Best Useful Birthday Gifts for 5 Year Old Boy

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Choosing a birthday gifts for 5 year old boy is an interesting and challenging task. The boy is no longer quite a toddler who is pleased with simple things, but he is not yet old enough to appreciate what older children like. That is, you cannot give toys designed for small children for five years, but complex radio-controlled structures are unlikely to please the birthday boy. But this does not mean that the choice of gifts for children of this age is limited!

Birthday Gifts for 5 Year Old Boy

It is important to take into account the tastes and wishes of the birthday person himself and give him something that will delight him. At this age, the preferences of children are already quite noticeable: little athletes, inventors, researchers, artists, warriors and agronomists are waiting for various gifts.

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Ideas of Useful Birthday Gifts for 5 Year Old Boy

Gifts for a child of these years can be divided into seven groups:

  • Sports: if a child is fond of some kind of sport, then he will be happy with the necessary equipment (boxing gloves, chess, swimming accessories, etc.). Sports items also include items that are pleasant to the boy’s heart, such as a bicycle, a scooter, tennis rackets, a snow scooter, ice skates, roller skates, a horizontal home bar, a mini-trampoline, etc. The main thing is that the birthday person loves sports and that the gift comes in season;
  • playgrounds – this is what a child needs to play: a mini-tent in which you can arrange a military camp, a leader’s wigwam or a lunar base; “Outfit” of your favorite superhero (cloak, costume, weapon); “Twister”; board games designed for a child of this age, etc.;
  • impressions – the boy will be happy with invited life-size puppets, a soap bubble show, congratulating pirates, wizards or superheroes; birthday parties are great, where animators arrange thematic quests for the birthday boy and his friends; will delight the kid and a trip to the circus or amusement park;
  • developing – these are interesting books on topics that captivate a child (dinosaurs, pirates, space, airplanes, etc.); puzzles for children; educational games and games designed to train memory, attention, logic;
  • creative – sets for burning; a tablet for drawing with water or sand; children’s pottery wheel; 3D pens, etc .; and also – large sets of markers or pencils in bright packaging (there are sets with funny nozzles in the form of animals, two-color, etc.);
  • edible – the boy will be delighted with cake and cakes with his favorite cartoon heroes, a great option – sweets in the form of cars, boats or airplanes;
  • Toys: here, the most options are robots, and cars, and toy weapons, and constructors, and much more.

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Top 40 Best Toy Gifts for 5 Year Old Boy

Let’s take a closer look at what toys should be presented to a boy for his fifth or sixth birthday:

Boys of all ages have cars in the first place! Trucks and cars, special equipment and special purpose vehicles, vans and pickups, individual cars and whole sets. Boys especially love fire and police cars, trucks, cranes, sports cars. And then there are motorcycles and quads. Vehicles may include a track, garage, service station, gas station, etc.

Radio-controlled cars will delight the birthday boy and his friends. Give not one, but two cars or more so that you can arrange races with friends or family members.

Electric cars, on which you can ride, will surely delight the kid because this is not just a toy car, but almost his own car.

The railroad is no less a fascinating toy than the autodrome. Locomotive, trailers, stations, trees – everything is like the real thing.

Boats, ships, steamers can be taken with you in the bath, put into a pond or pool. It is desirable that the model is stable and can stand not only on the water but also on the floor or on a table.

Transformers capable of turning into cars, tanks, special equipment, airplanes have fascinated boys for several years. There are both small transformers and huge, simple and radio-controlled ones – there are many options, which means that it will not be difficult to choose one that will conquer the baby.

Airplanes, rockets, helicopters – from simple toys to radio-controlled ones. At this age, complex, sophisticated models are useless, it is better to do with a simple but interesting toy of bright color.

Robots: babies are especially interested in those models that can glow, make noise, sing or talk, and move. However, make sure in advance that the baby is not intimidated by noisy toys.

