Best Birthday Gifts for 4 Year Old Daughter

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Birthday Gifts for 4 Year Old Daughter: The child is actively developing at the age of four, and his views and wishes are changing. Girls at this age are real princesses. They love beautiful clothes, bright toys, and interesting books. Among them, there are fidgets who need to move all the time and actively spend time, and there are shy ones – they like quiet games and intellectual pursuits.

Birthday Gifts for 4 Year Old Daughter

Parents, watching their baby, can draw conclusions about what to give her for the birthday. It is also necessary to think over the way of presenting the gift: put it under an elegant Christmas tree, invite Santa Claus home, and organize a small holiday with an animator.

TOP-30 Birthday Gifts for 4 Year Old Daughter

  • Doll. This is a traditional present that a little princess will gladly accept from the hands of mom and dad. There are different options for dolls for four-year-old babies on sale: soft-filled dolls, dolls, Barbie, Moxie, Monster High, pony dolls and others.
  • Soft toys – a teddy bear, tiger cub, lion, bee, dolphin, ladybug. Choose good quality, bright and beautiful products. They will evoke positive emotions in the child.
  • Smeshariki is an excellent present for a young fan of this animated series. There are a lot of toys based on the cartoon: soft, interactive, for the bathroom, toys, and heating pads.
  • A set of doll furniture. It can be furniture for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. My daughter will be happy to use it for games and come up with interesting stories.
  • Constructor. In stores, you will be offered a wide selection of different types of constructors: magnetic, soft, block, and plastic. Lego constructors, Hanye with toy blocks, and Magnetic Blocks with large and voluminous parts are in demand.
  • A play tent or house is a great birthday gift. My daughter will enthusiastically arrange rooms for dolls and her toys. You can play with the house both indoors and outdoors.
  • A set of toy dishes. The little hostess will “prepare” dishes for her dolls and animals, learn how to handle different types of dishes, and set the table beautifully.
  • Toy vegetables and fruits in the set. Thanks to such items, your baby will be able to play story games “Shop,” “Restaurant,” “Family,” and others.
  • A stroller for a doll – it must be in the arsenal of a little mother, who already has “daughters” and “little sons.” Make sure the structure is sturdy, stable and compact.
  • Cosmetics for children, such as the Princess or Little Fairy set. Give preference to good sets of cosmetics, before buying, study their composition.
  • Fashionable children’s handbag. The girl will take her purse with her to kindergarten or for a walk, and put a comb, mirror, or handkerchief in it. She will be proud of such an accessory in front of her friends.
  • Toy musical instruments – piano, guitar, harmonica, pipe, xylophone, microphone. The gift is especially good if the girl is interested in music and singing.
  • An interactive pet. If your daughter asks to buy her a pet, but you still cannot satisfy her request, give her an interactive kitten, puppy or hamster. Let her learn to take care of her toy friend for now.
  • Sets for role-playing games: Doctor’s Suitcase, Hostess, Supermarket, Young Hairdresser, Household Appliances, Picnic.
  • Children’s dressing table. Do not hesitate, your daughter will be happy with such a present from Santa Claus. A table with a mirror and a comfortable chair, with many drawers for cosmetics, jewelry, perfume, and a hairbrush – all this will allow the girl to organizing an interesting game.
  • A beautiful crown or diadem – a fashionista will wear an accessory to a beautiful birthday dress, and turn into a real fairy-tale princess.
  • A set of jewelry: bracelets, beads, clips, rings, original hairpins and hair ties. Girls have loved such accessories since childhood.
  • Children’s wristwatch in a beautiful design. Choose a bright watch with pictures on which the manufacturers depict the heroes of your favorite cartoons.
  • Dance rug. Girls at 4 years old love to dance to music. Such a rug will diversify your daughter’s leisure time, help in the development of attention and coordination of movements. It is endowed with many dance functions and effects.
  • Children’s sports complex. You can choose a compact version of the equipment for indoor installation, it will not take up much space, but it will help to keep the baby in good shape.
  • Sleds, skates or skis are a real birthday present. You can test it right away: go downhill, go to the skating rink. This will allow you to organize active leisure time with the girl.
  • Indoor or garden swing. The girl will be delighted with such a gift, they can be placed in an apartment or house. If there is a summer cottage, then you will install the swing on the street.
  • Ponycycle. This is a mechanical rocking toy on wheels – a horse, a zebra, a unicorn. It is useful for the physical development of the child, strengthens the muscles of the legs and back, and forms the correct posture.
  • Dry pool with balls. Even a calm child who is difficult to stir up will be happy to play in such a pool, this is an excellent area for active games.
  • Children’s rollers or a tricycle. The main thing is to choose transport according to the height and age of the baby. When the warm season comes, my daughter will happily run for a walk to learn how to ride a bike or rollerblade.
  • Puppet or finger theater. The girl will arrange an interesting performance with her girlfriends or with her parents, and come up with her own fairy tale scenario.
  • Nice clothes. Buy a fancy dress for a birthday party, a fancy dress, trousers, a skirt, a sweater or a kindergarten blouse. The little fashionista will be delighted with the present.
  • Shoes – shoes, sandals, boots or sneakers. Choose what your daughter needs the most. She will love the new thing.
  • Dishes for eating with a birthday print, a bright picture, with an image of winter landscapes. A set of personalized dishes in one style is suitable for a gift: a bowl, a plate, a cup, or a spoon.
  • Presentations with birthday symbols: baby bedding, toy pillows, bright and beautiful pajamas, a cozy blanket, a terry towel.

