150+ Best Birthday Wishes for a Female Cousin

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Birthday Wishes for a Female Cousin: A female cousin is more than a friend. A female cousin is closer to any girlfriends. female cousin – dear blood. How many secrets and secrets we share together since childhood, and how many new discoveries we make with her.

We always have something to learn from a friend and something to talk about madly about at night. And it doesn’t matter if she is older or younger, far away or close, we have always lived together or there was a time of quarrels and resentments, in any case, she will always support and understand.

Therefore, with special trepidation, we are looking for an opportunity to please her on her birthday. This is both the choice of a gift and the search for special congratulations. How much we sometimes want to say, and how difficult it is to find the right words.

Taking care of you, we have created our own website, which gives you the opportunity to express your feelings to the fullest and fill your congratulations with warm lines. Having picked up a wish to your liking,

Birthday Wishes for a Female Cousin

  • I congratulate you like a woman.
    I wish you a lot of happiness.
    So that there are no troubles and bad weather.
  • Sis, happy birthday, dear,
    I want to kiss you.
    And on this day I do not hide my happiness.
    How good it is that I have you!
  • With you, we are like best friends,
    I definitely cannot find you, relatives.
    Let all ailments bypass the side,
    Fall in love, rejoice, bloom.
  • Today is a smart day or something.
    Today he will correct yours,
    I wish you a glorious female lot,
    I am proud of you, my sister.
  • Sis, catch congratulations.
    Kisses. Sister. Happy Birthday.
    I wish you only good luck with everything,
    And to her more money to boot.
    And immeasurable female happiness,
    And the most faithful companion.
  • You are the best, you are more than a sister,
    You are dearer to me than all other friends,
    After all, you are just a wonderful girl,
    It’s sunny around with you right away!
  • Hope and faith, any inspiration
    And sparks of aspirations, let them be in our eyes.
    Successful victories, constant achievements,
    And only let the tear be happy.
    You are my sister, dear girl,
  • May wishes come true
    Almost to the core.
    And you fly like a butterfly,
    Beautiful and mysterious!
  • We trusted each other
    For a long time, any secret.
    We are cousin sisters, we are girlfriends
    From the earliest childhood.
  • They shared everything, growing up –
    And study, and play …
    Happy birthday,
    I congratulate my beloved sister.
  • Dear, sweet little cousin sister,
    Bright, beautiful girl,
    The most beautiful friend,
    A gray blizzard will not separate us.
  • Happy birthday sister,
    What to give, what a whim,
    Before, you were a girl,
    And now – you’re just a miss.
  • Happy birthday to my cousin sister.
    I wish you a lot of happiness and inspiration.
    I will add a trickle of funny adventures,
    Let there be no grief in life.
  • To the mischievous girl,
    My dear sister,
    I send congratulations
    On her birthday.
  • I wish you immeasurable health.
    And the happiest and most joyful days, To
    have the most faithful friend as support,
    And also women’s happiness! And hurry up.
  • I wish you the ringing of money,
    Diamonds, like your eyes,
    After all, everyone knows:
    Diamonds are girls’ best friends.
  • Let the laughter flow like a river
    inside you.
    And you’re always a girl to
    move forward.
  • Happy birthday little sister,
    Sweetheart, beloved.
    Always be the same bright,
    you are unique!
  • So that your wings from happiness
    Grow more and more every day,
    So that all enemies become dust,
    And you cast a shadow on them.
  • Always try to stand out, there is no
    other such in the world.
    And if you smile, the
    light will shine brighter than the sun.
  • Love yourself and be loved,
    Shine like a star,
    Always be fabulously beautiful,
    Childishly sincerely dream.
  • Do not be upset in vain,
    Be able to appreciate the good.
