100+ Blessing Birthday Wishes for Little Princess

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Send happy birthday princess messages to your beautiful princess on her birthday. Below you will see phrases for intimate birthday wishes, to dedicate to the person you love, to make them understand how important their birthday would be to you personally.

Birthday Wishes for Little Princess

As a result of some romantic date, it is possible to give you particular wishes and, precisely at the same time, remember your feelings for the person you love. It is not always easy to get the right words and certainly, your beautiful princess or friend anticipates something, in particular, something that makes her unique and surprising.

Birthday Wishes for Little Princess

Birthday Wishes for Little Princess

  • Much love and good wishes for the most tender and sweet princess in the entire universe on this, birthday. Happy Birthday!
  • Have we told you that we are the proudest parents on the planet? Or that we are the happiest parents in the world? And what are you, our princess? If this has happened to us, we say to you today: have a birthday as wonderful as you!
  • Time passes so fast that, without realizing it, we add another year to your age. Have a nice day, my little princess!
  • I am happy to welcome you on this special day, I sincerely hope that all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday Princess!
  • Time flies, it seems like yesterday when I saw you take your first steps and today you are ** years old, I love you with all my being and that is why today I wish you a happy birthday.
  • Today you know ** years and I am very happy. Everyone in the family loves you and we want you to spend an unforgettable day with the people you love the most. Congratulations Princess!
  • I am very excited to celebrate this important day. ** Years ago you came to our house to give us so many joys. I hope you have a good birthday with all the people who love you, princess.
  • Since we received the news of your arrival, we have been very happy and now that you have been living for another year, we are very happy to have you. You are very special to us, we wish you a beautiful princess birthday.
  • I am happy that today you have one more year to live. This date, I always remember the day you were born and I am happy to know that you are here with us today. I love you princess. Happy Birthday!
  • You are the cult of this family and we are very proud that you make us happy with your presence and your affection. We love you princess. Happy Birthday!
  • The day has come, the day to start over, to open up new opportunities and new dreams. Happy Birthday Princess!
  • Although words are not a substitute for hugs, we hope they help us to send you our best wishes for your birthday. Have a happy princess day!
  • Growing up is part of the princess’s life. On your way, we will support you so that each trip is a great step forward. Happy Birthday!
  • That we left behind a year ago, let’s welcome a new opportunity to live it with a smile, love and great shared moments. Happy Birthday Princess!
  • You are the best gift that life has given us. May this detail serve to share some moments of happiness together. May you be a very happy princess!
  • You deserve a life full of happiness. That our company serves to give you a small part of the happiness you deserve. Congratulations Princess!
  • This day is like no other, today I will see you smile, I will see you happy but above all, you will receive all the love you deserve princess.
  • Every day you shine and you are radiant, but today you are more than that, you are a light of pure happiness, happy day to the princess.
  • With you, all my days are a special princess and today I want to make your day very special so congratulations on your day.
  • And it is with you that I feel alive and that is why I want to make you feel in your day what you make me feel everyday princess.
  • On this princess’s birthday, I want to be with you because it is the happiest moment of your life and I want to be part of that happiness.
  • Every birthday with you princess is fun because only your smile that day is unique and I feel a bit of this happiness to be with you.
  • Not all birthdays are about gifts, but yours is inevitable since you are the best gift for all of us who celebrate your princess’s day.
  • With you, everything is better and today it will be even better because you will be full of happiness and people who love you, happy princess day.
  • I want you to know today that it makes me very happy that it is the day you were born and that you made this princess in the world more beautiful.
  • May God illuminate your path every day and today fill you with happiness and love because you deserve the princess.
  • I want to tell you that this day is not like the others, today I want to give you more than a gift, I want to be your princess gift.
  • There is no gift in this world to express how much I love you princess, but at least I want you to know that I always try to give you the best that I have in me.
  • Happy birthday princess, I would like to tell you many things, but with a few words I will say, “Thank you for existing.”
  • With you, I have so many memories, so many things lived that it is impossible not to remember the day you came to this world, so the happiest today is me, congratulations princess.
  • On days like today, I thank God for allowing me to enter my life to fill it with joy and love. Congratulations, dear daughter.
  • With each passing day, I realize that you are growing and becoming a wonderful person with beautiful feelings. Keep it up, my daughter.
  • My beautiful girl, today is a perfect day to wish you happiness, a lot of love, all the health in the world and that you always find the way to your dreams.
  • When you were little, you stole my heart, now that you have grown up, you are an inexhaustible source of pride. Congratulations on your day, my princess.
  • This day is very special because we celebrate the moment when you came into our lives to be the princess of our home and of our hearts.
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Short Birthday Wishes for a Little Princess

