70+ Happy Birthday Messages for a Friend

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Birthday messages and phrases for a friend are very different from those of a friend since a man tends to have different tastes than women and tends to react differently depending on the birthday phrases.

For example, there are friends who have a great sense of humor and it is better to send them a funny birthday greeting, although, to others who do not have so much, it is better to send them a normal one. Here we give you a list of birthday messages and phrases for a friend and I hope you like them and him too.

Beautiful Happy Birthday Messages for a Friend

  • There are many messages of congratulations for a friend but none are special like the one on her birthday, so do not forget to send a nice message to your friend.
  • For a fabulous person who is having a birthday, although we have had bad times, we overcome them and we are still together because a good friend never forgets.
  • we’ve been together through good times and bad times as well. Thanks for being the way you are. Have a very Happy Birthday.
  • You are more than my friend, you are my sister, who I love with all my heart. So I wish you an excellent day. Congratulations on your birthday.
  • These congratulations are addressed to someone who is very important to me, especially because of his character and attitude, congratulations my friend.
  • May today be very fantastic for you, and may you enjoy it in the company of everyone you appreciate and may it become an unforgettable day. Congratulations on your day!
  • No matter how many birthdays you celebrate, your smile and beauty will never fade. Happy birthday dear friend.
  • Make a wish with all your heart because a person like you deserves that God grant their requests. Congratulations friend!
  • A day like today you came to the world to give your personal touch and smiles to this world, congratulations dear friend.
  • May they shower you with gifts, thousands of hugs and many kisses, may all the blessings be directed to you. Happy birthday my great friend.
  • You were born to be happy, I still remember so many moments together, great days, all that we had fun. Have a wonderful day, friend. Congratulations.
  • May happiness always finds and reach you, may health never depart from you and luck never change for the worse, only for the better. Have a great day.
  • May today, every hour that passes mark you moments of great happiness, and every wishes you have on this day, may God make it come true.

Birthday Messages for a Friend

  • A friend like you can only be compared to a great treasure that matures every year to give me the most spectacular friendship I have ever achieved in my life. Thank you for existing. Congratulations on your day.
  • From the first moment, I saw you I had a strange but pleasant feeling that we would know each other for life, and so far I have not been wrong, we have been such good friends for so many years as we have been from the beginning. Happy Birthday friend!
  • Thank you for giving me one more year of friendship, you are a very important person in my life, and that we are friends until we are very old, and even more. May we celebrate this day in a big way to make it an unforgettable day.
  • When we met, we were just girls, the years have run their course and you have become a beautiful and sweet woman. All your dreams come true. Happy Birthday friend.
  • Days like today it is impossible not to think about all those experiences that we have lived, all the birthdays, all that we have enjoyed, and those that are missing. Congratulations.
  • My soulmate, may happiness knock on your door, may you have a wonderful birthday surrounded by all the people who love you and may all your dreams come true. Receive a big hug for being your birthday.
  • Special people like you occupy an important position in my life, I trust you fully, and I feel that you are an exceptional friend.
  • I love to see you so happy every year, remember that you are surrounded by people who like me, love you very much. Have a very happy birthday friend.
  • I don’t even want to think about what my life would be like without your presence, I prefer to think about happy things like everything we will do to spend your birthday wonderfully. Congratulations friend.
  • You deserve to be pampered for the way you are so fabulous that you draw smiles wherever you go. Congratulations.
  • May in this new year of life God fill you with thoughts of faith, hope and love. Congratulations on your birthday.
  • I have discovered something, and I waited until today to tell you, it is impossible to find another friend who I may love like you. Happy Birthday!
  • To my friend of the soul, today our God bless you in every area of ​​your life turning it into a marvel, like every work that He does. Happy Birthday friend.
  • My sincere congratulations to you, and may God supply everything you need according to his riches in glory and grant you the longings of the deepest part of your heart. Happy Birthday friend.
  • With each new year of life, hopes are reborn, so I put my best wishes for you, praying that God the Father will fill your life with joys, peace and purposes in each of your days.
  • My friend, you cannot imagine what I would like to be able to be with you right now on this special day like your birthday, I am dying to hug you and to be able to toast with you for another year together. I wish you with my strength that all the successes continue in your life and that you celebrate this great day with your loved ones. CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND!
  • Today is a great day to celebrate the birthday of one of my best friends. I just want to tell you that the friendship that unites us today will be our eternal companion even if one day the distance separates us. With all my appreciation and all my love, I wish you a happy birthday and may God bless you. I love you!
  • There are no birthday words for a friend that describe everything you are to me. It’s amazing that our friendship is intact after so many years together. Together with you, I have enjoyed some wonderful moments throughout my life and we have made many trips and outings together and I hope that in the future, we can count on many more. I just want you to know that you are one of the few friends that I value in this life and you have shown me a lot. I send you this birthday greeting in this year 2021 and may God fill you and your entire family with blessings.
  • As they say, life is much simpler and more pleasant when you really have a great friend close by, the kind that never disappoints you and the kind you love madly. You are one of the people who has supported me the most in my life and that is one thing that I will never forget in life. I admire everything you do and what a good person you are to everyone. Happy Birthday friend!
  • I think the meaning of the word friend is defined in you since you are a clear example of friendship. For me, you are one of those unconditional friends, of those friends who manage to turn tears into happiness and who always brings a smile to you even in the worst moments of life. I will never tire of thanking life for having put a great person like you by my side. I wish you a happy birthday and may God be with you.
  • I send you this birthday greeting to wish you the best on this great day, you are already a year older and I hope we can continue celebrating years together. Happy birthday to a friend!
  • I know many people who came to the world on a day like today, but only one of them has managed to be special in my life and that is why I consider him the best friend in the world. I love being able to be compatible with you and that we have lived so many moments together. Celebrate your birthday in 2021 properly and enjoy!
  • When we were younger, we did not get along very well, but today we have one of the most beautiful friendship, trusting each other and keeping each other company when we feel alone. That is why on this special day I wish you … Happy birthday to a friend!
  • Happy Birthday friend. Together with you, I have lived incredible moments in my life and I have never been bored with your company. You are a nice, funny person and you make me happy even in the worst moments. I wish you have a happy birthday surrounded by your loved ones and that you never change.
  • I wish you have a great day on your birthday. I wish it to be an emotional day for you and I ask God to fill you with blessings every day. Thanks for being there whenever I have needed it, I hope this never ends. Happy Birthday 2021 to a friend!

