100+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother: Does your brother have a birthday? Then you are possibly looking for the best brother’s birthday wishes and messages to send him wonderful wishes.

There are many ways to congratulate a brother on his birthday, and in this article, you will see the best examples of them. You will also discover the best birthday images for a brother on the Internet.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother

In the hearts of the younger siblings, we will always find the older brother in a privileged place, that brave person who faces life and returns to tell you how it went and explain the mistakes you should not make; he is the ideal confidant, the teacher who does not tell you. will judge, is who you can always trust.

  • I want to be very honest with you on your birthday, even if it costs me to be sometimes. I care that you are happy and that you are well since my brother and I love you very much. I hope you have a great time today. Congratulations!
  • Today a new stage opens and a new cycle begins. How old you have become! You are more mature and responsible, a person who can be counted on for everything. Congratulations, my little brother!
  • Even if you are older, both old and tall, for me, you will always be my little brother, the one who cried because he was afraid of the dark. Never change: remain who you are. Receive my sincere congratulations!
  • There is nothing more valuable to me than being able to celebrate your birthday by your side. You already know how much I love you and that I would do the impossible for you and achieve your happiness. You’re an extraordinary person. Congratulations brother!
  • Although I was born after you, I have always been the most responsible. I was even able to remember your birthdays more clearly. Just in case you’ve forgotten this time, congratulations!
  • I still don’t believe you are of legal age. You are a genuine man and I am proud to think of you. My advice has paid off and you have been able to meet your goals. Congratulations and never forget how much your brother loves you!
  • You have always been by my side; you have always been my hero and a person I can count on for everything. You are smart, brave, sincere, empathetic, and popular. You are also very lovely and you have many qualities that I appreciate and value a lot. I hope you continue like this and that life continues to give you everything you ask for. Congratulations!
  • I wish that this day is as full of fun and love as the one we profess, that all your friends are as close as you and I are, that the celebration today is lovely, that God will fill you with many more years, prosperity and good health.
  • Today you are one more year old, my dear brother and that fills me with great happiness because I remember the day you made me an older brother, the happiest of all for having a little brother to play with, of course, your cries were unbearable You stole my parents from me for a while and you were so small that you only threw my toys and did not play, but over time I learned to love you, you are the best, my great confidant and without a doubt one of the most important inhabitants of my heart, I love you
  • Congratulations on one more year of life, brother! You can already notice the gray in that hair; luckily, it is gray and not a bald one, do not worry, that even if you look like an old ogre, your beloved sister will continue to love you and wish many congratulations on your birthdays, I adore you, I will be soon around your house to hug and bother you at ease.
  • You are the best brother that has touched me in this life; I love you very much and admire you; you are my example to follow, the person who taught me that I must fight for what I want, even if I must take half society ahead and destroy The famous “What will they say” with your support is enough for me. I have plenty to keep going, because if your heart supports me, what I do is fine.
  • Happy birthday! Today is your big day and it is time to celebrate this beautiful date in style; you are the best person who inhabits this world, whom I can always trust, my only faithful friend; I wish you the best in this and every day come.
  • You are the best brother I could wish for. Luckily the only one, I don’t know what I would do with many like you, I guess going crazy, luckily, there is only you to receive all my love and all the good wishes that I have to offer you in this Birthday, have a great time, I love you very much.
  • Today is your day, brother! I wish much happiness in this and all the days that are to come in your life; I wish that love, success and prosperity reach you and take you by the hand to enjoy life in this beautiful world.
  • On this birthday, I pray to God to allow you to achieve success and fulfill all your dreams; I wish that all the love and blessings of God will be poured out on you, guide your way and protect you from all evil.
