100+ Best Touching Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

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Today is one of the most beautiful and important days of the calendar that we enjoy throughout the year since one of our most loved ones adds one year of age again and does so by giving us happiness thanks to his, and so that you can be cape to give her the best of all congratulations, we have shared with you the best category of happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female, so you can give her a happy birthday best friend female and you will make her the happiest person in the world. Choose your favorite greeting …

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

  • I hope you have a very exciting and special day. I want you to find the happiness that you cause thanks to yours in the faces of your loved ones. Happy Birthday friend female!
  • You return to make a year more beautiful, and you do it by making all of us who know you happy. I wish you enjoy a beautiful day of your birthday, may God bless you today and always!
  • A woman like you should be congratulated every day, sorry if I don’t. But allow me to send you my best wishes and congratulations because today is such a special day. I love you!
  • I would like to be able to include in this greeting all my wishes for you in this new year of life that destiny has given you, but I would be writing more than a day. Many congratulations, beautiful!
  • I would like to know your secret, I would like to know how you manage to be more beautiful each year while still being a better person. Congratulations, God bless you!
  • Today is the day awaited by you and by all your family and friends, today we all add happiness to our lives, today you add years again and for that, we are in luck. Happy Birthday best friend female!
  • I hope you have rested very well and have recharged with many energies, I hope you can face this special day that awaits you loaded with beautiful surprises and joys. Congratulations dear!
  • It is a privilege to be able to congratulate you on this important day and to be able to wish you my best wishes, it is for me one of my greatest luck to have you in my life. Congratulations!
  • In addition to all the best women, you are the most beautiful, sincere, affectionate, kind, and charismatic, that is why I am so excited to be able to congratulate you today with a… Happy birthday!
  • Today is a beautiful day to thank life for putting you on my path and to thank God and destiny for being able to continue enjoying you every day and even more so on days like today. Enjoy a lot, I love you!
  • When I woke up, I felt today how time was stopped, how only happiness was breathed, how fate conspired so that today everything revolved around you. Many, many beautiful congratulations!
  • My relatives and I want to wish you on this special day the greatest joys that a human being could experience. We wish you the best year of your life, happy birthday woman!
  • Few days a year, I wake up thinking about the happiness of someone other than me, and today is one of those days, and you are that person. May God bless you on this day and always, happy birthday beautiful!
  • A happy life is a sum of reasons to be so, and you are a very great one for which I am, and that is why today in addition to congratulating you on your birthday, I also congratulate myself for my luck. I love you!
  • I wish that on this day, God drops all the blessings on you, that you receive so many gifts, kisses, hugs, caresses, and joys, that you confuse reality with dreams. Happy day, precious!

Birthday Messages for Best Friend Female

  • Since it’s your birthday, my dear friend, I want to dedicate a few sincere words to you, so I’ll start by thanking you because from that moment I met you, my life took an unexpected turn; now we are best friends, we are together through thick and thin and I have no doubt that our friendship will last forever. I wish a lot of happiness.
  • My friend, in you I have been able to find a wonderful woman in whom I can fully trust because I know that you will never disappoint me and she is also someone in whom I can find good advice and unconditional support. I love you very much and on your birthday I wish you all the happiness in the world.
  • Happy birthday my friend! You are a unique woman in this whole world and I see that I am very lucky to be able to enjoy your friendship every day. I wish that God bless you, that you be happy forever and that there is nothing that you cannot achieve. I love you very much.
  • You and I have a friendship that is proof of everything and that is why this special date, which is your birthday, I have the perfect opportunity to celebrate the fact that you are in this world and I enjoy the happiness of meeting you. Congratulations!
  • In the absence of sisters, God sent me a very special friend who has accompanied me practically since my whole life and whom I can consider as a sister, although not of blood, but of the soul. Happy birthday and may all your dreams come true!
  • You know that I have few friends, because I don’t easily trust others, but you are such a sincere, simple and direct person that we have become the best friends in the world. I want you to celebrate this birthday in the midst of great happiness.

Cute Birthday Words for My Best Friend Female

We live in a world in which it is increasingly difficult to find a friendship that is given with complete sincerity and without expecting anything in return.

That is why you must love your best friends with all your heart and be present sharing your best wishes on special occasions, such as their birthdays.

Next, you will find some wishes that you can dedicate to your best friend so that you can express your best feelings and share your congratulations.

