350+ Best Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Last Updated on June 16, 2021 by Mary J. Grice

Happy Birthday cousin! It is excellent to have you in my life because as I say cousin I could tell your sister, that is that our relationship is very close! I love growing up by your side, with you who have learned so many things that I will never forget, and I have had so many fun moments that I would be unable to count them all.

350+ Best Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

  • Only if suddenly trouble –
    I will always come running to you; I will
    hug and calm you.
    It was the same with you.
  • And now they have grown up,
    Have grown wiser.
    We do not fight, but sometimes we
    still, quarrel with you.
  • But today there will be no quarrels, we will
    forget all insults.
    I will wish you happiness,
    Happy birthday congratulations!

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

  • Well, first of all, I wish
    you happy to be.
    Very good health,
    I do not get sick and do not be depressed.
  • Secondly, love is radiant,
    ardent, passionate, so that forever.
    Let the
    closest person is with you.
  • I wish you happiness and good,
    Let the spark burning in your heart,
    And let your dreams fly
    You to success!
  • Congratulations, my bird.
    You alone, my sister,
    Know all my secrets
    Yes, you always give advice.
  • Success, happiness, money, and more –
    Everything that is customary to wish for relatives.
    And time to
    call you my beloved sister for as long as possible!
  • Sister, dear, you have become more mature,
    More beautiful, more feminine, even wiser.
    And it is so pleasant for me to realize
    how great it was to grow up with you.
  • As in childhood, we shared dolls with you, We were
    each other’s support and joy.
    As my mother’s lips were painted with lipstick,
    As they were waiting for their parents in the kitchen in ambush.
  • How often we played and just loved,
    We were always good sisters.
    I wish you on your long journey
    to find a lot of joy, To
    be happy, to become impartial
    And forever beautiful, to dream well!
  • Dear sister, happy birthday
    Accept congratulations soon!
    I wish you to be happy,
    To be sincere, with a strong will,
  • Good-natured to be and beautiful,
    Gentle, loving, bright and passionate,
    Cheerful, very beloved,
    The sweetest and
    most unique, The best sister in the world! Be always you, dear, such!
  • Happy Birthday Sister!
    May your dreams come true.
    Let it not be torn where it is thin,
    Happiness will be where you are!
  • I wish you, love,
    And good luck and victories!
    My friends respect everyone,
    Be healthy for a hundred years!
  • My sister, dear soul,
    Today is your Birthday!
    I sincerely congratulate you,
    What a joy to be your sister.
  • I wish you a sweet, serene life,
    So that your head is spinning from luck,
    I wish you endless ocean happiness,
    Love and joy in full!
  • I wish you to be always blooming,
    Beautiful, kind and simple.
    May your life be beautiful, An
    an unearthly fairy tale!
  • I wish love so that I could give wings to
    Your very tender heart,
    So that
    fate opens the door for you to the world of magical and fabulous dreams.
  • How good it is when there is a sister in the world, An
    invisible thread connected to you forever, You can
    keep secret with her until morning
    And you can trust her endlessly.
  • The most cheerful,
    The luckiest
    The most beautiful
    And the best.
  • So that you, dear,
    Loved everything in the world,
    The most obedient
    To have children.
  • To be sisters
    We are the most friendly,
    beloved, happy
    And need each other.
  • May luck be with you
    By fate always goes,
    Let life become a starfall,
    May you be lucky in everything!
  • You and I are not just sisters –
    We are two kindred souls!
    You are my angel, I am your air,
    We value each other!
  • My sister, know, dear,
    You are my sister and friend!
    There is no end to happiness, no purpose,
    After all, we have each other in the world!
  • Be all the happier on the planet,
    Love, be always loved!
    Let a ray of luck shine on you,
    To make your dream come true!
  • Let your smile often,
    As if the sun is shining!
    Sis, this life is beautiful,
    May peace reign in your soul!
  • You are my beloved sister!
    I hasten to congratulate you in the morning.
    I can’t find all the right words.
    To express my love
  • I wish you only happiness.
    Let them bypass the bad weather.
    You bloom and smell like a flower,
    Like a delicate rose petal.
  • Sisters love unique,
    She is one and in the whole world.
    There is no one more important sister,
    More reliable, faithful, relatives.
  • I love you, my sister.
    And happy birthday to you!
    May all dreams come true,
    After all, you deserve it.
  • I love you madly
    And I send a tender kiss.
    We always shared with you,
    Our whole life in half, We
    grew up, we loved, We were in a quarrel,
    We got it from our mother.
  • Happy birthday sister,
    I only want good for you,
    So that you believe in miracles,
    Your eyes shone with love.
  • Always be beautiful, sweet,
    Become invincible in your career,
    Love responsive and big,
    I am proud to be your sister.
  • Happy birthday sister!
    It’s time to congratulate you!
    Happiness, freshness, fun,
    Longevity and goodness!
  • Be beautiful and simple,
    Be serious and funny,
    Energetic, ironic
    And do not quarrel with me.
  • A sister will always understand her sister.
    And believes in your success.
    And on your birthday, in the morning,
    Congratulate before everyone else.
  • What to wish my sister:
    Smiles without worries,
    And so that happiness every day
    Asked on the threshold.
  • So as not to go to the doctors,
    Do not rub the corn,
    And abroad here and there
    More often, rest.
  • I wish love, like in a movie,
    Flowers for no reason … The
    list is not ready –
    you will add it.
  • Happy Birthday Sister!
    Be cheerful, groovy,
    cheerful, happy,
    be successful, young.
  • Brave, strong and healthy,
    Bright, forever young,
    Beloved, the most valuable.
    And be happy with fate!
  • How great it is when in the vast world
    there is a dear person who looks like you.
    Sister, I say thank you,
    that you are next to me every day.
  • Be happy, beloved sister.
    And if suddenly sadness comes to you,
    Then remember how you weaved my pigtails,
    How we played day and night.
  • You are an adult already, but to me, as before,
    Everything seems to be that naughty little one.
    Sis, happy birthday!
    Let the best happen to you!
  • Sister, my dear, dear,
    Today is your wonderful birthday!
    I wish you all the best with all my heart,
    May every moment be bright!
  • Always stay the same bright.
    Let there be a lot of positive
    things in life, My dear, smile more often
    And always be incredibly happy!
  • My beloved, beautiful sister,
    I congratulate you on holiday today,
    After all , you have the best birthday!
