150 Best Happy Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

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Best Happy Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend: Birthday is a favorite holiday for adults and children. On this day, even the most serious and brutal men are waiting for gifts and surprises from their girlfriend. Any present is a manifestation of attention, care and love. But you should surprise your partner with a gift and he will never forget it. Therefore, you need to think in advance about what you can give a guy for his birthday and arrange a real “explosion of imagination”.

Top-150 Happy Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

If a guy is dear to you, then you need to choose a gift carefully, and not just buy something first that comes along. We have over 150 boyfriend birthday gift ideas. You can choose some of them depending on your boyfriend’s temperament, personality and hobbies.

Remember: The best gifts are composite. Pick one basic gift and add a few nice little things to it.

1. Shoes and Clothing

  • Classic shoes;
  • Comfortable sneakers;
  • Warm sweater for cold weather;
  • T-shirt of an expensive brand;
  • Cardigan of the current model;
  • Collect a bow, jeans + T-shirt + shoes, everything should be combined and harmonized;
  • Shorts made of natural material, relevant for the summer;
  • Tracksuit;
  • Cozy and comfortable home pajamas;
  • Fashion denim jacket;
  • Thermal underwear;
  • Official suit;
  • Basic shirt, always relevant and in demand;
  • Printed T-shirt;
  • Sports hoodie;
  • Ugg boots, exclusively for the amateur;
  • Jacket;
  • A coat if a young man prefers a classic style;
  • Bomber military;
  • Eco-fur sheepskin coat;
  • Stylish aviator jacket;
  • Biker jacket made of suede or eco-leather;
  • Polo shirt;
  • Warm vest;
  • Discreet blazer in the classic style;
  • Easy parka.

2. Gadgets and Electronics

  • New smartphone;
  • Wireless headphones;
  • Table lamp with stylish design;
  • Smartwatch with fitness tracker functions;
  • A coffee machine, an indispensable item for coffee lovers;
  • Professional hairdryer for styling;
  • Wireless charger;
  • Smart scales, synchronized with a smartphone;
  • Electronic heating system with a set of sticks, if a guy smokes, it will help to quit;
  • Tablet, useful for work and play;
  • Laptop for work;
  • A column with voice assistant;
  • The game console of the latest generation;
  • Electric wine set;
  • Computer kit – wireless mouse + keyboard;
  • Room humidifier;
  • Toaster for quick and tasty breakfasts;
  • Robot vacuum cleaner;
  • Electric shaver for wet and dry shaving;
  • Electric toothbrush with timer;
  • Floor fan;
  • A vinyl record player for the vintage style lover, plus it will complement the interior.

3. Accessories

  • Metal flask.
  • A laconic umbrella for rainy weather;
  • Sports baseball cap;
  • Belt bag if the guy loves sporty style;
  • Road beautician;
  • A case for documents;
  • Gold or silver braided chain or bracelet;
  • Classic wristwatch ;
  • A functional wallet with a modern design;
  • Elegant set – suspenders and bow tie;
  • Metal cufflinks;
  • Handmade tie in a case;
  • Charm bracelet;
  • Comforter for motorcycle lovers;
  • A set of socks with fun prints;
  • Cotton underwear;
  • Universal leather belt suitable for both classics and casual styles;
  • Shopping bag – convenient, environmentally friendly, practical;
  • A laptop briefcase if you often have to carry a laptop with you;
  • Keychain for a backpack or keys;
  • Case for phone / tablet / wireless headphones;
  • Set for cool weather – hat + scarf + gloves;
  • Practical travel bag;
  • A new suitcase if the young man is going on vacation;
  • A set of genuine leather haberdashery (wallet, business card holder, passport cover);
  • A spacious, stylish backpack, if the guy adheres to the classic style, you can choose leather or eco-leather;
  • Sunglasses, always with protection against UV rays, and it is better if you take a set with a cover and a microfiber cloth;

4. Home, Interior and Decor

  • Bottle holder;
  • Note board with crayons;
  • Pop art poster painting;
  • Family pedigree tree for self-completion;
  • Piggybank safe;
  • Electronic clock with alarm;
  • A set of knives for different purposes;
  • Bartender’s set;
  • Shaker or water bottle;
  • A set of glasses for beer/whiskey / other drinks;
  • Decanter for wine;
  • Computer leather chair for work;
  • A practical blanket for an armchair/sofa;
  • Pillow with photo prints or pillow, suitable for the interior.
  • A personalized mug, or a mug with a photo print, with a zodiac sign;

5. Cosmetics and Toiletries

  • Wooden comb;
  • Hairstyling kit;
  • Natural material scrubber;
  • Washing kit (foam + gel + serum);
  • Nourishing face cream, perfect for a cold period of time;
  • Shampoo / gel / soap on a natural basis;
  • Facial mask, fabric, bubble, clay;
  • Favorite shaving foam, always included with aftershave lotion;
  • Set of towels (separate towels for each part of the body).
  • Eau de perfume, it is better not to save on it and donate branded water;

6. Hobby

There is nothing better than a gift that will be useful and will not gather dust on the shelf. Knowing your loved one, choosing a suitable surprise is easy. There can be many options here:

