150+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for 1 Year Old Boy

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Looking for birthday wishes for 1 year old boy? The birthdays of babies who turn 1 year old are highlights for everyone. When the baby is only one year old, the birthday means a lot to her parents and all those who know the baby.

Birthday Wishes for 1 Year Old Boy

The first birthday means a year since the baby began to light up the lives of everyone around him, and parents will undoubtedly be thinking that the child has grown extremely fast in front of their very eyes. To help you send the perfect happy birthday greeting, we’ve put together a list of our favorites. Short, long, funny, and cute, we’ve tried to include everything you might be looking for!

Simple Birthday Wishes for 1 Year Old Boy

  • How quickly the year has gone by!
    Like yesterday, with a rustling wing, the
    Stork found the way to your house
    And brought you a baby. 
  • The first laughter, smile, tooth
    Legs first steps,
    The first words from the lips –
    Memory, take care of it!
  • To reach everywhere,
    Everything you want to grab,
    Smile wider for the world
    And love your parents!
  • You have a holiday in your family today –
    Sonny is a year old. How grown up!
    Not far off is the kindergarten,
    And there is the school mess.
  • During the year he mastered a lot,
    Zubov had already saved up,
    And how many pyramids he built,
    And he spoke so loudly.
  • Let fate be successful,
    Bypassing sorrows and pain.
    For us, baby, you are definitely
    Like the sweetest king!
  • The baby is one year old now.
    I congratulate the whole family.
    And now I hasten to say:
    “I wish you happiness in your house!”
  • Behind the diaper already,
    Ahead there are only openings, Sprays of
    conquered puddles,
    In a large hut shelter.
  • Children grow up so quickly,
    Hold them by the palm of your hand,
    these little legs go side by side.
  • Baby’s first birthday
    This is his first personal holiday!
    He looks at gifts slowly,
    And enthusiastically tears a bow from the box.
  • I wish the three of you happiness so that
    your son makes you happy more and more often!
    Being with the birthday boy such a
    strong family, every day more beautiful!
  • Today we are celebrating the year of
    your boy
    Gifts will come to the house just about:
    Pants, cars, books.
  • Let your son grow up for your joy,
    Naughty angel.
    Flies like time, for a year
    Meets your son!
  • Lyuli-lyuli lyale-lyale
    You recently sang,
    And now he himself
    draws syllables in the morning.
  • Let him run through life boldly
    With a strong soul and body,
    Give you happiness, love
    And fun again and again!

Birthday Wishes for 1 Year Old Boy for Mom & Dad

  • Who is happier? Here is the question.
    Birthday boy, that sits in gifts?
    He is already strong, he has grown quite a lot.
    Or mom and dad in colorful slippers?
  • Let the big baby grow,
    Mind and health will be with him.
    Mom and dad with all my heart
    I congratulate you on such a day!
  • Congratulations to mom and dad
    Happy birthday!
    At a year old, I wish
    the baby to grow up big, big!
  • Your son is the best.
    All look like mom and dad.
    He turned a year old, It’s
    time to run himself!
  • We congratulate the handsome man on his one-year-old!
    Grow big and smart, our hero!
    We wish the baby to be happy,
    And we congratulate mom and dad with all our hearts!
  • Always be a good fellow, Help
    Mom and Dad,
    Never fight,
    don’t hurt kids.
  • Let your parents give you a fairy tale,
    In this fairy tale, you always help them,
    Let your eyes shine with joy,
    Never forget Mom and Dad.
  • Happy birthday, golden child,
    I congratulate you with all my heart,
    Mom and dad, may they always be with you,
    And your smile always shines.
  • I wish you to grow up healthy
    And a very strong boy,
    So that mom and dad are surprised
    How you grow up day by day!
  • May he always please dad and mom,
    He will be merry and the happiest!
    And let every birthday be his,
    He meets with a mischievous smile!
  • Congratulations to mom and dad,
    happy birthday baby.
    From the bottom of our hearts, we wish them,
    Life was to be good.
  • To bring joy to Mom and Dad with
    His laughter,
    To not cry, smile
    And always be happy.

