21 Best Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

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Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home: A few days ago, we shared some tips and ideas so that children can have a good birthday during their quarantine, as it is a very important date for the little ones and should be enjoyed as a family in the best possible way.

Within these tips, we suggest you make the decorations yourself, and therefore, today we share 21 craft ideas to celebrate a birthday at home during quarantine because decoration and details are also important.

Decorations for the Cake, Cake or Cupcakes

Let’s start with one of the most important elements: the cake or birthday cake. With these decoration ideas, we will surely obtain a lovely result.

1. Mini Letter Garland

Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

At Yellow Bliss Road, we have found this pretty idea for a mini letter garland. We can download the letters of a wide variety of colors that we will find there.

2. Mini Tassel Garland

Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

Another mini garland option is to make one with tassels made with tissue paper, as we have seen in Something Turquoise.

3. Mini Pennants and Name

A similar and equally beautiful option is the one we found in Art Bar Blog, where we saw this idea of ​​some mini pennants, accompanied by the name of the celebrant.

4. Pipe Cleaner Hearts

If we are looking for a quick and easy decoration to do, we can follow the suggestion of Say Yes and make some hearts with pipe cleaners.

5. Eva Rubber Stars

Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

At The Chic Site, we find another very practical idea to make cake decorations: with foam or foam. In this case, they suggest us to make them in the shape of a star, although with this material we can make them of the figure we choose.

6. Paper Candles

Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

If we don’t have candles, we can use this nice idea that we suggested a long time ago and make some paper candles with straws and tissue paper.

Decorations for the Walls

Something that will undoubtedly make our celebration shine is decorating the place where it will take place. For this, we propose the following decoration crafts that you can make to place on the walls.

1. Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

At Inspired by Charm, we have seen this nice and easy idea for a tassel garland to hang on the wall.

2. Confetti Lettering Background

At Life Sweet Life, they suggest this original sign made with confetti or small tissue paper circles, which will undoubtedly give a very colorful touch.

3. Tissue Paper Flowers

Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

A decoration that has become very popular in recent years are the flowers made with tissue paper. In I Heart Naptime, we can find a tutorial on how to do them.

4. Giant Paper Flowers

Another option for giant flowers is those that we can create with paper or cardboard, as we see in Ash and Crafts.

5. Balloon Wall

Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

You are my fave; we found this great idea to decorate the party area: a background of colored balloons.

6. Confetti Wall

Another option to “upholster” the walls of the area of ​​the house where the celebration will take place is to do it with confetti, cutting out tissue paper circles, as they show us on DIY Network.

7. Giant Number

Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

If we want to emphasize how old our children are, in Oh Happy Day, we can find a tutorial to make a big number with balloons.

8. Number With Tissue Paper

Another option to refer to the age of the birthday boy is this idea from Bajan Texan, where the number is made with tissue paper.

Party Hats

An element that cannot be missing so that we all feel even more in a festive atmosphere at home are the classic party hats, which we can easily make with the instructions in the following tutorials.

1. With Slats

Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

In Oh Happy Day, we find this beautiful option of party hats made with ribbons.

2. With Pompoms

Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

In Polka Dot Chair, they show us how to make them by placing wool or thread pompoms.

Other Fun Decorations

In addition to the basic elements such as hats and decorations for the cake and the walls, we propose other ideas for fun decorations that we can also include.

1. Colored Disposables

Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

If we will choose to use disposables, we can take this simple idea from Delineate Your Dwelling and paint them in the colors of the party.

2. Balloons With Confetti

A very simple decorative trick is to insert confetti in transparent balloons, as we have seen in Madame Criativa.

3. Balloon “Chandelier.”

Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

If the option of decorating the walls is not possible, we can always take advantage of the space in the ceiling, as shown in The Pleated Poppy, where they created a “chandelier” with balloons.

4. Spirals

Another option that we can place on the ceiling are these very easy spirals that we find in Oh Happy Day.

5. Photo Props

Birthday Party Craft Ideas at Home

And finally, let’s take the opportunity to take fun photos (in addition to the classic ones, of course) with the help of some props like the ones shown in DIY Candy.

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