Boys just can’t help but like dinosaurs – huge, sharp-toothed, harsh. Just be careful: some are sympathetic to all the dinosaurs, some are passionate about carnivores, and some – for herbivores. And some kids do not like dinosaurs in general, but specific characters of specific cartoons.

Cartoon heroes: at this age, the child is probably passionate about some kind of animated series, which means that you can please him by giving him your favorite superhero, puppy, dragon or monster from your favorite cartoon.

The kite will charm the boy, but only if the birthday boy has the opportunity to immediately try it out. Do not give toys that are supposed to fly during the “non-flying” period.

A ball, or better – a set of balls: football, tennis, just balls of several sizes (suitable for his age) and colors. The baby may also like the fitball – it is so big and elastic, and also useful because exercises on it strengthen muscles.

Constructors: the most varied gift option! There are wooden, magnetic, cardboard, metal constructors and, of course, Lego. From some, you can collect houses, from others – cars, from the third – figurines of animals, and Lego – these are whole game complexes: a gas station or a police station, a farm or a superhero base. In a word, it is not difficult to choose what the birthday boy will like.

Sword, saber, pirate dagger – of course, the weapon should be a toy, light and safe.

Pistols, machine guns, rifles and other “firearms”: such weapons must also be safe and preferably not too noisy.

A bow and arrows with Velcro – such a gift will be appropriate if the boy has the opportunity to exercise on the street: in the yard or in the summer cottage.

And then there are fantastic weapons: lightsabers, blasters, laser pistols – everything that glows and shoots just can’t help but please an active kid.

The child will be delighted with the uniforms of the era that he now likes (thanks to cartoons, children’s programs or books): a helmet, chain mail, small body armor, bracers, leggings, an Indian costume, etc.

A set of tools: there are completely stylized toy hammers and wrenches, and there are almost real ones!

Table hockey or football will delight little sports fans, as well as their older brothers, dads and even grandfathers.

Puzzles will appeal to those kids who like to collect something and prefer a quiet pastime. Of course, the puzzle should be childish both in terms of difficulty and subject matter. By the way, there are volumetric puzzles: you can assemble a boat, a dinosaur, a castle or a puppy from individual parts.

Many children love to compete – a gambling kid can be given darts (with arrows on Velcro or sticky balls instead of arrows) or a ring throw. This kind of fun will keep little ones, and, possibly, older guests, for a long time. You just need to have enough space for this kind of fun.

Interactive toys: dragons, dinosaurs, dogs – the most “masculine” options. These are robotic figures that can respond to the voice of the owner, execute commands, growl, etc.

The sports corner will appeal to an active kid: after all, there you can climb, swing, pull yourself up and, of course, play, imagining yourself as a conqueror of peaks.

A children’s educational computer with large convenient buttons and simple toys and educational programs is a great option for a birthday present at 5-6 years old.

A children’s camera is a fun and interesting toy that may help a kid find his calling.

A children’s watch with a favorite cartoon character or on a favorite topic is a useful and interesting thing because with its help you can not only find out the time but also play and listen to songs. And you can also buy a watch phone for the boy so that the baby is in touch, and his parents can at any time find out where the child is.

A kid’s telescope will appeal to a young explorer. You can take such a device with you into nature and see as many stars as you have never see in the city.

A child can be pleased with unusual clothes: glowing sneakers, a funny transforming jacket (such a jacket folds into a cute toy), or at least just a T-shirt with your favorite characters.

Globe or world map with interesting pictures: the kid learns where penguins live, where bananas grow, where elephants live and where his hometown is.

Children’s dominoes, chess, checkers – a child at this age continues to develop rapidly, and it will be useful for him to learn the rules of the game, learn to interact with other players, and learn to build tactics of the game. Such a gift will delight a thoughtful kid, as well as a birthday boy who loves to play with adults.

A set for growing crystals: such an experiment will be interesting not only for a baby but also for older family members. It is very exciting to watch how a beautiful bright magic crystal grows almost before your very eyes.