  • I perfectly remember the first conversation we had, it was incredible to discover all the things we have in common. My friend, I wish you have a very happy birthday and that all your dreams come true.
  • We have always been together and there are many incredible anecdotes that we have lived. Today, as you celebrate another year of life, I wish you all the best and I hope that the blessings you receive will be many.
  • I want your life to last as long as any, that you constantly enjoy great health and countless blessings, loved ones and everything you want. Congratulations woman!
  • The woman in my life turns one more year of life and makes him more beautiful than ever, makes him happy again, and happy and beautiful she manages to make me the happiest person in the world. Congratulations!
  • Happy birthday beautiful! You are growing up again and I send you this congratulation to try to add a little happiness to this beautiful day for you and all your loved ones. Thank you for existing!
  • We have already lived through so many good and bad times that I know that you are so irreplaceable and necessary in my life that I would always need you by my side. Many congratulations enjoy today!
  • You deserve all the good things you can imagine, and today being your birthday, I hope you receive them all, one after another, I hope they make you happy. Congratulations woman!

Your friend will feel great joy in her heart when she receives your congratulations because she is looking forward to them. Accompany her in the most special moments of her life and let her know that she can count on you through thick and thin.

Nice Birthday Wishes for Your Best Friend

Sincere friendship is really a true treasure that we must value because together with our friends we discover that life is wonderful, that it is full of opportunities and that we can enjoy it more fully when we enjoy the company of other people who share the best of us. Themselves. If your best friend’s birthday is celebrated today, then the following wishes will be perfect to dedicate to her and wish her many congratulations.

  • There are many reasons why I consider you an excellent person and if I described them to you, perhaps words would not reach me. I love you a lot and I wish you have a very nice birthday, may God bless you very much.
  • Friend, I wish you all the happiness in the world, that you have a very wonderful birthday, that each of your dreams come true and that this beautiful friendship that God has allowed to arise between us will last forever.
  • You are one of the best friends I have and since it is your birthday I want to express my warmest greetings, that you are very happy because you deserve it. I promise you that I will always be by your side and that I will give you my support in everything you require.
  • How good that I can be with you again to celebrate the arrival of your birthday, I wish that all the dreams you have come true and that we are always very united through thick and thin. Thousands of congratulations to you!
  • I feel very proud to have as a friend because you are very intelligent, you have noble feelings and also you never allow yourself to be overcome, no matter how big the problems you face. You are an example for me and also an inspiration to improve every day, that is why you have my gratitude forever. Happy birthday, my friend of the soul!
  • I appreciate you a lot and I consider you as a sister, today that is your birthday I wish you many congratulations and I sincerely hope that you will always be very happy, that each of the dreams you have come true.
  • I send you this birthday greeting with all my love because I esteem you very much and I wish that you can always be very happy. My friend, thank you for showing me that it is still possible to find people with good feelings.
  • The trust I have placed in you is absolute because you have always shown me that you are an honest person. I love you with all my soul and today, which is such a wonderful day, I wish you have a lot of fun, have a happy birthday.
  • In you I have found a true friend and an excellent advisor, you cannot imagine how much I appreciate you or that the place you occupy in my life is one of the most important. I wish you the best for your birthday and I ask God to bless you forever.

Your friend will greatly appreciate receiving your congratulations, so complete them with a nice gift and your presence so that this is an unforgettable day full of happiness. Come back to our page next time.

Birthday Wishes for a Friend in Messages and Wishes to Share

Today you are looking for birthday messages for your best friends and that is what I am going to offer you in this image gallery where you will be able to find the sweetest and most sincere wishes for that person who today is the date that is celebrated on the first birthday more of life.

You want to entertain and surprise her that is why a friend is always important in life, more than you can imagine and take care of him in the best way is to always be attentive to these special dates where you want to share with her all your love and darling that you feel.

A beautiful birthday greeting is always the right gift, leaving aside the material, that is why I made this selection where you can find for all tastes where the wishes and blessings for this special day will be present at all times.

This is one of the reasons that I want to share with you all these birthday wishes for best friend female that you have that will surely give her very good omens but also beautiful celebration words so that she knows that you are by her side through thick and thin.