Congratulations on a Boy for 1 Year

  • Be happy baby, make us happy.
    You are a joy to us!
    Be healthy, smart, beautiful
    Radiate only positive!
  • Trucks will be added today,
    New shirts and pants.
    That the holiday will be – the birthday boy understood,
    He is always ready for the holiday!
  • In the morning he will open the closet,
    Rang the pans,
    Shout a little, falling,
    Hide behind the chairs.
  • He turned a year old,
    Everyone will wish a lot!
    After all, there is so much to
  • You are already a big boy,
    I congratulate you,
    Put on your panties,
    You are more likely to yourself.
  • One year turned today,
    Happy birthday to you,
    You are a big boy, like,
    Your life will be a fairy tale.
  • Your life will be a beautiful, kind fairy tale,
    You are a year old, happy birthday to you,
    May your eyes always shine with happiness,
    I have a big soul, I wish you.
  • Congratulations on your birthday, You have
    turned a year, I wish you to
    be happy,
    I feel joy every day.
  • I want to smile,
    scatter all the toys,
    laugh loudly, cheerfully,
    and laugh with happiness.
  • You are a golden boy,
    You are very affectionate,
    Your mother, your father,
    They give you everything you want.
  • You have a lot of toys,
    You share with your friends,
    You are the best child,
    And have fun today.
  • Laugh out loud today,
    I wish you
    the first birthday, a year old,
    Happy birthday to you.
  • Be a kind person,
    And grow up over the years,
    Enjoy great success,
    You are with little friends.
  • Stand up for the girls,
    And help the boys,
    Such a golden child,
    Never lose heart.
  • Has matured already today,
    Straight man, I see,
    On this holiday, you are a year old,
    Happy birthday to you.
  • Today you turn one year old,
    You, Baby, I congratulate you on your birthday,
    You are my little prince on a fairy horse,
    Let your mood be good.
  • How quickly you grew up, already quite big,
    I wish you to laugh loudly on this day,
    And smile you, My dear boy,
    Let your eyes sparkle with joy.
  • Look under your pillow,
    There’s a gift for you,
    Happy birthday in your ear,
    I congratulate you.
  • Your life will be like a fairy tale,
    You are a fairy-tale hero in it,
    Let your eyes burn with happiness,
    Smile, Dear.
  • Blow out the candle on the cake,
    And make a wish,
    Birthday today,
    Little boy, don’t lose heart.
  • You are already running fast,
    You know many words, Your
    eyes sparkle like stars,
    You are one year old.
  • I wish you a lot of gifts,
    A ball, car, or even a gun,
    Well, maybe a railway,
    Let there be a lot of them, as many as a whole package.
  • I congratulate you, Baby, on your birthday,
    Today is your year,
    May your mood be good,
    And your holiday will bring emotions.
  • Happy birthday to you, You have
    turned a year,
    Your happy life,
    Gives joy every day.
  • There is a smile on your face,
    Never be discouraged,
    Catch a goldfish
    And make a wish.
  • It will come true today,
    You just need to make a guess,
    And in the completed year,
    You need to sing and dance.
  • Happy birthday to you,
    You are turning one year old today,
    May your smile always shine,
    You have already become an adult boy today.
  • And there is only one candle on the birthday cake,
    It’s just the first birthday,
    I want life to be a fairy tale, Behave
    well and listen to your mother.
  • You learn everything from your dad,
    You are a man, just like him,
    Never think of crying,
    He who is strong does not cry.
  • Stand up for the weak, Fight
    back the strong,
    Laugh and smile,
    Always win.
  • Without difficulty, and without a doubt,
    Be the best in the world,
    Happy birthday,
    my dear man.
  • And, even if you’re only a year old,
    You’re already a grown man,
    A huge cake for you,
    You’ll just blow out a candle.
  • Make a wish, friend,
    It will probably come true,
    Try, but what if,
    Be always, you are the first in everything.
  • I wish you a wonderful holiday,
    So that all your dreams always come true,
    May joy always live in your heart,
    Be the happiest person in this world.
  • You are a year old, Baby, today is your turn,
    You are today, My dear, have fun,
    You are still just beginning,
    Your interesting, My boy, life.
  • You are turning a year today, I
    congratulate you on your birthday first,
    Your mother will bake a cake today, Your mother will invite
    your friends on your holiday.
  • I wish you to stomp and shout,
    After all, today your parents allow you,
    And to scatter toys around the house,
    After all, no one will scold you on this holiday.
  • From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on your birthday,
    You are such a handsome and big guy,
    May your mood be good on the holiday,
    Your friends will be with you on this day.
  • You turn one year old today,
    I wish you to jump, dance,
    Let sadness bypass any side, I wish you to
    laugh with happiness.
  • Happy birthday to you, dear boy,
    congratulate you on this day from the bottom of my heart,
    May a dear person always help,
    So that you can warm up with his support in an instant.
  • You are turning a year today,
    You are already an adult and you understand everything,
    May a friend always meet you halfway.
    You will always lend a hand to him in response.

