Birthday Table Decoration Options

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Birthday Table Decoration Options: Any birthday will seem brighter and more interesting if you decorate the festive table in a uniquely original way. What can diversify it?

Birthday Table Decoration

Festive Table Decor Elements

Any festive table has the following components:

  • tablecloth,
  • napkins,
  • dishes,
  • cutlery,
  • flowers,
  • candles,
  • trinkets.


Surely every housewife has a unique festive tablecloth, or even more than one, waiting in the wings in the closet on the shelf and is spread only on special occasions. Since “there is no comrade for the taste and color,” then recommendations for choosing a tablecloth will be superfluous.


Someone likes strict monochromatic canvases; someone prefers bright and multi-colored. The main thing is that the hostess herself is pleased to decorate the festive table, and the tablecloth fits the general color scheme of the decor. If the tablecloth is plain, it is advisable to supplement it with elements of contrasting colors. Light napkins, dishes, and vice versa will look spectacular on a dark canvas.

Do you know how to make a toast for a girl’s birthday correctly? The most important thing is to consider the age – after all, girls are teenagers from 14 years old, and even ladies from 40! To get an answer to the question of how to make figures from balls with your own hands.


You can make real masterpieces from paper napkins if you own the art of origami. If not, you can limit yourself to the formation of simple crafts – at least in boats. They will give the table a very original look. Cloth napkins can be folded in the form of a fan, rose, turret.

If you are looking for a more straightforward option, roll the napkins into tubes and tie them up with beautiful braids. You can also put them in glasses and add one flower at a time: this composition looks very cute.


Drink glasses should be placed from left to right and do not require unique decorations, as this can create unnecessary inconvenience. It is only allowed to place napkins in glasses. For a beautiful arrangement of unique dishes, you will need a flat stand plate and a slightly recessed plate placed on top – directly for food. It is better if they are in contrasting colors.


Do not forget about the serving rules – the correct arrangement of cutlery is a good form. The fork should be to the plate’s left, and the knife and spoon should be on the right. They can be placed on a napkin or tied with a beautiful ribbon.

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Birthday Table Decoration

No birthday is complete without flowers. The guests will undoubtedly give bouquets to the birthday or birthday girl. It is better to place them in a different place, but not to clutter the festive table.

You can leave only one bouquet on the table, presented as a gift by the person who enjoys the special location of the occasion’s main hero. In general, in a room where people eat food, you should never leave strong-smelling flowers. Their smell can be bad for your well-being and cause headaches.


They can decorate any table. Many original candlesticks can be purchased in advance. Candlesticks from simple bottles look interesting, inside which you can place non-fusible bright objects. Also, ordinary glasses filled with multi-colored shells with sand and decorated with flowers can act as candlesticks.


There is always a place for small trinkets that will noticeably decorate the table and will not take up much space on the festive table. The main thing is not to overdo it with their number!

Decorating Cooked Meals

Decorating dishes requires special attention. The birthday man’s table should contain salads, cold cuts, cheese, sandwiches, snacks, hot dishes with a side dish, fruits, and cake. When choosing dishes, you should focus on those that the hostess is most successful with, and arrange them successfully. This can be done as a separate topic.

Festive Table “Flower Meadow”

The table is covered with a green tablecloth – this will be a glade. We begin to design it. We set up plates for guests, which we cover with beautifully laid out green paper napkins. Naturally, you can choose the appropriate color for your plates.

We put glasses on them, inside which we form roses from red fabric napkins, and white ones – lilies. Even a non-professional can do this. We place a bouquet of fresh flowers for the birthday girl or birthday boy in the middle of the table.

Further – according to your imagination: bundles of greens in several glasses, one small flower in each glass, candles or candlesticks in the form of flowers, salt shakers in the form of mushrooms, various decorative elements corresponding to the general appearance. The design of the dishes remains. Who and what can fill the clearing?


We decorate the dish with sandwiches with the help of tomatoes in the form of ladybirds. Add greens. The filling is to your taste; on top of it, we cut (but not wholly) half of the tomato and slightly separate it to get the ladybug’s slightly spread wings. We make the head and black dots from olives.

