Best Original Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old Boy

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The Original Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old Boy: Boys at 3 years old become more independent and more self-confident than two-year-old kids. They already know how to express their thoughts, have preferences and desires. Therefore, parents, for sure, know what to buy for their little son on his birthday.

Tips for Parents: What to Look for When Choosing a Presentation

A kid or a growing boy at 3 years old loves to play. He really likes toys on the “male” theme. First of all, pay attention to them. All sorts of cars, games and constructors in a boy’s style, sports equipment by age will come in handy.

Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old Boy

If you are giving wardrobe items, furniture for a nursery, be sure to supplement them with at least an inexpensive toy or sweets. A child should receive on his birthday something that will delight him and not something that is convenient to give to mom or dad.

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Top 30 Gifts From Parents for a Little Birthday Boy

1. Railroad

This is a real dream not only of a boy but also of his father! The little son will learn to drive toy vehicles with his dad. This is a rather expensive present, but the emotions are worth it. There are metal, plastic and wooden railways, toys with and without radio control.

2. Children’s Cars of Different Types

A large pedal car, a radio-controlled model, or a small replica of a car – a car, jeep, truck, ambulance, or fire truck. There is a wide selection of children’s toy vehicles on the market. Its purchase depends on your financial capabilities, the tastes of the child and the car park he has at home.

3. Vehicles

Boy’s toys – different models of airplanes, helicopters, ships can be chosen as a gift for your little son. For a 3-year-old kid, it is better to stay on transport without radio control, you can use batteries, for 3 years old, buy a more complex toy.

4. Table Football

This game suits both calm and active boys. She develops logic and thinking, fine motor skills of hands. The little birthday boy will play table football with his brother, dad or friends.

5. Toy Soldiers

A future man, warrior and defender will find a use for such a toy. You can purchase a special military set with soldiers – wooden or plastic figures.

6. Children’s Toy Weapons

If a child dreams of a pistol, gun or machine gun, give him such a birthday present. Choose weapon options that are suitable for children from 3 years old. Be sure to consider the safety of the toy.

7. Robot Transforming

Expensive and cheap options, electronic and regular toys are available for sale. For boys 3 years old, it is better to choose a mechanical robot that is difficult to break. A transforming robot is suitable for a gift – it turns into a typewriter or a set of robots – heroes from familiar cartoons.

8. Walkie-talkie

Such a toy will help develop the storyline game, turn the little son into a real rescuer, firefighter or scout. For a little son, a walkie-talkie with a range of 20 meters is quite suitable.

9. Game Set “Workshop.”

Dad’s little helper will learn how to handle different tools, tighten nuts, use a toy drill, change wheels on a car. Perhaps you are growing a future mechanic.

10. Spyglass

The growing captain will love this gift. With a telescope, he will play pirates and brave sailors, search for treasures and overcome obstacles.

11. Game Set “Police.”

Police games are very popular among boys. The set includes a police car with a flashing light, road signs, a tow truck with a special hook.

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12. Runbike

A small two-wheeled bicycle without pedals will help your little son learn to ride a real bike faster. It develops a sense of balance, is safe and comfortable to ride on streets and park paths.

13. Game Center “Target”

It is suitable for active and mobile children. Includes 4 games: target throwing, mini-bowling and mini-golf, basketball. When the baby hits the bull’s-eye, music begins to sound. You can play both outdoors and indoors.

14. Rollers

Buy four-wheeled rollers for your little son’s birthday. They are more stable and reliable, it is easy to learn to ride on them and keep the balance even for the smallest child.

15. Sports Corner

If there is enough space in the apartment, give your son a sports complex for his birthday, including a horizontal bar, a rope ladder, a rope, gymnastic rings and even a mat. Parents can connect grandparents to the purchase of expensive equipment.

16. Ball

This is a versatile boyish gift. You can choose any ball: volleyball, football, basketball or even an inflatable. It all depends on the hobbies of the child and the degree of his sports development.

17. Inflatable Pool

A great gift from parents to a summer child if you live in a private house or have a summer cottage. The kid will gladly splash in the water, sunbathe in the sun, and gain health in the fresh air.

18. Kite

An unusual kite with the image of a dragon, a bird, a fox, or another animal will captivate the kid – such a gift is suitable for children 4 years and older. The birthday boy will launch it together with his dad. How much joy you will see in his eyes during the flight of the kite!

19. Rocking Toy

Previously, these were exclusively horses, but today there are also completely different rocking toys made of wood on sale: sharks, dogs, bears and other animals.

20. Indoor Tent House

It will become a cozy and comfortable place for the storyline games of the birthday boy and his friends. Look for a playhouse made from natural materials that is safe for the child and has no sharp parts.

21. Dance Mat

The little birthday boy will be happy to dance to the music, stepping on the drawings on the rug. The baby develops coordination of movements and rhythm, strengthens the muscles of the back, arms and legs.

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22. Musical Instrument or Microphone

Choose such a present if the boy is fond of singing or playing musical instruments. Electric synthesizer, drum kit, guitar, piano, xylophone – there are many options.

