Best Romantic Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Wife

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Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Wife: Pregnancy is an important period in the life of a woman, a future mother. Her habits from the first months of the “interesting situation” begin to change. It can be difficult for a husband to adapt to the wishes of his wife. It is especially difficult to choose a gift for a pregnant wife for her birthday.

Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Wife

But this only at first glance seems difficult. You need to be more attentive to your wife, listen to her opinion, you can just ask what she wants to receive for a present. Use our tips, perhaps they will help you choose a gift for your wife – a future mother.

Top 35 Best Gifts for Pregnant Wife for her Birthday

Among the actual presents for the expectant mother are those that will be useful to her during pregnancy. They should please her, create comfort, decorate her appearance, and help her cope with daily worries.

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  • Gold or silver jewelry is always appropriate. You can buy your favorite pendant, a chain with a pendant, beautiful earrings, a brooch, and a ring with an amulet stone.
  • A smartphone equipped with a high-quality camera with modern features or a tablet of the latest model is also suitable for an e-book present. The gadget will be a welcome and expensive gift for a pregnant wife.
  • Soft, beautiful plaid with sleeves in pastel colors, pleasing to the eye. A cozy, warm, soft-to-the-touch blanket will warm the expectant mother in the cold season, it will be used all the time.
  • Pajamas made from environmentally friendly fabrics are essential clothing. Coziness and comfort are important for a woman in a position, so such a thing will certainly please her.
  • Bed linen is made of natural fabrics – silk, cotton, satin, and calico. Choose a set of good quality, nice colors.
  • Cosmetics are made from natural ingredients. Talk to your wife about which set of cosmetics for the face, body, and hair care to buy for her. During pregnancy, it is especially important to use a natural cream, shampoo, or body scrub.
  • Underwear made without seams. Such products will not put pressure on the stomach and chest, or rub the body. You can buy a bandage for pregnant women as a present – if the doctor allowed it.
  • Warm, comfortable slippers in bright colors or the form of an animal face. The shoes must fit perfectly on the feet, do not squeeze them.
  • Pillow in the shape of a long horseshoe, filled with polystyrene foam. This accessory can be placed under the stomach, under the back, and between the legs. Such a pillow will also come in handy when a baby is born, it will make the process of feeding him comfortable.
  • A heated blanket is a piece of real warmth from a beloved husband. It will warm in a house where there is poor heating in winter, with such bedding your spouse will not freeze.
  • Juicer – will allow the expectant mother to quickly and easily prepare fresh juices for herself, the device will come in handy when the baby is born.
  • You can give a yogurt maker to a birthday girl – the hostess will be able to prepare tasty and healthy yogurts from natural products using milk and fresh fruits.
  • Multifunctional chair – you can relax on it, sleep, and it will be used to feed the baby after childbirth. As an alternative, you can purchase a rocking chair or a transforming chair, a soft ottoman.
  • Anatomical mattress – choose a product that has two sides – harder and softer. On such a mattress, a woman will be comfortable sleeping at different stages of pregnancy.
  • Presents to make life easier – items that will help your wife in housekeeping are suitable for a gift. These can be a food processor, dishwasher, mixer, steamer, robot vacuum cleaner, or clothes dryer. Before buying, make sure that such a gift will please your spouse.
  • Camera – it will allow the expectant mother to take professional pictures, to monitor how her baby grows and develops. You can also take a photo even before the birth of the child – during pregnancy.
  • Makeup mirror on the dressing table. This is a beautiful piece of furniture for the bedroom and a necessary thing for every woman. After all, even during pregnancy, the wife wants to remain beautiful and well-groomed.
  • Sound night light with several melodies – it is ideal for relaxing mom and baby, soothes and relaxes, and helps to sleep comfortably.
  • A set of utensils made of medical steel. The composition of the material does not contain harmful elements, the dishes are suitable for cooking for a baby and a nursing mother. It is convenient to cook porridge and boil milk in it.
  • Wireless headphones – for those who like to listen to music. Choose a high-quality device, the spouse will do the usual household chores and enjoy pleasant melodies.
  • Floor scales. Perhaps this is the gift that the other half dreams of. A pregnant woman needs to control her weight to know if everything is in order with the baby. Complete the gift with a diary where the expectant mother will record her performance.
  • Relaxing footbath. The hot tub has several operating modes, you can choose a device with the necessary functions, and there are different devices on sale.
  • Haircare equipment – hair dryer, hair straightener, curling iron, styler. Buy one of the devices that your significant other will use.
  • Foot massager – helps relieve tension from the legs, improves blood circulation in the lower extremities, prevents varicose veins – it often becomes a problem for pregnant women.
  • Fitness mat – pregnancy is not a reason to quit playing sports. Such an accessory will help at home to maintain the body in the right tone. The spouse does not need to overstrain, physical activity should be moderate.
  • Fitball – it is necessary for aerobics. The ball relieves tension from the legs and back and improves coordination and flexibility, which is very important for a woman in the position.
  • Fitness bracelet – the gadget tracks daily activity, and allows you to control your heart rate and other indicators, which is important for a pregnant woman.
  • Clothing: home terry bathrobe, scarf or wool sweater, breastfeeding bra, warm gloves, jumpsuit, which is adjusted depending on the duration of pregnancy.
  • Fur coat or parka to keep the wife warm in winter. It is better to buy a gift together so that the spouse tries on the thing, it should suit her in size and style.
  • Leather women’s bag – you can choose a handmade accessory, suitable for a present and a high-quality city backpack – light, roomy, practical.
  • Hobbies Presentations. Buy a book by your favorite author, needlework kits – knitting, embroidery, macrame, sewing, drawing. Hobby gifts always pay off.
  • Florarium with plants – for a wife who likes to plant indoor flowers. A glass container with plants inside will decorate the room and give pleasant emotions to the birthday girl.
  • An air purifier will be especially relevant for your bedroom or children’s room. You can buy an air ionizer.
  • Table-tray for breakfast in bed – a wooden product with a patterned tabletop will allow you to take care of your beloved wife, and serve her breakfast in bed. She needs your attention right now.
  • Salt lamp for health and wellness. It strengthens the immune system, kills fungi and harmful microbes, and has a preventive effect on many diseases.
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Inexpensive Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Wife