Birthday Wishes for 1 Year to a Boy

  • Happy Birthday Baby!
    Your holiday has already arrived.
    Be happy, our strong man.
    Gain growth, and strength.
  • Reach any heights
    Day after day, hour after hour.
    May love live with you.
    You grow and make us happy.
  • This is your first year. It is the
    most important of all.
    Be happy, our dear!
    Let your ringing laughter sound!
  • Sunny bunnies
    Joyfully shine,
    Someone’s mischievous
    eyes are burning!
  • Laughter is funny, dear,
    Cheeks are a feast for the eyes!
    You are a treasure, you are a treasure!
    Happy first birthday!
  • Only a year has passed, and you are already so
    big and very smart!
    You are the light in the parental soul.
    You are like a star in the sky at night.
  • We wish you, baby,
    And continue to remain the same.
    We wish the sun in the sea of ​​roofs,
    We wish not to be upset.
  • And how else not to wish
    Simple stories, beautiful feelings!
    We wish not to retreat.
    We wish you fewer rainy days.
  • On the first birthday, baby
    I will hurry to wish you good luck!
    Let it grow strong, dexterous, courageous
    Responsive, resolute, skillful!
  • Blessings to you, love, and prosperity.
    Educate you wisely, Give
    everything without a trace,
    Happiness, and joy to your home!
  • This is my first birthday,
    There will be countless of them yet.
    God grant you a bag of patience,
    Read the Book of Life to you.
  • Let it be happy, bright,
    Bold, smart, mischievous.
    Let mother and father not forget
    When they grow up big.
  • Here is the year – what a date!
    Time, how do you fly …
    You were once a bundle,
    And now you are such a strong man!
  • Congratulations on the first year
    In your tiny life
    And with all our hearts we wish
    you only have bright days!
  • Explore the world with interest:
    Jump, run, and have fun.
    With every small victory
    you become happier!
  • Today is the first anniversary,
    But the most-most important!
    Our little sweetheart has grown up,
    He has become beautiful, glorious,
    He has become cheerful, mischievous,
    He laughs joyfully,
    His smile is for all of us,
    Like a ray of sunshine!
  • 1 year old, wow!
    Big boy already.
    Let him grow all in his father,
    Even better, a spark
    Let him burn inside him,
    Invoking happiness,
    Let him go through life,
    Not knowing about trouble.
    Strength, courage, mind,
    We wish him,
    Feel free to help dad,
    Gently hug mom, In the meantime,
    the baby is growing,
    Fun for him, laughter,
    Sweets to gobble up a bunch,
    And smile at the sky!
  • So a year has passed,
    The boy has learned a lot:
    How to sit and how to walk,
    How to play and talk.
  • We wish the baby,
    the mischievous strong man,
    to be healthy and beautiful, the
    kindest and happiest!