    I wish you great achievements in life.
  • And never forget your sister,
    What she loves, appreciates, just adores.
    And may the entire angelic patrol keep you, Protect you
    from all problems, misfortunes, grief.
  • I wish you a fabulously large love, so
    that it will forever rise in your heart.
    May there be joy and success always with you,
    So that you never need anything and never.
  • Dear, beloved man, you decorate the world with yourself!
    There are a lot of candles in the cake
    today – Today is your birthday.
  • In childhood, we
    played naughty, fell in love, ran to the cinema,
    We kept our feelings,
    Although childhood was so long ago.
  • Be happy, my dear,
    Live comfortably and in love.
    And remember, wherever I
    am , I’ll come – just call!
  • Sister, happy birthday,
    I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.
    I wish you a sunny mood,
    And all the days were good.
  • You are my sister-friend,
    You can always support me.
    And we understand each other without words,
    What words often do not convey.
  • I wish you to shine consistently,
    From happiness only to shed tears.
    There are a lot of surprises and spontaneously,
    Beloved could give.
  • Always remain desirable,
    Beautiful, bright and funny.
    In your career, continually develop,
    Go up the stairs up the official.
  • May your life be happy,
    Full of smiles and kindness,
    The road of life is endless,
    And next to me – your sister!
  • My faithful friend
    And a beloved sister.
    You and I will
    not last even a day without each other.
  • Happy birthday, dear,
    A bright ray in my fate.
    It’s good that you are,
    I am no closer and more relatives.
  • I sincerely wish you love,
    Peace, joy, flowers.
    Know, love and respect,
    I am you without further ado.
  • Happy Birthday Sister!
    Be happy, do not
    be sick, Be slender and laugh loudly,
    And do not dare to be sad at all.
  • Be loved and successful,
    Positive and simple,
    And may the world, partly sinful,
    Admire you!
  • You are my dear sister,
    You are my first ideal,
    You go without noticing,
    Evil and envy is a fire.
  • May your holiday be a birthday,
    It will be engraved in memory forever,
    You live without regret,
    My dear man!
  • My good, dear,
    Sister, my beloved,
    May life become a beautiful paradise
    And spoil you with happiness.
  • Always be loved mutually,
    Graceful, young, smart,
    For men to go crazy,
    After all, you are only one.
  • Do not give your heart to your
    worries, Shine with simple joys,
    Let your wishes
    come true, And your dreams come true!
  • Dear sister, happy birthday,
    My beloved, my beautiful!
    You are the best, I say, without a doubt.
    I love and congratulate you!
  • I’m chatting with you about everything,
    You are my dear sister,
    We live in harmony with you,
    I wish you happiness in your personal life!
  • I wish you do not know tears,
    And do not meet with bad people,
    You never lose heart,
    And in yourself, look, do not doubt!
  • Sister, beloved, gentle, glorious,
    It’s more fun to go through life with you.
    You always remember one main truth:
    I am glad that you are in my life.
  • On this birthday, I wish you
    To be always beautiful, to be always loved,
    The very best and most irresistible.
    We are two sisters, even two friends,
    Know, my dear; we have each other.
  • Even if sometimes we could not
    share the dolls with you,
    And sometimes mom and dad
    could not reconcile us,
  • And let us argue sometimes,
    But you are my blood,
    And there is no one dearer
    then you, beloved sister.
  • And on this joyful day
    I wish with all my heart,
    So that your life would be painted with
    Colored pencils only.
  • You are a beloved sister,
    You are beautiful and wise.
    I know that no wall
    can separate Us from you.
  • You are a soul mate,
    You are darling blood,
    For me, your birth.
    Real luck.
  • You will support, you will help,
    You are sometimes stricter mothers,
    But you – the same as I know,
    I will not exchange for others!
  • Therefore I wish you
    Only joyful minutes,
    Let them become for years,
    Never expire.
  • How wonderful that I have you,
    My dear sister,
    On your birthday, I wish you
    Without a measure of happiness and love without an edge!
  • We were always friendly with you,
    Accustomed to sharing joy and troubles,
    Let the days fly by, and let the years run, I
    wish all your hopes to come true!
  • You are from your sister on your birthday
    All congratulations; accept
    I wish you only luck in life.
    And pure, sincere love.
  • My sister, you are like the sun:
    When you laugh, everyone is warm.
    I wish you joyful emotions,
    May there be joy, peace, goodness.
  • Friends – only sincere, reliable.
    Health, happiness, beauty.
    Forget about the word “impossible”,
    After all, it will be as you want!
  • And in the book of life a
    new page –
    you have grown older,
    dear, sister.
  • We are sisters
    And we are alike in everything,
    Over the years, both
    Do not become younger.
  • So may
    your youth last,
    May your
    friendship and family be stronger.
  • Let
    Sadness and grief disappear.
    I congratulate you on your
  • I want to wish my sister
    goodness and happiness on her birthday,
    Always in a good mood
    You must walk towards success!
  • You stay young,
    Do not think how old you are,
    Always with an open soul,
    You are a very kind person.
  • And know, wherever you go,
    Wherever the road leads,
    You have a dear sister,
    Keep my love always!
  • Dear sister, on your birthday,
    I wish you to bathe in pleasure,
    So that there is enough money for desires,
    And you do not get tired of rejoicing!
  • To travel around the world as a tourist,
    And she was happy up to a hundred years, She
    drove men crazy with beauty,
    And the most important was always with you!
  • To be successful, beautiful,
    To the delight of everyone, like a rose bloom,
    She loved life and admired it.
    , Remained the same kind, sweet!
  • Good luck, happiness and I wish you fun,
    Perky, funny mood.
    In the eyes so that the devilry can be seen,
    To seduce the little man easily.
  • Love and passion for exhaustion.
    And sexual attraction to him.
    But one should not forget about oneself,
    One must keep oneself in order.
  • Try to keep a slim figure,
    I wish you strength not to eat after six.
    Hairstyle, dresses, makeup,
    maybe even somewhere a tattoo.
  • In general, I wish to be in all its glory,
    To like myself, even myself.
    And I will love you any:
    Merry, and sad, simple.
  • After all, you are very dear to me.
    So happy birthday, beloved sister.
    Sis, on this Birthday
    I want to wish from my heart a
    great inspiration in life,
    Always bloom with happiness!
  • Let the star of luck shine,
    To make your life brighter!
    I will not keep a secret:
    Sister, I love you so much!
  • Thank you for being that you please and love,
    Dear Sister, my bright man!
    I wish you to be a star – in furs and emeralds.