  • On your birthday, I remember our childhood very much when we played soccer together. You taught me tricks with great patience; you taught me to be a powerful woman, not to let myself be mistreated by anyone; you are the best brother in the world, I love you very much. I wish May God always protect and bless you; may he always keep us together. Happy birthday!
  • When our parents told me that I would have a baby brother, happiness overwhelmed me, it was a great gift. Although I had to wait a long time for you to grow up and play with me and have a lot of patience for the problems you caused me, I always loved you from minute one and that nothing and nobody will change it, I love you very much, little brother, Happy birthday!
  • You are my brother and my best friend, that person who will be by my side through thick and thin, you are the best of all; I want to wish you a pleased birthday, many more years and a lot of health to enjoy them.
  • The best brothers in the world are you and me, completely inseparable, the best friends, the best confidants, brother, I know that I can trust you with my life and I know that you would trust me with yours without thinking about it, happy birthday, I love you very much.
  • My greatest wish, when I was little, was to have a brother with whom to play and share adventures. You came to my side and together we built roads and stories that fill me with happiness when remembering them; thank you very much for being there for me, little brother, I love you very much and I wish you a pleased birthday.
  • Life has given you a wonderful gift, one more year, I am very happy for you, for this new opportunity to continue together sharing as good brothers. I wish this year is full of health and success for you, that you can continue to grow as the beautiful human being you are. Happy birthday!
  • Each memory of our childhood fills me with great joy and perhaps a little melancholy, these are moments that will not return, but we can still build beautiful moments. Today is the best day to do it; we will celebrate your birthday in style, as you deserve it because life deserves to be celebrated a thousand times, every day, every year, every moment. Happy birthday!
  • If your brother’s birthday is coming up and you don’t know how to express your feelings in Phrases words. Top, we have the best collection of phrases to wish a “Happy birthday brother” that you will surely love. Remember to add some unique details that only he and you know give the message more emotion and make it more memorable.
  • Dear brother, I want to celebrate this new year of life that you are celebrating today. Since we are little, this bond that unites us has been formed: blood and mutual love, collaboration, and companionship. You are and will be me, the best brother in the world; happy birthday!
  • On this day, I can’t stop greeting the best brother there is… you! Thank you for loving me and accompanying me unconditionally throughout our life, you are a fundamental part of my life and I love you for that. Even if we fight or argue on several occasions, you always count and have my love and attention. Happy Birthday!
  • One day like today, you turned our family upside down, and I’m glad that happened! Rest assured that you are unique and important to me, a brother whom I can trust and whom I love infinitely. Even if we do not always understand or agree, our bond will always be stronger. Congratulations!
  • Dear brother, you are always my fiercest guardian, the warrior who protects me from all evil and to whom I can go to learn many more things and to whom I enjoyed getting mad when I wanted to joke and play, have a very happy birthday, I wish you so. best.
  • I would like to destroy the distance that separates us to hug you and congratulate you in person, to be able to whisper to you the pride that is to be your sister, you are the best, brother and I wish that your path is always illuminated and full of successes, that this is the best birthday of all, but no better than the one to come.
  • Today another 365 days have passed since your last birthday, a new return from the Earth to the sun without being impacted by an asteroid that extinguishes us; you are fortunate, brother, come on, even if life is gray, we must always find luck in the significant events of the cosmos, we are alive. You are present a new birthday where we will pamper you; we will fill you with gifts and much love as you deserve it. Happy birthday!
  • By your side, I have gone through many experiences and situations; I have taught you everything I know, protected, pampered and loved you with all my heart. I will continue to do so; you will always be my dear little brother, no matter how many years you turn Happy Dear brother’s birthday!

