Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend: Although it seems strange, many ex-boyfriends wish to express their good wishes to their girlfriend for her birthday. If it is that occasion, and you do not have enough inspiration to dedicate something special to it, we offer you many options that you should take advantage of for this purpose. We have wishes, messages, a letter and what to give an ex-girlfriend for her birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

A short but emotional message is an excellent option on anyone’s birthday. If your intention is to express what you feel modestly, check out our many alternatives.

  • Dear ex-girlfriend, you are an example of struggle and perseverance, that is why you deserve all the well-being that the universe can grant you. Congratulations!
  • May good energy and infinite hope fill your days in this new cycle of life. I wish you many blessings and happiness.
  • A wonderful ex-girlfriend, with respect and much appreciation today, I wish you have an excellent birthday and that you receive very good news.
  • A woman like you deserves a lot of love in the company of her loved ones, happy birthday, beautiful ex-girlfriend.
  • May the good vibes of the universe surround you today and always so that you have harmony and much peace in your life, noblewoman and dear ex-girlfriend.
  • Women like you should receive a Nobel Prize for example and perseverance for achieving their dreams. Happy birthday beautiful ex-girlfriend, I admire you greatly.
  • You are a best friend and an excellent woman, so today I want you to have endless smiles and good company. Happy Birthday!
  • You are a wonderful woman, I still love you, spend this day with the beings around you and I wish with all my heart that you are very happy. Congratulations!
  • I have very good memories of our love and our relationship, so today, I want you to have a sea of ​​blessings on your birthday.
  • Because you are a very charismatic woman and an excellent ex-girlfriend and friend, I wish you much happiness on this birthday.
  • For you a lot of harmony, health, love, peace and total well-being because you deserve it. Congratulations on your birthday missed ex-girlfriend.
  • You cannot imagine how happy it makes me to know that you are celebrating your anniversary, that is why today I toast your health, happy birthday dear ex-girlfriend.
  • Bella ex-girlfriend, from afar, receive this warm and big hug for your birthday. Have a great time because you deserve it.
  • I sincerely want you to know that you are very important to me and I am very proud of you. Blessings and a big hug to you dear ex-girlfriend.
  • She has my unconditional support and my sincere affection, always a great woman, a great friend and a dear ex-girlfriend. Happy birthday!
  • There is no better gift for a woman like you than the company and love of her family, that’s why you are blessed an adored ex-girlfriend. Happy Birthday!
  • A new beginning begins for you on this wonderful day, I know what you will do the best with this gift that life gives you. Congratulations ex-girlfriend!
  • For being a woman full of goodness and light, you deserve a path full of blessings and much peace. Happy birthday noble ex-girlfriend!
  • The days pass and you are more and more beautiful noble woman. I love you and I wish you have an excellent birthday.
  • You are a beautiful woman with beautiful feelings, that’s why you don’t need anything, that’s how you are perfect. Happy Birthday!
  • Bella ex-girlfriend, never forget that you will find a great friend in me whenever you need it. Congratulations on your day!
  • May divinity illuminate your path and guide your feelings towards a more prosperous and peaceful life. Happy birthday dear ex-girlfriend.
  • Thank you for being so tender and understanding because with your personality, you fill my memories with sweetness. Happy birthday beautiful ex-girlfriend, I will always love you.
  • May happiness and good fortune be with you today and always until the end of your days. Blessed birthday my adored ex-girlfriend.
  • You do not know how happy I am that you are celebrating your anniversary today, may God bless you and accompany you forever, noble ex-girlfriend.
  • I know I was not the best of men with you, but I want you to know that I appreciate you and wish you a thousand blessings on your birthday.
  • I missed the opportunity to be by your side and you can’t imagine how much I regret it. Happy birthday my beloved ex-girlfriend.