    The problem “What to wear?” do not suffer forever.
  • To drive men crazy is easy and merciless,
    A mind always shine, dazzle everyone with beauty.
    Great love for you, wonderfully folding fate.
    To meet the only one, dear.
  • She lived to be the best – without tears, resentment and boredom.
    Laughed heartily, came to my dreams.
    So that on a stressful day and hour I do not give up
    And remember that I love and will not betray!
  • My dear droplet – you are my sister,
    Thank you to the whole world that I have you.
    I wish you all the victories on your birthday,
    Let everything be like in a fairy tale, do not know your grief, troubles.
  • Find your destiny, do not offend me,
    Good luck, happiness, you will experience paradise in life.
    May the day pass wonderfully: gifts and flowers,
    You are lovely, as always. I love and you love me.
  • Happy birthday, my sister,
    Congratulations, dear, you.
    You always shine with happiness,
    Bed, worries, do not know sorrows.
  • Let all the clouds of the wind dispel,
    Be healthy, sister, always.
    May luck float
    into your hands, May you be lucky in your life.
  • You have a holiday today,
    Happy birthday, sister,
    Be perky and happy
    You for many years,
  • Never give up,
    Just go forward always
    And smile more often, Giving
    warmth to People!
  • We are sisters with you, and this is wonderful!
    Let your life be always exciting, Let your
    health never fail,
    And happiness always finds your doors.
  • I congratulate you, sister, happy birthday!
    I wish you success, kindness and luck,
    So that everything works out and everything works out,
    And fate smiled with a kind smile.
  • Happy Birthday Sister,
    You are like a sweet blueberry,
    Like a gorgeous diamond,
    You have talent in everything!
  • You are courteous, supportive,
    You are talented and fashionable,
    You are always kind to everyone,
    We have many common themes …
  • I wish you happiness in life,
    Happy Birthday Congratulations,
    May your dreams come true,
    And all that you want!
  • You will always come to the rescue:
    Give me a skirt, if necessary,
    Shoes, a jacket or a dress.
    After all, we live together with you.
  • You will always come to the rescue:
    Give advice or instruction.
    Well, if I feel sad,
    You will cheer up.
  • Sister, dear, dear,
    you have become a year older.
    I congratulate you on this,
    I give you a flower of love.
  • Let there be only happiness in life,
    Health is a stormy river.
    And all the insults and bad weather.
    Will go away for many centuries.
  • To congratulate you – I’m insanely glad,
    You are the best in the world, you are my reward,
    You are a miracle; you are an angel, a lovely Diva,
    Divine is very, very beautiful!
  • May all your wishes come true,
    I wish, dear, to live only in love,
    Always smile, laugh, joke,
    And give us our joy in life!
  • Sister, this holiday is yours,
    beloved, more happiness.
    Let everyone admire you,
    Wishing to show sympathy.
  • A smile just beckons everyone,
    You are our miracle, without a doubt,
    Let it be a success,
    Let it love … to forgetfulness.
  • We – together grew up with you,
    And cried and had fun,
    You follow your dream,
    So that all ideas come true.
  • I wish that love
    fills the heart And that you always flutter like a bird!
    Let men carry you in their arms,
    Any peaks will easily conquer!
  • I wish you on your birthday To
    shine like the sun always,
    Always a color mood,
    So that there was a goal, there was a dream.
  • I wish my wishes come true,
    And acquire new ones.
    I wish you hard, I, to fall in love.
    So that the heart rushes up.
  • So that there was everything, so that life is not insipid,
    So that tears, joy and love.
    To live without worries, but interesting.
    Seething with passion for blood.
  • I wish you to enjoy life,
    Never lose heart,
    Travel around the world,
    Have fun, take risks,
    Be always authoritative,
    The coolest and coolest,
    Eat all the sweets in the world.
  • And another big cake,
    In general, so, my sister,
    Happiness, do not take off your outfit,
    Live bright, laugh loudly,
    Happy birthday to you!
  • I wish you the best,
    I dear sister,
    On her birthday, health,
    And always be young.
  • May your desires always be,
    Fulfilled “at once”,
    To happiness – a whole train,
    And love – a big KamAZ!
  • Let everything work out,
    Let dreams come true,
    In fate, only good
    people meet.
  • Health, patience,
    Always – mood,
    Love and kindness.
    Sister, happy birthday!
  • Sister you are my dear,
    I sincerely congratulate you today.
    I wish you to live in prosperity and love,
    And to fulfill all your dreams.
  • You shine from everywhere
    And I wish you,
    That you were always like that
    Near in happiness and in trouble.
  • I want to wish you
    Many, many years of life,
    Beauty, health, strength
    And in all matters of victory!
  • Happy birthday to my beloved sister.
    I wish you a bright, bright,
    Magic, sweet as jam!
  • Let all wishes come true,
    And everything will be as you want.
    A sea of ​​flowers, sweets, confessions,
    Fun, laughter and love!
  • So, sister, you’ve grown older,
    And I’m getting closer and dearer.
    We will not forget the childhood of yesterday,
    And how many new days there will be!
  • I wish you to forget,
    All those ages and oppresses you,
    I want you to be always loved,
    To positively believe in yourself.
  • I
    give you all the best moments in life on your birthday!
    My beloved sister,
    I have no dear ones.
    I wish you happiness in your personal life,
    In the soul – warmth, in the eyes – fire!
  • Let everything be done, whatever you want,
    Every day will be beautiful.
    And every year it will be higher than the
    Success in life!
  • Love, dear, understanding,
    Let your family spoil you.
    It’s so good that I have such a
  • Dear sister, dear blood,
    Your holiday is full of happiness and hope,
    Let love surround you,
    And let kindness and tenderness reign in your heart,
  • I wish you so much joy,
    So that there is someone to share it with,
    And let everything turn out in your fate,
    Peace of mind, stability and happiness!
  • Sister, I hasten to congratulate,
    By right, your holiday today,
    Souls to direct all impulses,
    You are so good, excellent!
  • I wish you, my dear,
    So that you smile happily,
    So that life sparkles with colors, To
    be the most beautiful.
  • Your
    desires come true, Dreams so that the cherished ones come true,
    Eyes, so that they laugh with happiness, The
    heart shines with love.
  • I will hug you very tightly.
    I will say what I want to wish,
    You are the best, for sure!
    And I will squeeze closer in my arms.
  • Sis, happy birthday!
    Only bright days in destiny!
    May happiness and luck
    accompany you.
  • May all dreams come true,
    And everything will be all right,
    Fortune smiles
    And let life be in full swing!
  • I
    will collect the sun’s rays In a bouquet,