Congratulating him on his birthday can be challenging, especially when you do not know what words to dedicate to him or what to say to express your feelings, that is why from Phrases. Top, we invite you to use any of our appointments, whether to write a card, share it through networks, or inspire you to write your happy birthday message to your big brother.

Short Happy Birthday Wishes for My Brother

Do you want to know more birthday wishes for a brother ? Then keep reading, because this article is not over yet. Next, you will discover the best wishes to your brother.

  • You are the best brother, happy birthday.
  • A big hug for the best brother in the world.
  • Being your brother is a pride. Enjoy yourself. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to you, I wish you the best. I love your brother.
  • I want to congratulate the most handsome brother in the world. You have always been a gift to me.
  • Only you can happen to meet years in times of crisis. Happy birthday little brother!
  • You are already entering the age where you have to lie when asked, haha. Congratulations.
  • Don’t worry if it’s many candles; we can always open the hose to help you blow out. Hahaha, congratulations, dear little brother.
  • Happy birthday dear brother, although late but with all my love.
  • Happy birthday, brother, may our Lord Jesus Christ fill you with blessings and happiness in this new year.
  • I wish you these birthday phrases for a brother, because you are everything to me, just like Jesus Christ.
  • I remember the day you were born and what I felt at that time; that feeling has grown. I ADORE YOU!
  • Happy birthday, brother, stop growing, stay as you are.
  • You know that you can always count on me because I will be there for you, happy birthday little brother.
  • With love and affection, on this day, I wish you the best for you and that you fulfill all your dreams.
  • That you eat a lot of cake and smile nonstop on your day; congratulations on your day brother
  • You will always be my brother, and no one can take that away from me, no matter what happens, I love you and wish you the best in this new year of life.
  • Although you are far away, I just want to wish you my blessings and wishes.
  • The distance will not prevent me from remembering and congratulating you on your day, so congratulations.
  • All this time, apart has only made me love you more and wish you would come back now so I can celebrate your day in person.

Birthday Messages for a Brother

Let’s start this article with a list of very beautiful and original birthday messages for a brother that you can use to congratulate your dear brother on his birthday.

  • I cannot express to you when I love you for this message, but I can get a little closer by telling you that I love you with all my soul, brother, congratulations.
  • Happy birthday to a handsome brother today. You celebrate one more year of life next to your loved ones; God has allowed you to be among us and be grateful for that. May life give you many more years of life, congratulations, anger, and joys. Happy Birthday! Your brother/sister loves you.
  • Happy Birthday, brother! On this particular day, remember that life put us together for a reason; let’s never forget what we have lived together. One more year comes to an end, but the experiences, laughter, hugs, learning, and wisdom remain on your side, do not forget to thank you for everything you have: best wishes and a hug.
  • One year older, I still remember when we were little we fought over everything; a long time has passed since then, each of us made our lives, but my love and affection for you has not changed. Happy Birthday to a brother! May life allows you to share many more years with us, full of health, well-being, and emotion.
  • On a day like today, a very important person for me was born and who I now call brother. A childhood together created a bond between us stronger than steel. Best wishes and a million hugs on this special day that a few years ago saw you born. Happy Birthday, brother!
  • How old are you? Haha, It doesn’t matter, brother, even if you are an older man, I will continue to love you the same as always, even if I have to change your diapers. Remember that I am your brother, and our bond does not break so easily. I love you and I hope you stay with us for many more years.
  • Happy Birthday, brother! More than one more year, a new opportunity to live presents itself before you, surely you are not the same as I remember from my childhood, but your essence is the same. Hugs and congratulations will rain on you, also receive mine, full of love and emotion for the best brother in the world.
  • Congratulations! One more birthday that you celebrate that you receive many gifts, hugs and congratulations from the people who love you; you deserve that and much more, brother. I thank life for joining us on the path of brotherhood for the rest of our lives. I send you a big hug.
  • Congratulations brother! Your birthday has finally arrived and even if you wish you were no longer years old and start filling your head with gray hair, life is like that and we must accept it. I am thankful for all that we have experienced together and I pray to heaven that I can have you by our family’s side for many more years.
  • I needed birthday phrases for my brother and I have found this one that suits you a lot: Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday! Brother, another year has gotten out of hand; how quickly time goes by, I am grateful to grow by your side and live the world knowing that you are there for me. I send you a big hug and all my love for where you are at this moment.
  • Happy Birthday to a brother! One year older, but no more finished, haha. Smile that life still has much to offer you, happiness is on our side, and the love of our family is with you. Congratulations that you have many more years.
  • I wish you to spend a wonderful day with all the people who love you and who make you happy and although distance separates us, don’t let missing me fill you with sadness; we will soon be together again, I love you very much, have a birthday very happy.
  • Words can never express all that I feel for you, brother; I can only tell you that I love you with all my heart and that my best wishes will always be with you, have a pleased birthday.
  • Happy birthday, brother! How many are there already? It’s time to start lying about your age and comb your hair in curious ways to cover that bald spot already showing Nah lie; you are entering the best years of your life, you will see, only prosperity awaits you.

Siblings are the best friends that the family gives us and sometimes congratulating them can be complicated, sometimes words are not enough to express everything we feel for them. In Frases.Top, we have shared the best messages for a birthday brother; feel free to use them as you see fit, whether you want to share them as we wrote them or plan to modify them with a pinch of inspiration, anything goes when it comes to congratulating that friend with whom we share blood ties and filial love.