A set of soldiers, Indians, pirates, knights, astronauts, etc. – play figures are great for toddlers. And if trees, cars, equipment and other entourage are attached to the little men, then you can play with them from morning to evening.

Models for assembly: from ready-made parts, the kid, under the guidance of a parent, can assemble an excavator, a dinosaur, a real birdhouse or a working safe with a lockable door!

You can give your kid an ant farm or an aquarium, but only by agreement with his parents and only if the birthday boy is interested in animals. But a kitten, puppy or exotic animal is not a very good gift for a five- or six-year-old.

If the kid is interested in messing around in the garden, you can give him a box with seeds of an unpretentious plant (peas, for example), children’s garden tools and a watering can so that the boy can grow something on his own in his own small garden.

Coloring kits; bed linen intended for painting; felt-tip pens and a special board on the wall, which can be painted at your own discretion – kids love to create, and the opportunity to draw something where it is usually impossible, simply cannot but please (and by the way, it will save the wallpaper in other places from impulses of children’s inspiration).

Modeling mass, ball plasticine, modeling paste – let the birthday boy sculpt a dinosaur, monster or transformer himself. The material can be white, colored, glittering, scented.

A magical shadow theater, in which you can reproduce a famous fairy tale or create your own with the help of a special screen, figurines and a flashlight.

Gift set: collect a present for the little birthday boy in the lunch box, which will soon be useful to him at school. This set may include cool socks with your favorite characters, a cool car or transformer, sweets that the kid likes, original pencils or felt-tip pens – in a word, everything that fits into the box and will delight the little birthday boy.

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Original Gifts for a Boy for 5 Years

Unusual gift ideas for a 5-year-old boy can evoke special feelings.

Handmade cup with an animal inside. Children at this age imitate adults in many ways, so it is important for them to have personal belongings. A cute handmade cup will be different from other tableware, and the child will definitely like it.

A soft toy warmer that is heated in the microwave. It’s so nice to fall asleep with a warm bear!

Giant track with garage, functional lift, big loop, slide and auto repair shop. Another option is a car wash track. The tanks are pre-filled with water. The car rises in the elevator and “drives” through the car wash with douches, rollers and brushes. In this case, the car changes color.

Large military helicopter. A cool gift equipped with the latest technology: opening cockpit, cannon, adjustable rescue crane, double floor machine gun, mobile soldiers.

Large workbench. Drill, milling machine, vise, and other tools “work” like real ones, make realistic sounds. It seems that the need to fix, hammer in nails, and saw is genetically inherent in the boys. They equally want to break something and make something. Do not protect your son from tools – channel the energy in the right direction.

A Couple More Interesting Thoughts on What to Give a Boy for 5 Years

If you are thinking about what gift to give a boy for 5 years in order to emphasize the peculiarity of his personality and the value of the family circle, use these ideas:

A custom-made book in which your little one is the main character. Fascinating adventures, riddles and secrets – this is exactly what naughty boys need. Can you imagine how delighted a fidget will be when he receives a book about his own journey to a fairyland? We are sure he will immediately want to learn to read!

A book about the family. A fairy tale based on the legendary “Turnip,” just created to order specifically for your family. All your loved ones will be the main characters in it. If you are thinking about what book to give a 5-year-old boy, this is the best option. Turning the pages, the kid will understand that the main thing in the world is the family. And she is one whole.

Balloons motivator poster. Encouraging doing the right thing is the best way to educate. A cute tradition will brighten up pleasant associations: adding a new balloon to the wall when the child has done something good. With each balloon, the poster will become more colorful, delighting the baby and mom and dad.

Family board game. An exciting activity will gather the whole family around it. A cozy winter evening, sunny morning on the seashore, in a gazebo in the country or at a fun picnic: it doesn’t matter where. The main thing is all together! Can you imagine with what love your kid will remember playing together when he grows up?