Happy Birthday Greetings 1-year-old Boy

  • Let your life be a bright fairy tale.
    Let the magic happen in it often.
    Let him surround you with tenderness and affection.
    The kindest, best happiness.
  • You grow up, be healthy, and obedient.
    Let the mood always be cool.
    Happy year to you, our good-natured baby!
    Happy first and best birthday to you!
  • You are already a year old!
    Your voice is ringing, You
    wake up in the morning –
    You will immediately smile at everyone!
  • Be healthy, our dear,
    dearest and dearest!
    Grow in love and affection –
    As if in a good fairy tale!
  • You got up with a smile today.
    I congratulate you!
    A year old is a goldfish!
    I will tell you lovingly:
  • Let the
    the stock of friendliness stands with you together.
    I wish you honestly
    would not lose the sun of your eyes!
  • And today we will
    celebrate your birthday together.
    There are holidays in the world!
    Happy birthday dear!
  • An enviable birthday,
    A whole year for you, kid!
    Let all grievances pass,
    Become stronger in life!
    We seriously wish you,
    To stay well done,
    To walk without getting tired,
    And without falling, moreover.
  • Congratulations, let everything be!
    May you be lucky in everything.
    And friends don’t forget!
    Congratulations! A whole year!
  • This is who is celebrating today,
    During his first year on earth,
    What kind of baby receives gifts,
    Is this really all for you ?
  • Yes, of course, and a lot of congratulations,
    Animation and bright colors shine,
    Health, and patience as a parent,
    Well, all together: happiness and miracles!
  • Baby is one year old today!
    May he grow up healthy,
    May he always live with a smile,
    and happiness stick to him.
  • Let you always be happy,
    And never get sick.
    And his wonderful laugh
    Always amuses everyone!
  • Time flew by quickly –
    your baby is a whole year old!
    Something asks every now and then,
    And sometimes, and sings.
  • This is a small miracle
    Like a cute dwarf from a fairy tale:
    Runs everywhere already,
    Studying everything around.
  • Let the baby grow up healthy,
    smartest, and mischievous.
    To you, parents, patience,
    To make it easy for you with him!
  • Today is an important holiday –
    the Day of the first birth,
    And your wonderful boy
    Listens to congratulations.
  • I wish him joy,
    health and fun.
    And to endure all the pranks,
    Parents – patience.
  • In the meantime, while you are growing up,
    May life be full of miracles.
    Cloudless childhood to you,
    Good health and sleep!
  • Fun, joy and laughter
    On your very first anniversary, A
    sea of ​​gifts, congratulations
    And the brightest, brightest days!
  • You’re a little boy – but already a man,
    And you don’t cry over trifles,
    You want to know everything and be able to do everything,
    And at your age, you know how to dance and sing.
  • And today you are more beautiful than ever,
    So let the guiding star shine on you,
    Let nature smile
    at you like a fairy tale, May everything always work out for you!

