts to repeat it.

You will be a good man

Today you add one more year to your age, son, and it’s already 15! I find it surprising how much you have changed and how mature you are. I am very happy to know that you have become a young fighter, with great aspirations, and with a lot of dedication.

Birthday Image for Men

They say that images can speak and say much more by themselves than words, that is why our team of designers has decided to share with you some birthday cards for men, it does not matter that you are not a man of too many words, a single image will suffice to congratulate that friend.

Birthday Wishes for Men
Birthday Wishes for Men
Birthday Wishes for Men
Birthday Wishes for Men
Birthday Wishes for Men
Birthday Wishes for Men

Perhaps it is your brother who has a birthday and you want to send him a congratulation as he deserves if so you can see the best birthday wishes for a brother where our writing team has put a lot of love and affection so that your brother gets excited.

Suppose the man you are going to congratulate is your boyfriend. In that case, we recommend you send him a birthday greeting for your boyfriend that we have fresh out of the oven with the most significant originality and with the heart put into each wish to get excited.

Short Birthday Wishes for Men

Don’t have enough time? Don’t worry; we have created a compilation of birthday wishes for men that we find on the net so that you can share it with any birthday boy, you know.

  • Happy Birthday! I hope you have many more years of life to share them and that all your wishes are fulfilled. A hug.
  • Congratulations! Celebrate big, eat a lot, smile and live, that life is short and there are always years to go. I send you a hug and my best wishes.
  • One more year of life comes to you; I hope it has not gone unnoticed. Thank life for allowing you to share one more year with everyone. A hug.
  • Who’s birthday? Congratulations, I have no choice but to wish you the best on this particular day, full of smiles, joys, happiness and lots of fun.
  • Happy Birthday! Have an excellent time, I hope you have many happier birthdays next to yours. Best wishes.
  • Hoping you are celebrating in a big way, I send you this message to wish you the best on this special day. May your dreams come true in a big way and life allows you to achieve what you set out to do. Congratulations!
  • How many is your birthday? Haha congratulations my friend, remember that I am here to support you, especially on special dates. Best wishes wherever you are.
  • Every year is not gray hair; it is a lesson learned. Let yourself be loved on this important day, not only for you but for all your family members and loved ones. May life give you much more than what you have.
  • The day is about to end, but I don’t want to let it go without allowing myself to congratulate you on your birthday. May your dreams and greatest achievements come true this year. Best wishes.
  • Congratulations! The date has finally arrived haha, I hope you have good plans for today, surrounded by people who love you and with whom you can spend excellent times. A hug.
  • For me, you are a special man and you know it, and today we will toast why you continue to be so. Happy Birthday!
  • Before I met you, I already knew you were a special man the first time I saw you, and I was not the least bit wrong! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! You know that you were always a special man for me, since I met you we created a powerful bond that, as the years go by, it will never be broken.
  • I hope to spend a little time with you today to wish you in person a year full of victories and good people who give you a lot of affection and love.
  • Congratulations! Let’s toast to your kind spirit and because you are a lucky man.
  • I wish that your day today is unforgettable and full of fun. Happy birthday, little brother!
  • My great little man, congratulations on your birthday! Take a firm step towards your happiness, but always with integrity, full of desire, and with your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Today is a day for you! Enjoy it in the best way you can. Go ahead with your dreams, and above all, move in the direction of achieving them.
  • I come today to shout to the world that I wish you have a beautiful celebration of your birth date. If you are happy, I will be comfortable with you as well.
  • What a wonderful day! It’s your birthday, dad.
  • No matter the weather, whether it is sunny or raining, today is a special day for all of us, because it is your day.
  • If it rains, the sun will be waiting to illuminate you. If it’s sunny, take a walk and feel its warmth.
  • I hope you have a great time with the company of all who appreciate you. Congratulations!
