Best Pretty Birthday Letters for Daughter

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The Best Pretty Birthday Letters for Daughter: Every birthday of our children is important to date that never goes unnoticed. Every year more, it is a joy and especially when our little princesses are the ones that have their birthday.

Girls show their affection more and they like us to show our affection in the same way and especially on their birthdays.

Birthday Letters for Daughter

If apart from the gifts you want to have another show of affection, you can write him a letter that he will keep for a long time and that will be a beautiful memory that he will treasure as the years go by.

Best Pretty Birthday Letters for Daughter

We leave you two sample letters that we are sure will serve as an example and a guide to tell your daughter how much you love her.

Sample 1: Birthday Letters for Daughter

Dear daughter,

Having you in my womb was one of the most emotional moments of my life. Feeling you grow inside me was feeling love without limits grow, a mother’s love that was my greatest impulse to fight for you.

Today that I see you grow a little more, today that you turn one more year, it is a joy and a triumph for me. With my motherly love, I try to guide you along the paths that I consider correct but sometimes I can be wrong, and I apologize for that. I want you to see that everything I do I do for you and so that you are well.

Seeing how you are changing and how you are having dreams of your own makes me see how quickly time passes but I want you to know that my love will not pass. That I will always be there to take care of you and protect you. Even if you are fifty years old, you will be able to come to me and I will be there to listen to you and console you, my daughter.

You are the greatest treasure I have and for you, I give my life. Happy birthday my daughter, you are my pride and my hope.

With much love, your mother.

Sample 2: Birthday Letters for Daughter

Pretty little girl,

Happy birthday little girl! It is the first time that I have written you a letter and I hope you like it. Today is a very special day for both of you because it is the day of your birth and it is the day that the world can see your beautiful face.

You know that I love you and that my love is unconditional. I am excited to see how fast you grow and I know that all the difficulties that we went through together since you were little served to unite us and have the strong relationship that we have now. You are my friend and I know that I can trust you.

I am very proud of you because I know that you are a strong and fighter girl. Do not doubt that I will support you in everything I can. For me, your dreams and your plans are very important and I will be with you to help you fulfill them.

Thank you for being the loving and responsible daughter that you are, for helping me in what you can and for being who you are. God could not have given me a better daughter than you and I know that He will grant you a hundred more years of life.

He loves you very much, your mother.

We hope you can be inspired by these two models and can create a beautiful birthday letter for your daughter.

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