300+ Best Birthday Gifts for 11 Year Old Boy of 2023

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Best Birthday Gifts for 11 Year Old Boy: Why then there are difficulties in deciding what to give a child boy at 11 years old? At this age, yesterday’s little boy is changing before his eyes. It is growing rapidly, the boy’s muscles are growing and gaining strength, and his voice is increasingly giving fake notes and is becoming rougher. The boy becomes a teenager.

Birthday Gifts for 11 Year Old Boy

Sometimes it is challenging to fix what to give the boy for 11 years. If you find yourself in this situation, our selection of mega ideas for a gift for a teenager on his 11th birthday has been created specifically for you!

Best Birthday Gifts for 11 Year Old Boy

This is because, in the teenager’s nervous system, excitation processes begin to dominate, making it difficult to cope with them. The change in appearance and behavior is associated with a difference in the hormonal background of the child.

For adults during this period, it seems that the teenager is moving away from them. They will not recognize their son, grandson, or nephew.

There comes parental confusion in the question of what can be presented to a boy for 11 years. Do not worry! Your child still loves you, although he asks for more independence with defiant acts.

Show that you value your relationship with the boy no less than before. How? Choose one of the cool surprises from our list for the boy on his 11th birthday!

Top 85 Ideas a Birthday Gifts for 11-Year-Old Boy

  • Magnetic bracelet for smartphones.
  • USB vacuum cleaner for the desktop.
  • Electric bicycle.
  • A projection keyboard and vertical computer mouse will help the boy avoid problems with the hand and eye health.
  • Board games: “Monopoly,” “Jenga,” chess, backgammon, and others. They require the inclusion of other players in the process.
  • Gaming computer chair.
  • Finger drum kit.
  • 3D pen with an LCD.
  • Balance board.
  • Wireless headphones.
  • Game steering wheel.
  • Electronic, wooden, magnetic, or polygonal constructor.
  • An interactive pet is an idea of ​​giving a boy 11 years old to understand if he is ready to take a real puppy or kitten into care.
  • Scratch map of the world.
  • Car with a suspended track.
  • A combined model of a ship, plane, or car.
  • Removable casters on shoes.
  • Children’s circle for swimming in the form of a wheel.
  • Game console.
  • Crossbow or bow with arrows.
  • The Hover Ball backlit ball is a great idea to give an 11-year-old boy to train at home.
  • Ordinary soccer, volleyball, or basketball.
  • Magician’s suitcase.
  • Microphone for studio recording.
  • Bedding set with print. For example, with a 3D image of a knight’s armor or a superhero costume,
  • Set for carrying out experiments and experiments (for example, a set for growing crystals).
  • Portable music speaker.
  • Electronic firefly in a bank or lava lamp.
  • Gamepad
  • Sony Walkman
  • Wood burning set.
  • Glasses with a built-in video camera.
  • Toy grabber.
  • Apparatus for making popcorn or cotton candy.
  • DJ mixing console.
  • LED disco lamp.
  • The magic ball of predictions.
  • Portable printer.
  • Acoustic guitar, drums, ukulele, harmonica, or other musical instruments.
  • A set of interesting puzzles.
  • Set for self-creating robots.
  • Roller, regular ice, or hockey skates.
  • Stormglass (meteorological device, weather predictor).
  • Prefabricated Dumbbells.
  • Anti-gravity machine.
  • A case for the phone with charger function.
  • Spy kit.
  • Racing diving boat.
  • Boxing punching bag.
  • Sound system or projector for smartphones.
  • Virtual Reality Glasses.
  • Starry sky projector or home planetarium.
  • Hoverboard, mini-segway, or electric scooter (electric vehicles).
  • Skateboard, wakeboard, longboard, or snowboard.
  • Penny Board.
  • Electronic piggy bank.
  • T-shirt with an equalizer that glows to the beat of the music.
  • Bluetooth header – with it, you can listen to music without using headphones.
  • Foosball or hockey.
  • Encyclopedia dedicated to the boy’s hobby – cities and countries, weapons, cars, science.
  • A water farm is an aquarium with a fish and a tree (you feed your pet, its waste nourishes the tree, which, in turn, fills the water with oxygen).
  • Jumpers (a device for jumping).
  • Electronic book.
  • External battery for charging gadgets.
  • Set for darts on magnets.
  • Monopod, tripod for mobile phone or selfie stick.
  • Swedish wall.
  • Flying or escaping an alarm clock.
  • A tablet for drawing with water or sand.
  • USB aquarium.
  • Set for a self-growing tree.
  • Toy water or snow blaster.
  • Youth backpack with built-in speakers.
  • Quadrocopter with aerial photography function.
  • Instant print camera.
  • Spyglass or telescope.
  • Metal detector.
  • Backlit globe.
  • Game joystick for smartphones.
  • Indoor basketball (ball and ring that can be mounted on a wall or door).
  • Flying saucer, boomerang, or kite.
  • Luminous laces or sneakers.
  • Night-vision device.
  • Children’s smartwatches.
  • Children’s walkie-talkie.