    On your birthday, I wish to be the
    happiest in the world.
  • Second, bloom like a rose,
    Be beautiful without wrinkles.
    And rosy, as from the cold,
    To drive men crazy.
  • All dreams will come true,
    May you be lucky in every business,
    So that you can smile
    And achieve every goal!
  • Do not let sadness for a moment
    Eclipse your face,
    I wish you always
    Be happy for yourself!
  • May fate protect from grief,
    May fortune be like a girlfriend,
    May great love find you,
    Let the cuckoo prophesy a long life.
  • I wish you to be always
    Needed by everyone, cheerful and loved.
    So that your years pass slowly, so
    that the Lord protects you!
    May all your whims be fulfilled today
  • I wish you a lot of happiness.
    And, of course, love.
  • May your health be strong,
    Be the luckiest of all,
    let beautiful laughter be the answer to problems!
    May God clear the horizon
    And open an umbrella over you,
    So that he protects from anxiety
    And protects from suffering.
  • May life be kind to you,
    For happiness and love is generous,
    And the light will fill every moment,
    So that the cold does not penetrate into the soul.
    Sis, I congratulate you,
    May your holiday bring joy.
    I sincerely wish you,
    So that there are no hardships in life.
  • So that the sun shines and warms,
    So that the stars shine in the night,
    So that you skillfully pass in life
    Any ravines along the way.
  • So that the birds sing along with you,
    So that the animals wag their tails,
    So that all the sorrows are forgotten,
    And the memory is filled with good.
  • Fun, so that it goes like a waterfall,
    Love, so that it is like a volcano,
    And so that you are always near,
    There was a big ocean of happiness.
  • Be smart and be beautiful,
    love yourself, appreciate your friends.
    And may your Angel, the dweller of the
    Dream, fulfill the dream as soon as possible!
  • Beautiful, bold, groovy,
    I wish you to be always, always!
    And let
    troubles and troubles pass by You.
  • I wish you happiness; the house is full,
    So that there is always comfort in it,
    Well, relatives and friends.
    Let them not tire of joy!
    Sister dear! I am in a
    hurry to congratulate
    you on your birthday
    And I want to wish you
  • More happy days,
    Less bad days.
    More positive,
    Less fuss.
  • Love and be loved.
    Blossom and good.
    Be sincere and sweet,
    And everything will be Okey!
  • I wish you light,
    Happiness so that your eyes shine,
    And, of course,
    What you wished to
  • come true,
    Only the best moments come every day,
    So that men admire
    And give compliments.
  • So that the sun was gentle,
    The loved ones are near.
    To paint in colored paints,
    In a family of comfort, harmony.
  • Miracles and surprise,
    Good, pleasant.
    Colored mood.
    Everything incredible.
  • So that you are a happy,
    successful beauty.
    In everything unique.
    And let life smile.
  • Sis, be always happy,
    Ah, no, not so – the happiest of all!
    Twist your lush mane,
    Attract success to yourself.
  • Men, so that they circled around,
    And, out of love for you, grief
    They loaded you with presents, And they themselves were put in piles!
  • I wish you less stress,
    Don’t fly too much on the track, Winking
    at us from Mercedes,
    Grab the luck by the tail!
  • You and I are so different,
    But the closest people.
    I would like to congratulate you so much, To
    wish everything at once in essence.
  • Let love surround you,
    Gives you wings and a sense of freedom.
    Let no one offend you,
    And the years pass with fun!
  • I wish you love strong, eternal,
    so that your family is your shield.
    Your endless source of joy
    Would never run dry at all.
  • On my birthday, I wish
    Kindness, warmth to the brim,
    More lightness, fun,
    Good-natured mood.
  • More feelings, fresh emotions, An
    ocean of boundless love,
    So that your eyes laugh,
    And your soul, so that you smile!
  • They swore, argued at times,
    But you were always with me!
    On your birthday, dear,
    I wish you, great love,
  • I wish you happiness and luck,