As we said in the previous article, your friend may deserve more than a simple birthday greeting and that is why our graphic design experts have prepared for you some birthday cards for your friend that when you send it to him by WhatsApp or through a social network, it may be that he starts to cry from the emotion that he is going to do. We leave you 5 very beautiful cards with some original messages to congratulate your great friend properly.

Birthday Greetings for a Friend

Birthday Messages for a Friend

  • Even if I can’t be with you this birthday, even if a great distance separates us, I remember all those moments that we shared so many things, I wish you the best, have a great time. Happy Birthday friend.
  • I wish you celebrate this birthday big and with great joy, I miss you a lot, friend. Happy birthday and much success.
  • It is not easy being away from home, but I know that with your great personality you must have many new friends that will be with you this birthday. Friend, I wish you a very happy birthday.
  • You have always been the best friend of all my life, and do not think that because you are far away things have changed.
  • Friend, I hope that today you can celebrate to the fullest and achieve all the goals you have set for yourself. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday dear friend! You have no idea how much I miss you, and it’s that nothing has been the same since you left.
  • I wish with all my heart that wherever you are, you receive all my affection, you feel very well that you always meet them very happily.
  • You are and will be my best friend, and although at the moment there is a great distance that separates us, my love for you is intact.
  • Today, all of us who love you are going to meet in your name, to remember all the good times and make a toast for you, to wish you all the success in the world, that you overflow with good health, much happiness and your love arrives lifetime. Happy Birthday friend!
  • My great friend, what a pleasure to be able to celebrate a new birthday with you. My greatest wish for you on this day is that you have plenty of reasons to smile. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday, may God grant you many more years, and may I celebrate with you in each one of them.
  • I am sure that life has many beautiful surprises in store for you. I love you very much, you know that you can always count on me and my unconditional friendship.
  • How I wish life would allow us to enjoy this beautiful friendship for all eternity, and thus celebrate many birthdays together.
  • I love you very much, and I wish God to give you great joys for this year that you are beginning to live. Happy Birthday.
  • No matter how many birthdays you have celebrated, you look more and more beautiful and you are the same charismatic person as always.
  • I wish that today you receive great blessings because you are an incredible person. Congratulations on your day.
  • As soon as I met you, I realized that you had something different, but I never thought that we could become inseparable friends.
  • In this little time that we have been friends, I have really enjoyed the moments that we have shared and I hope there will be many more. Congratulations, dear friend!
  • My request for your birthday is very mathematical: that you add many illusions, that your problems subtract, and that your happiness multiply.
  • You have become a very valuable woman in my life, I wish you have a very happy birthday, you will always be in my heart.
  • I know you well, I know how much you are worth as a person, as a woman, as a fighter and an entrepreneur. May you achieve all the success you deserve, my great friend.
  • I want to congratulate you so that you find out how much I love you and everything you represent to me, congratulations my friend.
  • Make a wish with all your heart, because a person with a noble heart like you deserves all wishes. Congratulations friend!
  • Friend, I’m not good at remembering dates, but I can assure you that you can count on me when you need it. Have a very Happy Birthday.
  • I don’t know what to do with you, maybe hide you on a desert island because for me you are a great treasure. Happy Birthday friend!
  • The first person that crosses my mind is you, you taught me what a true friend is, have the best of your birthdays.
  • I want you to know how much I love you and everything you represent to me, congratulations my friend.