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Birthday Table Decoration

Beautiful and straightforward sunflower salad design that suits many recipes. The salad is coated on top with mayonnaise, sprinkled with crushed egg yolk, in places, raisins, prune pieces, or cut olives (“sunflower seeds”) are laid out. Round chips (petals) are placed around. There are also recipes for salads, decorated in the form of a hedgehog, stump, nest, which is also relevant in the meadow.


Stuffed eggs – mushrooms. Cut the egg into two parts across, boil one half for several minutes in concentrated black tea. It will turn brown – this will be our hat. Stuff the second part with a mixture of yolk, fried mushrooms with onions, mayonnaise, and put the dish’s filling. Place the hat on top.


We cut the fruit and decorate the dish in the shape of a butterfly. We form its wings from slices of oranges, tangerines, pineapples, strawberries, kiwi, and slices of bananas that will serve as eyes.

Birthday Table Decoration

Flowers and grass

Layout the meat and cheese cuts in the form of flowers, add greens. We buy or make a cake with cream flowers. The glade is covered!

Feng Shui Table Setting

Feng Shui is a very popular Chinese science based on the correct and harmonious placement of interior items. Its main goal is to improve existence: the more comfortable and favorable the house, the more successful and happy life will be. When setting a festive table, Feng Shui suggests using the following tips for an unforgettable birthday.


Birthday Table Decoration

It should be located in the largest room of the apartment – the living room. A round or oval table is ideal. This will ensure pleasant communication, closeness, and unity of all those present at the celebration.

The table should be located so that the guests sitting at it can easily walk around it, if necessary, without disturbing others present. This will make guests feel more comfortable and cozy.

Table lighting is another important detail. All feng shui rules require bright and uniform lighting. The presence of white, yellow, and orange candles on the table will be especially useful. These colors are best suited for birthday parties.


Feng Shui recommends using tablecloths made from natural fabrics, with particular preference given to linen. This material has a pleasant aura and contributes to a good mood and ease of communication. The color of the tablecloth should preferably be light colors.


By uniquely folding them, you can attract energy for a specific occasion. If the napkins are folded with sharp edges, it will give the owners protection and confidence. If you want to spend your holiday in a warm and kind atmosphere, you should avoid sharp corners.

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The most important thing in cutlery and tableware for the festive table is their impeccable cleanliness. Everything should shine and sparkle: this is not only a requirement of feng shui but also the rules of good form.

It is better to use crystal glasses and salad bowls, which will ensure purity and transparency of thoughts and create an atmosphere of trust among those present. It is better to take plates with a classic round shape to avoid attracting negative energy.

If you prefer the original design in square and rectangular dishes, make sure that their corners are slightly cut.

Birthday Table Decoration


It is better to keep the colors for the festive table in yellow-green tones, improving the appetite and bringing peace.

Magical Secrets When Setting the Table

Some customs are dating back to ancient times. What is false and what is right is unknown. But the ancestors’ beliefs still have a specific rational grain under them, because even in every joke, there is a particular grain of truth.

  • To get the silent person to talk, place his spoon with the convex side up.
  • To neutralize the talker, hide a cactus needle under his plate – it is a symbol of silence.
  • On the backs of the plates of obvious enemies, draw five-pointed pentagrams – they will make up.
  • Put the disputants’ cutlery – fork and knife – crosswise.
  • Hide a bay leaf under a plate for a glutton – this will curb his appetite.
  • Put the glass upside down in front of the alcoholic drinks lover and make sure that he turns it over with his hand.
  • To help a girl get married, tie a ring made of silk thread and place it under her plate.
  • Put a coin under the tablecloth for the poor man.
  • Opposite the person with whom you want to agree on something, place a saucer with a small piece of butter so that it becomes just as soft and pliable.
  • To have fun at your birthday party, place napkins in glasses with the corners up.

Birthday Table Decoration

In Conclusion

And most importantly, be joyful, cheerful, and your enthusiasm will undoubtedly be passed on to your guests, and you will have a wonderful birthday!

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