Interesting Birthday Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy

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Interesting Birthday Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy: Boys at 4 years old have the most diverse interests. Many at this age are not yet given some words and letters, but they know exactly what this or that machine is called, who is the most powerful superhero in the universe and how the most effective spell can be cast to fulfill all the most cherished desires.

Birthday Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy

We offer you a list of gifts, among which you can choose the right one for your boy.


What to Give a Boy for 4 Years – Basic Recommendations

At four years old, any child is already a person, he has his own habits and interests. Each boy interacts with the world around him in his own way. Finding a gift for a little boy is not always easy.

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If you are faced with this task, rely on the following recommendations:

  • Talk to the boy’s parents. As a rule, they are the ones who know better than others what thing is better to give to their son, so their opinion should be taken into account first of all. This approach is not always justified, as some adults consider clothing or money to be a very good gift. It is unlikely that these items will please the boy;
  • The boy will be pleased with the toys. It doesn’t have to be a car or a robot. Give him an item for active games or something that can be used in group games;
  • boys will love story games in which you can appoint yourself as anyone and save the world;
  • Four years is the age of why. Present the boy with something that can satisfy his curiosity in some area and will be useful in further training.

Tip: When choosing a gift, let your parents know what you have chosen. Situations are not uncommon when several guests decide to present the same gift for their birthday.

Top 120 Useful Birthday Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy

Of course, there are a number of universal gifts that will be interesting to a boy at 4 years old, regardless of his temperament and interests. Choose and present any item from our list and a small but very important person will be happy on their birthday.

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  • Tickets – cinema, circus, dinosaur exhibition, aquarium and other interesting places. It is worth remembering that if you donate tickets, they must be agreed with the parents.
  • Balloons filled with helium in the shape of your favorite superhero.
  • Constructor – for example, Lego. Give the boy the series he dreams of.
  • A colorful book of fairy tales.
  • An audiobook that the kid can listen to on his own.
  • A set of toy soldiers, pirates or robots.
  • A scooter or a bicycle – give one that suits a boy at the age of four.
  • Rollers – do not forget to present the boy with protective equipment because he is just learning to ride.
  • Projector.
  • Soft toy.
  • Creativity Kit – Many boys love to paint or sculpt.
  • Musical instrument – not every parent will be grateful for such a gift. If you are sure that this is necessary and have received parental consent, give the boy a guitar or synthesizer.
  • Toy railroad.
  • Model of a pirate schooner or spaceship.
  • Diode lamp in the form of a favorite hero.
  • Boardgame.
  • Magnetic board with funny letters and numbers.
  • Transforming robot.
  • Toy sword or pistol.
  • Tent – a little tourist can go hiking right in his room or in the country.
  • The ball.
  • Mosaic.
  • Puzzle.
  • Table hockey or football.
  • A hat with the symbols of your favorite hero.
  • Backpack.
  • Water bottle.
  • A set of chocolates from the Harry Potter movie – do not forget that the boy may be allergic to sweets.
  • Radio-controlled toy – car, helicopter.
  • Run bike.
  • Tubing.
  • Sled.
  • Skates or skis.
  • Certificate for a toy or sporting goods store.
  • A home corner where the kid can play sports.
  • A karaoke microphone and a CD with children’s songs.
  • Velcro constructor.
  • Soft toy pillow.
  • Personal cup.
  • Basketball rack and matching ball.
  • Punching bag.
  • Boxer gloves.
  • Interactive globe.
  • Light painting kit.
  • Kinetic sand.
  • A set of toys for the bathroom.
  • Quest with the search for gifts.
  • 3D pen.
  • Learning tablet.
  • A set of wooden tools.
  • Dance rug.
  • Game “Twister.”
  • Bow and arrows.
  • Lightsaber like a Jedi.
  • Toy tank.
  • Frisbee.
  • Wristwatch.
  • Hockey stick.
  • Superhero mask.
  • Electric car.
  • Tablet for drawing with water.
  • Coloring books.
  • Snowball sculpting tool.
  • Alarm clock with your favorite cartoon character.
  • Slime.
  • Anti-stress cube.
  • Spiner.
  • Robot dog.
  • The costume of a knight or other hero.
  • Snow scooter.
  • Developing piano.
  • Personal cake.
  • Garage of racing cars in a case.
  • Alarm clock pistol – give a boy such an unusual alarm clock and he will have to wake up in time to hit the target with a pistol.
  • A set of mini-figures.
  • A suitcase for a professional – doctor, builder, etc.
  • Top.
  • Fishing game for the bathroom.
  • Finger paints.
  • Children’s puppet theater.
  • Children’s smartwatch.
  • Swing for home.
  • A hammock for a summer residence.
  • Airplane glider.
  • Kite.
  • Toy in a plastic ball.
  • Tarzana.
  • Ring-throw.
  • Inflatable pool.
  • Jumping toy.
  • Gaming soft floor covering.
  • Ladder stool. Present such a stool to a four-year-old boy and he will be able to feel like an adult when he will wash himself in the morning.
  • A set of dishes.
  • Gum for hands.
  • Harmonica.
  • Bright stadiometer.
  • Bath towel poncho.
  • A bright dispenser for paste and a toothbrush – you can give your boy a battery-powered brush.
  • Hike to a cafe with animators.
  • Pony riding.
  • Candy tank.
  • Children’s lotto.
  • Interactive night light.
  • Warmer toy.
  • An encyclopedia with figures.
  • Glowing sneakers.
  • Children’s computer.
  • Kigurumi.
  • Cleats.
  • Interactive map of the world.
  • Dinosaur figurine.
  • Children’s theater.
  • Night projector “Starry sky.”
  • The bed is in the form of a racing car.
  • A set of bed linen.
  • Fire engine.
  • A set of glowing candles for a birthday cake.
  • Football player’s outfit.
  • Markers.
  • Home labyrinth.

