Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

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We are choosing birthday gifts for 3 year old girls? We have a list of 55 great ideas. Gifts are divided into sections: for mental development, for creativity, for a little fidget, toys for girls, for young fashionistas, delicious, as well as handmade.

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Gifts for Mental Development

Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

Girls develop quickly, start talking early and learn easily. The first ten ideas are kind of teaching aids. But only there is no tediousness in them, they are all in a playful way.

– Mosaic

Bright multi-colored chips and a tablet to layout various patterns on it. But as a training, the girl should compose them according to the model so that in the end, an expressive drawing is obtained.

– Large Puzzles

They develop perseverance and logic. Puzzles should be colorful and with a distinct large pattern, and segments made of thick cardboard will be enough for up to 25 pieces.

– Developing Book

On each page, there is some surprise – puzzles, stickers, riddles, songs, jokes, jokes, etc. A good gift for quiet evenings, when the girl can calmly spend time reading a book with her mom or dad.

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– Game Tablet

Colorful design, working icons on display – in general, everything is like adults, only simpler. There are audio recordings for learning letters and numbers, as well as time, weather and animal voices.

– Abacus Pyramid

A wooden stand with pegs, on which you need to string different figures, differing in color and shape. With the help of such a device, it is easier for a child to learn to count – visually, everything is much easier.

– Tangram

This is a tablet with flat plates that vary in shape and size. The essence of the game is that they need to be positioned on the tablet so that there is no free space.

– Set with Lacing

These rope rings develop fine motor skills, coordination of movements and imagination in a child. And this is also the first handicraft lesson – after all, you need not only to combine them but to do it beautifully!

– Snake Puzzle

Surprisingly, this is also the invention of Rubik, who invented the famous cube, only the “snake” is much simpler. You can make various figures from it by rotating its segments.

– “Lego” for the Girl

The world-famous construction set, which children enjoy playing with, developing logic and spatial thinking. The birthday girl can build houses, surrounding them with figures of people and plants.

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– Children’s Lotto

It is necessary to place wooden chips with identical drawings on cardboard cards – everything seems to be simple. But the child thus develops the speed of thinking and visual memory.

Gifts for Creativity

Girls are more assiduous and calm. They also like to imitate their mother, who may be doing needlework, playing music or painting. Therefore, the next collection is dedicated to creativity.

– Finger Paints With Stencils and Sponges

The young artist will be happy with such a gift because you can paint with a soft sponge. And the images are obtained thanks to stencils. Such paints are absolutely harmless!

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– Coloring Book Pendant on Wood

The set contains wooden figurines. They need to be colored following the marked lines. And then you can make magnets or key rings from them.

– A Set of Markers and Pencils

There are very expensive sets in an artist’s suitcase with a lot of stationery. But for a three-year-old child, a pencil case with 12 pencils, 6 markers, an eraser and a sharpener is enough.

– Table Easel

There is no need to buy a huge floor easel for a baby because it will be difficult for her to paint large pictures. But a modest “tripod” with a shelf for office supplies and crayons will be just right.

– Wonderful Suitcase “Zoo”

This is a board with a magnetic marker and chalk sides. The set includes many flat toys, animals, flowers and trees. Shapes can be attached to the base and details can be drawn.

– Playset “Machine for Multi-colored Noodles”

Cooking is also an art! The birthday girl can create her own brand of spaghetti. The set includes a mass for modeling, dishes and a plastic unit that produces the very noodles.

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– A Set of Plasticine in Jars

Soft, elastic and even fragrant, and also absolutely harmless to children. Huge variety of colors. Therefore, the more jars there are in the set, the wider the children’s creativity.

– Kinesthetic Sand

It will not scatter throughout the room because its structure is very similar to wet coastal sand. The set contains molds, thanks to which you can make “Easter cakes”.

– Toy Musical Instrument

The girl will be interested in something with a melodic sound, for example, a xylophone, a piano or a synthesizer. Let the girl demonstrate whether she should be sent to a music school in the future.

