Best Romantic Birthday Letters for Boyfriend of 2023

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A birthday letters for boyfriend is always a good romantic touch full of love. It is an excellent way to strengthen the loving relationship of a couple and also to feed it so that it grows a little more, however, girls want to complement this detail with a gift.

When it comes to congratulating the birthday, we have to try to do our best on the day that that special boy meets a new year, and that is why we are going to share the following list of original ideas of birthday letters for boyfriend or partner so you can send your partner that handmade and completely personalized greeting. Let’s go with them!

Birthday Letters for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend’s birthday is approaching and you want to give him a special detail for this day, a good option is to dedicate one of these happy birthday letters to your boyfriendA romantic letter to a boyfriend is the best way to express your feelings and show him how much you care.

Beautiful Birthday Letters for Boyfriend

Sample 1: Special Birthday Letters for Boyfriend

This little note is perfect to slip into your purse or work bag. Nothing better than finding a surprise like this on your birthday:

My dear,

Today you turn one more year and I just wanted to remind you how much I love you. When I am by your side, I feel that all my dreams come true and that we are invincible.

You are such a kind, sweet and caring man that you deserve to be treasured. You’re everything I could ever ask for as a boyfriend. I love you my love and I wish you a very happy birthday, I hope that we can share it together since dawn and that we celebrate each of your birthdays for the rest of our lives.

Have a wonderful day and may this new year of life be full of prosperity, health and happiness.

Happy Birthday!

To express all your emotions to your boyfriend for his birthday, the best thing you can do is dedicate happy birthday letters for your boyfriend. If he is not with you and you miss him, you can make use of these letters to show him all your love and you can accompany them with images and photographs that reinforce their relationship.

Sample 2: Birthday Letter for My Boyfriend

Hello, my love,

Today is your birthday and I decided to write you this letter because I want to express everything I feel for you. In you, I found my ideal complement, everything we do together makes me happy and it is because of you that I finally learned what it is to be in love.

On a day like today, you came to this world and I am happy to be by your side to celebrate it. The special moments in your life are also special for me, that is why today I feel great joy within me.

Since I met you, I felt that there was chemistry between us, when we talked, we always ended up laughing and our eyes were always trapped in time.

I have learned a lot about you and I am happy to be your partner, you are the best thing that has happened to me in life and I hope that our love lasts forever. On a day as special as this, I want to wish you all the best, I promise you that while we are together, I will do everything possible to make you happy.

I wish you a happy birthday my love, may God give you many more years of life to be together.

Happy Birthday (Name)!

Sample 3: Birthday Letter for My Boyfriend

Hello, my love,

I may be surprised because I have never sent you a letter before but today I wanted to do it to express my feelings.

You have become the reason for my happiness since we began to be a couple, my life changed for the better, with you I discovered that incredible things are done out of love and that to be happy with a person, it is only enough that both are willing to exchange their hearts.

It was you who one day appeared before me and little by little you fell in love with your way of being, it has been a long time since that day but the love I feel for you has not changed at all.

I love when we walk hand in hand, when you surprise me from behind and give me a passionate kiss, I adore that you are the man of my life. You are the first person I think of when I wake up and who is always present in my dreams.

I love you with all my being and that is why I am happy to be with you on this wonderful day. Happy birthday my love, my wish is that your wishes come true and that our love lasts forever.

Happy Birthday (Name)!

Sample 4: Funny Happy Birthday Letter

If you have a relationship where laughter and fun represent them like never before, then this letter is perfect to congratulate your boyfriend on his birthday:

To my dear boyfriend,

One more year to your life, new gray hair that will populate your hair, my love. Don’t worry, I will love you even if your hair turns into a snowy peak.

Happy birthday my love, may this year be full of many joys, happiness and prosperity, but no back pain. Remember to be careful with your health, at your new age, you must be careful with your steps.

Lie, age is only a number, live your life with joy, let nothing stop you, my love. May this year be full of beautiful experiences, may you never stop smiling and may the universe allow you to fulfill many more years.