    success and love, and kindness.
    So that all native people are surrounded
    And all your dreams come true!
  • Beloved sister, congratulations!
    Let a bright shine in your eyes!
    I wish you great happiness,
    And may the Lord send it to you from heaven!
  • Let joy become the norm in life,
    Let prosperity only increase.
    Be beautiful, always healthy.
    Let love warm the soul.
    Congratulations to you, sis.
    I want to be happy,
    Lived like in a fairy tale, without knowing troubles,
    I wish you happiness and warmth.
  • I want you to make
    all your innermost dreams come true.
    I wish that she was loved,
    And that you loved it!
    My beautiful sister
    I want to wish you,
    Always be on the path of good
    And never lose heart!
  • Third, baby, be rich.
    Row the dollars with a shovel.
    Add the euro to an asset,
    To go to Tel Aviv.
  • May
    life give good luck and luck for years, The
    light of love in the eyes shines
    And never fades.
  • Only good health,
    Only joyful minutes,
    Intimate desires
    They will begin to incarnate in life.
  • Do you remember when we were kids we fought?
    And we fought, and bite –
    We shared toys.
    They often fought on pillows.
  • I wish you success,
    On this joyful day.
    Fulfillment of desires,
    For you, my congratulations!
  • Dear little sister,
    my dear,
    Happy birthday to you, I
    congratulate you.
  • Accept kind words
    From your sister,
    Trouble for two
    We will share it with you.
  • Joy and good luck
    Divide in half,
    And nothing in the world
    Together is not afraid of us.
  • I wish you, love,
    Good luck, positive,
    So that in life you, sister,
    Always be happy.
  • Sister, dear, dear,
    I congratulate
    you on your birthday, I wish you a fabulous day,
    Love, spiritual fire.
  • Always persistent and strong,
    Sociable, mobile,
    From life to receive joy
    And not to be bored on your birthday!
  • Sister, happy birthday!
    Be happy, dear,
    And let your mood
    Grow with renewed vigor.
  • Brighter the light in the window
    Let it shine for you,
    Joy with a spoonful
    Life will add to your destiny.
  • A series of successes
    Let it come to you –
    Kindness and laughter The
    time has come !
  • Happy birthday sister!
    I miss you!
    I always pray for you,
    So that there is no trouble with you.
  • May fate keep you.
    Let health be in full swing.
    Together we do not
    care about all the Cataclysms today .
  • To you, my dear, I wish
    What I myself dream of.
    Know, the most expensive gifts
    I do not feel sorry for you.
  • To you, beloved man,
    I wish you, endless love.
    Feel the intoxication of happiness.
    My little sister, happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, sister,
    I congratulate, loving!
    For me, you are always a diva –
    Mila, tender and so beautiful.
  • I wish you that
    there would be no anxiety in life,
    So that flowers bloom for you
    For your mood and soul.
  • Be a queen in life –
    Kind, polite and courageous,
    A little modest and always
    Let happiness shine for you.
  • My sister is cool, stylish, bright,
    I’m going to you today with gifts,
    But what is in the wrappers, we will discuss later,
    Now I want to wish you happiness on a platter,
    With a border and a gold spoon,
    So that you don’t care how much everything costs,
    I could buy myself this and that, so
    that your life is sung in a cheerful verse.
    Happy birthday to you!
    I kiss, love and admire you.
  • Dear sister, congratulations,
    And I wish you to fall in love on your birthday,
    In a man who is the best in the world,
    So that a happy laugh sounded like a bell!
  • So that the study moves perfectly,
    And so that it becomes clear to everyone in the world:
    You are the best, talented, smart,
    Beautiful, athletic and slim!
  • Let there be the sea, there will be splashes of waves,
    The canoe of life rushes swiftly,
    Love yourself, always be loved,
    Do not forget about the main thing in this life!
  • I wish good things to my sister,
    May happiness raise the flag,
    A dream shines like a rainbow,