Birthday Wishes for Little Princess

  • Best wishes not only today, on your birthday, but for life. I love you, princess.
  • I walk and that every day you find many reasons to be happy.
  • I wish that your special day is full of unforgettable moments and beautiful gifts. Happy Birthday Princess!
  • For you, who year after year you are the best of our wishes, we wish you the best on your princess’s birthday.
  • Happy birthday princess, you make each of my days very beautiful.
  • Any day for many, but it is a special day for you and an opportunity for me, congratulations princess.
  • Today do not expect a gift from me, I hope for a hug and especially my gift that is the heart of my princess.
  • The best gift you give us on this birthday is that smile and energy of happiness princess.
  • A princess’s birthday is the perfect time to be happy and give a beautiful gift.
  • There are days when I feel sad, but this is not one of them, this one I am full of happy birthday princess.
  • I wish that each year you make each of your dreams come true. Congratulations on your birthday!
  • I wish that your special day is filled with unforgettable moments and beautiful gifts. Happy Birthday Princess!
  • My greatest wish for your birthday, my daughter, is that you always find blessings in your
  • Road and that every day you find many reasons to be happy.
  • Close your eyes and ask for many good things because little angels like your God, only have blessings.
  • My favorite girl, my goddaughter of my soul, whom I love the most, is turning one more year. Congratulations!
  • My beautiful girl, as you grow every day, my pride for you grows. Happy Birthday Princess!
  • We celebrate with joy the day of the birthday of your princess, with the hope that in the future, all your dreams will be fulfilled. A big kiss.
  • You already know my princess, you can always count on me for everything you need, because my priority is that you are always very happy. Congratulations on your day.

Happy Birthday Princess

  • Congratulations princess. I feel very happy because I have seen with great pride the great person that you have become, and I know that you will achieve everything you set out to do.
  • Days pass and are forgotten, but today you will always remember them and keep them in your heart because it is your day like a princess.
  • Another year is behind us and a new one begins to fill you with smiles, hugs and special moments. Happy Birthday Princess!
  • Happy day, my daughter. Even if you know it, I need to tell you that I love you and that I would do anything because happiness always knocks on your door and takes away the pain.
  • On this wonderful day, my daughter, I wish that your birthday will rain the joys, gifts and smiles of all those who love you.
  • Your birthday is a very special date, not only to see the great person you are becoming, it is that your happiness becomes mine.
  • My heart rejoices to see that you are a person with a great heart, and my greatest wish is that you always achieve your happiness, my princess. Congratulations
  • I still remember the first day I held you in my arms, so small that you needed me for everything, and it is a pride to see that you are a wonderful person.