  • A dear friend of mine, I wish you an unforgettable birthday. May your wishes come true, and may you achieve all your goals in this new stage.
  • I am thankful for your friendship, which has brought so much happiness to my life. May your day be complete, full of hugs, love, and smiles.
  • My friend, today is the day to celebrate with great enthusiasm and not save on celebrations or displays of joy. Happy Birthday!
  • You are very important to me; I hope you never forget it because you are an extraordinary person and my special friend.
  • May you be happy, not only today but every day of your life, which I hope will be very long and always be part of it. I love you, my friend!
  • Happy 6 years old, dear son! Time flew by! I want to see you grow until you become a little man. I adore you!
  • I hope to see you today to give you a big hug and wish you many more. I love you, brother!
  • I hope that you never lose that enthusiasm for living during your life, which I wish is long and happy. Happy birthday, my good!
  • Today I realize the valuable man I lost; I thank you for so much affection and for sharing with me some of the most beautiful years.
  • I hope you have a good time, and as always, your whole family gathers to sing your birthdays.
  • Neither the kilometers nor the distance will stop you from feeling close on a day as important today. Congratulations, my friend!
  • You have a whole life ahead of you, son. Happy Birthday! Your seven years old is a source of great joy. We will celebrate them with a party and lots of gifts!
  • You are an educated, respectful, and very loving child. I’ve always dreamed of you like this! Little by little, I will see you grow up and become a great little man.
  • This is a memorable date, son because, with each day that passes, you become more of a man. Happy 15th birthday!
  • You put childhood aside with each passing year, but continue to be the noblest little man I know. Happy birthday, son! May this 8th birthday be special!
  • May God continue to give you many more years of celebration and fellowship, son. Today I am glad to know how independent and a good little man you are. How proud I am!
  • I hope you grow up and that despite getting closer to adulthood, you continue to be as noble as you are now. Have the best birthday!
  • I’m trying to remember when you became a man, but only images of your little one come to mind! Happy 17th, son!
  • Happy 18 years, son! You don’t stop growing; it seems like three days ago, I taught you to walk, but you’re already a man!
  • Man, this is not just a message to congratulate you on your birthday, but so that you also know how much I appreciate you taking care of me.
  • You are a very kind man, charismatic and full of youth! You have the words and the necessary advice at the right times. I will always appreciate it!
  • Happy birthday, man! That you continue to be so lovely, such a good man, and so committed.
  • Happy birthday, dear son-in-law! All of us in the family love you very much. My daughter earned a wonderful husband, and I a borrowed son.
  • I hope that today and always, you are pleased, and that I can watch you grow and become little by little a unique man. I love you so much, son!
  • I want you to know that you are a very handsome boy, and you are barely 15! Imagine when you are a man! Happy Birthday!
  • You are a blessing of a son! Little by little, you are becoming a wonderful man. Thank you for giving us the happiness of being your parents! Happy Birthday!
  • Someone told me that you were celebrating your birthday, and I want to take this day to thank you for so many unique moments.
  • You are a person like no other, and I hope you know that you can count on me whenever you want. Happy Birthday! May you have a life full of blessings, health, and prosperity.
  • You are the most motivating, hard-working, and the cheerful man I know; that’s why I want you to be immensely happy and enjoy this day.
  • I wish that by blowing out the candles, all your dreams come true! Happy birthday, dear father-in-law!

Hopefully, these birthday greetings for men have been useful to all of you, sometimes we are not quite sure what we should say in particular situations and it is valid to make use of the online resources that we can access.

Birthday Wishes With Boy’s Name

Below our team has prepared for you a large number of birthday wishes to congratulate a boy with his own name in a personalized way. Likely, the name of the person you want to congratulate is not on this list, since we have used the most famous names so far, but do not worry, because you can always take a birthday wish for men that you like and change the name by which you want.

