60 Best Birthday Gifts for Parents

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Are you looking best birthday gifts for your Parents? We have collected 60 ideas of cool gifts and divided them into categories: romantic, funny and original, for home comfort, gifts-impressions, memorable and handmade. Read and choose!

Romantic Birthday Gifts for Parents

Even if the parents have lived together for many years, there is still a place for romance in their relationship. But if they have already forgotten what it is, then they can be reminded of romantic gifts – cute and beautiful.

1. Crystal valentine with laser photo

Such a gift must be ordered in advance. It is made in the form of a glass heart on a stand with an engraved photo of the parents. There are 3D elements inside – angels, hearts, flowers.

2. Decorative Swarovski figurine “Swans”

A very graceful statuette in the shape of two swans on the water surface. From the base of the wings to the tail, the birds are adorned with sparkling Swarovski stones.

3. Set of handmade sweets

Each candy has its own taste, its own filling and its own design. The most amazing thing is that in such a set there are candy letters, from which you can make a congratulation, as in the game “Scrabble”. 

4. Heart pendant made of two halves

One part of the heart will be for the father, the other for the mother. Each half has its own chain, so this pendant can be worn on the chest. They can also be engraved with the parents’ names.

5. Breakfast table in bed

Now you can bring coffee to bed for your birthday, March 8, or just to cheer up your loved one in the morning. And not only coffee but also a full breakfast.

6. 3D-lamp “Hearts”

The drawing itself is on a transparent plane, but the unique manufacturing technology creates a fantastic three-dimensional illusion of volume, from where the soft, “muffled” light of a night lamp flows.

7. Pair mugs for lovers in the form of hearts

Thanks to their special shape, they can be connected by pressing against each other. A wonderful gift for a joint evening tea.

8. Heart-shaped magnetic board on the refrigerator

It is huge – half the refrigerator door. With a crayon or marker, you can leave messages to each other or just take the necessary notes.

9. Chocolate fondue fountain

Chocolate covered fruit is delicious! Warmed chocolate cascades from the top of the fountain, you just need to dip the pieces of fruit strung on a skewer.

10. Projector starry sky

Home romance under the starry sky. The stars and the moon swirl on the ceiling. All that remains is to turn on quiet music and thereby create a fabulous atmosphere.

Cool and Original Birthday Gifts for Parents

There is always a place for jokes at the holiday, even if it concerns gifts from children to their parents. You can try to surprise your father and mother by giving them an unusual present. So what are these gifts?

1. T-shirts for two

One T-shirt complements the other, for example – with the help of arrows, halves of patterns, uniting inscriptions. Only in them, you must always be next to each other so that the meaning is clear. 

2. Cool aprons

It is also desirable to buy them “in pairs” – if dad is “God in cooking.”, then mom is “Goddess”, if a father is “Tsar”, then the mother is “Tsarina”. Such gifts are suitable for friendly spouses who always do everything together.

3. Wooden puzzle “Valentine”

There are many wooden figures in a hexagonal box. Parents should try very hard to arrange these elements correctly. And the result will be beautiful wall decor.

4. Piggybank ATM with a combination lock

Although it is compact, it is a real ATM in miniature. He pulls in bills with a distinctive sound. But save the code from the piggy bank. And then, once they have saved up enough, tell his parents.

5. Paired mittens

A very touching gift includes three mittens – for the left and right hand, and the third is a pair, that is, a common one. Parents can walk in the winter park holding hands.

6. Fortune cookies

What does the future hold? Crispy cookies with positive predictions instead of filling can tell about him. Order a gift with the parents‘ names on the box.

7. World conquest map

A wonderful gift for traveling parents. The map contains all the countries of our planet. The point is that after visiting one of the countries, it is necessary to remove the protective layer from this state. The country has already been conquered!

8. Inflatable double deck chair

On such a PVC sunlounger you can relax on the beach by the pond, sunbathe and swim. It has a mesh bottom and lots of gadgets – pillows, handles, cable, cup holders and even a refrigerator!

9. Picnic set

Also, fans of outdoor recreation will really like this set, which includes everything for table setting and tools for cooking over a fire.