Happy Birthday Messages for a Little Princess

Birthday Wishes for Little Princess

  • When you arrived, little sister, I knew what it was like to have a best friend in the same house always. You arrived and I knew that with you everything is more fun. I have watched you grow through all these years and become the girl you are today! It seems to me that it was yesterday that Mom told me she was going to have a baby sister.
  • Congratulations, stepdaughter! You are a wonderful girl, and I know we just need a little more time to connect. I have a gift prepared for you, and I hope you like it. I wish that today is very special and that the new year is spectacular.
  • Take advantage of your birthday together with all the people who bring life to your heart. And just smile, but smile with your heart. Be happy, overcome your fears, fulfill your dreams and count on me forever. Happy birthday niece!
  • You will always be the smallest of the family, sister. Happy Birthday! I love you immensely! I hope your day is unforgettable and that we are all gathered to see you blow out the candles. She continues to be the girl who always smiles. I wish that all your adorable dreams come true and that you count on me in every stage of your life. Congratulations!
  • I never tire of spending days looking at you, your attempts to communicate, how you play with your things, how you observe everything that surrounds you … and not taking care of yourself, and giving you thousands of affections. Happy Birthday!
  • You start an exciting age and it is a pleasure to be with you because it shows that you are getting older. We have been talking for days about your birthday, about how much you wanted it to arrive, about what we were going to do and what not, about the guests … And finally it has arrived and everything is ready, you just have to enjoy it a lot and that be very happy.
  • Today Diosito made a spectacular day dawn for a girl like you, it is impressive how time has passed, two years ago, you were in your mother’s womb and today we are already celebrating your second birthday. We are always going to celebrate each one with many surprises because you are the little princess of our hearts and we want to make each of your wishes come true.
  • Today is a splendid day, and it is because you are celebrating your birthday! You are the cutest and smartest girl I’ve ever known. I hope your day is a lot of fun, and that you play like never before with all your friends. When you get to my age, dear, you will remember with great emotion all those childhood adventures.
  • We have four wonderful years by your side, daughter! Who would have thought that time would pass so fast? Not long ago, you were such a tiny baby that with your little face, you made everyone who saw you fall in love. You were so fragile and loving that none of us lost sight of you.
  • Happy birthday, stepdaughter! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take care of a daughter as good as you! Today I will make sure that your day is as you expected because if there is someone who deserves a special day, it is you!
  • My daughter, the most beautiful girl in the universe is turning 6 years old. Since you were born, without a doubt, you were the joy of my life, your smile gave me strength and your clean look made me believe in goodness. I wish you never lose the honesty that characterizes you because you are unique. Congratulations, little girl! I love you!
  • The years go by, but you are still my little girl, always with a lot of energy and distributing happiness to those around you with your smile. I can’t help but remember the day you were born and I had you in my arms, and now you don’t stop running from one place to another, wanting to discover everything that lies ahead of you. Today is going to be a happy day, and I am sure that you are going to have a great time. Happy 6-year-old little girl!
  • You are my adored girl and there is nothing I would not do for you. I want to see you fulfill all your dreams! I long to see you grow up in great health and that you never stop being the sweet and happy girl that you are today.
  • Today you meet your first year of life, beautiful baby, and I hope that God protects you and blesses you with health so that you continue to grow happy. May the echo of your happy baby laugh charm the hearts of your entire family, and the hope of a bright future never leave you.
  • I feel great happiness, I know that I have a full life, and today, my daughter, you are 14 years old! I can only say that I feel gratitude, that everything is wonderful since you were born, no matter the bad times because you are there, and despite what may happen, you grow up happy, healthy, and with great vitality.
  • I want you to know that whatever you do, and make the decisions you make in this life, what is most important, and what I want the most, is that they make you happy, and above all, that they do not make you stop being yourself. I love you my girl!
  • With each passing year, you surprise me more, and now that you are entering adulthood, you are becoming a person that I admire, with beautiful principles and values. One of the things I like the most about you is that I always learn with you and that you are always willing to talk and understand things.
  • I adore spending my days by your side, learning about your innocence and your vision of the world, and it is that, in addition, I laugh out loud with you! I want to always be there for you and show you every day that you have a person who will always support you and be by your side.
  • Congratulations, my girl! On this day you are two years old, and it seems to me that it was yesterday when we received the wonderful news that you were on your way. Let’s celebrate with much happiness and love! We love you! We will always be by your side to see you grow.
  • Little one, you cannot imagine the joy we had when we learned that we would have a little daughter, and then your birth came, and it is inexplicable how good we feel. Now a while has passed, and today we celebrate your second birthday, full of excitement and excitement to have you among us. You are our most precious asset, and we want you to be the happiest girl in the world. Happy Birthday!
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Birthday Quotes For A Princess