Happy Birthday Alejandro

  • In every step you take, I will be there. I am always trying to make your days more comfortable. Happy birthday Alejandro!
  • Congratulations, Alex! You are the type of person who always sees the positive side of things, and if there is not, he makes it up.
  • Love, Health, Family, Life, Birthday….You can’t ask for more. Value what you have today and every day. Happy birthday Alejandro!
  • Alex, I hope you have a lovely day celebrating with your loved ones. I’m waiting for my piece of cake, Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Alejandro! Today, many reasons lead me to write these words for you, but without a doubt, the biggest reason I have is to tell you everything you mean to me.
  • Congratulations Alejandro! Think about everything you have achieved and how you got here. Take strength. You have much more to complete. The best is always yet to come.
  • Have a great day where happiness reigns and a huge cake (so that they take all the candles you need). Enjoy it a lot. Congratulations Alex!

Happy Birthday Carlos

  • Happy birthday Carlos. No matter how many years you meet, always look for the positive side of life.
  • Today is a big day. I don’t miss this celebration in the world. Congratulations Carlos!
  • The important thing about adding years is to share them with the people you love the most. Enjoy each one of them. Happy birthday Carlos.
  • Congratulations Carlos! Tell me time and place, and I’ll be there without fail to see you blow out the candles.
  • Happy birthday Carlos. Happy life.

Happy Birthday Daniel

  • The recipe is impossible to go wrong. You have all the ingredients to be happy. Take advantage of each of them. Happy Birthday Daniel!
  • We have known each other for a few years now when I see you blow out the candles. And if I had to make a wish, I wish this would never end. But today you ask for your wishes. ”I leave it in your hand. Have a great day. Congratulations Dani!
  • To you who are such a friend of your friends, so familiar, such a good guy, to tell you that you only deserve good things and indeed have them.
  • PS: don’t forget to save me the most significant piece of cake Happy Birthday Daniel!
  • Congratulations Dani! You know that I will be here for everything you need, be it good, bad or regular.
  • Happy Birthday Dani! Always remember that quantity does not matter, but quality. And you have a lot around that. Enjoy your people in your day. Nobody is better than them to make it unforgettable.
  • It’s a good day to start collecting moments, not things. It will be the best birthday present ever. Congratulations Daniel!
  • Never stop believing in yourself, in your potential, in your virtues, in your personal, and everything else will come rolled. Enjoy each day of the new year that you celebrate today.
  • Happy birthday Dani!

Happy Birthday David

  • Happy Birthday David! Enjoy each of the days that life gives you. May God bless you at every step.
  • Make this day magic. Well, this one just no, make each day count from the moment you put your foot on the ground when you get up. Happy Birthday, David!
  • Congratulations David! That everything that makes you happy will last you forever.
  • Happy Birthday David! So many centuries, so many worlds, so many people, so many roads and coinciding…. How lucky is mine!
  • I wish you all the good things in this world on your birthday. You do not deserve less. Congratulations David!

Happy Birthday Diego

  • Congratulations Diego! Nothing makes me happier than being here congratulating you and then later celebrating by your side.
  • Keep adding together with your loved ones infinitely. No one will be more glad of your achievements than they Happy Birthday Diego!
  • For all, we have lived and what we have left to live, Enjoy this special day. Happy birthday Diego!
  • I would love to have you by my side to wish you a happy day in person, but I send you my best wishes in these words since it is not possible. Happy Birthday Diego!
  • Happy birthday Diego! Thousands of kisses, hugs, caresses and a million I love you, I send you. Enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday Fernando

  • Happy Birthday Fernando! Blessed are you with all that goodness you have. You only know how to do good. It’s good to have people like you so close.
  • Happy Birthday Fernando. From me and all of mine, we wish you a great birthday. May everything you wish come true. A hug.
  • With my heart wide open, I wish you a great day. May you meet many more. Happy Birthday Fernando.
  • Good luck, love, and joy for this new year that begins today. God bless you always. Happy birthday Fernando!
  • May you never lack a reason to be satisfied, a pleasant company, and iron health.
  • Happy birthday Fernando!