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How to Understand What Is Better to Give a Boy for 5 Years

At the age of 5, children already understand the meaning of the holiday – they are waiting for gifts and can tell what they want to receive on this day. A small formed personality needs to be listened to, and interests should be taken into account. The boy’s interests are not hard to spot. If you want to support his hobbies, choosing a presentation will not be difficult.

A “right” gift for a 5-year-old boy will direct his energy in the right direction, give him a hooligan and learn something new. The variety of presents for five-year-old boys can be divided into conditional categories:

  1. Fascinating. The main mission is to grab the attention of a fidget. These presents are for fun, fun games and just a great time.
  2. Research. To study everything, to be interested in new things, to ask a lot of questions – this is so characteristic of this age. With the help of gifts, reveal secrets, tell about interesting things, help to get carried away with art.
  3. Sports. Physical activity is essential for development. Sports hobbies grow into professional hobbies, and the foundation for future success is laid precisely at a young age.
  4. Impressions. In addition to material gifts, please the boy with bright emotions. They remain in the memory forever.

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What to Give a Boy Who Has Everything

The most original gifts are sets, which include everything for a full-fledged game on a chosen topic:

  • Spy kit: invisible ink, motion sensor, cool compass, headphones, super binoculars, a pen for secret correspondence, etc. – all things can be bought either individually or as a set;
  • set for experiments: children’s microscope, chemical kits for toddlers (experiments only under the guidance of adults! Do not leave your child alone with such a gift);
  • excavation kits: there are two rulers – pirate (looking for treasure) and archaeological (looking for antiquities), they differ slightly in design, but are the same in meaning (you need to dig interesting objects and place them in a special chest);
  • kits by profession: auto mechanic, doctor, firefighter, builder, etc. – it is not difficult to find an option that will delight your son, nephew, godson or brother;
  • Magician’s set: This set includes video instructions and simple items that will help your baby feel like a magician (cubes, cups, toy bunnies, ribbons, cards, etc.);
  • human body model: the baby learns how the body works, how food moves along the esophagus, how the internal organs look, etc. – a very informative set;
  • Home planetarium: a device that allows you to see the constellation map right in your room. It is very beautiful and interesting: you can study how the starry sky changes depending on the time of year and time of day, find out how the map of stars differs at different latitudes.

Examples of Unsuccessful Gifts That Are Best Not to Give a Boy for 5 Years

What exactly should be a birthday gifts for 5 year old boy, so it is safe. This is the main rule. Do not buy toys made of toxic materials with harmful dyes, beware of unscrupulous manufacturers.

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The item must be suitable for immediate use. Avoid growing things or presentations that require expectations from the child. Adventures that will take place only a week later or a cheesecake sled out of season are not the best options for this age.