    And life will last up to a hundred years.
  • And what about a hundred? Yes, without boundaries.
    Let the years all bow down,
    And let love with its ray
    Illuminate her life for everyone!
  • I wish you immeasurable health.
    And the happiest and most joyful days, To
    have the most faithful friend as support,
    And also women’s happiness! And hurry up.
  • Always be such a graceful lady,
    Affectionate and sweet herself.
    May there be best friends.
    Happy birthday, my girl!
  • Happy birthday, little sister, regardless of the years,
    Be the same girl as you once were.
    Also rush towards the wind, extinguishing uncertainty,
    Also believe selflessly in kindness and miracles.
  • Rejoice in the rain and summer, smile widely,
    Be open to the whole world and do not be afraid of anything.
    Happy birthday, dear, despite the years,
    For me, you will always remain such a girl!
  • Smiles, laughter, magic
    I wish you, sister.
    Great love, warmth,
    So that you can do everything, you have time!
  • My dear sister,
    I should have known about this for a long time,
    That you are like a dear to me,
    And I will always wish,
  • Sister, happy birthday.
    I sincerely wish you happiness, joy,
    Love and every day special attention,
    And admiration, and, of course, adoration!
  • All because you are my sister.
    I don’t call you my cousin,
    Because for me in spirit you have always
    been so close, dear.
  • My lovely sister!
    Well, congratulations, catch!
    I wish you wealth,
    Flowers, smiles and love.
    Happy birthday to my sister!
  • Sis, happy birthday!
    Today is your holiday,
    And these congratulations –
    All for you are alone.
  • I wish you only joy
    And the happiness of full days.
    And everything that you dream of,
    To bring to life sooner.
  • I wish you
    always a beautiful mood,
    So that life is full of luck
    And joy was.
  • The same wonderful
    I always wish to be a
    fascinating life
    And an exciting experience.
  • I wish you happiness,
    And smiles, and love.
    Let all bad weather go away, keep
    faith in your soul.
  • Let there be no grief,
    Only success and comfort.
    Let everyone close and dear
    Love, appreciate, cherish!
  • Let life pass easily and in abundance,
    Everywhere and always let everything be in order.
    Happy birthday to you! The best of the blessings
    And the most worthy awards from life!
  • My sister, dear!
    Happy birthday, congratulations!
    And I wish you: happiness in a personal,
    Bright insta-page,
    Ocean tan,
    More happiness, less spam.
    Don’t be discouraged from problems
    And fully ignite!
    Thank you mom and dad for
    what you, sister, are.
    On your glorious birthday
    Desires are countless:
  • Let love be and prosperity,
    In all your affairs, there is order.
    I am proud of you; you are the best,
    May there be happiness and success!
  • Respect, understanding,
    Only prosperity in life.
    Never be discouraged, be in
    time everywhere and everywhere.
  • We are different from you, but you are not dearer.
    And on this important holiday, I hasten to visit you soon.
    The older you and I are the faster life flies.
    Therefore, it is so important for me to be in your face.
  • Sis, happy birthday! I wish you happiness,
    blessing fate and only bright days!
    Let your Guardian Angel lead you away from misfortune,
    Be healthy and strong and a little braver!
  • I wish you to open up to the fullest,
    To be useful to people and be happy to be yourself,
    Dare, the doors are open before you,
    Feel my support behind your back.
  • Charming, burning, heartbreaker in love, Seemingly the
    most delicious vanilla candy,
    Exquisite, sultry, damn beautiful,
    Mysterious, proud and very beloved!
  • Today you are a little older,
    and I want to say a few words.
    Grow, live, change, be as before,
    Don’t let others break you.
  • You are strong, I can see you further
    As a brave, caring mother.
    And the most beautiful thing about you is
    that you are always ready to support.
  • get tired of giving thanks, Woven and bound by hearts, Tied in a
    very strong knot,