    will give you a birthday, Sister.
  • So that every day
    Was warmed by the sun,
    Joy and happiness Brought
    every dawn.
  • The sea of ​​love
    At your feet, so that it splashes,
    Good luck to you,
    So that you smile.
  • You are from your sister.
    I wish you love
    on your birthday.
  • Happy birthday, my sister!
    Congratulations to you today.
    With all my heart I wish you happiness,
    A lot of money, health and passion!
  • Be beautiful, desirable and sweet.
    Charming, tender, beloved!
    So that trouble does not wait on the doorstep.
    Only luck met on the road!
  • Accept, dear, congratulations!
    My warmth, please, accept …
    On your precious birthday,
    We become children again.
  • And again, joy flutters in the heart!
    And again, peace reigns in the soul,
    When you are near.
    Remember: I am always with you!
  • My beloved sister,
    Catch congratulations today.
    I confess my love to you
    On your bright holiday –
  • I wish you many, many happiness,
    Light and warm smiles.
    And so that
    your eyes, your soul, shine with joy!
  • Live happily and richly,
    May your dreams come true.
    And know what is dearer on earth,
    My sister is you!
  • Happy Birthday dear sister,
    I congratulate you on your holiday,
    Be the kindest, gentlest, and sweetest,
    Most beloved, and the happiest!
  • Be
    healthy, sincere and tender, Do not know greed, always be successful,
    Love you in life, huge and pure,
    Smiles are luxurious and the most radiant!
  • Sister, happy birthday,
    Let everything work out for you,
    So that there is only happiness and luck,
    And so that all the bad things go away, even a trifle.
  • Love you – sincere and mutual,
    Comfort in the house, with loved ones, in the soul,
    And let life’s path be very long,
    And every day, you only just get prettier!
  • Sister, my dear,
    Today I congratulate you.
    I wish you happiness and love,
    Always rejoice, blossom.
  • Let the mood be rosy,
    Let the birthday be the best,
    Let there be only light in life,
    And always achieve victories.
  • For a sister, words are always few,
    I want to say a lot,
    My soul has become so warm,
    And I don’t know what to wish for.
  • Let you not know grief!
    And a lot to tell,
    Places that I have never been,
    I hasten to wish.
  • Joy so as not to leave,
    The sadness you would not know!
    To often smile,
    I did not know how to lose my heart.
  • I am very glad that I
    have a wonderful sister.
    And clever, beautiful,
    And men like it.
  • You are so beautiful, so sweet,
    stay the same always.
    I wish you dear,
    To achieve all goals.
  • She was bright, positive,
    always happy and loved.
    Sister dear and dear!
    I am glad at this moment to say:
    With all my heart, sister, congratulations!
    Well, let me wish you a little.
  • I wish you peace, joy, success,
    Pleasant, sincere concerns,
    More happiness, and love, and laughter
    And may your soul always sing.
  • Today I am immensely glad to
    congratulate You, dear sister!
    Let everything be as it should be in life,
    Let fate keep it from sorrows.
  • Let love envelop in the nets of
    Great happiness, affection and warmth.
    Let your wishes come true,
    Let any height be easily given.
  • Let fate spoil you,
    Good luck and luck,
    Misfortune and trouble pass.
    Happy birthday to you sister!
  • I want you to be healthy,
    Live in abundance and love.
    Let the day bring joy to a new one,
    Catch good luck on the fly!
  • On your birthday, take a
    hurry, rather a treasure,
    Unearthly beauty
    And a cherished dream,
  • Yes, health and love,
    Realize everything,
    Happy holiday, sister,
    After all, it’s time to become happy,
  • Positive – you save,
    Drive sad thoughts,
    Let joy fill life,
    Smile, have some fun!
  • Good before our eyes,
    Driveaway fear,
    Congratulations! Do not be sad,
    Happiness is on your way.
  • My sister, beloved and tender,
    Let the snowstorm not shiver, let the snowstorm not howl,
    And the summer warms up with the warm light,
    And let the bird of happiness not fly away!
  • Let the soul remain young, The
    sound is always everywhere with you,
    And all the bad just flies away,
    And like a piece of ice in a river melts in spring!
  • Blossoming health for the century,
    And lush grasses in spring, colorful flowers,
    Gardens fragrant with coolness,
    Love is beautiful and faithful as a reward!
  • Happy Birthday Sister!
    Be beautiful on this day
    And good luck, by all means,
    Open the door wider.
  • As a sister, I wish you
    Happy days without loss,
    A lot of joy, health,
    Less problems in life.
  • As a full-
    flowing river Let your life flow,
    And filled with love
    Will meet you every day.
  • Sister, I congratulate you,
    With all my soul and loving,
    I wish you to find yourself in life,
    To see the most different seas!
  • Conquer this huge world,
    And arrange an excellent feast,
    I wish you patience, strength,
    Be number one in everything!
  • Sister, my dear, happy birthday!
    Let your life be full of love.
    Do not know grief, worries and doubts,
    But be satisfied with your fate in full.
  • I wish you health, success and happiness,
    And I very much ask you to take care of yourself,
    God save you from any misfortune,
    So that you do not meet obstacles on the way.
  • Always stay the same wonderful,
    Beautiful, smart and interesting.
    Cheerful and kind, decisive and courageous,
    Do not be afraid to take on a new business.
  • Energy, joy and inspiration,
    More luck and luck to you,
    Success in all your endeavors,
    I wish you not to know you the sadness of influence.
  • I also want to wish you, dear,
    Good friends and a handsome husband!
    And know, dear, that you
    always have support – your own sister!
  • Sister, dear, I hasten to congratulate,
    And leave warm lines as a keepsake:
    Let everything in life turn out to be only “5”, May
    fate protect you,
  • I wish you pleasant impressions
    And the most beautiful and brightest moments.
    Let a loved one be next to
    you , with whom you will share the century!
  • Let the sunshine on you more often,
    And in life you will meet great happiness!
  • Happy Birthday Sister!
    Bright days and warm dreams,
    happiness and love fill life without a trace.
  • From relatives care, affection,
    From friends only kind words,
    From superiors respect,
    Friendship from colleagues is excellent.
  • May luck accompany
    your Beginnings, The
    sea ​​of ​​laughter and fun
    Decorates your days!
  • Dearer than you, dearer
    There is no one, sister,
    for your birthday
    I wish you well.
  • So that you were happy,
    I did not meet with misfortune,
    To me, my sister,
    I addressed any problems.
  • We are rivers of troubles and joys
    Together we will swim
    And in life
    we will find Happy banks.
  • I congratulate you, sister,
    I want to hug you sooner … I wish you
    health, joy,
    All happiness on earth to know!
  • Sister, my dear flower,
    Like the sun, shine joyfully!