Happy Birthday Jaime

  • Enjoy your magical day, where all your dreams will come true. Happy Birthday Jaime!
  • It should be a day like any other, but I don’t know why we have more light, more magic, and more happiness on our birthday. May all those sensations last you all year long. Congratulations Jaime!
  • What a fortune mine, your friendship. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. Seeing you happy makes me very happy. Together we will make today an unforgettable day. Happy Birthday Jaime!
  • Happy Birthday Jaime! I send you my virtual gift, many kisses, and hugs, which I will also give you in person as soon as I see you.
  • Congratulations Jaime! Today the best gift that you will take in your heart will be the memories and the presence of the people who love you the most.

Happy Birthday Javier

  • Happy birthday Javi! The world needs more people like you. Have a great day. A big kiss.
  • Good luck to me to be part of your days and be able to be today, making this day a little more special. Happy Birthday Javi!
  • Happy Birthday Javier! May God bless you and everything around you. A hug
  • It is always a good day to celebrate life. Imagine today it’s your birthday to Congratulations, Javi!
  • There are great people in life and then there is you. That you have a heart so big that it doesn’t fit in your chest. To continue celebrating years with that beautiful smile ahead. Happy birthday Javier!
  • If you didn’t exist, I’d have to invent you. Enjoy your Happy day birthday Javi!
  • Today is one of those days when nothing can go wrong. Take advantage, make your biggest wish! It will surely come true. Happy Birthday Javier!

Happy Birthday Jesus

  • May we always keep looking in the same direction. Happy Birthday Jesus!
  • Happy Birthday Jesus! You are a very great and caring person. You give off immense positivity. That nothing and no one changes you.
  • Happy birthday Jesus! Imagine all the good things in the world. Well, all those and many more are what I wish you forever. A giant hug for you.
  • Everything I could tell you falls short. You always deserve much more. Thank you for all that you give without asking for anything in return.Happy Birthday Jesus!
  • Congratulations Jesus. Today 365 new opportunities begin to do everything you set your mind to. Don’t waste a single one.

Happy Birthday Jorge

  • Today is your day, Jorge. Our day rather. Because you already know that I will always be here for good and the bad. I will feel both your achievements and your failures as if they were my own. Have a great day. Congratulations! Many kisses.
  • I have seen you blow out the candles for several years. It’s lucky to see you grow up so closely. May God bless you and bless our friendship forever. Happy Birthday Jorge!
  • Happy birthday Jorge! Today begins a new path with 365 steps. Nobody said it was easy, but not impossible either. You can go with everything. A hug.
  • Happy Birthday! I hope that each of your dreams come true, that you achieve each goal, that you are very happy, this and each one of your years. Count on me always, Jorge.
  • It is impossible to forget a date like today. You have to celebrate in style. You deserve no less. Happy birthday Jorge!

Happy Birthday Jose

  • I want to be present on each of your birthdays. Nothing in the world makes me happier than being by your side for everything you need. Enjoy your day. Congratulations Jose!
  • Thank you, life, for putting it in my way! Celebrating your special day makes me immensely happy. Congratulations Jose.
  • Although the circumstances today force me to congratulate you in the distance, you know that there is nothing in this world that I want more than to blow the candles at your side. Enjoy your day. Right away, we celebrate it together. Happy Birthday Jose!
  • Happy Birthday Jose. Birthday has its charm. Enjoy this wonderful day. A big kiss.
  • With this small dedication I want to express my love and desire to be with you on such a special day. May you meet many more. Happy Birthday Jose !

Happy Birthday Juan

  • Travel, dream, love, love yourself do whatever you want. You only live once. Make it worth it. Happy birthday Juan!
  • Have a piece of the day, and know that I will be with my heart even if I cannot be present on your birthday. God bless you Juan.
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations Juan! Enjoy your day, it is not your birthday every day (good and luckily), but where would we put so many candles? A hug.
  • Happy Birthday! I wanted to contribute with my congratulations to do my bit on this birthday to make it a little more special. Do not ever change. You make yourself love very fast.
  • Forever and ever. What we have is infinite, and in case you hadn’t realized it, I leave it in writing today. Happy birthday Juan!