Developing Gifts for My Daughter

Four-year-old children develop rapidly, study the world around them, and are ready to acquire new knowledge. The task of the parents is to help the child develop his abilities. To do this, you need to choose an intellectual gift for your birthday, this category includes:

  • Children’s mobile phones, tablets or laptops. Such a device has many functions. It can speak, call, repeat words, and teach numbers and letters.
  • Puzzles are suitable for a girl’s age. My daughter will put together a picture from puzzles – animals, nature, and a fragment from her favorite cartoon. The fine motor skills of the baby’s hands, memory, and attention are developing.
  • Drawing set. A handy little case contains sets of markers, pencils, crayons, and paints. It has a ruler, brushes, eraser and everything you need to get creative.
  • Board games for children four years old, among them: “Octopus Joly,” “Cheerful beaver,” “Penguin trap,” “Cat and mice,” bingo, dominoes, and other games suitable for the age and interests of the girl.
  • Kinetic sand. It is designed for children’s creativity, is pleasant to the touch, does not stain clothes and hands, and you can easily mold different shapes from it.
  • Creativity kits with detailed instructions. They are on sale completely different: embroidery, sewing on buttons, modeling from plasticine and clay, creating stained-glass windows, and more.
  • A musical book with my daughter’s favorite fairy tales. Now you don’t have to read fairy tales, the girl herself will listen to them by pressing the appropriate buttons. You can choose educational music books with training on different topics: nature, the world around you, animals, and transport.
  • Book to read. For a gift, you can choose fairy tales with bright pictures, poems, stories, and educational encyclopedias. This is a good birthday gift for a four-year-old girl.
  • Finger paints. They are suitable as a present for both an active and a phlegmatic child. Develop creativity, imagination and imagination. They remove the frames of the usual and standard in a drawing.
  • Learning board or magnetic easel. My daughter will learn to draw, write and count with interest. Learning boards are usually supplied with an alphabet or numbers.
  • DIY fairy doll art kit. With the help of instructions and special blanks, the daughter will make a doll herself, she will be proud of such a product in front of her girlfriends.
  • Magnetic mosaic. Such sets contain a different number of parts, from which the child will put together different figures, animals, and flowers. The game develops logical thinking, imagination, and coordination of movements.

Inexpensive Gifts for a Girl for the Birthday

You can give your daughter an inexpensive but interesting, original, bright gift. Pick up something that will captivate the baby, teach her something new, and give positive emotions. Among these gift options are:

  • coloring books – the baby will be happy to interesting colored pictures;
  • a set of colored pencils or felt-tip pens, an album for drawing – a little artist will like such a present;
  • a kaleidoscope – it will help the baby see a rotating colorful world, amazing pictures;
  • soap bubbles – unusually large, beautiful soap bubbles will delight your daughter, you can present a water pistol that “shoots” soap shells;
  • face painting – with the help of bright pencils, the daughter and her girlfriends will create interesting stage images for participation in a matinee or masquerade;
  • translations-tattoos – the baby will put fascinating, funny pictures on the body, and will be ready to celebrate the holiday;
  • a T-shirt with a birthday inscription or a thematic print, you can put a photo of a girl on it;
  • a beautiful birthday-style apron and oversleeves – if your daughter likes to help her mother in the kitchen;
  • chewing gum for hands or “smart” plasticine – develops the child’s creativity;
  • a set of small dolls for story games is an inexpensive gift that a girl will definitely appreciate;
  • toys for bathing – there are different options for such products, and sets of toys are offered;
  • a Christmas tree toy with a photo of a daughter – it can be ordered in a special photo store, a personalized engraving or a photo of a girl can be applied to the Christmas ball;
  • a set of cubes with letters or numbers – the baby will easily learn knowledge with such a present;
  • A basket with sweets and fruits is a traditional gift for the birthday, put your favorite sweets and fruits of the baby in the basket.


birthday is an amazing holiday when everyone is waiting for a miracle. It is especially important to surprise and delight your child on her birthday. Put a Christmas tree at home, dress it with toys and sparkle with the baby. Let the feeling of the holiday arise in her in advance. Suitable as a presentation:

  • The coming home of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, other fairy-tale characters, all depends on your budget and wishes. Santa Claus will definitely bring a welcome gift to the baby.
  • A trip to the birthday carnival for children – on the eve of the holiday, many agencies will offer such services. Before ordering a ticket, check the scenario of the holiday.
  • Going to the circus, to the cinema, to the children’s theater for a performance. Attend the event with the whole family, your daughter will be in seventh heaven.
  • A birthday fairy tale for my daughter. It can be ordered from a particular company that publishes books on demand. Your beloved girl will become the main heroine of the fairy tale. The task of the parents is to select a photo and coordinate the texts with the publisher.
  • Birthday photo session for your princess and for the whole family. Invite a professional photographer who will pick up outfits, and interesting angles and take memorable pictures. The photos will remain in the baby’s album as a memory of her happy childhood.


Whatever gift you choose for your daughter, try to make her birthday happy and joyful. May she have a lot of surprises, surprises, laughter and positive emotions on birthdays? But it’s still better to think about a gift in advance, on the eve of the holiday, all parents will look for good gifts, they sort them out in stores very quickly.

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