They will please no less than expensive options. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money from the family budget, you can buy an inexpensive, but useful, traditional, memorable, and original present. Some of these gifts include:

  • Photo frames for ultrasound images – a woman will have to do an ultrasound more than once during pregnancy.
  • Lunch box with food heating function. You can always take it with you on the road or for a walk to have lunch on the road.
  • A compact thermos or a thermal mug – these items can be used while walking with a child.
  • Photo album – it will store the best family photos, and pictures of the child from birth.
  • Notepad for notes “My happy pregnancy”, in which the birthday girl will write down her feelings and memories of pregnancy.
  • T-shirt with a thematic print or the inscription “I’m pregnant!”, “Busy in the tummy”, “Buzzer”, “Waiting for a girl (boy).”
  • An interesting, unusual keychain with a soft toy or an amulet figurine. Fridge magnets with space for notes.
  • A piggy bank in the form of an animal figurine, an ATM, a piggy bank with a sign where you can write the purpose of saving money.
  • Bedroom decor: wall painting, table lamp, photo frames, wall clock, figurines.
  • Stress relief toy – there are many options for such items on sale (ball, snake, anime spinner).
  • Kitchen utensils: baking dishes, a set of aprons with a pattern, cutting boards, and other little things for the hostess.
  • Illuminated aroma lamp with a set of oils without a pronounced and persistent odor that the birthday girl will love.
  • A set of natural handmade soap – you can order it from craftsmen or buy it in a specialized store.
  • An annual subscription to a magazine for pregnant women or expectant mothers, an alternative is specialized books on this topic.
  • Vitamin complex for pregnant women – vitamins should be prescribed by a gynecologist for a pregnant woman, and you will buy such a birthday present.
  • A basket filled with healthy and tasty fresh fruits. The main thing is that the wife should not be allergic to goodies.
  • Natural honey in a basket, dried fruits, or marshmallows in a set is healthy and tasty products for a pregnant woman.
  • For a set of high-quality natural tea, you can add a cup and a saucer decorated with a thematic pattern to the gift.
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Motherhood Gifts for Pregnant Wife