Short Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Gf (Girlfriend)

  • Congratulations and much well-being for the great woman you have become. Blessings!
  • All of us who love you are very happy to celebrate your birthday special woman. A big hug!
  • Happy birthday divine woman, you are the funniest and most beautiful person I know. I love you!
  • Every year that you meet you get much more beautiful, I love you very much. Happy Birthday!
  • For the funniest and most witty woman, I have ever met with love and respect on her birthday.
  • My dear, you are an excellent person and an extraordinary woman, that is why I wish you a happy birthday.
  • I am very proud of the unique woman you have become, and for that I wish you the best of fortunes.
  • A sea of ​​blessings and much peace for you, a great woman who is celebrating your birthday. Blessings!
  • I thank divine energy for allowing me to be the boyfriend of such a special woman. Happy Birthday!
  • A special woman like you deserves endless joys and good things on her birthday. Happy birthday ex-girlfriend!

Birthday Messages for Ex-Girlfriend

Choose an elaborate and deep birthday phrase for that special person who is your ex-girlfriend. Here we offer you different options, take the opportunity and if you wish, win it back:

  • I am very satisfied as an ex-boyfriend because you have become a great woman and an excellent person. For me, you will always be a unique girl. Congratulations on your anniversary!
  • On this anniversary, I want to express my appreciation to you, show you that I love you and that you are important to me. That you are very happy are my best wishes for you, beautiful ex-girlfriend.
  • The truth is that every year you get more beautiful and attractive with your intelligence and wisdom. I am very happy to have shared a part of my life with you and I wish you to have the greatest of fortunes. 
  • For being a fighter, persevering and hopeful woman, you deserve great recognition from all of us who have ever loved you. Congratulations full of love on your birthday!
  • Count on my support today and always beautiful ex-girlfriend who is on your birthday. Thank you for being so tender and cooking so delicious, I will love you forever. Happy and blessed birthday.
  • A friend like your excellent wife, mother and daughter deserves the best in the world on this day. Congratulations on your anniversary and God bless you dear ex-girlfriend.
  • Because you are still the woman of my life and you are on your birthday today, I want to celebrate without measures. Thank you for existing and making me a great man. I still love you, congratulations.
  • Thanks to women like you, there are men like me. You are the great lady that every man should have. I wish you all the well-being and health of the universe so that you will have many more years.
  • Beautiful ex-girlfriend, you are unique and you leave footprints where you walk, I am very proud of you. Thank you for existing! Happy Birthday!
  • You have the most beautiful feelings in the world, that is why today you deserve the company and love of all your dear ex-girlfriend’s family. Congratulations on your day!
  • Forgive me for all the damage I did to you; I wish you have an excellent birthday, first because you deserve it and second because you are a great person. Congratulations on your birthday, beautiful ex-girlfriend!
  • Sharing the days with a woman as funny as you was an excellent experience in my life. I will never be with you when you are birthday, but that does not matter, because each time you get more beautiful. Happiness and harmony on your birthday, beautiful ex-girlfriend. 
  • You are a wonderful person and exemplary woman, I wish that all your dreams materialize in harmony for you and all those around you. Happy anniversary, respected ex-girlfriend.
  • I would like to tell you so many things, but I am speechless when I see you. Because you have become an impressive and loving woman who deserves all the well-being in the world and much more. Happiness and blessings on your birthday, dear ex-girlfriend.
  • We were good boyfriends, but today we are best friends; and therefore, I want to wish you the greatest happiness and well-being in the company of all those who appreciate. Congratulations ex-girlfriend and dear friend!
  • May good health be with you always and may you have an excellent life because you deserve it, dear ex-girlfriend. Infinite congratulations and blessings to you!
  • Beautiful ex-girlfriend, you are a great friend and woman who has always given me her support and advice when I need it most. I love you a lot, congratulations.
  • Receive all my love and unconditional support from my ex-boyfriend and friend today, tomorrow and always. I am very satisfied with the great and brave woman that you are. A huge hug, happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday dear ex-girlfriend, may heaven’s blessing be with you today and always so that you continue to have a lot of good vibes and energy.
  • Congratulations on this special day, today you look more beautiful and full of energy, dear ex-girlfriend. I will love you forever, congratulations.
  • The mystery of your age will never be revealed, dear ex-girlfriend and friend. I am very happy for your happiness, and I wish you have many more blessings and peace. Happy Birthday!
  • With all my respect and appreciation, today I want to congratulate you and wish you a sea of ​​good things for your birthday, beloved ex-girlfriend and friend. Infinite congratulations!
  • To your health, I will offer today and always beloved ex-girlfriend and brave woman because it is your birthday and I want to wish you happiness forever. I love you!
  • I am a happy and fulfilled man for having shared my days with an extraordinary woman. Bella, ex-girlfriend, I appreciate you and I wish you to be happy forever. Happy Birthday!
  • The blessing of heaven be with you eternally, guiding you towards the realization of all your goals and projects. Happy birthday noble ex-girlfriend, unique woman.