Happy Birthday Juan Carlos

  • If remembering it makes you laugh, it was worth it. That is the only thing that should matter. Happy birthday Juan Carlos!
  • The plan does not always go well. Sometimes you have to improvise. Happy Birthday Juan Carlos!
  • Juan Carlos, in the journey of life, many people will come and go. Only a few will last to the end. Surround yourself with these people today and always. Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations, Juan Carlos! Not every day you meet your secret age Twenty, thirty, forty, fifty… whoever they are, you get along very well. Muy
  • Happy Birthday! In all your facets of life, I would give you honors. You must be doing something very good. Never change Juan Carlos.

Happy Birthday Luis

  • For all those things that cannot be counted, that only you and I know. That makes everything so unique for all that and much more. Happy Birthday Luis!
  • It is impossible to summarize in a congratulation all that I feel for you. You’re too big for me. Congratulations Luis!
  • Happy birthday Luis! There are nothing and no one who can compare to you. You stand out from the rest. You are unique.
  • Always keep blowing the candles with that huge smile. Congratulations Luis!
  • As the years go by, keep me always in mind. I never forget you. I hope you have a special day and a wonderful year. Happy birthday Luis!

Happy Birthday Manuel…

  • You have everything it takes to put the world at your feet. So hard-working, wise, friendly, with a good heart… Never change. You have a lot of potentials, and perfect things will come to you in life. Happy birthday Manuel!
  • Manu, I will always be eternally grateful for everything you have taught me. We sure have a lot of things to learn from you. Keep by our side, making us happy. Happy birthday Manuel!
  • Congratulations Manuel. Not for all the gold in the world would I exchange a friendship like yours. Have a pleased birthday. A big kiss.
  • Happy birthday Manu! I send you a shower of love, peace, affection, friendship, and health. God bless you. A hug.
  • Surrounded by your loved ones, with your favorite cake and blowing out your candles to wish that your dreams come true. Much loved and in infinite health. Can you ask for more? Happy birthday Manuel!
  • Congratulations Manu. Infinite good wishes I send you with all my heart. Take advantage of every second of your birthday.
  • From a distance, I send you my blessings and my deepest affection for you. Always remember that although there are times when storms come, the sun still shines again. Happy birthday Manuel!

Happy Birthday Miguel

  • Of all the days of the year, today is one of my favorite days. I love spending it with you. Happy Birthday Miguel!
  • Happy birthday Miguel! It is a great day to remember everything you have experienced, take stock, and set your eyes on new goals.
  • Miguel, never change your way of being. It has taken you a lifetime to train and characterizes you as a whole. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Miguel! I hope everything goes luxury.
  • Happy Birthday! Although it may not seem like it, I remember a lot about you, and I’m glad to see you so well. Keep it up. A big kiss Miguel.

Happy Birthday Oscar

  • For being and always being needed, among many other things, I love you, and I will always love you. Happy birthday Oscar!
  • The more years, the more experience. There is nothing that can resist you anymore, Happy Birthday, Oscar!
  • Happy birthday Oscar! May the wind always blow in your favor. ?
  • Óscar I will never forget the day we met, you gave me so much in such a short time Eternally grateful to Enjoy your day and yours. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations Oscar. A little bird told me that today is your birthday. Be very happy every day.

Happy Birthday Pablo

  • I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, no matter how short or long they are (that’s the least). So learn from each being close to you, as much as you can, enrich yourself with their experiences and make each person you come across, each path you take, each day that passes and each year count. Happy birthday Pablo!
  • Does anyone have a birthday around here? Do not pretend; you are not going to escape from celebrating. Have a wonderful day. Congratulations Pablo!
  • Happy birthday Pablo! Never forget that you have a friend in me for life. God bless you and your entire family. A hug!
  • You give off so much light that it spreads to everyone near you. Never leave my side. And of course, today much less. Congratulations Pablo!
  • Congratulations Pablo! May everything that makes you happy be multiplied by infinity. Enjoy your day. PS: I invite myself to the celebration.