    happiness be spilled over the edge on this festive day!
  • I wish
    all your dreams come true on your birthday!
    Let life be full of luck,
    love, warmth and kindness!
  • Let what was “I can’t”
    Turn into, “It turned out!”
    What was a dream yesterday,
    On my birthday “Happened!”
  • Let life not be empty,
    Let it have light and meaning,
    Holiday, creativity, spring,
    Inspiring thought.
  • Be healthy, sister,
    Let all bad weather pass.
    In your wishes, accept
    love and happiness from your sister.
  • On your birthday, I wish you to
    notice beauty
    everywhere, Surpass spring with enchanting power and charm
  • After all, who, no matter how sisters are relatives
    , will support each other, will understand.
    Love you. Let whatever you want,
    It floats easily into your hands.
  • Dear, Wishes from my sister
    Catch on your Birthday.
    I wish you all, all the
    Ideas of embodiment.
  • It flowed so that happiness over the edge,
    She loved so that with all my heart,
    So that life was seasoned.
    That with honey, and then with pepper,
  • So that you are friends with health,
    With good that you circle in a waltz.
    I decided that everything in life was bold –
    To become a queen in everything.
  • My sister, a part of the heart,
    Be happy forever.
    Health to you without measure,
    Happy whole love.
  • May on your Birthday,
    all doubts dispel,
    And may everything that you dreamed about,
    Always come true to the end.
  • Another year has passed,
    He only remained a memory,
    Let it become a little older,
    But outwardly – even more beautiful.
  • I don’t need another sister,
    I’m glad when you’re around.
    Together we are not at all bored,
    We are inseparable from you.
  • On this day everything changed,
    You appeared in the world.
    And from that very moment, there is
    no happier sisters.
  • Happy Birthday Sister!
    Be happy, laugh loudly.
    I am grateful to fate that
    you sent me.
  • Happy birthday to you,
    my dear sister!
    You are beautiful, excellent,
    cheerful, free.
  • You are beautiful and wonderful,
    You are refined, lovely,
    Refined, good-natured,
    You are sweet, generous!
  • Walk with happiness by the hand,
    Don’t forget about your friends,
    Be successful and healthy,
    And always, always cheerful!
  • I wish – my own sister,
    From happiness and love to shine,
    Good luck, joy, prosperity,
    And let life be only sweet.
  • So that all barriers are destroyed,
    Men sang serenades,
    Good friends, only faithful ones,
    And a rapid career growth.
  • Make dreams come true,
    And boldly win in life,
    Let it fill with luck,
    Your bright holiday is your birthday!
  • To my beloved sister I
    wish you to be beautiful,
    Laugh, smile,
    Do not worry at all.
  • So that there was a mood,
    Success in everything, luck.
    Wish only the best
    Birthday sister!
  • Happy birthday, dear sister,
    you are all closer, dear to me.
    Only to you, I run for advice,
    Get the questions – answers.
  • I wish you not to be sad, to
    remain yourself, to be the best.
    So that health, prosperity, success,
    were always in life, without interference.
  • Sister, I wish you a birthday,
    Let life be sweeter than a jar of jam,
    Let there be tenderness, love, understanding in it,
    They are caring for relatives and male attention.
  • Let life whirl you in a dance of good luck,
    I wish your sister fun and friendship,
    Smiles and happiness, success, health,
    Work according to your heart and money!
  • I wish you unearthly love and grace,
    Tranquility and colors for the soul.
    Let the heart not lose heart,
    And let time not rush anywhere.
  • Wonderful moment,
    So smile soon!
    Sister, happy birthday –
    From your sister.
  • Blossom with violet, a rose,
    Like a young spring,
    Like a thin birch,
    Beautiful and slender.
  • Let
    luck and love knocking on the door sooner,
    And millions of good fairies
    Give happiness again.
  • So that you, shining like a star,
    find Him as soon as possible,
    live with him for many years In harmony.
  • Happy birthday, sister,
    Congratulations with all my heart!
    So that you sing like a bird,
    And shine with beauty.
  • I wish you all the best and luck,
    Ocean impressions.
    And a crazy mood,
    Yes, a champagne fountain.
  • May your health be super,
    fate spoils you.
    Our bonds will be strong,
    I will always be near!
  • My beloved sister,
    I want to congratulate you,
    And wish you smiles,
    Less mistakes in life.
  • Be beloved, love yourself,
    Always take care of your health,
    To forget about a cold,
    I will always take care of you.
  • I wish you great happiness,
    Everything in life is just cool,
    I love you, my sister,
    Let the spark in you never go out.
  • My dear sister,
    I congratulate to you!
    And I wish you a lot of happiness,
    Adversity will bypass you,
  • Let wealth and love
    kindle your blood.
    Well, remember from your sister:
    Be beautiful in your life!
  • Happy Birthday Sister!
    Smile as always.
    Let it become a habit.
    And then the trouble will go away. Swim
  • in the sea of ​​happiness,
    Dive in the ocean of love.
    Enjoy this life
    And don’t forget your sister.
  • Sister, my dear,
    How much you mean to me!
    Happy birthday,
    you are my friend, my family.
  • Auspicious days, luck,
    And carefree fun.
    Endless faith in miracles,
    And unearthly love in your eyes!
  • Sis, on this Birthday
    I want to wish you,
    success, joy, luck, make your
    dreams come true!
  • Be happy, my dear,
    On your holiday, the sun, smile!
    With all my heart, I wish
    that your life be successful!
  • My beloved sister,
    On your Birthday
    I wish you goodness, love,
    Fortune, joy, fun!
  • Care, personal happiness
    And excellent mood
    I wish you light and good,
    All the best, smiles and warmth!
  • Sister, on your birthday,
    You shone like a star in the sky,
    I, like a sister, am always proud of you,
    I want you to become even happier!
  • I want flowers to bloom for you,
    And waterfalls rustle for you, So that you are
    I always loved,
    So that life will present the best awards!
  • Sister’s Birthday –
    Very important, no doubt!
    After all, you, my girl,
    I have no dearer!
  • I hasten to congratulate you.
    And say that for me,
    The most colorful example,
    You will always be, sister!
  • Let the sorrows and adversities
    all bypass.
    And at any time of the year
    There will be peace in your soul!
  • From an early age we are together,
    Sisters, we are with you,
    I wish you happiness.
    On your Birthday.
  • I wish you all
    Dreams come true,
    In life, you were happy
    , sister.
  • Let your smile
    Warm your heart,
    Let your
    Love not let go of your hand.
  • More good luck, happiness,
    Health and love,
    Be the most beautiful,
    And live joyfully!
  • Happy Birthday Sister!
    You are so with me! The best!
    I just want
    you to be the happiest!
  • Always be the same gentle,
    And cheerful, and dear;
    May love be boundless!
    Sadness bypasses!

