Best Romantic Happy Birthday Letter for Girlfriend

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If your girlfriend’s birthday is approaching, you are surely looking for the perfect gift for her, to surprise her and to show her how much you adore and love her, give her these beautiful cards with romantic birthday wishes to your girlfriend.

Birthday Letter for Girlfriend

On his birthday, he will surely receive many presents from his friends and family, but he will expect something more special from you and an excellent way to differentiate your gift from the rest is to accompany it with a friendly letter with happy birthday wishes to your partner that expresses in a clear and tender way all the beautiful feelings that she inspires.

Best Romantic & Heart Touching Birthday Letter For Girlfriend

Here we leave you several models of cute love letters for you to send to your girlfriend on her birthday. You can be inspired by them and create a unique and special letter for that equally special girl.

Model 1 of a Love Letter to My Girlfriend on Her Birthday

My Love,

when I get up, it is impossible not to think of you. And it is that what I feel for you invades every part of me, every little corner of my life.

And today, I think of you much more because it is your birthday, a special day that I thank God for allowing me to live.

It is a day like today that a few years ago, you were born to enlighten everyone around you and above all, to enlighten me years later.

It is challenging to choose a gift that knows how to express everything I feel for you, it is difficult because what you inspire me is something very deep, special, a feeling without equal that no one else has been able to inspire in me.

And it is that you are a gift from heaven and nothing I can give you will be able to show you how much I love you but I will strive, anyway, to show it as long as you allow me to be by your side.

Today that is your birthday and that is a special day for and much more special for me, I can’t help but remember the day I met you.

I thank God that day, that chance, that crossing of glances because thanks to all that, I can now call you “love” and enjoy your presence, your tenderness and your smile. I want to continue enjoying those three gifts for the rest of my life.

And since that moment, since that first kiss, my life has turned 180 ° because meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me.

In good times and bad we have been together and there has been no problem that could have separated us.

This shows that our Love is stronger than it seems and that it is not a simple adolescent love. I love you and I won’t tire of repeating it to you, Love, you are the most beautiful thing in my life.

I want this special day for you to be unforgettable, I want this day to be full of smiles, beautiful surprises and all the Love that I am capable of giving you.

You deserve it, you deserve all the Love in the world because you are a special person, a person who makes those around her happy with her presence.

I look forward to the day when we can unite our lives forever when we can wake up, live and sleep together, my Love, that day will be the best of my life.

Happy birthday, my Love, today I will ask God for you to always take care of you, to allow me to take care of you and make you happy.

Love you.

Model 2 of a Love Letter to My Girlfriend on Her Birthday

To the best girlfriend in the world on her birthday:

Today is the day the Love of my life was born, the most beautiful girl my eyes have seen. Today you were born, love and it is the happiest day of the year for me because it marks the beginning of your existence and also of my happiness.

The only important thing for me is that you are happy, love that this day is unforgettable for you, that it is full of surprises and that this year that God gives you is the best.

I am moved to remember that day when we held hands for the first time, that day when our story began when our Love began to blossom. Since that day, my heart belongs to you and will continue to belong to you.

I promise to do my best to make this day very special for you, to show you that you are the most important thing to me, that you are the Love I always waited for and that this day of your birthday I feel grateful to God for having brought you into this world. A boyfriend who adores you and who will always want the best for you.

Model 3 of a Love Letter to My Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Happy birthday, Love of my life!

First of all, Love I want to remind you that I love you infinitely, the universe is too small for the Love I feel for you to fit in it.

I’m sorry I met you so late, how I would have liked you to be my adolescent Love, so I would have had more time to love you.

But that does not matter anymore, the important thing is that now you are in my present and you will be in my future because our Love will continue to unite us, of that I am sure.

Today, which is a special day, like everyone since you came into my life, I want to thank you for not only being my girlfriend but also for being my friend, that person who is unconditionally by my side, giving me her support, understanding and Love.

In all difficult moments, I could count on you and your wonderful Love.

In the same way, my princess, I want you to know that I will always be by your side, giving you my best, striving to be better every day, to be better for you. You make me really very happy and I want to make you happy as long as God gives me life.

I hope that this letter and birthday dedications for your Love and you surprise it with such beautiful detail.

Model 4 of a Love Letter to My Girlfriend on Her Birthday

For the most special girl in the world you stop me:

Happy birthday, precious. Today is your birthday and I feel lucky. To have you by my side, to have your Love and to be able to celebrate by your side this special date for all those who love you. Thank you for letting me be part of your life, of your dreams and for letting me enter your heart.

Every day that passes, I feel that you take more and more of my heart. My heart is completely yours, he lives for you, beats for you and loves for you. Every time you smile, every time you look at me, that you hug me, I feel that our destiny is to always be united.

I am happy with the relationship that we have, the relationship that we have built. I am your best friend, you are my best friend, the girl who makes my days happy, the one who drives me, the one who inspires me, the perfect complement for me.

Today I have several things prepared for you love, several surprises that I hope you like and show you that you are deeply in my heart, that only you are the owner and I do not pretend that this will change now or ever.

I know that you don’t ask me for anything, that you just want me to be with you but I couldn’t let your birthday pass without giving you something special.

In the meantime, receive this love letter that anticipates the great birthday you will have, I adore you, beautiful you are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my life.

We hope that these models of love letters for your girlfriend on her birthday will help you to surprise your Love and make her birthday unforgettable.