  • God give you many blessings on this special day Happy Birthday female Friend of my soul that this card with this so affectionate Bear fills your heart with joy.
  • I love you, my friend. May God bless you with all the love of the people who love you and may your path lead you to a beautiful desired future. Have a very happy birthday.
  • The achievements of your life until now have been fulfilled, some are missing and others you have already achieved, keep looking forward that this new anniversary of your life will be much more prosperous and you will fulfill all your goals, congratulations dear friend and happy birthday I wish you for today.
  • Birthday cards with wishes for a friend who today is the most important day of her life and it is because she is one more year old and I want to convey all my happiness in this card
  • I share these wishes with a friend who always listens to me when I need her many congratulations on your birthday.
  • May all your wishes come true and I hope this card not only serves to quickly tell you how much I love you but how important you are to me.
  • May all the moments lived together be a gift for this birthday greeting that I dedicate to you, my friend.
  • Thank you for your friendship and may this birthday be the best in the world, I love you dear friend.
  • You are already like my sister and today is the most beautiful birthday that you have never had, blow out the candles on the cake and ask for the three wishes with a smile.
  • It is a great day for you that nothing and no one will harm you on this important date where you have to have fun and celebrate like a goddess.
  • You are very pretty with one more year of life that happiness in this world does not take away any person.
  • You will always be like that sister I never had, these beautiful words that I dedicate to you, I hope they reach your heart and that we will be friends for the rest of eternity.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for a Best Friend Female

All these short wishes for a female friend’s birthday I hope you can use them to add to your greetings and congratulations on this special and important date where your most important loved ones such as your friends, can be the recipients of these sweet and beautiful words.

  • Congratulations for being who you are and letting me pass by your side every experience, thank you for choosing me as a friend and I wish you to fulfill all your wishes on this birthday.
  • Happy birthday dear princess. I wish you from the bottom of my heart as the first time you invited me in your childhood to that party where we began to be the best friends in life.
  • The distance physically separated us but we will continue to cultivate our friendship in this new stage that you have to undertake and although you live far away, the important thing is to understand that when you return, I will always be there to continue our adventures, happy birthday.
  • The siblings are not chosen, they touch you but the friends are chosen and that is what makes me happy on this new anniversary that our friendship is fulfilled but you also celebrate one more year of life realizing all your desired dreams.
  • Finding the right words is a bit difficult for me, especially to express how much I love you and you already know that, but it is good to say it to refresh the affection that reaches your heart from me. Congratulations.
  • I no longer know how to tell you that you are more than my best friend, you are like my sister, one more member of my family and I cannot think of a family table if you are not here, that is why tonight, when 12 o’clock is turned I will be leaving you my friendship wishes on your facebook wall so that everyone knows how much I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!
  • All our secrets that we have accumulated throughout these years give me the right to say that I am your best friend and more than that I am like your sister, that is why my dear little sister, I want to wish you a great birthday that you can celebrate with all the people you love the most. you want and that you start this new year with beautiful greetings and much joy.
  • Today is a special day, you feel older but with new challenges surely that will appear, that is why I did not want to stop wishing you a happy birthday and have a spectacular time with your friends and family. Remember that I will always be by your side when you need me most. Happy Birthday!
  • This new birthday, I want to congratulate you in a different way to what everyone else can do and it is because I am pregnant which you are the first to know and I wanted to share in this new birthday that you celebrate with my joy that I found out ago A few minutes I’m going to do mom and what better way to share it with you. I love you and have a happy birthday with everyone you want.
  • You turn 18 years old and it is something wonderful, for the society you are of legal age but that does not mean that the happiness in these days that you live are not the same or better than before that is why never lower your arms, ask for three wishes when you blow the candles on the cake and remember that you will always have a friend by your side who will help you face those new challenges that arise.
  • You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met but that does not mean that you are my best friend, who says that there is no friendship between man and woman? We can deny it with our friendship story and I want it to continue like this forever looking at that smile that does so well for me when I see you and I remember in the past all the things that we lived together in this world that is why dear friend I want you to have the best birthday of all
  • Of all the birthday cards that you are going to receive, surely none will take away this smile since in my dedication, the main thing is to highlight how original I was in telling you happy new year in your life where I stand out above all things all the years that we live together with our adventures of friendship.
  • Today is a very special day for us because it is your birthday a beautiful day like today several years ago you were being born and the whole world was going to change because of your good energy that you were going to radiate and that you managed to transmit with the strength of God that accompanies you in every step you take.
  • I want to send you in a very spontaneous way my message of congratulations for these important holidays in your life since the change of decade is unimaginable sometimes and you dream of it as a very distant future but time passes so quickly sometimes that it is beautiful to be accompanied by the people who love you and me, dear friend, love you with all my heart, I hope you spend it on your birthday in the best possible way.