You can find handmade happy birthday epistles to dedicate to your boyfriend. In love, it is important to be detailed, dedicating to our couples samples of true love during their birthdays can greatly strengthen the relationship. We also recommend that you modify or add your own words to these original birthday letters for my boyfriend.

Sample 5: My Love Grows With Every Birthday

Beautiful and romantic words that cannot be missed when you congratulate your boyfriend on his birthday. Remember to surprise him with this letter at a special time of the day, either when he wakes up or during the party or meeting to celebrate his birthday:

When I look at you today, I realize that I can’t have a better boyfriend than you. You are a wonderful man, full of life, dreams and motivation to be better. You have never stopped supporting me in my dreams and that is something that I value very much.

On this birthday, I want to tell you that I will always be by your side, that we will continue to build together this path full of dreams and goals, that we will stop at nothing because together we are stronger.

I am the luckiest woman in the world because I can say that I love my best friend, nothing and no one can ever replace you.

I love you and wish you a very happy birthday.

As love, who loves you the most and adores you in this world.

Original Birthday Letters for My Boyfriend

If you are looking for original birthday letters for your boyfriend, you have come to the right place. we have some of the most beautiful to dedicate and celebrate this beautiful day with all the love and affection that he deserves. If you wish, you can write these letters with your own handwriting, handmade letters are even more special than digital ones:

Sample 6: Happy Birthday Letter for a Long-Distance Boyfriend

A perfect letter to congratulate your boyfriend if the distance separates them. Spending a birthday separated from your boyfriend can be very hard, but you can alleviate the situation a bit and take the opportunity to show love to your partner with this beautiful letter:

Being separated from you is much more difficult than I imagined. Everything reminds me of you, our songs, the movies, the nights and until dawn, my heart cries for you and anxiously awaits the moment when we get back together.

I love you with all my heart and every moment that we can share together, I treasure with all my love. I am very sorry not to be by your side on this birthday, but I send you all my affection and my love, as well as my good wishes so that this is a year full of beautiful experiences, happiness, prosperity and a lot of love because we will meet and never again we will part.

I miss you so much my love, have a happy birthday.

With all the love in the world, your girlfriend.

Birthday Letter for My Long Boyfriend

Many people enjoy long letters written by their partners where they express their feelings towards them. Letters are very romantic, in fact, it is one of the preferred means of communication to convey the purest and deepest feelings. If you want to surprise your partner for their birthday or birthday, you can dedicate this beautiful handmade birthday letter for my boyfriend:

Sample 7: A Unique Love Happy Birthday

Beautiful letter full of romance to dedicate to your boyfriend on his birthday. If you have a very romantic relationship, this is the letter you need to inspire you or to add your own words full of love:

Just thinking of you fills me with joy and being your girlfriend is like having an angel in my life. You came to me when I least expected to find true love, you fell in love with me and now I cannot imagine you far from me.

On this day, we celebrate one more year of your life, it is a wonderful opportunity to thank life for this great opportunity: a new year to be happy, to build our future and fight for our dreams.

You are a fun, wonderful, attentive and very special boy, the moments that we have shared together are my most cherished memories.

Love, have a very happy birthday, today I just want to see you smile and fill you with a lot of love. May you find all the happiness you need from this day, may prosperity and health be your best friends and may our love become even stronger so that we can celebrate many more birthdays together.

I love you My Dear Boyfriend.

Letters as a means of communicating love or positive feelings are widely used and valued. Seeing their feelings expressed in the handwriting of your boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the best gifts you can receive on your birthday or on an important date for you. If your boyfriend likes long letters or is very detailed, then he will appreciate this long birthday letter for my boyfriend from the best birthday point

Birthday Letter for My Partner

Many people throughout the world believe that men are not detail-oriented and that, therefore they do not appreciate the nice gifts or details that you can have with them, but it is only a false belief. All people are different and maybe your boyfriend can appreciate the value of a birthday letter for my partner. Accompany your gift with one of these handmade letters and show all your love with originality:

Sample 8: Letter with Romantic Memories

An excellent strategy to write a letter full of love to wish a happy birthday is to use the romantic or beautiful memories that you have in common with your boyfriend:

A few years ago you told me that you loved me and asked me to be your girlfriend, that was an instant that changed my life forever and led us to build a life and a path together, which today fills us with happiness.