The longer the gestation period, the stronger the experience of the expectant mother, and the more active she visits children’s stores and looks at the things that her baby will need. A loving husband and dad-to-be will understand this and be able to help her by buying an appropriate birthday present. It could be:

  • baby monitor – the device will take care of the safety of the child;
  • quality baby stroller
  • children’s cocoon – a mattress that has an anatomical shape, like a mother’s tummy;
  • backpack or slings – mother will carry the child without the help of hands;
  • carrying bag – will allow you to move freely with the baby;
  • rocking bed made of natural wood;
  • an envelope for a newborn – a boy or a girl;
  • changing kit with everything necessary for the child;
  • a set of bottles and nipples for feeding the baby;
  • pendant toys or toys for the little ones;
  • certificate to the store of goods for newborns;
  • special courses for expectant mothers.

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Diy Gifts From Husband

Your wife will appreciate your care, she will be pleased that you spent your time making a present for her. You just need to show imagination and perseverance to prepare your favorite surprise. These gift options include:

  • night light “Starry sky” – it is easy to make it from auxiliary materials;
  • a decorative box made of wood, decorated with carvings – in it the wife will keep the most valuable things;
  • a shelf for cosmetics, baby supplies, and little things that should always be at hand for mom;
  • dishes made of clay and decorated with paintings, it can be an original plate, cup, tray;
  • a set of photo frames in a bright design for children’s photos made with their own hands;
  • a bouquet of sweets, soft toys, or fruits – visit an online master class to make a beautiful composition.
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Romantic Gifts for the Soul

This category includes gifts that inspire, bring positive emotions, a good mood, and a smile. They are not always material, but they will please the birthday girl – the expectant mother. Gifts can be:

  • Family photo session for a pregnant wife. It can be arranged at home, in the studio, or on the street, the master will select unique places and angles for pictures.
  • A portrait of a wife from a photo – you need to order it in advance, choosing a suitable picture of your wife in an “interesting” position.
  • Fitness subscription for pregnant women – hand it over if the birthday girl dreams of such a present and there is a doctor’s permission to attend classes.
  • Certificate for a fashion boutique for pregnant women, cosmetics and perfumery, jewelry, and household appliances.
  • A romantic trip to the city or country of your beloved wife’s dream – if the pregnancy goes well. It is better to postpone long-distance flights and flights by plane.
  • A certificate for visiting the SPA salon, where the wife will receive a foot or cervical, back massage.
  • A weekend trip to a boarding house or a country hotel – is useful for pregnant women to be in the fresh air, to change the situation. All this is suitable in early pregnancy.
  • A ticket to the theater, cinema, to a concert of your favorite band – discuss this issue in advance. Go to an event with your wife.
  • Attending a master class on the interests of the spouse. These can be courses in knitting, embroidery, cooking, photography, making soft toys, interior design, and more.
  • A trip to a restaurant or cafe where you have pre-booked a table with healthy and tasty dishes. You should do without alcohol on this day because alcohol is contraindicated for your spouse.

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Early in the morning, while the birthday girl is sleeping, you can decorate the room with flowers, balloons, and posters. Prepare breakfast for your beloved, create a festive atmosphere, and solemnly present a gift. Please your soulmate all day long, let her feel how much you love her and the unborn child. Complete any gift with a kiss and words of love!

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