    The anxious friendship between us,
    You are my family and a warm home,
  • To be loved is your duty ,
    Stay young through the years,
    And may our tender affection
    Never weaken!
    “With estrichka mine, Happy birthday to you!” –
    I’ll tell you tenderly and kindly.
    May the guardian angel protect you
    from all troubles, quarrels and offenses.
  • It will warm you with its soft wing
    And let it decorate your soul with good.
    So that the road leads only to happiness, so
    that every moment you are cheerful.
  • Happiness, joy, love
    And luck in everything.
    May your
    wishes come true on your birthday.
  • There is joy in every day,
    Miracles will cover the world,
    Prosperity and wealth
    will calm all problems.
  • I am happy that you are near that you and
    I am friends.
    Both in joy and sorrow
    We need each other.
  • Success, prosperity and bright ideas!
    Strive for everything and be brave.
    May a loving husband be next to you,
    Who will warm you from the cold, the cold?
  • Comfort and joy in the heart, in the soul
    And only bloom like flowers in spring.
    Activity, cheerfulness of a child, crazy,
    Be proud of your happy destiny!
  • “With the AETR” – how much does this word mean,
    native, for me, you – the whole world.
    I will not tire of reiterating, again,
    That you are my main idol in life.
  • With you I laugh and cry,
    With you I am sad and have
    fun, With you in joy and sorrow together,
    And I am always proud of this.
  • Today, on the holiday of your birth,
    I wish that everything will be on the shoulder,
    Only success, happiness and luck,
    And so that all your “I want” come true!
  • I wish you victories,
    Joyful impressions,
    And, of course, great
    Fabulous love.
  • More laughter, loud songs,
    Less stress and worries.
    Happy birthday, dear,
    May you be lucky in everything!
  • Sis, birthday is the best holiday.
    And on this day I want to tell you,
    For the fact that we are relatives, although different,
    I am grateful to my mother and fate.
  • I wish you happiness very, very much,
    Love big and faithful for centuries,
    And in life – only a flat road,
    Which is pleasant and easy!
  • Prompt career and success,
    Good family, more children.
    So that, finally, the whole world could go around.
    And every year you become dearer!
  • Closer man can not be found,
    Yes, and I will not look,
    I was lucky with you,
    Happy Birthday!
  • Mutual love, I wish you joy,
    Be happy and believe in miracles.
    Walkthrough life, walking cheerfully.
    Let the stripe be white only.
  • Responsive acquaintances and girlfriends,
    Decent and sincere people,
    Who are not afraid to open their souls,
    I wish to meet in a string of days.
  • Careers – uphill, fret – in the house,
    Money – in a significant amount.
    Health – nothing without him,
    And in general: only extra-good!
  • Sis, always be like this:
    Beautiful, kind, naughty.
    Today is a beautiful day, bright –
    Today is your Birthday!
  • Let only good knocking in my heart,
    I wish to achieve a lot,
    To be friends with faithful friends
    And live a very, very long time.
  • Let success come to you,
    And after it – love and happiness,
    Days of merry round dances
    Without doubts and misfortunes!
  • Sis, you are closest to me!
    Although sometimes we quarrel,
    Doubts, plans, and success
    I always share it with you.
  • You are the best company, cousin! I hope you know that today I will be with you throughout the day to make sure that every second is special. Congratulations, birthday girl! May life take care of never taking your smile away, and may God hear the longings of your heart. 
  • Beloved, dear, and sweet my cousin! Happy birthday to you! I wish you to remain as beautiful, healthy, intelligent, and independent! May your work be highly appreciated at work, respect of colleagues’ help and support, and at home – seas of love, understanding, and adoration! I wish you health and joy, pleasant travel, new impressions, and simple female happiness for many years!
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Images of Birthday Wishes for a Female Cousin