23. Interactive Toy

For a 3-year-old boy, you can already buy an interactive toy that can talk, react to touch, and dance. The pet needs to be fed, put to bed, and looked after.

24. Constructors

For a present to their little son, parents can choose a LEGO construction set with large, bright details or construction set from another brand. These are sets for the construction of buildings, castles, towers for the construction of various toys.

25. Batman or Spiderman Costume

A four-year-old superhero will be delighted with such a birthday present. He will wear a costume to participate in the holidays and every day to play his favorite games with friends.

26. Sweatshirt-transformer

The child will be delighted when the soft toy presented to him suddenly turns into a fashionable and bright jacket. He will gladly put it on in kindergarten and for a walk, and when he returns from the street, he will put it back into a toy.

27. Kinetic or Living Sand

Your son will be enthusiastic about sculpting, creating different shapes. Kinetic sand is sold in special packaging, it is safe for children, has a positive effect on the development of their creative abilities, and will not add dirt to the house.

28. Backpack

The little birthday boy will like the accessory of cheerful, bright colors. The backpack will fit everything a boy needs: a favorite typewriter, a book, a ball, pencils and a sketchbook.

29. Clothes and Footwear

If dad gives his son a car, then mom can present the clothes he needs: a sweater, tracksuit, shirt with a bow tie, sandals or sneakers. Beautiful, stylish clothes will delight the boy, but only if he received the desired toy with it.

30. Big Themed Cake

It is performed in the form of a car, a ball, the son’s favorite toy. The birthday cake is brought out at the most solemn moment with candles, and the child, according to tradition, blows them out.

Best Birthday Gifts for 3 Year Old Boy


At the age of 3, the boy is already able to delight the parking lot,  especially the multi-story version with an elevator from MCGO Mobicaro. The kit includes parts for the construction of a 3-story garage and several car models. The toy develops logical thinking, imagination and motor skills. The boy will be happy to come up with more and more new plots of role-playing games with such an interesting parking lot.

Talking Tom

Talking Tom is a character that modern children who are on a short leg with gadgets learn about even before their 3rd birthday. Therefore, an interactive repetitive toy from the Dragon brand in the form of this popular hero will delight the birthday boy. The cat will repeat every word after the baby with a funny cartoon voice, which contributes to the development of speech and simply cheers up (and for adults too!).

Learning Tablet

3 years is the best time to start learning reading and counting. Now the child’s brain absorbs information like a sponge. But all classes with a preschooler should be carried out in the game, and the main conditions are the sincere interest and desire of the little student. And a training tablet from the MeLala brand will help in mastering important skills. A bright toy will surely attract the attention of the birthday boy because children at the age of 3 simply adore all kinds of gadgets.

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The machine on the Control Panel

A three-year-old is already quite capable of learning how to drive a model such as a Mercedes Benz M350 from 1TOY. The beautiful toy looks like an 18 times smaller copy of a real car of the same name. This effect creates elaboration of the smallest details. With the supplied remote control (which has a range of 20 m), the kid will be able to arrange long races at home and on the street. The machine is distinguished by its high cross-country ability, strength and maneuverability.

Boxer’s Set: Pears and Gloves

A piece of small boxing equipment (punching bag and gloves) from 1TOY “SpongeBob” will delight every 3-year-old boy. Still, because boxing is so courageous, and by the third birthday, kids are already fully aware of their gender and are trying to emphasize it in every possible way. The pear and gloves are decorated with images of funny cartoon characters. The boxing set will not only help the child develop the muscles of the legs and back but also contribute to emotional relaxation.

Set of  Toy Soldiers

The BTR-Amphibian set from Lanard is a wonderful idea of ​​a useful and interesting gift for a birthday boy for his 3rd birthday. From about this age, boys begin to take an interest in “war”: they like to try on the images of brave and strong warriors and imagine themselves as wise commanders, controlling small toys. The set includes figurines of soldiers (with movable body parts), a large tank, a cannon and many interesting accessories that can make the game even more exciting.

Ring Toss

You can, of course, buy the simplest model, but a birthday is a special holiday. The 3-year-old birthday boy will be pleased with the musical ring toss from the PlayGo brand. The set includes a 5-bar and 10-ring design. The essence of the game is to put rings on these pins from afar. Such exercises develop accuracy and coordination of movements. The task can be complicated: the rods have 2 speeds of rotation, and it is not so easy to throw a ring on them in motion. If the child still succeeds, the toy will beep.

Game Module

3 years – the time of role-playing games. With the help of a set from the Polesie Mechanic-super company, the boy will be able to feel like a happy owner of an entire workshop. The kit includes a work table with a tap, a hard hat and many different tools. With the help of durable parts made of high-quality plastic, bolts, screwdrivers and keys, the child will enthusiastically craft something of his own, invent, design, build.