Nice Birthday Messages for a Friend

With these messages, I hope you can share them with your friends who are celebrating their birthday, which will surely be quite a few over the course of the year and it is good to be present that is why you can copy and paste any of these wishes that you like from texts or share on social networks the images that most express what you want to say on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  • My beautiful friend, I hope that today you remember those moments that we lived together with many experiences and memories that we will never forget with original adventures and that each day our memory will remain as a mark of life and that I want to remember it with you in each year that you meet more of life.
  • Congratulations to you and your mother, today you celebrate one more year of life where you made that woman the luckiest mother on the planet, transforming you into her most precious treasure, that in this new year of life, each of your wishes that you ask before blowing out the candles.
  • Thank you for all the affection and love that you give me in every moment of life, for your advice and the long hours at night that you listen to me when I fight with my boyfriend, the unconditional support that I always receive from your comments and recommendations to improve In each step I take, I hope that you are always by my side and that you continue as you are, that with each year that you fulfill, you never change I LOVE YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY OF YOUR FRIEND!
  • I already feel you are part of my family even if you are not, I enjoy every moment in which we spend together and I thank God for having crossed your path with mine in which the two of us together always strengthen each other by giving each other mutual and unconditional support, for what I want and I want it to continue in the same way. I wish you my blessings for this special day for you and your family. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • I have no more birthday words for a Friend than just telling you how much I appreciate that you offer me your love, your compassion and your forgiveness of the times I behave badly with you, the times we fight but we still choose each other And that is why we are such good friends because we understand that each person has a different personality and it is in the exchange of opinions that the solid bond that we both have is built. BLESSINGS! I LOVE YOU!
  • Today you are very lucky because you will receive everything you want but to all this is added the hugs of loved ones who love you and love you, the kisses of those people who want your well-being, the gifts that will cause you a lot of joy although be something material but above all those birthday greetings for a friend that will always remain in your heart for the rest of your life that will mark the beginning of a better life.
  • I was looking for many birthday wishes for friends all afternoon and I only found one that sums up everything I feel on this day of joy: Happy birthday friend
  • I consider this date the most important of the year because the birthday of the person I consider my best friend, the one to whom I reveal my most intimate secrets and that is why I want to wish you with these words Happy birthday to a special friend!

Happy Birthday Letter to a Friend

What better gift for that friend of the soul than a birthday letter where you express and tell her everything you feel for her all that love and friendship that unites them that can be since they were little that they knew each other or for a short time but that It seems like you’ve known her your whole life.

Each friendship situation is totally different but the important thing is to be united and fulfill the desire that she has in mind to be able to please her in all her fantasies if it can be possible because then it will surely be more difficult.

I hope that these beautiful words will help you to offer along with that gift a letter of friendship on such an important date to sing her happy birthday.

«Dear friend, I hope that this birthday card finds some of the feelings that you make me feel and have the honor of being your friend.

We choose each other every day and we talk about our problems, when I am sad you are by my side to console me and when we laugh together all those tears that we shed for more than one man are erased.

This date is very special for you since you are celebrating one more year of life to face new challenges but also to discover how to solve some problems and obstacles that may get in the way that you chose where I have the privilege of being able to walk it with you offering you my friendship.

I hope you enjoy these gifts but remember that only a joy for a moment is material that will never be equal to the greatest treasure that we have, which is our friendship.

That is why I want to wish you a happy birthday and that you have many more years on this special day.

A big greeting to you and your family that they will always be your pillar to advise and listen to you.

Happy birthday my dear friend female.”

Birthday Gifts for a Best Friend

I’m going to give you some ideas so that you can be inspired when buying something for your friend as well as you can do it yourself, all depending on the time you have and usually if you are like me busy with home and work issues you will not have a long time.

That is why a nice gift to start thinking would be a perfume since you know your friend and you know her tastes and it would be an excellent idea, although generally, perfumes are quite expensive depending on the brand you use.

Another type of gift can be some chocolates or some pastries that you know he likes and more if it is good to eat those sweets that he usually deprives himself because he does a diet to maintain his figure.

Clothes is another of the ideas you can think of to give her and surely you know the size she uses and what type of brand she likes, having the advantage that if she doesn’t like the clothes you bought for her, she can go and change it herself. For the design that you like and it can be from a dress, shirt, skirt, purse, shoes or any other fashionable garment.

As you will see, there are several types of products to give as gifts, what matters without a doubt are the words of love that you dedicate sincerely and from the heart.


Surely you have been able to choose the best of all birthday wishes for best female friend, surely you have chosen the best of all the birthday dedications in this post. Do not forget to follow us on our social networks to know all our new congratulations every day.

Remind you that we also have a post with  Special Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend, in which you will find a wide list of congratulations. Many thanks!

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