Birthday Letter for Ex-Girlfriend

Today is the birthday of an excellent woman, with whom I had the honor of sharing my days for some years.

You are on your birthday and my heart jumps with happiness like when we were together. I know our relationship did not end on the best of terms, but today I want you to know that I appreciate you and wish you have a great life and a great birthday.

I knew that today you share your days with a new love and that, although it hurts a little, I know that it is for the best. I wish that this new man knows how to understand you and make you happier than I did to you.

Forgive me, I already forgave you.

You are still an important person to me, but the best thing for both of us was distancing ourselves.

Thank you for having taught me so much and for being so generous and loving with me.

Today, although I miss you, I am a calm man who learned to achieve well-being and happiness.

I am glad that you are celebrating your anniversary today, and I am glad to know that you are also happy.

A warm and respectful hug,

Your ex-boyfriend

What to Give an Ex-Girlfriend for Her Birthday

Not every man can easily forget his former lover. Probably, you still have feelings for her, or you broke up in agreement and at the moment maintain friendly relations, resting in the same circle. You may have noticed your ex-girlfriend’s repeated attempts to resume their previous relationship.

If anything, you should consider a birthday surprise for your ex to define the boundaries of your relationship today. Therefore, let’s consider together what to give an ex-girlfriend for her birthday so that it is appropriate.

This situation is possible when you did not insist on breaking off the relationship and still cherish the hope of their revival. In this case, the question arises: how to unobtrusively hint about your feelings, despite looking silly. The answer is simple: this can be done with a gift that can be made for a girl’s birthday.

It is important to remember that the main thing in every gift is flowers! Their presence is simply a must if you want to start all over again! Ideal flowers that are a symbol of love and passion are red roses. The only obstacle here can be the girl’s dislike for these flowers. In this case, the gift can be accompanied by her favorite flowers.

Here are some cute gifts that can help break the ice in a relationship:

  • Reminder. A souvenir that will remind you of a great time can serve as an excellent present. For example, if you have visited a country together, then a statuette or a picture that reflects its attraction is great as a souvenir.
  • Jewelry. Perhaps many will find this option for a bribe gift. However, the chances are high that your ex will be able to forgive your mistake, which was the reason for the breakup. It doesn’t matter what product will be presented – a ring, bracelet or chain, the main thing is from the heart and with love. If there is no way to buy jewelry made of gold, you should take a closer look at exquisite silver items.
  • Book. This gift option can be confidently called successful, especially if the girl is fond of reading. In this case, it is not at all necessary to give a love novel. Probably, the girl loves art, then an encyclopedia with reproductions of paintings can become an excellent gift for her, or has long dreamed of collecting a collection of publications of her favorite writer. Be sure to put a gift card with cute wishes.
  • A painting made from a photograph. If you have saved a photo of your ex-girlfriend, you can present her with a colorful portrait made in a modern style. Such a gift can easily convey your true feelings!
  • Soft toy. Many women love soft toys. If your ex-lover is included in this number, then you can be convinced that she will be happy with such a gift and in the future will more than once remember you with affection.
  • Sweet gift. In this situation, you should not be limited to just one bar of chocolate. It is worth giving preference to an original designed sweet composition. Handmade chocolate would be a great option.
  • Postcard with wishes. A poem written by you is ideal, in which you can convey everything that you keep in your soul.
  • PHOTO SESSION. All the girls are delighted with high-quality photos with themselves in the central role. Therefore, this gift option will be simply excellent.