  • Speed ​​bike;
  • Table tennis.
  • Expander set;
  • Dumbbell set;
  • Professional camera;
  • Waterproof fishing bag bakkan;
  • Fishing stoppers;
  • A set of weights for a fishing rod;
  • A set of sturdy fishing rod hooks;
  • Organizer for carrying and storing fishing tackle;
  • A set of floats and lures;
  • Durable fishing rod case;
  • Spinning for fishing;
  • Hanging mesh for drying fish;
  • Fishing gloves;
  • Fishing bucket chair, practical, does not take up much space;
  • Rakolovka and muzzle for the additional catch;
  • Convenient fishing rod reel;
  • Fishing cage for fish;
  • Hunting belt bag;
  • Gun oil;
  • Camouflage network;
  • Optical monocular for hunting;
  • Overnight tent;
  • Easel for canvas;
  • A set of paintbrushes;
  • Oil paints, gouache;
  • Ball (football, basketball, volleyball);
  • Horizontal bar-bars on the wall;
  • Treadmill for exercising at home;
  • Hockey sticks and puck, skates;
  • Favorite board game in a different design, or an addition to the existing one;
  • For outdoor enthusiasts, hiking equipment, a sports backpack, a navigator and other devices are suitable, depending on the focus of the hobby;

It is worth giving up options with socks, cheap eau de toilette, regular booze, or a photo frame. Such gifts do not have creativity and deliberation, they are more suitable for minor holidays in the form of a small presentation. For a guy’s birthday, it is better to give something worthwhile and original, without being afraid to show imagination.

7. For Auto

  • Funny looking seat covers;
  • Car pillow for passengers;
  • A set of flavors with your favorite scents;
  • Sunglasses for driving, it will be more convenient to drive on a sunny day.

8. Food and Drink

  • Fortune cookie box;
  • Box of chocolates ;
  • The guy’s favorite chocolate;
  • Macarons with your favorite taste;
  • Beautifully designed set of nuts (walnuts, macadamia, peanuts, etc.);
  • Decorated cakes and desserts, you can also either order or bake at home;
  • Favorite alcoholic drink – whiskey, cognac, rum, tequila, etc .;
  • Homemade pizza with the young man’s favorite filling;
  • Assorted coffee beans with various flavors;
  • Honey or honey soufflé for a sweet tooth;
  • Favorite type of tea in a beautiful design.
  • A cake, complemented by decor and candles, can be ordered, you can bake at home;
  • You can assemble a beer set – a couple of bottles of your favorite beer + snacks (nuts, dried fish, croutons, jerky);

Impression Gifts

An intangible gift can bring more joy and surprise than a material one. An ordinary gift-wrapped item will be pleasant, but the agonizing expectation of a surprise can turn your head. Positive emotions remain in the memory of a person for a long time, he will always remember with a smile and tender feelings the moment arranged for him personally. Entertainment can be anything, the main thing is to know the preferences of the young man and his little dream.

1. Entertainment

Best of all, impressions are remembered that a man has not experienced before. Therefore, you can give a flight in a wind tunnel, a parachute jump, skiing or a trip to the quest room.

You can please your loved one with an ordinary amusement park, paintball game or water park. The main thing is to share the passion with him. For a young man, it is not so much a gift that is important as a beloved girl next to whom you can share the accumulated emotions.

2. Romantic Evening

One of the most common ideas for a birthday present for a girl is a romantic evening. Every man is pleased to know that he is the only one in a woman’s life. Every young man is a romantic at heart, you just need to correctly touch the strings of his soul. You can think of an uncountable number of romantic options. One of the options is classic. A girl can arrange a dinner with wine and candlelight at home, creating an atmosphere of comfort and soaring sexuality in the air. No restaurant will be able to feel like one in the whole world.

Another original and tempting option is to arrange a role-playing game or present yourself in a beautiful “package”. This can be a great continuation of a romantic evening. A festive day will serve as an occasion for the embodiment of bold mutual desires. The most romantic and cute idea is to present a walk on the rooftops of the city at night, which will end with a delicious dinner. This option is suitable for residents of majestic metropolitan areas or cozy towns with a picturesque view.

3. Remote Control Toys

According to statistics, this is the most desirable gift for men of any age. From an early age, every young man dreamed of having such a toy at home, for example, a helicopter or a toy car. But for many, a childhood dream has grown into an adult. An attentive girl will be able to please her life partner and plunge him into childhood. There is no doubt that the helicopter on the control panel will not leave any guy indifferent.

This present will not only take the guy into childhood, which will remain in memory throughout his life but will also awaken a flight of imagination. With such a gift, you can have fun and interesting to spend your leisure time, exercise in reaction. With a little imagination, you can equip the product with a small camera and replace it with a quadcopter. The advantage of such a gift is in the variety of models, from which you can choose a device for every taste and consumer ability. Or you can buy the quadrocopter itself – the guy will be crazy about such a gift.

4. Ticket for a Football Match or Concert

From the category of what is original to give a guy for his birthday, this option is in the first place. Fulfilling the little dream of a loved one is much easier than it seems. The main thing is to find out in advance the preferences and interests of a young man, but it is not difficult if you live together – for sure, he watches the championship matches with the participation of his favorite team every week.

If such preferences are unknown, you can ask him directly or consult with his close circle so as not to spoil the surprise. A real spectacle among like-minded people, a heated atmosphere of excitement and tension will conquer any football fan.

For music lovers, a ticket to a concert of your favorite band will be an ideal gift. Better yet, get an autograph of the performer, which will remind you of pleasant impressions and a great time for a long time. Fans of cinema can be presented with a ticket to the premiere of a long-awaited film and go to the cinema with a guy.

How to Compliment the Gift

Here are some ideas for what items you can add to your gift to make it more interesting:

  1. A spacious, decorated gift box with a filling inside (wooden, iron), also in the future, the guy will be able to use it;
  2. Paper, cardboard bag, both plain and with congratulations and print;
  3. Satin ribbon always gives aesthetics to a gift;
  4. You can complement the gift with a magnet or a colorful card with funny or love wishes.

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