Romantic Words and Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Love

Every year each person has a certain date to turn one more year of birth. Many say that the month in which you were born has a great influence so that with certain people there is an affinity and good relationships as a couple.

On this occasion that your girlfriend is on his birthday, do not stop dedicating some phrases to surprise him with your Love and romance on his birthday.

  • You are not only the boyfriend with whom I am madly in Love, you are my best friend and the only one who really understands me and knows how to calm me down when I am in a bad mood or a nervous wreck.
  • Your birthday is an important date that we should receive with joy and also thank God for all the blessings you receive from him. Congratulations my Love!
  • TodayToday is a date in which I feel so much desire to give you all the reasons to have a very happy time. I will not give you one but many gifts, in different ways I want to express my wishes that you feel that this day is very special by my side. Thank you Love for being my girlfriend and I wish you a happy birthday.
  • Love of my heart, I wish you with all my soul that you have a nice day, that this day you receive the sincere greetings of the people who love you and accept you as you are.
  • Of all of them, I will be the one who has a unique feeling for you and I will give you so many reasons to make you feel happy to have fallen in love with me because we were both born to join our hearts and our souls. Congratulations my Love!
  • On this date of your birthday I always have some difficulties to choose a gift that is tailored to you, because you are such a special person that you mean so much to me, that I think that all the gifts that I can give you will only be symbolic because that you deserve for being who you are has a value that cannot be calculated in size or weight and it is the Love that a good man like you can give you. Happy Birthday my Prince!
  • “Sweetie, what a pity that today is your birthday. I cannot give you a personal greeting because it coincided with a work trip that does not depend on me to postpone it. I imagine that today you will spend it with your family and that at this time you are already beginning to receive calls and expressions of affection from everyone who knows you.
  • I wish you with all my soul that you have a very nice time even though I cannot be by your side and I promise you that upon your return, I will compensate with interest for everything I can do to make you feel happy for your day.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are half a century old, for me, you will always look like a very interesting, intelligent and attractive girlfriend. I am happy that at your age you continue to bet on having a formal relationship with me and with this it is shown that there is no age for Love. I promise to give you all the best of me so that you remain madly in Love and you can always find my support and consider me the great Love of your life.
  • Love, I feel happy that you are celebrating your birthday today and I also want you to know that you are a person that I adore with all my being.
  • I am very happy to be your partner and I am proud of all your achievements because you are a person who always seeks to progress in life. I adore you and wish you with all my Love a happy birthday.

In some cases, these rules can be broken and regardless of these coincidences the important thing is that when one falls in Love, they are not thinking if they are compatible signs and what the heart dictates is what the heart dictates, so we dedicate this tender birthday wishes to me. Love.

Apart from a gift that you can buy in any store, give your girlfriend some words of Love and joy for celebrating his birthday with him.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Crush

If what you want is to express all your Love to your girlfriend, then his birthday is a date that you should not miss. This date is full of emotions to take advantage of to get your girlfriend to better internalize the beautiful messages to wish my Love a happy birthday.

Let him know how much you love and value him and how eager you have to continue on this adventure that both of you have undertaken.

If you are close to celebrating your girlfriend’s birthday and you want to dedicate some sincere words of Love, this article will be useful for you. We leave you some examples below, customize them as you like best.

  • My Love, today is your birthday and I have no more words to tell you that I love you. The life we ​​lead together is wonderful from day one and all thanks to your details and your way of being so patient and detailed.
  • Today that is your birthday you deserve the best, as well as many more years of life to enjoy together. Happy birthday my life, it is worth a lot to me. “
  • There could be no better day than today to remember the birth of a beautiful person like you. It’s your birthday and if I could list the many good things you deserve, this message would be very long.
  • I send you the best kisses and hugs with more affection. You are a great person and I would not change you for anything, happy birthday, my Love. “
  • If candles meant every satisfaction you give me, candles would be missing in the world. I am proud of you and more today that is your birthday and you have always managed to give us the best.
  • Now it’s your turn, I hope to spend with you all the years that you have left in your life. “
  • Celebrating with you a date as special as your birthday brings more than happiness to my life. Knowing that I am sharing with you a moment full of joy makes my heart beat only for you.
  • I love you madly and I wish that all the time that passes until your next birthday is the most pleasant you have lived so far. Congratulations my Love.
  • My Love, I am happy to be celebrating your birthday with you, I know it is the first time we have spent it together, but I am sure that we will have many more opportunities and each one of them will be better than the previous one. Have a happy birthday my life, you make me happy and now it’s your turn to always be happy.
  • If a day like today 30 years ago you had not been born, this pleasant moment with you would not have existed.
  • I thank God for having met you in the circumstances that we met and have been able to meet in life despite the differences. Now I feel lucky to have you in my life and I will be in yours and it will be like this forever. Love you. Happy Birthday.
  • Could not be happier. I share the happiness you feel for your birthday, I know you enjoy it and that is why I am happy to know that you are having a good time.
  • Since we met you have not stopped giving me a sincere smile and that means a lot to me. I love you like nothing in the world and I want to give you the best gift of all.

Celebrating his birthday in this way will help him form a more solid idea of ​​the feelings that surround him when he is with you.


Remember that the birthday greeting to your girlfriend will not be a simple greeting, he will receive it with a double load of emotions because it is a birthday greeting and your best expression of Love.

We are sure that you will make him remember how much you love him and how important you consider him in your life. Enjoy a good birthday with your girlfriend.

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