We know that many times an image speaks louder than a thousand words; that is why our graphic designers have created the following birthday images for a brother, show that you care about his birthday with one of our incredible designs.

Funny Happy Birthday Messages Brother

Are you a person with an excellent sense of humor? Your brother too? The best thing would be to dedicate some funny birthday wishes for a brother; not only will he be happy about your greeting, but you will also get a big smile.

  • You know very well that I have a bad habit of being late everywhere to be noticed. Congratulating you on your birthday was no exception, so happy birthday, bro.
  • Although my congratulations are arriving late, you are always in my thoughts, brother; I love you very much. happy birthday little brother.
  • Dear brother, your birthday reminds me that I must thank you for all the moments we spent together in our lives.
  • On this day, I can only tell you that you have a lovely birthday and that I love you very much.
  • Today is a special day in the lives of all of us, brother. We not only celebrate your arrival but how you make us feel.
  • Brother! Do you remember when you used to play soccer with our dad and our grandfather? What beautiful memories! I wish you many congratulations, little brother; although time passes, I will always be there for you.
  • I didn’t forget; I just wanted to make a grand entrance. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BROTHER!
  • You know that I am a total forgetful, I am always late for everything and congratulating you was no exception; many congratulations, dear brother, have a great time in the remainder of the day, and celebration, I hope to make time so that we can celebrate together your birthday.
  • It’s incredible how time passes and how you keep growing more and more, but I still see you as my little brother, the little one who always followed me everywhere and for imitating me got me in trouble; happy birthday, have a great time, soon I will stop by home to congratulate you in person
  • I was always a very popular person, with many childhood friends, people I can always count on. Still, if I’m honest with you, I am fortunate to have you, because you are the only real friend I need, that person in whom I can Always trust, have a happy birthday, that tonight all your wishes come true by blowing out the candles on the cake.

Happy Birthday Messages for Little Brother

Next, you will know some birthday wishes for a younger brother that you can use to dedicate to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any of your social networks. Your younger brother will be very, very happy.

  • Although I still see you as a baby, you are growing and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you to continue as you are. Happy Birthday little brother.
  • You will always be my first child, even if he is my younger brother. Therefore, I wish you the best and all your goals on this particular day.
  • Happy birthday, brother! When you have the cake in front of you, think of a wish and blow out the candles. If you don’t want the wish for yourself, think of one for me.
  • What I like most about the way you are is your enthusiasm for life. Although there have been many difficulties, you have always seen the positive side of everything, and you have encouraged me to do it too. Thanks for being so insistent. Congratulations!
  • I still remember when I knew I was going to have you as a brother. At first, I was selfish, and the only thing I did not want is for you to take my toys from me, but I learned many lessons from you over time. Now I know that a brother is the best thing that can happen to you in life.
  • I can’t help but send my love on this day to the best big brother of all time. My coach, advisor, and friend who has been a part of every moment of my life since I first opened my eyes. Thank you for your care! Happy Birthday.

Best Birthday Phrases for Siblings

  • Brother, I want to congratulate you on your birthday and tell you that nothing else makes me happy than seeing a smile on your mouth. Congratulations!
  • My brother, I would like to congratulate you, and not only because today is your birthday, but because you are a person with strong values ​​and very special to me. I want to wish you to achieve everything you set your mind to. Congratulations brother!
  • I thank you for everything you have done for me, and not only that, you have helped me so many times with my homework, but for being the best older brother of a child. I ask your life to bring you everything you want. Always smile, brother.
  • Life has given me a treasure, and it is you. You know how much I love you, and I hope you have a wonderful time today. Congratulations!
  • Today is very important as we celebrate the birthday of a very important person for me, who has been in my life in the best and the worst moments. I wish I could thank you for everything you’ve done, and the best way to tell you is to tell you how much I love you. I wish you congratulations! You are the best brother!
  • Although it is true that I have not lacked friends in childhood, none of them are even minimally like you. You have always been my pillar, my point of support, and I can’t find the words to thank you for it. I wish you a happy day and have a great time. You deserve everything!
  • No matter what happens, we will always be brothers. On this day, I would like to tell you that you will always have me there for everything you need. I hope you have a great time and that you meet many more. Happy Birthday!
  • What a greater joy to have been born the same day as you and to know what you think just by looking at your face. Congratulations, my twin!
  • You are my little brother, but despite this, I know how much you have protected me and how well you have taken care of me when things have not gone well. Thank you for the love and support you have given me. Have a great time in your day, brother; you don’t know how much I love you.
  • Although distance separates us, nothing can stop me from saying how much your birthday makes me happy. Congratulations! I hope all your dreams come true!
  • Do you remember when you teach me how to build a castle with sand? It was one of those moments that I will never forget, in the same way as the rest of those that I have shared with you. I appreciate that you are that brother that any child would want to have. Congratulations!