Sweet gift

If you ask a boy what he wants to get for his birthday, he can simply answer – balloons, a cake, a typewriter, etc. At this age, children do not divide gifts into expensive and cheap, cool and not. Present the boy with a birthday cake or a set of cupcakes and he will be delighted with the sweets.

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What to Buy for a Hobby or an Active Hobby

At this age, many boys have already decided on hobbies and interests. They attend clubs or sports sections. For example, they are fond of football or hockey.

1. Microphone for karaoke

The boy performs solo at all the holidays in the kindergarten or, conversely, hesitates to speak – give him a microphone. For a beginner vocalist, this is just a godsend.

2. Soccer ball

Present the boy with a ball and he will be able to chase it with friends or dad in his free time from kindergarten and clubs.

3. Superhero mask

Present the boy with the mask of his favorite hero and his games will become more realistic.

4. Dinosaur figurines set

A four-year-old boy already knows almost all the dinosaurs that once inhabited our planet – present him with a set so that he can thoroughly study their appearance.

What Can You Give a Boy for 4 Years?

Give your kid a gift that matches his hobbies

When choosing a gift, be guided by the conversations and desires of the little birthday boy.

1. Professional recruitment

A boy wants to become a doctor or a driver – give him a suitcase with tools with which he can play story games.

2. Antistress toy

Does your baby have trouble falling asleep alone even with the night light on? Then you should give him a soft toy that you can hug and feel safe.

3. Swimming rod

Most babies do not like bathing procedures. If you give him a fishing rod with fish that you can catch right in the bathroom, things will go much faster.

4. Markerboard

If there is not a single corner at home that would not suffer at the hands of a young artist, it is worth giving him a special board and marker. The kid will be able to draw what he wants, then erase and again embody his fantasies.

What Is Given to a Grandson From Grandparents?

Grandparents always make the wildest wishes of their grandchildren come true.

1. Garage for cars

If the cars no longer fit into any bag, it is worth choosing a garage for them. Present such a garage to your grandson and at the age of 4, he will learn how to organize the space.

2. Big puzzle

Assembling a puzzle trains logic. Choose the option with large pieces of the picture. The puzzle can be reassembled and done best together!

3. Kid’s tent

Such a tent can be placed in the middle of the room. This is an opportunity for a boy to retire and create his own world of Indians or superheroes, where no one will disturb him.

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What to Give a Child Who Already Has Everything

It’s hard to surprise a kid who has almost everything. You shouldn’t even try, at four years old, a child can be pleased with the simplest thing, and the dear one will go unnoticed.

1. Set of balls

Present the boy with a whole bunch of balloons filled with helium. Choose bright ones. They will decorate the room for a long time and create a sense of celebration.

2. Night light “Moon.”

What boy doesn’t dream of space? A night light in the shape of the moon will allow the boy to dream about space adventures and long journeys before going to bed.

3. Children’s watches

Present the picky kid with a watch and tell him that now he is big and can determine the time himself.

What to Give a Son From Parents

Who, no matter how parents know what their son dreams about? Make the kid’s dream come true because a birthday happens once a year and the child is waiting for a miracle.

1. Bed in the form of a racing car

Of course, the boy will not be able to sleep in it for many years. But the time he will spend in it will be remembered forever. In such a bed, it is very easy to imagine yourself as a pilot of one of the cartoon cars.

2. Robot transforming

The son loves a cartoon about transformers and he has a favorite character – give him a big robot with which you can create many stories.