Every time I look at you, I realize that the love I feel for you grows deeper, more powerful and more satisfying.

In good times and bad, we are always together. I know that you will always be the first to celebrate good situations and the first to work to get ahead when we hit a rough patch.

Today that you turn one more year, I want to tell you that I love you with all my soul, that I will do everything possible in this world to make you happy and that you never lose your smile. May this new year of life be full of happiness, prosperity and harmony.

He says goodbye with a big kiss of love,

Your girlfriend.

Ideas of Happy Birthday Letter to My Boyfriend

If you are wondering: “How can I write an emotional happy birthday letter to my boyfriend ?” and you don’t know how to achieve it, don’t worry!

Also, if you think that none of the alternatives that I propose is perfect for your relationship, then you will have the keys so that you can make a beautiful personalized letter.

Get inspired! So you can wish your boyfriend, in a loving and original way, a happy birthday and make him remember you always.

Sample 9: Happy Birthday Letter to My Boyfriend That I’m Still Knowing

If you have been meeting your boyfriend for a short time, don’t worry, with this Birthday Letters for Boyfriend, you can express your good wishes on his day.

You can do it in an affectionate and subtle way because they are barely getting to know each other and since you don’t want to scare him, this is the best option for you.


I know that this is a very special day for you since you are celebrating your birthday and it is for this reason that I want to wish you an unforgettable day and that you can share with your family, friends and me.

Although we are just getting to know each other and it is not much that we take as a couple, I want to tell you that by your side I feel very good, because I can be who I am, without concealment or masks and I can be with you without ceasing to be myself.

I also like you much more because you respect my spaces, my tastes, my thoughts and you respect me.

With your sweetness and your affection, I feel that we can discover ourselves as people, more and more and better.

Thank you for the beautiful moments together. I know that there will be many more and more and more felt.

I wish you a happy birthday, with love.

Happy Birthday Letter to My Boyfriend

Here you will find a beautiful happy birthday letter for my boyfriend where you will leave all your thoughts of love.

If you have been together for some time, it is the ideal one for you, because the intensity of love is already on another level and the moments you have spent together have been enough to know what you like about each other.

Sharing interests and although there will always be a lot to discover from the couple, you are on the right track.

You can also know what you can give him on his day. Go ahead and discover it and find the best gift for your boyfriend in the article « Gifts for my boyfriend.

So, dedicate this letter to the one who makes your days sweeter.

Sample 10: Birthday Letter for Boyfriend

Hello Love,

Since the day I met you, you occupied a large part of my thoughts, and today, which is your birthday, I want to express all my love and wish you much happiness.

Of course, I also hope that you can share that happiness with me.

In my mind, there are not enough words that can help express how I feel about you.

However, I will let the words flow and you can see in my eyes the immensity of love that you produce in me and that you also absorb when we are together.

In this time that we have shared as a couple, I cannot find many happy moments in which you are not there.

You light up my life in a surprising way and every day you make our courtship grow with immense love.

It’s amazing to know how much love can fit in my chest. I will always be very grateful because you are a great support in my life.

You help me so that I can also grow as a person, as a woman.

On this day of your birthday, I want to remind you how happy I feel when I am by your side.

And I am even happier when I see your smile and your eyes that light up lovingly when they see me.

I hope that our story continues and that we can share many unforgettable moments.

Thank you, my life for everything you give me with your presence, your love, your understanding, for your friendship.

I love you and wish you great happiness, not only on this day but in all the days of your existence.

Happy Birthday Letter to My Boyfriend Who Is the Love of My Life

If you are in a stable relationship, in which you have been with your partner for a very good time, and you think:

What kind of happy birthday letter to my boyfriend could I make? This letter is specially made for him!

Sample 11: Birthday Letters to My Boyfriend

Hi My Love,

I want to share with you the immense happiness that I feel by your side.