Best 1-year-old Boy Birthday Quotes

  • Today is exactly a year-old baby.
    Around the wonderful world of discoveries.
    I’m always in a hurry to help him
    And I remember again the forgotten advice.
  • In the midst of the bustle of life,
    pay full attention to the child, You will
    reap wonderful fruits,
    When you make the most of your efforts.
  • Let fate smile on the baby
    And happiness will meet on the way,
    The road will be fabulously bright,
    We wish life to pass with dignity.
  • One year old for your son!
    Let us dedicate the lines to him:
    Let insults grow without knowing,
    Never meeting grief,
  • Become smart and stubborn, An
    undisputed winner,
    And a protector for everyone,
    May success come to him!
  • Congratulations, angel,
    Mom’s tiny son.
    Time passed quickly and now –
    Birthday! Boy a year!
  • Smart, strong you grow. May there be no adversity
    on the path of life, May you be lucky in everything!
  • Mom’s protector is growing up,
    Dad’s assistant and support.
    He, like a flower, blooms
    And soon he will jump into the garden.
  • Perhaps you will be a hero,
    Or maybe you will fly.
    Or maybe you will become a captain
    And you will conquer space.
  • Well, today is my birthday,
    And there is only one candle on the cake.
    You will be the best, no doubt!
    We wish you happiness and good!
  • The old clothes became small for the boy,
    He grew up and walked on his own, standing firmly on his feet.
    It is curious to see what is happening around us,
    And of course, all relatives are proud of the baby.
  • Let’s wish him to become big and strong,
    And confidently walk on the beautiful land.
    To grow up for the joy of everyone, to learn new things,
    Children’s rainbow dreams will certainly come true!
  • Today is the most important holiday,
    the year turns son!
    After all, your baby is so brave,
    We will gently kiss him on the cheek!
  • May he always be cheerful,
    Grow smart, mischievous,
    Healthy, smart and happy,
    To the delight of relatives and friends!
  • We are celebrating a year – cheers!
    We’ve been talking a little already,
    we demand Mom in the morning –
    Our little boy will grow up!
  • Becomes big-big,
    Everyone is surprised!
    You be the happiest on your
    first birthday!
  • Time flies fast,
    It flies like an arrow,
    Only recently a son was born,
    And today the table is set!
  • Cake on it with a curly candle,
    Soon we will blow out,
    Naughty little man,
    Congratulations on the first year!
  • Your steps are still small –
    You were born quite recently,
    But eagles grow from eaglets, A
    lioness grows from a lion cub!
  • Stronger, smarter and more mature
    You will become, coming out of diapers!
    Be happy, because there are no relatives of
    You – are a beloved child!