Happy Birthday Pedro

  • With your mere presence, you get a thousand smiles around you. You infect everyone with a unique good vibe. I feel lucky to be part of your circle. Have a wonderful day Happy birthday Pedro!
  • Happy Birthday Pedro! All the anecdotes that you and I carry behind our backs; each one of them makes us smile when we remember them. I toast to continue building many more.
  • Pedro today, I open my heart to the fullest to tell you that you can always count on my unconditional support. And how could it be otherwise, in nothing we will be together celebrating your new figure. Happy birthday!
  • Today only anything that makes you smile will be welcome. Do not miss anything else. Congratulations Pedro!
  • Today begins a new journey. Only you decide what you take in your backpack. I will only give you some advice, take out everything that weighs you the most, take the basics, whatever makes you simply happy the path will be more comfortable. Happy birthday Pedro!

Happy Birthday Ricardo

  • Ricardo congratulations! Have an enormously happy day. May you never lack yours, your best company. God bless you. A big hug from a distance.
  • You make it possible that even being far away, it seems that he has you by his side. Never let go of my hand; I will not do it with you either. Here I will stay adding with you forever. Happy birthday Ricardo!
  • Congratulations Ricardo. I wish only good things happen to you, not only this year but also in all those.
  • Dreams come true. Dream big Ricardo. I will be here watching you enjoy them always. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday Ricardo. You were my greatest discovery. I, without looking for you, found you. I no longer let go of your hand.

Happy Birthday Santiago

  • But who’s birthday today? Enjoy your day a lot, and celebrate it as you deserve. Happy birthday Santiago.
  • I toast you and all the good things that I wish you in this new year that you celebrate today. Congratulations Santiago.
  • The important dates are to share them with the people we love the most, your birthday was not going to be less. Happy birthday Santi!
  • May God bless me with many years of life to continue watching you grow eternally. Happy Birthday Santiago!
  • Every year that we fulfill is a gift from God. Take advantage of every moment. Enjoy every moment. Happy Birthday Santi!
  • It seems like a beautiful day to tell you how much I love you. Have a great day. Happy Birthday Santi!
  • Your birthday makes this day even more special. Congratulations Santiago.

Happy Birthday Victor

  • People like you don’t meet every day. I feel so lucky to be able to be here today congratulating you and, of course, to be so present in each of your days. Happy birthday Victor!
  • Happy birthday Victor! It is to be appreciated all the good things that life gives us. That is not a little. May we never lack everything that makes us happy.
  • Always love yourself as you are and the whole world will love you. It’s hard not to appreciate all the beauty in you. Happy birthday Victor! Enjoy your day.
  • Every year you meet is one more step towards success. Make every day count; make every step magical. Happy birthday Victor!
  • Victor, your madness is contagious. It fills us with positivity. Not everyone has that ability and that, my friend, is very lovely. Have a great day. Happy birthday Victor!
  • May your birthday bring you many moments of difficult to forget and that when remembering, they bring out the biggest smiles. I love you exceeding limits that you cannot imagine. Happy Birthday William!
  • Congratulations Willian. Do you remember everything we’ve been through? Well, you still have many many more years to put up with me.
  • Happy birthday Willian! Make every second, minute, hour and day count. And you will add life to your years.
  • Willian Congratulations! God bless this day forever and everything that makes you happy.
  • We are lucky. ”We have to thank God for all the good that He gives us. It is an honor to continue seeing your birthday. May it always be so. Happy birthday Willian!

Wrap up

Hopefully, these birthday wishes for men have been useful to all of you, sometimes we are not quite sure what we should say in special situations and it is valid to make use of the online resources that we can access.

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