3. Snow scooter

If the child is very fond of outdoor activities, this is the best gift. He will have something to do during winter walks, and you will breathe a sigh of peace when the child falls asleep at the appointed time.

What to Give a Brother for 4 Years Boy

A gift for a boy depends on the age of the brother or sister. Small children can give the boy something made with their own hands. Older siblings can buy a toy or a book for your baby.

1. Audiobook with your favorite fairy tales

It can be purchased or downloaded from one of the resources. A baby can listen to such a book before bedtime.

2. Coloring

Decorations develop fine motor skills of the hands. Ideally, if, along with the coloring, you present the kid with a set of bright felt-tip pens or pencils.

3. Card

You can draw a colorful postcard yourself and give the birthday person, accompanying the gift with verses.

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What to Give to the Godson

The long-awaited gift will never disappoint the child 

Godfathers are close people to the baby. The gift shouldn’t disappoint the boy.

1. Luminous sole sneakers

4 years is the age when you want something fabulous. Bright, sparkling sneakers are unusual shoes that will become the subject of everyone’s attention.

2. Railway

Present such a set to your godson and he will remember you every time the train sets off on a new path on toy rails.

Birthday Present for 4 Years Boy

It would seem that only a year separates the 4-year-old tomboy from the 5-year-old. But boys are developing at such a rapid pace that they change in just a few months, as do their interests.

1. Sports section

If a fidget grows in your family, the energy which splashes over the edge gives him a sports corner. There he can hang and climb as much as he needs.

2. Constructor

The boy already knows how to build complex structures and understands that it is not worth scattering and losing Lego pieces, without which it will not be possible to fold what he wants.

How to Please a Boy for 4 Years Old

But at 4 years old, the baby needs to develop fine motor skills and logic.

1. Kinetic sand

It will help to create a sandbox at home, even in winter. Kinetic sand keeps its shape – it calms an active child, and helps to develop motor skills and imagination.

2. Bubble

Various attachments will help create a variety of bubbles and delight your child. They can be run in the bathroom.

3. Kigurumi

An amusing soft jumpsuit will warm your baby at night and will delight you with bright colors and the appearance of your favorite hero.

Interesting Gifts for the Price

Situations are different – there are not always funds for an expensive presentation. The main thing in a gift for a baby is impressions and emotions.

1. Pirate Quest

If you don’t have money, organize small contests for guests, during which they will look for a cake or gifts.

2. Pasta dispenser

Oftentimes, babies hate brushing their teeth. If you give him your favorite hero as a wall-mounted dispenser, the process will go faster.

3. Light painting set

This is a new type of children’s creativity that will interest a 4-year-old boy. Such a set is worth in the range of 2000-3000 thousand.

4. Smartwatch

Gadgets for kids aren’t always useful. A simple smartwatch will help you keep track of your baby’s location when he is in the garden or in class.

5. Radio-controlled toy

Such a surprise is quite expensive. The kid is unlikely to cope with its management on its own, but this is a great reason to spend time together, for example, with dad or older brother.

Great Ideas for the 4th Birthday With Your Own Hands

It is not necessary to buy a gift to please the boy. You can do it yourself and there can be much more joy from such a presentation than from expensive toys.

1. Candy Tank

There are many masterclasses on the Internet that will help you assemble a tank that is indistinguishable from the real one. But this tank is also edible!

2. Lotto

You can select photos of family and friends as images. This game is useful for a kid who needs to train her memory.

3. Number of cake

If you are a skilled baker, take on the sweet table. And the cake can be decorated with the number “4” and wishes for the birthday man.

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What Should Not Be Given to a Four-year-old Boy

The kid should not give:

  • traumatic objects – everything that beats, pricks or can crack;
  • Toys for younger children. They just won’t be interesting;
  • things or toys “for growth”;
  • Gifts that do not match the temperament of the birthday person.

And, of course, the kid will not understand such a gift as money. Even if later the parents buy the most coveted gift for them.

How to Pack a Children’s Gift in an Original Way

“Boyish” packaging should be bright but without an abundance of bows and ruffles. Choose a paper that depicts the boys’ favorite characters. If you want to impress a child, pack the present in a box made in the form of a tank or a car, or a robot.

Congratulations to the Baby

Despite the tender age, the baby will also want to hear gentle and pleasant words:

  • Birds, bunnies, squirrels, and chanterelles congratulate you. Everyone wants toys and fun! But also listen to Mom and Dad!
  • 4 years old – not a kid! You are a big boy, congratulations! And we wish you a lot of sweets, toys and fun!
  • Wow, 4 years already! What an adult you are! Eat porridge and teach the letters!

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