Top Birthday Wishes for 1 Year Old Boy

  • A sunbeam glides over the pillow,
    Eyes and nose tickle,
    Only the baby sleeps delightfully,
    And does not want to wake up,
    But today he is exactly one year old,
    He flew by unnoticed,
    Every baby grows very quickly,
    Where the desired children are.
    May all sorrows pass by,
    May life be happy,
    We congratulate you dearly,
    Everyone here loves you very much.
  • On the very first birthday –
    The most important wishes:
    Happiness, joy, health,
    Fulfillment of all desires!
  • Today is the year of my son,
    Let there be everything, period!
    We wish you good luck,
    On your first birthday!
  • He grow strong, brave,
    And he will be just a nice guy,
    he be bright and simple,
    And a golden man!
  • Happy birthday,
    we congratulate the baby today.
    The first year of your life
    You walked slowly.
  • Playful hands –
    They want to get everything.
    We wish you, baby,
    to become strong and healthy.
  • Our gentleman is growing up,
    Let everyone know about it!
    One year old already a little boy, Diapers are
    not needed now.
    Grow up as a hero,
    Be fair in everything,
    The strongest, the most courageous,
    And skillful in all matters.
    Saddle the bird of happiness
    And fly on it all your life.
  • You, baby, are one year old today.
    How big are you all ready?
    Be strong and grow, our kitty.
    We don’t love you!
  • Learn everything for the joy of mom
    And be proud of dad.
    And know that you are the best.
    May your path be happy.
  • With the first year, baby,
    With the first successes!
    You do not sit idle,
    And there is no time for mom to be bored.
  • Mischievous clockwork,
    You grow up as a boy,
    Sweet, kind and funny,
    Wonderful naughty.
  • Be always-always so,
    Light and open.
    Explore the world actively
    With a joyful smile!
  • On the table are sweets,
    Cake and a pile of pies,
    You solemnly dressed,
    Ready for congratulations.
    You stand and look importantly,
    At gifts and guests,
    Maybe a little scary,
    On this first anniversary.
    It seems like he was in diapers yesterday, He
    couldn’t smile,
    The child turned one
    year old, He has matured a lot in a year!
    We wish you happiness,
    happy birthday!
  • How the boy has already grown up,
    A real man,
    He already holds a book in his hands,
    Takes the first step,
  • It’s worth a lot, It’s nice to
    look expensive,
    And I wish you a lot of happiness,
    And famously succeed in life!
  • Our sweet baby, in your first year of birth,
    You feel the love and affection of all your relatives, around you,
    We sing songs to you, and ring with toys,
    You are not worried about heap relatives, or chatter.
  • You enjoy life, not knowing any problems,
    Sleeping, eating and playing are your lot,
    We wish you an easy mood in life,
    We kiss you all and wish you a happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to a little birthday boy, a mischievous boy – a 1-year-old! We wish you a lot of laughter and fun, good health and a lot of love. Be curious, inquisitive, brave, smart and charming. Rejoice, rejoice, develop and discover all the best sides of this amazing world!
  • Happy birthday, a little sun, and a happy first year to you! I would like to wish you all the most fabulous and magical, only happy time and colorful childhood. May your first steps lead you to the greatest discoveries and feats. Grow big and strong, charming those around you with your pure smile, make mom and dad happy and just be a good boy.
  • Our little and beloved miracle! Let you always and everywhere be protected by the angels who gave you to us exactly a year ago. May their protection be as strong, strong and constant as our love for you. We wish you great health so that you grow up as an active, cheerful, quick-witted and restless boy. Happy birthday, our adorable baby!
  • Congratulations on the first year of life, future successful, strong and brave man. Grow strong and always believe in your own strength, in your desire and desire to win, let your parents be proud of you, and your friends respect and always help!
  • Happy Birthday, dear! Today you are one year old. You are celebrating your first anniversary! The most difficult first words and steps are behind, ahead is a great life, a huge world! Be patient, purposeful, and diligent, learn to speak, understand, realize and analyze, and the world will become yours. Grow big, healthy, strong and smart.
  • Congratulations to the sweetest, most beloved, most beautiful boy. Let in your life, our dear baby, luck meets everywhere on the way. Let, in whatever direction you go, success awaits you there. We wish you the best fate and strong, heroic health. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, and congratulations to the baby! We wish him to grow up healthy and happy for the joy of his parents. May his life be interesting and worthy. The main thing in raising a child is to lay down excellent data that would give a bountiful harvest in the form of a promising education, a future family and a happy future.
  • A whole year has already passed and you will not be recognized at all, because from a tiny sleepyhead you have turned into a little man, with your own character, talents and enthusiasm! I wish mom and dad to see your little boy’s carefree smile more, rejoice at his little successes, and not worry about his pranks! And the little one – of course, health, new discoveries and happiness!
  • The first birthday is probably the most important in life. We congratulate this wonderful baby. We wish to please our parents, and grandparents with excellent health and grow up as a smart and charming boys. Let the brightest star illuminate the life path of this angel, and the guardian angel will always be behind him with reliable protection!
  • Baby, congratulations on your first birthday! We wish you a lot of gifts, health, fun, and a lot of entertainment. Be strong, brave and brave boy!
  • Today I am writing a few words to my 1-year-old son, because he is growing a little more, and because I want to share with everyone the emotion I have because he is by my side. My little one is the best baby, and although for him today may be another day, for those of us who love him it is the most special. Happy birthday, little one!
  • My son, today you are 1 year old, and I smile next to you because I see you happy and calm. In your face, I can see that you are fine, and all I want is to convey peace and harmony to you so that you grow up feeling supported and loved. Happy birthday, my little one!
  • My son has already been in the world for 1 year and it only took him a second to win my heart. Happy birthday, little one!
  • Happy Birthday son! My baby is already 1 year old, and everyone at home is looking forward to celebrating it. It has been 12 wonderful months of welcoming you into our lives, adapting to your rhythms, taking care of you and loving you with all our hearts, and you should know that it will be like this for a lifetime!
  • It is a day that unites us and in which we want to thank you, more than ever, for having you, for continuing to grow in health, and for continuing to give you everything we have.
  • Congratulations, son! You were born 1 year ago and you brought light to my life, you gave meaning to everything that did not have it, and you made me become the proudest and happiest person in the world. That feeling accompanies me every day since I held you in my arms for the first time!