10. Tandem bike

But such an expensive gift, the lowest price of which is from 20,000 and more, can be given for some major anniversary together from all children. An excellent present for athletic parents who love travel.

Birthday Gifts for Home Comfort

The parental home is “the place where all the chicks flew away from the nest.” Therefore, children should try to create coziness, warmth and comfort in this house with their gifts. You can also give your parents something from home clothes.

1. A set of robes with embroidery

For embroidery, you need to place an order in advance. And best of all, if these are personalized embroidery with “gold” letters on white. You can also choose a font and pattern.

2. A set of home clothes

The set includes a pair of trousers and shirts, absolutely the same in color and material and different in size. Choose loose-fitting, lightweight, breathable fabrics that do not hinder your movement.

3. Floor lamp with photographs

A pleasant surprise – you can turn on the lamp and look at the photographs of relatives on the lampshade for a long time. With such a floor lamp, a family album is not needed.

4. Chandelier

Large, gilded, silvered or bronze-like for 3 or 5 candles. It beautifully decorates the room and adds a mysterious romance to family celebrations.

5. Bedding set

It can be with beautiful patterns or designs similar to photographs of cities or nature. Or you can take a cool set with humorous pictures on the duvet cover.

6. Bio fireplace

A new generation of fireplaces with advanced technology. The most important thing is that it is environmentally friendly and heats the room. Such a gift will be a real family hearth.

7. Plaid for two with sleeves

It is very convenient to lie nearby and at the same time with free hands – dad can use the TV remote control, and mom can read books. You can also make a blanket with family photos – there is such a service.

8. Bedspread “Island for two”

Quilted, decorative bedspread made using ultra step technology (without threads). The coverlet depicts the sea, sky and rocky shore with plants – very beautiful.

9. Photo wallpaper

They must be chosen according to the taste of the parents – it can be a night metropolis in lights, picturesque nature or something avant-garde-ethnic. A good gift to “revive” and visually expand the room.

10. Figures-amulets

These are such cloth (cloth or canvas) dolls, according to legend, they protect the house from the evil eye and evil spirits. It can be a brownie, a witch, or a whole family of fairy tale characters.

Impression Gifts for Parents

These are gifts with certificates or tickets. We have selected an interesting dozen of ideas on this topic, they contain both extreme and romance. You know your parents very well, and therefore you can choose an option taking into account their interests and tastes. The list contains approximate prices, but such gifts often have big discounts.

1. Photo Session

It can be an invitation to the studio or a call to a professional photographer’s home or to some picturesque place in nature. Good pictures are needed for a family album.

2. Pair horse ride

It is best to rent horses to ride the forest trails so that parents can enjoy the scenic beauty and privacy. If necessary, the instructor will give the couple the necessary recommendations.

3. Dinner at the restaurant for two

A great gift option, many restaurants offer this kind of certificate. Usually, this includes a deposit for dinner + service charge, and its cost is agreed upon taking into account the prices for food and drinks.

4. Cinema for two

Have you ever wondered – when was the last time your parents went to the movies? Perhaps it’s time for them to leave their household chores and go to a new, well-proven film?

5. Water park for two

If mom and dad are waiting for summer vacations to wave south to the sea, then they will definitely like the water park while waiting. And it’s fun to ride inside the pipes, on the slides or on the “stormy river”.

6. Flying in a wind tunnel

No matter how old the parents are, this entertainment is safe, although it is breathtaking. Everything happens with the support of an experienced instructor who will explain the rules and “balance” the steam on the air stream.

7. Kart racing for two

Extreme but lots of fun! Usually, this entertainment lasts 20 minutes in full outfit – in a helmet and overalls. Parents can arrange a competition – who will be the first to reach the finish line.

8. Quest in reality

It doesn’t matter if the parents go together or take their children (or friends) into the team. The main thing is to show yourself well in a difficult situation, not to pass up and cope with the task.

Memorable Gifts for Parents

Such gifts will be relevant even after many decades of family life and will be included in its “archive”. They have both romance and a share of humor, and they can also serve as decor for a room. So what should be a memorable gift for parents on their birthday?