You illuminate my days and nights with your presence and you are what I have always wanted to find.

Now that you are with me, I feel very grateful to life because it crossed my path to fill me with a lot of love.

I wish that both today that is your birthday, as every day that you are still breathing, you feel the joy of being alive and that together we can continue to build happiness.

We both know that there have been difficulties, but together we have solved them to keep moving forward.

Our relationship and our love is the most important thing and we will not let anything or anyone ruin it.

By your side, I am the happiest woman in the Universe.

Every day you bring out the best in me and help me to be a complete woman and the best version of myself that I can be.

When we are together, I am immensely happy, and when I am not with you, I remember all the happy moments.

We are a complete couple, with a stable and healthy relationship, respectful and full of love.

That’s why I couldn’t put aside your birthday: the birthday of the love of my life.

I love you immensely.

Note: Keep in mind that it is very important to share your emotions with your loved one.

Original Letters to My Boyfriend for Birthday

On your boyfriend’s birthday, you will surely express your best wishes and all the love you feel. If you want to give your boyfriend your birthday wishes in a way that is different from other occasions, write him a letter.

This letter should express how happy you are with him, mention some of the beautiful moments you have spent together and the reasons why you fell in love with him. Next, we will show you a couple of letter models to congratulate a boyfriend’s birthday.

Send one of these letters so that your boyfriend feels very happy on his birthday.

Happy Birthday Letter to My Personalized Boyfriend

If you think that none of the happy birthday letter options for my boyfriend is the right one for you, do not panic.

Next, you will have the keys that you must take into account when writing a letter to your love.


  • Dedicate all your love to him, accompanied by good wishes of happiness for his birthday.
  • Show him once again how much you feel for him and remind him of the joy you enjoy in your relationship.
  • Tell him that there will be many more moments of happiness being together because the two of you feel full and happy.
  • Use a loving and delicate tone.
  • Do not write the letter too short and not too long.
  • Keep it in your future plans.
  • Thank you for your support.
  • Acknowledge the good times in your relationship and what you’ve shared together.
  • Tell him that there will be many more moments that they will enjoy as a couple.
  • Express how much you appreciate, value, and love them.
  • Do not talk about past fights, do not write anything negative. Only nice and positive things.
  • I wish him lots and lots of happiness.

Finish the Letter With Your Feelings for Him:

If you are just beginning the relationship, do not tell him that you love him, it is too soon.

You can say “With much affection …” or, “With appreciation” and close with your name.

Do not use phrases like always yours or something like that, because you could scare it away.

If you have been with him for some time and feel that it is too early for them to tell each other that they love each other and still do not treat each other with affectionate nicknames, then you can choose to sign your letter as:

“I love you (and then your name)” or “I love you very much.”

If you have been talking openly about your feelings, likes, and you share a lot of things together long enough, then you can sign your letter, such as:

“With love”, “lovingly”, “with immense love”, “my life,” or also with the nicknames they usually use in their relationship.

It is best to avoid using new nicknames that have not yet been said, as I would not understand it very well.

Thus, you will have better results in your relationship and, therefore, better results for your life.


Take a pencil and paper and start writing the happy birthday letter for my boyfriend, let the inspiration flow from within you!

You can also make the letter on your pc, however, at the time of delivery, it is essential that you do it personally and that it be physical, this will make it more personal.

So, wait no more and express your good wishes of love, happiness and prosperity to your partner.


Now that you have a birthday letter for my Phrases couple don’t forget to add your own feelings and phrases to add even more value and beauty to this special detail. Remember that the one who knows your boyfriend is you, so you can always modify the content of these handmade letters to make them even more special or according to your tastes.

I just hope this list of happy birthday letters for your boyfriend has served you. Do not forget that you can see other birthday letters, the complete list with all the love letters to fall in love with, our selection of happy birthday letters for your girlfriend, as well as the complete list with all the original birthday greetings. oh, and don’t forget that you can follow us on the social networks of best birthday point to never miss anything new. Until next time!

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