– Children’s Microphone for Karaoke

Take a microphone of the Azbukvarik trademark as a gift – there are a lot of children’s songs in it. The birthday girl will listen to music with words, memorize rhythms and lyrics and sing in unison.

Gifts for the Little Fidget

Well, for the restless mischievous girl, we have prepared the following ten gift ideas. And frolic with them is more interesting, and you can go in for sports.

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– Bike

For three years, a tricycle will do. And if the girl is tall enough, then she will have a “two-wheeled vehicle” in time, but with additional wheels on the sides. It should be pink and varied in tuning.

– Three-wheeled Scooter

It should have an adjustable handlebar height and a tilt-and-turn system, and a wide plastic platform with an anti-slip surface. Then everything will be safe, cool and a lot of fun!

– Inflatable Pool

It will be so great with him somewhere in the country or at a picnic! I poured water for the child into the pool to the brim and let it splash all day! And you can also throw rubber toys there for heightened pleasure.

– Inflatable Trampoline

Pay attention to the “Princess Castle” – there are doors, protective sides and turrets on the sides! It is made of durable vinyl, but if a puncture appears in the trampoline, then there is a special patch in the kit.

– Beach Inflatable Toys

It can be a huge ball and all kinds of figures just to play on the shore. But for a girl to learn to swim, you need duck circles or toys that you can sit on from above.

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– Sandbox With a Lid in the Shape of an Animal

By the way, such a “vessel” can serve as a pool, depending on how to fill it. It is noteworthy that inside the sandbox, there are benches in the form of benches, and the lid can be used as a table.

– Modular Massage Mat

It will be interesting for the baby to collect and disassemble it herself. The mat folds like a multi-colored puzzle, and its surface is very useful for massaging children’s feet.

– Set of Hedgehog Balls

Another massage toy, but it is useful for hand motor skills. For example, here is the Traffic Light set – it contains three balls of different colors and sizes. With the help of them, you can play outdoor games or take water procedures.

– Net

A perfect gift for a spring or summer birthday girl when butterflies flutter everywhere. She will have something to do in nature – run through the meadow and catch cabbages with swallows! Let it not work yet, but what entertainment it is!

– Windmill Spinner

A light breath of breeze and the whole structure of this toy will spin with its blades. Moreover, when rotating, the petals will begin to shimmer in different colors – such is their coating made of special paper.

Toys for Girls

These dozen idea will appeal to any birthday girl because these are just favorite toys (including for role-playing games). Are there any benefits from them? Of course, they teach you about femininity, care and everyday life.

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– Doll

For a three-year-old child, it is not entirely clear what a “fashion doll” is. Therefore, any, but functional, will suit her – so that she can comb her hair, bathe her, put her to bed and put on different outfits on her.

– Doll Carriage

To make it easy for the baby to cope, take a lightweight cane stroller. And it costs quite inexpensively. A doll or soft animal can be attached to the seat with a strap.

– Trolley with Groceries

It is exactly the same as in supermarkets, only very tiny. You can play with it in the store – arrange the plastic products that are in the kit around the room and collect them in a trolley.

– Toy Cash Register for the Store

It runs on batteries and is equipped with special light and sound effects, just like those of supermarket sellers. And some models can even hit a cashier’s check!

– Gardening Set

If the family has a suburban area, or the girl visits her grandmother in the country, then she is at least remotely familiar with gardening. Thanks to this set, the birthday girl will help weed the earth and water the plants.

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– Cleaning Kit

And this set will help the girl to get used to housework. The set includes everything you need for cleaning: from a broom to a bucket. And the inventory can be carried on a cart.

– Kitten in the Cradle

The cat will be a small, fluffy “baby” for the birthday girl. And he will sleep in his cradle. By the way, it has to carry handles so that you can take the whole set with you.

– The Dog in the Purse

Little Chihuahua, and even in some bright outfit – these are the dogs usually sold made of plush. And the volume of the handbag is just enough to carry this crumb in it.

– Interactive Toy

A doll or an animal – any toy will become the girl’s best friend, and even help teach her all sorts of wisdom – sing songs, speak correctly, and she will even dance with the birthday girl!