Construction Machine With Bolts, Nuts and Screwdriver

A 3-year-old boy will be delighted to receive a set of plastic parts, nuts, bolts and tools for his birthday, with which he, just like a “big uncle,” will be able to assemble a car. That is why the Crane constructor from Zabiyaka TM is a great gift idea. First, with the help of his parents and then himself, the kid will enthusiastically assemble a bright model of a construction crane over and over again. Such games develop perseverance, determination, fine motor skills and logical thinking.

Play Doch Plasticine Set

Sculpting develops imagination, fine motor skills and spatial thinking. In addition, such activities have a calming effect. Therefore, a gift in the form of Play Doch, soft and pleasant to the touch, is a win-win option. And if it is also the original  Mr. Nibbler set, there will certainly be no limit to the joy of the birthday man.

The bright box contains details for creating a “model” – the head of a funny mustachioed man, in whose wide-opening jaws there are recesses for plasticine teeth. The set also includes molds, jars of dough, dentist tools and, most importantly, a battery-powered drill machine. The toy will help the boy feel like a dentist and may even reduce his fear of dentists. And Mr. Nibbler will teach the baby the basic rules of caring for teeth.


A set of small cars will delight a 3-year-old birthday boy and will be a source of inspiration for many interesting games. Especially if these are Hot Wheels models. Each of the sturdy metal cars has its own counterpart in reality. The cars drive well, are highly durable and naturalistic. And by the next holiday, you will not need to puzzle over a gift – the manufacturer produces interesting tracks for Hot Wheels cars.

Lego Duplo

The 3rd birthday is a great occasion to please your kid with a large Lego Duplo set. A good option is the “Around the World” set. A lot of bright details, figurines of animals and people, an airplane – all this will captivate the boy for a long time. In the game, the child can easily learn the names of the continents and their inhabitants, as well as develop coordination of movements, logical thinking, fine motor skills.

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Gifts for the Development of Creativity

Both active and calm boys play board games, draw, draw up pictures or paint them with great pleasure. Based on this, parents can choose the following gifts for a 3-year-old birthday boy:

Easel for Drawing

It is better to purchase a double-sided wooden or plastic easel: on one side of it, you can draw with felt-tip pens, on the other – with crayons. Buy crayons or felt-tip pens separately so that the young artist can start drawing right away.

Jigsaw Puzzles

An exciting, interesting game for the development of attention, perseverance, fine motor skills of hands. Choose a jigsaw puzzle with large elements for 60 or more pieces – depending on the boy’s age.

Books With Pictures

Although the baby still does not know how to read, he will be happy to look at the pictures, and his mother reads him a fairy tale or a children’s encyclopedia. You can buy several books as a gift.

Creator’s Kit

Kits for sculpting from plasticine or clay, drawing with fingers, creating engravings, volumetric appliqués and many other gifts can be made for your little son for his birthday.

Boardgame “Travel Around the World.”

It will captivate the whole family, you can play it anywhere – at home, on a trip, on vacation. The game will help in the development of the child’s mental abilities, develop memory and logic.

Knowledge Chest

Chests with pictures on different topics will allow the little birthday boy to explore the world with interest. There are cardboard boxes of knowledge “The World of Mathematics,” “World History,” “Around the World,” “Great Inventions.”

Board Games

Puzzles, board games, “Domino,” “Lotto,” “Who eats what,” “Whose house,” “Day and night” – all of them are suitable for children 3 years old.

Educational Toy Models

They can sing, talk, tell stories. This cute toy will teach your kid to count, alphabet, colors and shades, shapes.

Coloring Book

A great addition to any gift. The boy will enthusiastically start painting vehicles, favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons. If your son does not have pencils or paints yet, donate them with the coloring book.

Birthday Impression Gifts

For a kid 3 years old, gifts that cause positive emotions, joy and a good mood are interesting. Order in advance for your little son:

  • a ticket to a puppet theater or circus – watching a fascinating show will be remembered by the birthday man for a long time;
  • a subscription to the pool – if the boy knows how to swim or you want to teach him how to swim, visit the pool with him;
  • a trip to a water park or a dolphinarium – exciting rides, water slides, meeting with dolphins – what else is needed for a happy smile of a baby;
  • a visit to the playroom with labyrinths and trampolines – the little son will find himself in an impromptu fairy tale;
  • a pass to the rope park – it is allowed to visit it from the age of 3, an instructor works with the children who will tell you about safety techniques;
  • a master class on roller skating – if the kid has a desire to play sports, give him such activities;
  • contact zoo – the birthday boy will communicate with cute animals, will be able to pet them and watch them;
  • Birthday party in a children’s cafe with balloons, a delicious menu and funny hosts.


Well, there are not so few options for gifts for a boy on his 3rd birthday. And when choosing a toy, you should be guided by the character of the child and his preferences, because a 3-year-old baby is already a special personality!

You can choose other gifts-impressions, depending on the imagination of the parents and the wishes of the little son. Vivid memories will remain with him for a long time, perhaps for the rest of his life. Do not forget to invite a photographer to the party or take pictures yourself – they will remind you of an exciting birthday in many years.

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