Congratulations to a Brother

  • If I had the possibility of choosing another brother, I would never take advantage of it. We think differently, but the truth is that the love that unites us has no comparison. Congratulations!
  • Nothing can be bought with love between brothers and even less with love I have towards you. You have always been the best example for me, as well as for everyone around you. Therefore, I would like you to have a great time on this particular day and relax since it is not worth stressing foolishly. We all deserve to rest once in a while!
  • Congratulations! Take advantage of this new day that life presents you and remember that you only have a birthday once every 365 days.
  • Sometimes I get so angry with you that I would get angry, but I know I could not live without you. I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. I love you and wish you a Happy Birthday!
  • In the same way as any brother in the world, we have argued and fought a lot, but we also love each other a lot. Therefore, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and have a good time. Congratulations!
  • I don’t know how you get it, but the truth is that you always make me get the best of me. You are the best brother on the planet, who is there for everything. Have a great time on your day!
  • On this particular day, I want you to know how important you are to me. Not only are you my brother, but you are also an exceptional companion and friend. I have many things to thank you for, and this phrase is the best thing that has occurred to me. Congratulations!
  • Keep in mind that you will always be my brother, both in good times and in not so good times, and that you will always count on me for whatever you need. Remember that everything that is mine is yours. Congratulations! May, on this particular day, everything you have proposed come true.
  • The day of your birthday is a date marked on the calendar, and the day you were born appeared in my life that would become the most important person for me. Every year I remember this moment in a unique way. I love you so much! Congratulations!
  • I wish this birthday were one of those difficult to forget. And don’t forget to share your gifts with me, with the brother you love madly. Especially if the gifts are chocolates! Congratulations!
  • You are a different brother from the others, and it is for this reason, I ask Heaven that your birthday turns out just as you have imagined it and that you enjoy how it has been a long time since you have. It is your special day, and you deserve the best of the best. Congratulations!
  • I can’t be by your side today, but I send you a kiss and a very strong hug from a distance. I’m very sad that I can’t spend your birthday there, but I assure you that I will make it next year. Congratulations!
  • Your birthday has always been an important date for me since you are the house’s king. The whole family loves you very much and misses you. We hope you have a great time on this special day.
  • I feel perfect that you are by my side as a brother. You are an example that I always follow, and you will always know that you have my support for everything. Congratulations brother!
  • You can count on me in the good times and the not so good. We will always be together and he will have my support for everything. Be very happy, brother, I love you!

Birthday Words for My Brother

  • If I think about those moments in which we are together, I could spend a lifetime and some important ones I forget. And it is that we have always been united, creating a special bond. I hope we always continue like this! Enjoy your birthday to the fullest!
  • It’s incredible how quickly time passes! It seems like yesterday when I changed your diapers and helped Mom feed you food. Now you have become a man who is very clear about what he wants in his life. Receive many congratulations on this day. I love you!
  • No matter what problem you have, remember that I will always be by your side to give you a hand. We are brothers and this bond cannot be undone. Congratulations and may you have many more!
  • What has that shy child become who could only be made to laugh with tickles? Now he has become quite a man. Congratulations, I love you so much!
  • Sometimes I miss it when we argued in our childhood. Do you remember how angry Mommy used to get? It wasn’t so funny then, but now it’s remembering it and not being able to suppress laughter. Congratulations, brother. Have a great time on your birthday.
  • You have become very old now and I can only thank you for everything you have done. You have been an example to follow, a person who has always been by my side and has helped me in all stages of my life. Therefore, I would like all your dreams to come true and for this birthday to be unique. Congratulations!
  • I don’t want another day to go by without knowing that even though we have our arguments and don’t think alike, you are the best person I’ve ever met. Thank you for acting as a guide the more I miss you. Congratulations!
  • The world is a little less sad to have a brother like you. For being there always, I would like to tell you to have a great time on your special day and to share a gift with your dear sister.
  • We are quite a few miles apart, and therefore I could not forget your birthday … and the reason for that is that it coincides on the same day as mine. Congratulations and forgive me for being the handsome brother!
  • As time goes! I still remember when you wanted to come over there with my friends in the evenings, and that then you were not more than 10 years old. You have always been ahead of other people, and that is why you look good today. Remember that you can come with me to the party whenever you want.

