14 Best Birthday Gifts for New Mom

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Birthday Gifts for New Mom: May is approaching, and with it, the celebration of Mother’s Day in most countries of the world. Surely for many, it is your first mother’s day. What would you like to receive as a gift? I have made my list of what I would have liked to receive in my first year as a mom.

Birthday Gifts for New Mom

14 Best Birthday Gifts for New Mom

1. Album of My Life

I love these ideas. I wear one from when I met my husband and another from when my daughter was born. An excellent album, either bought or made by yourself to hold all the memories of a lifetime, is a great idea.

2. Food Basket

Yes, I know it doesn’t sound very motherly, but we went for 9 months without trying the things we like the most. No ham, no coffee, no glass of wine … There are many foods that pregnant women cannot eat, so giving them to them when they can have them again will make their day.

3. A Jewel

A jewel is always a great gift for a woman. But there are also some specific ones for moms that are very cute and are not especially expensive.

4. A Special Day

If you think of giving a fantastic gift to your sister or your friend, give her a particular day. Massages, facials, baths in a spa… A day dedicated to her, in which everything is by and for her. When you are a mom, sometimes you need it to recharge yourself

5. Romantic Getaway

Indeed if you just became a mom, you miss those quiet moments with your partner. That your sister, your mother, or your friend stay with the baby while you and your partner enjoy a romantic evening is priceless.

6. Nice Clothes

When you just gave birth, you no longer have the excuse of being pregnant. The old clothes do not fit you yet, and you have to resort to loose old clothes or, worse, continue wearing maternity clothes. A fashionable blouse, a beautiful dress, or any new garment that was not bought in a maternity store will be welcome.

7. A Lovely Flat Shoes

Saying goodbye to heels was difficult for me. But when you are a mom, wearing heels is almost impossible. You carry a baby in your arms, or you have to run after him. So if a great friend helps you discover cute flats, you’ll thank her forever.

8. Photo Session

Some study photos of the new family or your baby alone, if you still do not look good in the photos, it is a beautiful gift that will help us remember these beautiful moments for a lifetime.

9. Funny T-shirts

This is a weakness of mine. There are many sites where you can personalize t-shirts and make fun, original, and unique gifts.

10. Pocholadas for the Baby

Let’s face it; there are times when we enjoy baby nonsense that, many times, is useless. But they are so cute! Moms should be practical, but grandmothers and aunts shouldn’t.

11. The Queen of the House

Sometimes you don’t need to spend a penny to make a great gift. And, although we should be treated like queens every day, that one day the father takes care of everything to be able to relax and enjoy the little details, it is a gift.

12. Ergonomic Baby Carrier

In a previous article, we talked about these baby carriers. Having a spare is excellent, or even trying some different type of carrying technique or having several, depending on the baby’s age.

Nursing Accessories

The first time we think that you take a baby, you plug in the tit, and that’s it. We couldn’t be more wrong. There is a wide variety of products designed to facilitate this task and that, due to ignorance, we do not buy

Nursing Pillow

It is something that many of us do not consider and do not buy. So it can be a great gift. Anything that relieves the back and neck pain of holding your baby shows that they breastfeed for hours will be greeted with immense joy.

Nursing Clothes

If you breastfeed, you will know that you live with your breasts out during the first months. I had a very bad time, between the difficult thing to get my chest out because of my clothes and having to do it in public, I was ashamed. Fortunately, more and more clothes are designed for this stage that makes our work much more comfortable.

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