Wishes to the Boy on His Fifth Birthday

  • Our baby, you have grown up.
    There are no more burning tears.
    And there are no whims either.
    After all, you are already 5 years old!
    Congratulations, you are a hero!
    Kind, brave, mischievous.
    Be cheerful, do not hurt.
    And look more fun!
  • Happy birthday,
    Let the mood sparkle,
    You are big – you are 5 years old,
    Be like the sun’s bright light,
    Be voiced like a trickle,
    Be healthy, our boy,
    Have fun and sing songs, Be skillful and
  • Happy birthday, our baby!
    Happy first anniversary!
    Smile, laugh,
    Fortunately, along your path.
    Jump ahead.
  • You are five, our beloved baby,
    Let your life flood with the bright sun!
    You will conquer everyone with your kindness,
    Let a ray of luck touch you!
    Health to you, many happy days,
    Grow, learn, be very active!
    I wish you only true friends,
    And let the mood be always positive!
  • Today you
    received the first Five,
    The year has increased to life, You have also gained
    Grow up healthy, strong,
    Be strong like dad,
    Protect girls,
    Grandma and mom.
    We wish you on your birthday
    Play and have fun,
    With you love, joy
    We are happy to share.
  • Happy birthday to the nicest boy. At your 5 years old, I wish you interesting stories and funny cartoons, good fairy tales and exciting adventures, a lot of sweets and a cheerful mood.
  • My little friend! I congratulate you on the day of the jam! Grow up healthy, smart, well-mannered, kind, hardworking, courageous and skillful! Respect adults, study well, be happy!
  • Our baby, happy birthday to you! Let all the problems be solved easily, there will be a whole sea of ​​gifts, and mom and dad will be obedient. Play, have fun, and be always healthy!
  • Happy birthday to the kindest, bravest and good boy in the world! May every day be a victory! I wish you many wonderful friends and interesting adventures. Be cheerful, resourceful and strong! And the happiest!
  • We congratulate you on your little anniversary! Grow up fair, honest and courageous. Grow to the joy of parents! Let mom and dad be proud of you! Be the happiest!
  • Our dear son! May there always be a rainbow in your sky, and may life become kind and colorful. May the sun always shine and please you with every ray. You are the best boy in the world! We wish you to be healthy and loved! Always please us with a cheerful laugh and a kind smile. Let every minute of your life be interesting! Lots of gifts, sweets and surprises! Happy Birthday!
  • We wish you only the best! Let there be only joy in your life! May life be wonderful, and the guardian angel will always be there. Be healthy, brave and smart! Fairy tales, holidays and kindness!
  • Our kind and good baby! You are honest, strong, smart and funny! Congratulations on your jam day! Let life shine brighter than the sun, and dreams will lead only to happy places!
  • My little man, I wish you a happy birthday! May all cherished dreams come true! Let your favorite cars become real, and the dreams of distant travels become a reality! Do not hurt, grow up kind and obedient, study well and please your parents!
  • Happy birthday, our cute boy! Sun rays, blue sky, bright stars and loyal friends congratulate you! We wish you good smiles and wishes! Catch your luck by the tail and never let it out! Write destiny only with pure thoughts, become a real man! Cherish friendship, do not look down on the world, and the angels will save you from failure!
  • Happy Birthday to Prince Charming! Let the world be bright and colorful, let any idea become a fun game! Let any walk become an interesting adventure, and every day turns into a wonderful children’s holiday!
  • Our wonderful baby! Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! May you have a lot of good gifts, a cheerful mood and loyal friends. Grow up healthy, big and strong! Remember that we love you very much!
  • Congratulations to the best, bravest and kindest boy on his 5th birthday! We wish us to be always proud of your success. We wish you to be a purposeful and cheerful captain of your ship. We wish you exciting activities, good friends, new unusual toys and delicious chocolates!
  • Our dear baby, today is a magical day! Five years ago, on this very day, you were born! Today everything is for you: kind smiles, unusual gifts, balloons! Grow healthy, enjoy life, be the happiest!
  • We wish you to find the best gift for a boy for 5 years! Let your baby be happy!

And this is the original version of decorating the birthday boy’s room. We are sure that with a funny centipede made of balloons, the morning of the holiday will begin with fun!

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You can give your child new experiences: for example, horseback riding or boat trips, a picnic in the park, or a hike with parents in the mountains (at the distance and height accessible to the child). Keep in mind that you should not give your baby money, clothes and shoes, jewelry and interior items: at this age, the child will not appreciate the charm of a beautiful painting or vase.


When choosing a gift, you need to be guided by the taste of the birthday person, but we must not forget about his household: the parents of the baby are unlikely to be delighted with musical instruments (especially a drum and shrill pipes), water pistols and weapons that shoot balls (it hurts) or paint (it’s dirty).

When choosing a sweet gift, be sure to make sure that the baby is not allergic. And when purchasing a toy or sports equipment, remember that the birthday person’s preferences are more important than your own desires and aspirations. The gift should be simple, interesting, bright and entertaining – and then it will surely please the boy!

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