List of Birthday Messages for a Brother

  • t I am not the most affectionate but do not doubt that I love you, because even if I do not show it, I feel immense love and that nothing and no one can change it. Happy Birthday, brother.
  • Your birthday is one of the most memorable dates that we celebrate in our family. It fills us with happiness to know that you are celebrating another year and that you will continue to accompany us and rejoice us with your smile and ideas. Congratulations brother! Together we wish you a great day.
  • This year, they have left me the task of organizing your birthday party, and I have been preparing this excellent surprise for a long time that I hope will brighten your night and make you jump with happiness. Because you deserve it, little brother, I wish you a happy birthday.
  • In your sadness and joys, I will always be there to support you and encourage you to move on because that is what brothers do. Happy Birthday!
  • Another birthday by your side and the happiness I feel does not fit in my chest because you do not always have the happiness of celebrating such important moments with who you love the most in life. Happy Birthday, brother!
  • Sometimes I sit back and think about everything we have been through, and it amazes me how well we have gotten along since we were wearing diapers and drinking from the bottle. Now that we are a couple of men, we continue to love each other so much and share everything, and I do not doubt that you and I are the best brothers. Happy Birthday!
  • The world is celebrating because it is the birthday of an extraordinary human being, whom everyone would like to know and have as a family or as a friend. I, for my part, am lucky to call him “brother”, and nothing fills me with more pride and satisfaction than spending days with him. Happy Birthday!
  • The family is celebrating because today is your birthday. We hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy the cake that we made for you with such dedication. Happy Birthday!
  • Time flies by and we are no longer that pair of kids who ran around the house, turning our parents’ world upside down. Now we’ve grown up, but we still love each other and drive Mom and Dad crazy. Happy Birthday, brother!
  • Happy Birthday brother! May this be an ideal day and may you receive as many gifts as you can imagine. I love you so much.

Okay, now that you have these great ideas, grab a greeting card and, with one of these phrases, wish your brother a happy birthday.

No moment is more beautiful than realizing that despite our differences and how much they can destroy our patience, our brother is necessary for our lives. No matter the mischief, trouble, and conflict, a sibling provides us with the support, company, and love we need to move on in life. Show these beautiful feelings to your siblings with the messages of congratulations, brother that Phrases. The top has shared with you that you will describe your feelings to your brother like never before and surely, inspire you to write your messages.

Images With Happy Birthday Wishes for a Brother

Many times, a brother immediately becomes your best friend, and congratulating him can become both easy and challenging by not knowing how to put our emotions into words. Therefore, birthday messages for our brother make this task easier for us.

Birthday Wishes for Brother
Birthday Wishes for Brother
Birthday Wishes for Brother
Birthday Wishes for Brother
Birthday Wishes for Brother
Birthday Wishes for Brother
Birthday Wishes for Brother
Birthday Wishes for Brother

Next, you will know some incredible birthday images for a brother to send them through social networks on this very, very special day. Without a doubt, he will be pleased to receive such a beautiful congratulation!

Final Thought

we hope that these wishes for a birthday brother are perfect for you and you can dedicate them with all the love to your brother. We invite you to modify them and add those little details that only he and you share, those childhood anecdotes that fill memories with smiles. You can also write our phrases in a beautiful handmade card or write it in an image to share it through social networks; the sky is the limit for congratulating your brother.

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