Happy Birthday Image for My Cousin Sister

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Beautiful Birthday Wishes to Sister From Sister

Beloved sister, dear, happy birthday! I am grateful to my parents for giving me you, and for you for helping me with smart advice and deed, that you always support me. I wish you not to know sadness so that the rays of the sun will always illuminate your path. May all your dreams, dreams and dreams come true! I love you!

  • Happy Birthday Sister!
    With all my heart, I would like
    you to laugh loudly,
    And my soul sang carelessly.
  • So that all wishes come true,
    Incomes increased,
    There was prosperity in life,
    Not depending on the weather!
  • My beloved sister,
    Happy birthday!
    I wish you happiness and kindness,
    Smiles, joy, fun, A
  • sea ​​of ​​fabulous gifts,
    A whole cart of congratulations,
    For your holiday to be bright,
    What is conceived – come true!
  • My dear sister,
    Happy birthday, congratulations,
    I love you, you know,
    remember Us more often.
  • Be happy and healthy,
    Remember: I am your friend,
    Stay exemplary,
    Only listen to the beating of hearts.
  • My dear sister,
    Happy birthday to you!
    And today I want to wish you a
    lot of joy, good luck and happiness.
  • Let there be many good events,
    The most important and valuable discoveries.
    I will follow this closely.
    I love you deeply and sincerely!
  • I wish you, dear sister, good luck,
    even if it sounds corny when serving.
    She will help and more than once, To
    notice the bad, evil eye.
    After all, you deserve the best
    Beauty, there is no cooler that!
  • Happy Birthday dear!
    You are the best in the world, you know.
    Whatever happens in life,
    you, sister, do not become limp.
  • May
    Happiness, money and love come to you easily ,
    So that you
    please with your successes again and again!
  • Two half sisters,
    Berries in one basket,
    You and I are one family,
    Only different paths.
  • Happy birthday, sister,
    At the table, you be a queen,
    At work – a craftswoman,
    Married – be loved,
    And forget your problems!
    Happiness, joy, goodness!
    Happy Holidays! Your sister.
  • My dear sister,
    I congratulate you on your birthday.
    And always be happy.
    I also wish you
  • Love, health, beauty,
    So that you are the sweetest.
    And so that the
    angel would sooner Bring my tender congratulations!
  • My lovely sister,
    Beloved, wonderful,
    Be happy, healthy
    And ready for joy!
  • We always walked in step,
    Everyone envied us.
    Your holiday – and my little,
    All gifts – in half!
  • Happy Birthday Sister!
    May your dreams come true.
    You leaf through the fate of the page –
    All the bad is behind!
  • I wish you happiness,
    And smiles and flowers.
    Let your eyes sparkle,
    And love lives in your soul!
  • Happy Birthday sister!
    I brought as a gift
    Not candy, not perfume,
    but hearty poems.
  • Let us quarrel with you, We get
    angry and bite, We
    and often take offense.
  • I propose to live amicably,
    No more quarreling.
    Don’t share your things!
    Forget about enmity altogether.
  • I sincerely wish you
    happiness, peace and goodness.
    And I also congratulate
    you on being your sister!
  • Dear sister, congratulations!
    It’s your birthday today.
    I wish you happiness and good,
    Joy, good luck and luck!
  • Let your friends accompany you,
    And your beloved leads by the hand.
    Only the best is ahead, I know.
    Don’t let your success let you down!
  • Hi sister! Nature herself
    Has given you a desperate surprise;
    You were born at such a time of year …
    Plunge into the richness of bright colors.
  • Let not only radiance be external –
    Let your soul rejoice;
    Be good only and sincere desire
    And joy is invariably good.
  • Love you and full-fledged life,
    Let this kaleidoscope be rich;
    Always go through life with a good song
    And avoid unsuitable paths.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes to the Sister From the Sister