Birthday Wishes for Little Princess

  • I thank God for celebrating another birthday with you for holding your hand and wishing you all the happiness in the world, my daughter.
  • You came into the world transmitting great joy to us, you were growing and showing your sympathy, now you are 13 and you are still my girl. Congratulations, daughter!
  • Ever since I felt you in my womb, I knew you would be a girl. Today you are celebrating your birthday and I feel a huge love because, in addition to being my daughter, you are my best partner. I adore you, princess!
  • So celebrate with joy and highlight this beautiful moment so that it will be engraved in everyone’s memory. It is the first year of the life of the greatest love of your lives, and you too deserve congratulations.
  • Have a day full of joy and may you always be able to spread happiness wherever you are! Be very happy, my granddaughter, and have a wonderful birthday!
  • My dear girl, since you were born, you have filled my heart with joy and emotion; on this special day, even more so.
  • From the moment I saw you, I loved you as I had never loved, niece. You are my pretty girl and I wish you to be infinitely happy. Happy Birthday!
  • Every moment with you is special, full of love and fun. I hope you continue to be the curious, loving and laughing girl! We will always ask God to bless you and take care of you. We love you!
  • Let us celebrate your life with great joy, let us ask that you grow even more and that everything you long for come true. We, for our part, will ask to be with you for many more years. We love you! Happy Birthday!
  • My little sister, my pretty girl, happy birthday! When you came into the world, I saw how my world gained a different color and joy.
  • Who is the most beautiful girl on the planet? You dear niece, who illuminates my life every time I see you, congratulations!
  • When I close my eyes and think of you, I hear your giggle and see your little hands feeling the world around you. And I smile with love and pride. I love you more than my life and I always wish you the best.
  • My little star, my little girl, is turning two years old. I have dedicated myself to seeing every little change in you during all this time and recording them in my memory because each day you are bigger.
  • Congratulations, daughter! 7 years ago I had you in my arms for the first time and you were a very small baby, today you are already a grown, beautiful and intelligent girl. I adore you.
  • You are a very special girl! Never forget! At that age, you already know how to make us smile and ease any tension.
  • That you follow your path without ever doubting your strength and ability to conquer what you set out to do. You will forever be my true and eternal love.
  • I want you to grow up happy and that you feel that you have great support in your family because we will never abandon you, and we will be by your side in the moments you need. Congratulations, my girl!
  • In your eyes, I can see the joy you have in celebrating your birthday. Get ready because today you will not stop surprising yourself!
  • Many times silence says more than any word. Follow your heart and you will never feel lost. Words can be very deep, but what you feel will always be perfect for you. What you are looking for always try to find it first in yourself, so you can share instead of looking outside for something that you do not have within yourself.
  • In that wonderful moment you were born, I knew I would always be here to take care of you, daughter. Today we celebrate your second birthday and love continues to increase!
  • Happy birthday, little princess! I hope your day is full of details, gifts and beautiful surprises. On a day like today, a little angel like you arrived, that is why we are very happy to be able to celebrate that you are turning one more year old.
  • We are fortunate to have you in this beautiful family, you are the joy of our home, wherever you are, we always feel your presence with us, Happy birthday, beautiful daughter!
  • I love you, and I hope that this year is very happy for you, that you learn many things, that you feel very good, and that you continue with that wonderful energy that you have. Happy Birthday Daughter!
  • What a beautiful smile you have, daughter, I like to see you happy! We will celebrate these 7 years in the most magical way because you continue to be a very special girl.
  • My daughter, how could I imagine that time would pass so quickly? Happy Birthday! A short time ago, I had you in my arms, and they were the perfect size for you. I spent so much time looking at you and wondering to think that something so wonderful had come from us.
  • My beautiful girl, how much you have grown! May your birthday be very happy is my main wish. Happy three years old!
  • Today on your birthday, we want you to be very happy. As happy as we are when we are with you! We ask that God always take care of you and that we can watch you blow out many more candles. We adore you!
  • Happy birthday, daughter! 6 years old by your side, taking care of your day and night, enjoying your presence, how lucky I am that you make me happy each of my days, and above all, to see you grow up happy.
  • I will see that this day is as wonderful as you hope it will be, daughter. We have prepared an unparalleled party for you, full of many surprises, balloons and a great cake for you to ask for all your wishes.
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