Birthday Phrases for a Friend

Birthday Messages for a Friend

  • For the best friend in the world, I ask God to bless you with many years of existence and to be able to share them together. Congratulations friend.
  • Congratulations on this day and thank you very much, my great friend, for giving me one more year with your great friendship.
  • I hope that on this beautiful day you have the best time, that life gives you many years full of great health, love and that luck always accompanies you on every path you travel.
  • The years have done you a lot of good, they have made you mature into a spectacular person with humility that few shows. Thank you for existing and for offering me your friendship. Congratulations dear friend.
  • I feel very honored that such a wonderful person as you are my best friend, we will be united through thick and thin, I wish you the best of happiness.
  • For a great friend, who I can tell you that you do not know, I feel that you are a wonderful person whom I adore with all my heart, so many qualities that I admire in you, that if I list them I would not finish.
  • I am very excited to be here and wish you happiness, health and love to accompany you. Congratulations friend.
  • I want you to know that you are indispensable in my life, and thank you very much for being so kind. May God never stop taking care of you. Happy Birthday Bella.
  • For me you are like a treasure chest, that when you open it, your eyes light up, I hope we never lose this beautiful friendship.
  • Happy birthday, although you are earning one more year, time has taken care of keeping your beauty intact. I send you my best wishes.
  • May this new year of life be very prosperous, full of great health, excellent friendships and the great love that cannot be missing. Congratulations on your day.
  • My request to you is that they bless you with a lot of patience because we are going to be friends for life and you will have to put up with me … Congratulations on your day, friend.
  • You are a person of a great and noble heart. You are the most beautiful person I have ever known and surely the ones I will meet. Have a very Happy Birthday, Friend!
  • We have a great friendship that has made us two very close people, who know and respect the place that each one occupies in the life of the other, and you know that you can count on me unconditionally.
  • I know very well that a few words are not going to feel the same as a big hug, but I know that they will serve to send you my greatest wishes on your birthday. Happy birthday and enjoy!
  • I hope this birthday greeting serves as a station for all the good times that I wish you in this older year. Happy birthday to a friend!
  • I only wish you a new year full of joys, love and health. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • I wish you a much better year than the previous one and that all the wishes you have become realities. Congratulations with all my heart in this 2021!
  • Does anyone have a birthday around here? Happy birthday 2021, friend!I hope that happiness and love abound in your life.
  • I hope that this great special day for you will be another year full of happiness and love. Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you all the happiness in the world for this new year for you. Enjoy and have a good time! CONGRATULATIONS!
  • Today we are going to toast that we can be together another year and we can celebrate many more birthdays together.
  • I ask God to give you his blessings for this new year that is coming and that you continue to be as good a person as you are. Congrats friend!
  • Another year having you by my side. Enjoy this day with your loved ones. Congratulations.

Short Birthday Messages for a Friend

  • You are one of the best things that have happened to me in life. I wish you a very happy birthday.
  • May your birthday be an unforgettable day for you, you are my crazy friend who I love like a sister.
  • May God grant you many illusions, health and money. Congratulations on your day, Friend.
  • Friend Bella, only you can compare yourself to wine, you get better with the years. Congratulations my friend.
  • Have a very happy birthday, my friend, surrounded by the people who love you.
  • I will never find the perfect phrases to describe all the love and admiration I feel for you.
  • Your friendship has made many positive changes for me and I thank you so much.
  • I love you very much and I wish you have a great time today and always. Congratulations on your day.
  • Have a very Happy Birthday with your family, and we will see you again soon.
  • Today is a super important day, I wish you many congratulations on your birthday.
  • I know we have not seen each other in person for a while, but we always keep in touch on social media.
  • May God pour out many blessings on you because you are one of the greatest creations.
  • Today I remember our childhood, everything we did and how we fought for anything congratulations.
  • My friend, I appreciate you very much and I wish you many congratulations on your day.
  • On this birthday my thoughts will be with you, wishing you a wonderful day, and all your wishes will come true.
  • Dear Friend, never change and never let your light go out. Have a happy birthday.
  • It’s a great thing to be able to share so many great moments with someone like you, congratulations friend.
  • Your friendship gives me great energy to overcome anything and draw smiles.
  • Today is a holiday because a very important person has a birthday, Have a very Happy Birthday.

Final Words

And so far our article today, I hope you liked it a lot, because our team of editors has worked very hard on this article with birthday greetings for a friend in 2021 and we are sure that if you choose an excellent birthday greeting from The ones we have put above will leave your friend speechless and maybe make him cry. See you in the next article with new birthday messages.

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