  • Sister, happy birthday
    I congratulate to you!
    Good luck and luck,
    I wish you so.
  • After all, you are not closer.
    Even though they quarreled at times, We are
    always together everywhere,
    I am a mountain for you.
  • Be healthy, happy,
    Find your way of life,
    Love you beautiful.
    Do not forget this verse!
  • We are sisters with you, which makes me very happy!
    You are my happiness and my joy,
    You are a ray of the sun, my dear,
    I congratulate you on your birthday.
  • I wish you joy, success, positive,
    I wish you to live in a comfortable apartment,
    And so that your loved one is always nearby.
    And what else do we young people want from life?
  • On my sister’s birthday.
    Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.
    So that the girl was red,
    And in her pockets – completely pennies.
  • So that happiness is only near,
    And adversity is a side,
    So that you
    conquer the male sex with just one glance.
  • My dear sister,
    You are like a ringing titmouse.
    Tell me all the secrets
    And listen to mine.
  • I am in a hurry with a bouquet to you, I carry a gift in my hand.
    Sis – you are a miracle!
    You are just a goddess.
  • You are a supergirl,
    You are a lady from the cinema!
    Look and watch
    Pleasure and nothing more … Nobody dares to
  • compare with you
    Sister you are a fairy tale,
    I love one hundred percent.
  • I wish you health
    And a lot of success,
    So that everything goes in life
    Without barriers and hindrances.
  • So that the eyes shine
    And sparkle with laughter. You make everyone happy with your
  • I congratulate you,
    I adore you,
    I want
    you to go through life with ease.
  • I wish you happiness to your
    beloved sister
    And on your birthday
    I will shout hurray!
  • You are a sister, no dearer
    In the whole, the whole world.
    Let the light of happiness be shed,
    Success will be wider.
  • Let there be many, many
    bright sensations in life .
    And the most valuable
    acquisitions from fate to you!
  • On your happy birthday,
    I wish with all my heart:
    Fireworks and surprises
    Will be very good!
  • Hurry to blow out all the candles
    And make your wishes.
    Wish flowers, gifts,
    wish yourself happiness!
  • May luck be with you,
    Light and joy, and spring.
    I will be with you,
    I am a beloved sister!
  • Give your hand and hold me tight.
    When you are with me – the trouble is not terrible!
    Accept your congratulations – in my soul there is a thrill,
    I really, really need you!
  • Ah, beloved sister, a
    piece of my heart!
    Congratulations, be beautiful
    Be welcome and tender.
  • Be light, do not know grief,
    May the sea be good luck,
    All dreams come true,
    And flowers grow in my soul.
  • You, my dear sister,
    I wish you happiness and love,
    After all, such a happy day,
    And the shadow disappeared at once,
  • White light lit up.
    Good luck to you, many years.
    Birthday once a year
    And I can’t stand it.
  • Joy hits me with a key.
    All adversity does not care.
    We will be together as a family.
    I will be your support and armor
  • But happiness is better,
    To avoid bad weather.
    I wish you many years to
    see this light.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes to Little Sister From Sister

Happy birthday dear cousin! I consider you my brother from another father since you always loved me as if I were your own little sister. May this new year bring you a lot of happiness in your life. Far or near, I will always carry you inside my heart, because you are my cousinfriend-sister.

