Birthday Surprise Ideas for Girlfriend

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Are you wondering how to make unexpected but pleasant birthday surprise ideas for girlfriend? We have 31 ideas for this case. All surprises are divided into two sections: with a small budget and without financial restrictions. Read on and choose the best one to really surprise her!

Birthday Surprise Ideas With a Small Budget

To implement these ideas, you will have to connect all your imagination or seek the help of friends. You don’t have to waste money, but for some surprises, you will have to write a script and rehearse beforehand.

1. Written poems

If you have a poetic gift and your poems are sincerely admired by those around you, then you are very lucky. In your poem addressed to a friend, you can express a kind attitude towards her with words of wishes.

2. Congratulatory wall newspaper

You take a large sheet of Whatman paper, pencils, paints and start fantasizing. In different corners of the paper, you can write quatrains, jokes and congratulations, supported by drawings dedicated to the birthday girl.

3. Congratulations on chalk on the asphalt

Such messages are left not only by lovers but also by true friends. Write something like “Happy birthday, dear girlfriend!” and call her on the phone to look out the window.

4. Ordering a song on the radio

There are two options for this congratulation. First, you are hoping for luck trying to get through the radio. And the second – send an SMS message in advance, and at some certain time, it will be read out and the ordered song will be played. The main thing is for the girlfriend to hear.

5. Audio greetings

Well, if you doubt that the birthday girl will even turn on the radio on this day, then send her a voice card. It can be sent via SMS – it can be a warm congratulation or a kind prank.

6. Courier-animator with a present

If you are far from your friend, for example, in another city or country, you can still congratulate her in an unusual way, for example, send a bouquet of the birthday girl’s favorite flowers. And it will be presented by an animator disguised as, for example, a hare.

7. Balloons (simple or with helium)

It’s so easy to give them away – not interesting. Better to make such a surprise – attach the balls to the front door with a thin transparent film and press the bell button. The girlfriend will open the door and the balls will fly into the apartment.

8. Pyrotechnic fountain

These is ground-based fireworks displaying a fountain of many sparks to a height of 1 to 5 meters. You can call your girlfriend outside in the evening (for greater effect) and congratulate her under such fireworks.

9. An amateur quest with a hidden gift

Having hidden your present in a cache, you need to make a chain of objects, encrypted codes and riddles so that your girlfriend can get to it. Only the tasks shouldn’t be challenging.

10. Stickers all over the house

Write on small bright pieces of paper the words of congratulations, compliments and wishes and paste them on all visible and even invisible places. Let the birthday girl make sure during the day how good she is.

11. Flash mob with friends

You have a difficult task – to come up with a scenario of some kind of rally, which will end with congratulations on the mass dance. By the way, even people unfamiliar to the birthday girl can participate in the flash mob.

12. Butterflies in a gift box

In summer, you can catch butterflies yourself, and in the cold season, you can buy them in a specialized store. A friend will open a box with a gift and will not believe her eyes – everything around will be full of wings with paints.

13. Long accordion card with a photo

It seems that you are giving a standard postcard, but it seems a little chubby. That’s right – your favorite and memorable photographs of you and your girlfriend are embedded and glued in the middle of it.

14. The festive decor of the birthday girl’s room

Be smart and somehow get the birthday girl out of the apartment, finding a suitable excuse. In the meantime, decorate her room with lots of balloons, posters, garlands and paper flowers.

15. An unexpected meeting with all the friends

Your task is to call or write messages via social networks to all those people whom the birthday girl really loves. Gathering all friends for a meeting can happen somewhere in a cafe, where you invite a friend for a cup of tea.

16. Slideshow with music

If you are at least a little versed in computer programs, then it will not be difficult for you to prepare such a surprise. You have to compose a slideshow of photos, add music to it and send it to your girlfriend by email.

Birthday Surprise Without Financial Restrictions

And for this list of surprises, you will have to fork out, because in most cases, professionals will think and work for you. But your friend will be very pleased that you are very attentive to her hobbies and desires.

1. Musicians under the windows

If you have musician friends, then such a surprise will not be expensive. But for order, for example, “Mexicans” in sombreros and ponchos.

2. Congratulations on the banner

The banner itself should be close to the birthday girl’s house and preferably under her window. By the way, it can be located both at the bus stop and by the road on the way to work.

3. Award (statuette, medal, order, cup)

One of these awards should be presented in a particularly solemn way, not as an ordinary gift. Come up with a cover speech with a raise of glass – almost like at some kind of award ceremony, only in a playful way.

4. Personal glossy magazine

If the birthday girl loves glamor, then the magazine about her personally shocks her pleasantly. She’s on the cover and all the articles are about her. True, it is necessary to prepare a circulation of one copy in advance.

5. Certificate for the restaurant

If a friend does not plan to celebrate her birthday (for example, due to financial problems or a surging depression), then add money with your friends and order a large table in the restaurant – this will delight her.

6. Tour to the campsite

Well, if the birthday girl does not like public institutions, then you can rent, for example, a house in nature. It would be nice if there is entertainment nearby: a pond or horseback riding.

7. Certificate in the SPA salon

This is a real surprise for the better half of humanity! You can relax or restore the body with the help of massage, body wraps, mini-saunas in a barrel and other procedures. Every woman comes out of the spa completely renewed.

8. Extreme certificate

If your girlfriend is restless and loves risk, then she needs experiments. The mere thought that she will have to jump from a height or drive a racing car will delight her.

9. A day at the water park

Such a surprise is especially good during the cold season when there is no other alternative. It’s excellent – the whole day on the “stormy rivers” and high-speed skiing on the pipes. You can also sit in a cafe or steam room.

10. Tickets for the event

You certainly know your girlfriend’s tastes. Explore the posters in your city – find out everything about premieres and tours, you may need to take a couple of tickets for a concert, a theater or even a circus.

11. Limousine order

This is a class – a ride with friends around the city at night with music and champagne! Give the “carriage” unexpectedly for the birthday girl right to her entrance – let the grandmothers on the bench be shocked.

12. Recorded song in honor of the birthday girl

There are two options for a surprise. Simple – you compose a song to a well-known melody and record it on video with a backing track. Cool – you go to a recording studio and record a song professionally.

13. Cake with fireworks

Of course, the main focus is on the design and taste of the cake. It is better to order it individually – from several rows, covered with sugar mastic. But a surprise will not work without the main attribute – sparkling fireworks on the cake.

14. Hot air balloon flight

A surprise is not cheap, But such entertainment is breathtaking, and after landing, diplomas are awarded and glasses of champagne are handed out – a trifle, but nice!

15. Draw order

They will prepare the prank themselves, taking into account the nature of your friend – action, romantic or whatever according to your scenario.


These are our ideas. But remember – any surprise should be in place and designed for exactly the time that your girlfriend can have. Avoid only stupid jokes, especially if the birthday girl is not very good at humor. But we are sure that thanks to our advice you will succeed.

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