My beloved, dear, gentle, beautiful sister! I congratulate you on your birthday !!! Smell every day! Good luck to you in everything! Original ideas! Positive friends! Wealth is not only in the wallet but also in life achievements. I love you, my dear man! I wish you happiness and not be separated forever! Love, so much so that the head is spinning. And joy to burst into the house.

Birthday Wishes for a Female Cousin
Birthday Wishes for a Female Cousin
Birthday Wishes for a Female Cousin
Birthday Wishes for a Female Cousin
Birthday Wishes for a Female Cousin
Birthday Wishes for a Female Cousin
Birthday Wishes for a Female Cousin

Birthday Wishes to Little Sister

Sister!!! I want to wish you loyal friends, smiles, joy, positive, always an only excellent mood. Know that I will always be with you and help you at any moment! I am proud to live with such a man like you !!! I wish you the sweetest moments and loyal friends! Be on the wave and never get bored – you will always be beautiful and stylish!

  • This is not a wonderful polonaise, SMS is knocking at you.
    With the wish to be happy, be sure to be loved.
    To be successful every day, to forget all hardships.
  • Happy birthday, dear sister!
    They want to congratulate you today.
    And wish, from the bottom of my heart, our kitten.
    Health and all the best.
  • Give a beautiful smile to
    your family and friends!
    Making mistakes in life,
    Don’t give a reason to cry!
  • To make your head spin,
    From endless happiness!
    Success, health and love,
    So that bad weather is not allowed into the house!
    And take the best poems
    from Pozdravunchik!
  • Happiness with SMS, I wish you to heaven.
    There is so much joy and laughter that it is not suddenly bitter.
    And harmony with the soul, and the greatest love.
  • To what progress has reached, I am sending you an SMS,
    To wish you happiness, to be healthy, not to be ill.
    I wish you love, live truthfully, and without lies.
  • Who said that a brother could not,
    Love his sister,
    That will willingly help.
    We must – snot her in the morning.
  • I will
    help torture the cat, I will tear the deuce in the diary,
    Hide the key from the box
    And wake up in the morning.
    Happy birthday, sister,
    if anything, you’re not sad.
    If there was devastation,
    You forgive me for that.
  • You, little sister, a darling, are beautiful and smart.
    You guys are crazy about you, even the whole country.
    Brother sends you congratulations and wishes only the best.
    Let your gaze shoot with fire and burn like a star.
    Be more cheerful, cook porridge, and learn to cook borscht.
    To make guys appear like unnecessary pimples.
    I wish you inspiration and a vocation to find.
    By all means, the coolest super lady you will become.
  • Let your stress go away, send more SMS,
    To give joy, certainly amuse.
    And a laugh was suddenly found, lay down on the pillow.
    May there be no place for sorrow in your heart,
    May your sadness not darken your appearance,
    May your eyes always shine,
    May your face does not recognize tears –
  • I wish you all this on your birthday,
    From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate my sister-in-law,
    May you always be happy, I
    I wish you peace, joy, wealth, beauty,
  • To be loved, adored by all of you,
    To be carried in their arms, cherished,
    To be respected, honored,
    So that you are the queen of the earth.
  • You have a holiday today,
    Happy birthday to the world,
    Congratulations, sister-in-law, Greetings to
    you from me.
  • And I will give a gift,
    Because I love you,
    We have become relatives,
    Fate brought us from afar.
  • We are now friends with you,
    I wish you a long life,
    May luck go side by side,
    May you always be happy with everything.
  • You were born today,
    And I hasten to send greetings,
    The sweetest SMS,
  • For the sweetest sister,
    May you always be happy,
    May your life be joyful.
  • Today is your birthday.
    Today is your holiday,
    I will give from my heart a
    a gift like this,
  • May you be happy,
    My sister,
    I wish you to be sweet,
    And always the most beautiful,
  • May you be the most perfect,
    Let happiness flow over the edge,
    I wish you tremendous joy,
    Do not disappear for a long time.
  • You were born today,
    Happy birthday,
    My dear sister,
    Let there be a lot of surprise in life,
  • Only good events,
    I wish you today,
    Joyful most discoveries,
    New Year’s gifts,
  • May it be amazing, The
    the day will be the brightest and sunniest,
    May you never forget,
    Joyful, you will be quiet.
  • Sister, I am writing an SMS to you.
    And congratulations on your birthday sincerely,
    May everything is fine with you,
    I wish you happiness forever.
    And let youth not fade away,
    May beauty bloom over the years.
  • I am sending you in SMS
    Millions of my kisses,
    Happy birthday to you,
    And let my husband not be jealous now,
    I love you, sister
    And therefore, I give recognition.
  • Happy birthday, my sister, I
    congratulate with all my heart,
    I wish you health and joy,
    Success, love, prosperity,
    Great happiness, luck
    And universal recognition to you.
  • I sincerely congratulate the best sister on her birth! Let the house always wait. I wish you work for the soul. To always have inspiration and not leave talent. I wish you to be a pro in your business. Let you be a high-class specialist. Let everyone follow your example.
  • On your birthday, let the sun be warmer, and the sky will be transparent! My sister was born today! Let there be a lot of unforgettable impressions, bright emotions, warm words, and warm wishes. Let your head spin with happiness. I wish you exciting events and an excellent mood.
  • Allow me, sister, to congratulate you with all my heart and pure heart on your birthday. I wish you never lose heart, do not forget your friends and relatives. Bypass all troubles, overcome all obstacles with ease! Be surrounded by attention, care, and love !!! Health and wellbeing! I am always next to you – I love, I wait, I adore. I love my sister very much!
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