  • My dear little sister,
    May you have happiness!
    Let flowers bloom for you,
    And joy will be where you are.
  • Be, little sister, the sweetest,
    The sweetest and happiest,
    The most joyful, beloved
    And always so beautiful!
  • My dear little sister,
    I congratulate you
    And I wish you with all my heart the
    Sea of ​​happiness and love!
  • Let, little sister, only joy,
    There will be every day in life.
    Let there be so many gifts,
    To accept so that it becomes lazy.
  • Let life give pleasant moments,
    That will warm your soul sweetly,
    I wish you, little sister, on your birthday
    Always make dreams come true!
  • Sister, little sister, dear sister!
    I want to warm you with affection,
    And wish you good health, “excellent!”
    Neither body nor soul to grow old.
  • My little sister, on this festive day
    I congratulate you heartily,
    May happiness always be in your life,
    May it be endless.
  • I wish you to reach all the desired heights,
    good luck, fortune, luck.
    Let there be a huge sea of ​​flowers.
    My little sister, happy birthday!
  • Your holiday is more important to me than everyone else,
    And from the
    bottom of my heart, little sister, I congratulate, Let your cheerful laughter not cease,
    And only happiness in life surrounds!
  • Happy birthday little sister,
    happy birthday honey.
    I wish that she was the
  • My dear little sister!
    I congratulate you
    Happy Birthday. And in pursuit I
    I would like to wish:
  • Be happy, little sister, –
    This is the only thing I pray.
    Smile, laugh loudly.
    Remember I love you!
  • Without a doubt, have
    One hundred rubles and one hundred friends,
    Happy birthday, little sister,
    Be healthy, do not hurt!
  • I hasten to congratulate
    my dear little sister on my birthday.
    To say how warmly and tenderly,
    How sincerely I love her.
  • “There is no other such in the world!” –
    I tell you loving.
    Happy birthday, little sister,
    I congratulate to you!
  • My dear little sister, I congratulate you,
    Health, I wish you prosperity!
    May life give you good days,
    May your eyes shine with your happiness!
  • So that your beloved always
    pleases, You shine with beauty like a star.
    To keep the smile on your lips,
    You didn’t know what sadness is, little sister.
  • Happy birthday, little sister,
    I congratulate to you!
    You are like a star in the sky.
    You will always be for me.
  • Beloved little sister, dear and sweet,
    On your birthday I want to wish:
    Love and good luck, health and happiness,
    Energy, joy, sunny days.
  • Sweet little sister, dear,
    I want to tell you for a long time,
    That you are the only one in the world,
    And there is nothing more to dream about!
  • Happy birthday, sister!
    May you be lucky in everything,
    Life, like pure water,
    Flows day after day.
  • Sister, I want to wish:
    Argue – be right,
    Let all ideas – on the shoulder,
    Obstacles – tryn-grass.
  • I hasten to congratulate you on the holiday.
    You were born, it’s the time!
    And I will tell you from the bottom of my heart:
    You are the best sister.
  • Health, little sister, success,
    A ripple of life in the blood.
    Always so that we remain
    family and whole people.
  • So that boredom did not sneak into the house.
    Be aware of all the new products.
    And, most importantly, find your way.
    From many paths.
    My dear little sister,
  • Sweet little sister, my joy and support,
    I congratulate you on your birthday!
    Let your life not seem like a waste, A
    cost for your beloved yourself.
  • Dear little sister,
    I congratulate to you!
    On your glorious birthday
    I wish you well.
  • Little sister, happy birthday!
    I wish the sea happiness!
    Smiles, moods,
    Do not know any troubles or sorrow.
  • My little sister, I hasten to congratulate you!
    Do you know how much I love you ?!
    And only for you is my poem,
    Maybe I’ll even sing …
  • Little sister, happy birthday! I wish you a bright life with a dizzying aroma of peach juiciness, strawberry sweetness, and chocolate delight. And let it all be flavored with a romantic creamy sauce of tenderness and love!
  • Hello dear sister.
    Happy Birthday! Hooray!
    I want to wish well,
    Win the keys to paradise!
  • In the heart, so that the birds sing,
    And always the eyes burn,
    And in the soul, there is always spring
    Happiness so that love brings!
  • So that there is no blues –
    Congratulations from my sister:
    I wish, dear sister,
    Do not go out like a match,
  • And like a bright star,
    Flare-up forever!
    Breathe full
    chest, Turn the heads of men!
  • Let your soul rejoice,
    Let love rage in you,
    And a young artist
    Let your portrait paint!
  • I’m so glad to congratulate you on your birthday!
    My beloved sister, dear little man.
    I wish you success in everything, inspiration,
    I never left my soul so that I could never rest.
  • Let love with the enchanting breath
    Fill your life sooner.
    I wish you happiness, peace, understanding.
    My sister, only good!
  • It’s your birthday today.
    And now
    plans, goals, hearts, and boldness have become more mature for a year now.
    The world embraces you today
    As tightly as I do, sister.
  • Rejoice, love, do not be afraid, act.
    Take care of the girl in your soul –
    After all, everything around is very interesting.
    Have fun, dance, let your laughter flow.
  • Peace, friend, he is still a prankster.
    The day today – from the moon to the sun – is
    yours and only yours. Forward to the holiday!
  • Since childhood, you are like a friend to me,
    My beloved sister,
    Today you have a holiday
    And I want to congratulate you, I will
    exclaim “Happy birthday!”
  • Always greet the sunrises with a smile,
    And also see off the sunsets without being sad,
    I wish you bright, strong love,
    To be for many years.
  • Today is my sister
    ‘s birthday.
    Let your ringing laughter be heard,
    Forget worries and worries.
  • Let the sparkles sparkle in my eyes,
    Hurricanes are raging in my soul,
    In my heart, the ice of resentment will melt,
    Dream calls to other countries.
  • I wish you to be a princess
    From the fairy tale that my mother read.
    Let your life be wonderful
    And not ordinary itself!
  • I wish you sister,
    So that life is generous to you, A
    a lot of luck, loud laughter,
    In fate, let success await you!
  • Interesting trips to the sea,
    So that grief bypasses you.
    And the wings of happiness carried away!
    To be invited to the program.
    So that “Mers” stood in front of you,
    Love would lead.
  • My little sister, my darling, I will say, not melting an ounce: you are a unique person! I wish you to live at least a century. I wish that your dreams and actions are never limited by anyone or anything. You are a creative person, so create, “get up”, surprise, amaze, dream and get whatever you want!
  • My dear sister, I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday! With your birth, our small and cozy family world has turned into a noisy hive in which there is vanity and full of pleasant worries. I have a sister, a friend and support who will always listen, understand and support. Let the quarrels run between us chill, but strong sisterly embraces always drove him away. Always be yourself, take only the best from life. Happy Holidays! Love you.
  • I congratulate sister,
    my joy, happy birthday. Let the high aspirations be
  • I wish to be happy The
    the way you want yourself,
    Well, if need be,
    Know that there is a sister nearby.
  • As a sister to my sister, I will say that
    I breathe with you!
    I cherish literally since childhood
    Without any coquetry
  • Our friendship and kinship, I
    share my life with you and the house.
    Let it only be personal. You have
    happiness, sister!
  • I congratulate you, sister,
    Happy this day of your birthday,
    And I wish you to laugh loudly, Fill your
    life with goodness and fun.
  • Blossom every day stronger,
    Take warmth and affection from the world,
    Become even more beautiful and tender,
    And live like in a wonderful fairy tale!
  • The closest person is a sister,
    I wish you understanding,
    To love you, like me,
    Never to gnaw torment.
  • Stay happy, dear.
    Do not forget about your little sister.
    When I feel bad, let me,
    Cleave to you like a kitten.
  • Sisters we are with you forever,
    Ties have tied us tightly,
    Congratulations, sister,
    Accept from me!
  • Receive surprises in life
    You are always pleasant,
    shine with lights, Happiness, joy of the eye.
  • So that you do not seek love,
    And she lived with you
    Hourly, daily,
    Enjoy your fate!
  • Well, finally, here’s the birthday,
    my darling little sister has come.
    I wish that your mind and charisma,
    Who is dear to you – always appreciated.
  • I said that you have become a little older,
    But that is why only wiser, more beautiful.
    May your life always be like in a fairy tale,
    The same is carefree and happy.
  • My dear sister,
    I congratulate
    you, I wish you
    Love and beauty!
  • You are always happy,
    A little naughty,
    Let the men throw
    flowers at your feet!
  • To you, little sister, I wish
    to conquer the hearts of men,
    Not to succumb to despondency,
    How to shine a star in the sky!
  • May
    fate bless you with health and love
    And the cup of happiness and good luck
    How will it hand over to the winner!

Final Thought

You can find the best and warmest congratulations for your closest relative in this section. Every loved one knows the traits of his sister, so it will not be difficult for you to find the best words for her. And we will help you with this by offering not only congratulations in verse, but also nice SMS and good words in prose.

A sister is your faithful companion, who will always understand and support, help you find a way out of the most difficult situations. Therefore, find a few warm words for your loved one!

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