By the way, if you really want to please this person, then download a free birthday greeting card for a girl and send the birthday girl through social networks or by means of a messenger. Believe me, she will be very pleased.

What to Give an Ex if Communication Has Been Preserved

Parting is not a good reason to break off contacts, especially if you spend time with the same people or are busy with common work. And why lose touch with a great personality?

The ex-girlfriend will be delighted with the gift without any romantic hints. And you hardly need it. It is worth choosing a present that will not cause jealousy either in your current girlfriend or in the beloved of your former companion. Here are some neutral options:

  • Delicious present. The range of edible gifts today is huge: collection tea, a large bar of chocolate or a box of chocolates, a fruit basket.
  • Technical gifts. Surely you know what your ex-girlfriend is into! If she is interested in computers, then the perfect gift for her is a good keyboard, mouse or new speakers. Among other things, you can pick up some fun gifts: a heated mug, a backlit keyboard or a USB vacuum cleaner for a lover of perfect cleanliness.
  • An excellent gift that is not related to items for a computer but perfectly emphasizes a girl’s hobby can be a diary, the cover of which resembles a computer keyboard.
  • The ideal hostess. A girl with a passion for handicrafts or cooking can be pleased with household items. You can give preference to both an expensive and a cheaper gift: an embroidery kit (with thread or beads) or potholders, a box for storing small items or an apron.

Ex-girlfriend’s Gift for Fun

An excellent gift for a girl who takes an active life position can be organizing a joint quest around the city with friends. Finding a gift will definitely not be easy. Undoubtedly, you will have to carefully consider the preparation, talk with a large number of strangers, however, the result is worth it! If you capture the preparation process on camera, a wonderful film will be released!

Great gifts can be:

  • Horseback riding. Escaping from the bustle of the city and going headlong into the world of flora and fauna is unforgettable!
  • Motorcycle driving lesson. Your ex-girlfriend will surely be delighted with the speed and drive! She may not have to use this mode of transport every day, but the time she spends behind the wheel of this iron horse is an amazing experience.
  • Master Class. You can please your ex-girlfriend with one of the masterclasses that she will like. For example, if she is fond of fashion, then the course on creating designer jeans will be remembered for a long time.
  • Flight. Why not please a wonderful person with a few minutes among the clouds? Flying in a hot air balloon or jumping with a parachute will surely please your ex-girlfriend!

Gifts for Beauty and Pleasure

What girl doesn’t want to be beautiful? Therefore, you should turn your attention to practical and pleasant personal care gifts.

It is definitely not recommended to overdo it with enthusiastic comments and praise. Especially if your ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend is too jealous. The gift should be presented from the heart and not go beyond the bounds of decency, otherwise, there is a great risk of darkening the whole holiday.

Thus, the list of win-win options:

  • Subscription to the gym or pool. This gift is just a godsend! However, he is not always suitable for his girlfriend – she can harbor a grudge. A friend, on the other hand, will appreciate such a gift, especially if she is a lover of sports activities.
  • A certificate for an adored designer’s clothing store. It’s safe to say that you are aware of what your ex-girlfriend likes. Such a present can be presented by teaming up with several more people, this will be especially true in the case when the hero of the occasion prefers expensive things.
  • Massage. A funded massage course will delight everyone!
  • Spa day. Treat your ex-girlfriend to a spa visit for two. She can spend a whole weekend in the spa and relax in the company of a friend, perhaps her boyfriend. Such a gift is definitely allowed to be called royal!
  • Subscription to the beauty salon. You can select and pay for any procedure. It is necessary to coordinate the time of the visit with the master. It may not suit the girl. In this case, the visit can be postponed.

Do not forget to choose beautiful words that will perfectly complement your gift. On our site, you can choose birthday greetings to a girl in verses.

The main thing when choosing a presentation is to observe correctness, restraint, as well as an objective assessment of the situation. If you think that a birthday present for an ex-girlfriend can hurt the feelings of your current girlfriend or spoil the relationship of the hero of the occasion with her half, then give preference to an uncomplicated bouquet!

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