1. Portrait of parents in a historical manner

For example, a mother is a queen, a father is a king. Or dad is a knight, mom is a lady of his heart. In general, there are a lot of options, you just need to choose the parent photo for the order, the image, the size of the canvas and the frame.

2. Family portrait on canvas

It’s also a good idea – transferring a family photo to a canvas framed in a baguette with gilding. A textured gel is also applied to such a picture, creating the effect of a real oil painting.

3. Pravda newspaper on a tablet

Such a portrait will appeal to parents who remember life in the USSR well. In the newspaper, under the frame, there will be a clipping of an article from the editorial – allegedly about some special merits of the parents.

4. Diploma on a tablet

Another gift on the wall. The diploma lists all the merits and merits of the heroes of the occasion – from loyalty to each other to the correct upbringing of children. All life exams, of course, passed perfectly.

5. Award statuettes

Winged “Nika” on a mother-of-pearl pedestal or “Oscar” (gilded, silvered – whatever you like). Congratulatory engraving can be done on a metal plate.

6. Certificate for a star from the sky

This is a miracle! Now the promise to give a star has become a reality, and with an official certificate from Roscosmos.

7. Pedigree book

A very serious publication for the family archive. Moreover, in order to understand this book, you need to look at the instructions on the CD – how to arrange the contents.

8. Photo album

Such a photo album should be in every family, regardless of the fact that in the modern world, it is customary to store photos on a computer. It is also needed for the archive.

9. Photo frame collage

And this gift on the wall should be large – about 12 photographs of memorable pictures from the life of the family. Let parents admire and remember their precious children.

Diy Gifts (Children’s Crafts)

We have prepared this selection for kids, from about 5 years old, who on their own (or with the help of their grandparents) will be able to make something. They also want to give something to their parents for their birthday.

1. Two plastic bottle cups

They look very elegant and are more suitable as a decor for a kitchen cupboard with a glass door. Of the materials, only 2 plastic bottles, acrylic paints and shiny pebbles are needed for finishing.

2. Swans made of shells and feathers

Very delicate and graceful work. And if the child is still very young, then of course he will need a senior assistant, because he will have to work with hot glue. And the result of the parents will be very happy.

3. “Horseshoe” plywood napkin holder

Horseshoes are given for good luck – just in the theme of the holiday. The napkin holder is made on carbon paper plywood. You will have to draw a lot, cut out, glue, so this will be a good gift from your son – this is still a man’s work.

4. Valentine’s card made from sweets

A very simple job. You can even make two valentines for mom and dad. This is a craft with ribbons, like a medal. It is made in the shape of a heart with glued candies on the edge.

5. Magic postcard

A very strange postcard – the inscription on it appears and disappears, leaving only its outline. And the whole trick is in a clever paper design and a transparent notebook cover. Watch the master class and see for yourself.

Diy Gifts From Adult Children

And our list is completed by the author’s gifts from adult children to their parents. Their manufacture is more complicated than the previous children’s crafts and requires more imagination.

1. Talisman “Music of the Wind” made of shells

It is believed that such a souvenir helps to attract influential patrons, good news, tender feelings and financial flows to the house. The shells are collected on threads and attached to a curly branch.

2. Coffee heart with roses

The luxurious decor on the wall and looks very sophisticated. For decoration, you will need a lot of coffee beans, a wide satin ribbon, artificial moss, spirals and orange slices, cinnamon sticks, nuts and wooden knitting needles.

3. “Magnolia bas-relief” from plaster putty

For such a gift, the parents need to be absent for some time, and their apartment is empty. And their grown-up children need to do such a “mini-repair” on a section of the wall, it turns out very beautiful and unusual.

4. An original cake in the form of a double bed

A great gift from a daughter who loves pastry art. The master class describes in detail the decoration of the cake of an unusual shape, but for the softness of the “bed” you need biscuit cakes.

5. Video clip with a photo archive

A very exciting gift that can move parents to tears. You need to make slideshows from family photos, placing them in chronological order, and add music to the video.


All these gifts will certainly please parents, but you will have to choose the most suitable one – taking into account the tastes of the heroes of the occasion and your financial capabilities. But do not forget that a little more will have to be spent on the day of the celebration – mom will have to buy a bouquet of flowers.

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