– Toy Mobile Phone

The girl sees how adults chat for a long time on their smartphones, so she wants the same! The phone should be “with bells and whistles” – so that it can light up and ring.

Gifts for Young Women of Fashion

Oh, these little coquettes – they are ready to spin around the mirror all day, trying on mom’s outfits and using her makeup. If the birthday girl behaves the same way, then give her one of the options below.

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– Lush Festive Dress

Almost like a wedding or like a real princess. It should be made of satin, silk, chiffon, tulle, lace, embroidered with roses, bows, ribbons and frills – all this will not be superfluous.

– Elegant Shoes

In addition to the dress, so they should be the same color or at least be in harmony with their shade. Lacquered, leather, with Velcro and can be decorated.

– Hair Ornament

By the age of three, many girls already have rather lush hair or curly locks or braids to the shoulders, so it’s time to style them. As a gift, you can present elastic bands, headbands and hairpins with bright decorations.

– Children’s Perfume

For girls three years old, the best episode is “Malizia Bon Bons”. And the bottle is for children, and the aromas are pleasant – fruit and berry, as well as with the smell of vanilla, flowers and even milk.

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– Children’s Lip Balm in the Form of Lipstick

For a girl, the best gift will be lipstick from the “Little Fairy” series. Its main purpose is to protect lips from frost and heal cracks, but the shape is also important for the girl – so that she is like her mother!

Delicious Gifts

These are not “ordinary” everyday sweets, these are unusual sweets in their essence or in design. If the birthday girl is sweet, then she will be delighted with these gifts.

– Kinder Cake

Big and beautiful, consisting of small tiles and eggs “Kinder Surprise”. And at the very top is a box of “Rafaello”. The cake is decorated with ribbons and crepe paper.

– A Bouquet of Sweets With Toys

This is the most beautiful bouquet for a young lady – after all, chocolate candies are hidden in the flower buds, and they are surrounded by cute little fluffs – bears, rabbits and cats to play with.

– Choco Puzzle

Such a gift must be prepared in advance – send a photo of the birthday girl to the online store in order to make 28 wrapping segments out of the photo for a puzzle that can be assembled. And in each part, there is a chocolate bar.

– Marmalade From the “Ambulance” Series

A good gift for a girl who is afraid to take pills and pills when she gets sick. The packaging of marmalade resembles a jar of medicines, only they are all very tasty and sweet!

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– Amazing Lollipops

Many of them contain 3D images, for example – eyes, planets, cats or patterns from a kaleidoscope. It is even a pity to use such works of art right away until you carefully examine them.

DIY Gifts

And the girl will sincerely rejoice at the gift that you make yourself because no one will have such a thing – not even the girlfriends from the sandbox. Each description is accompanied by its own master class on video.

– A Grain Doll

Why is it called “grain grain”? Because it is filled with rice inside (as an option – you can take other small cereals). In general, all three options for pupae in the master class are very cute and help the development of fine motor skills in the hands of the child.

– Bird Puppet Made of Paper and Thread

For some reason, in the modern world, such toys are slightly forgotten, but in vain! They are funny and move the way their owner wants them to. To work, you need colored paper, woolen threads and a toilet paper sleeve.

– Children’s Handbag

A chic accessory for a girly outfit is a soft and roomy handbag with a strap and a bow on the flap. For needlework, you will need – bright cotton fabric, isolon (shiny on one side) and a thin synthetic winterizer.

– Beaded Headband

The birthday girl will be the most beautiful on her holiday – after all, she will immediately want to put such a headband on her head! To make it, you will need – a metal hoop, a satin ribbon and many shiny beads of different colors.

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– Crochet Summer Hat

The best alternative to all boring fabric panama hats and kerchiefs, because in such a hat, the girl will feel like a young fashionista. Crochet – a spiral hat, you can also decorate it with a flower from a satin ribbon.


This concludes our selection of gifts for a girl’s birthday at 3 years old. We hope you found a suitable idea for it. And yet – is it worth giving a child flowers at this age? Well, of course, she’s a little lady – a small bunch of field or garden flowers will delight her.

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