Top 5 Best Computer Games for 11 Years Old

Best Computer Games for 11 Years Old

The best gift for an 11-year-old boy is a computer game. The following games are considered the most popular:

  • Battlefield – armed military clashes.
  • Merry farmer – building a farm, caring for animals.
  • Minecraft During the game, it is necessary to extract natural resources and create your own house.
  • STALKER is a fictional world where you need to deal with mutants.
  • World of Warcraft is a world in which you need to fight monsters, develop, and build your world.

Original Birthday Gifts for 11-Year-Old Boy

Present to a relative on his 11th birthday should be entertaining. Boys of this age, unlike girls, still enthusiastically collect exciting toys.

Choose a gift so that it is new to the birthday person.

For example, such a gift could be:

  • Rubik’s Ball – The teenager must have already collected the cube more than once. Let him try to master a new puzzle.
  • RC Helicopter – Which guy will refuse a toy on a radio control? The boy will devote more than one hour of his free time to this toy!
  • Trampoline – The mini-format of the favorite attraction will now always be presented to the hero of the occasion. He will bring him and his friends a lot of positive emotions and develop their vestibular apparatus.
  • Ant Farm – It’s fun to watch how small insects build their lives. Especially at 11 years old, when the whole world is full of unknown miracles.
  • Pen With Scanner Function – You will no longer have to rewrite important information from a notebook to a notebook! One movement – and the pen has already digitized all the data from the sheet!
  • Action Camera – Perhaps the hero of the occasion will not become a blogger, but this device will help him create a lot of videos about his childhood as a keepsake.
  • The simulator “Grasshopper.” – With such a stick, a teenager will become the most popular boy in the yard. And, of course, with this device, there will simply be no time to get bored or stay too long at the computer.

Useful and Practical Gifts

Of course, it is worth remembering the coolness and development of the young birthday man. And things that combine meaning, benefit, and interest are suitable for this:


Many say that their children do not like to read. Everyone loves to read. The main thing is to choose the right book. For example, few will give up hardcover comics on the theme of their favorite cartoons.


The main thing is to try to give something that will lead the child to useful thoughts and teach something. The well-known “Monopoly” is perfect for such a gift.

Scientific Experiments

Remember how you waited for the first chemistry lesson from first grade? So, nothing has changed. But if you let the guy kidnap now, he will get the knowledge ahead of time and realize the dream of the whole class.

Unusual and Interesting Gifts

The soul requires a holiday for 11-year-old boys every day. Therefore there is a reason to give him something that will create such an atmosphere for a long time:

The Robot


Do not immediately scroll through huge amounts in your head. There are a bunch of budget options that can answer questions and walk on the owner’s command.

Spinning Top

Another newfangled thing that will come in handy for entertainment at a break is a secluded pastime.


This thing is worth it. Looking into it, the boy will think for a long time about how massive the Earth is, and how the Universe stretches endlessly. This will certainly make his life more mysterious.

Top 5 Educational Birthday Gifts for 11-Year-Old Boy

For the intellectual development of the boy, the following gifts are suitable:

  • Microscope – allows you to conduct home observations.
  • Telescope – will introduce the child to the stars and the nearest planets.
  • Encyclopedia- about plants, animals, countries, etc.
  • 3D pen – suitable for a boy who wants to learn how to create three-dimensional drawings.
  • Puzzles – voluminous, flat, in the form of cards, books, puzzles. The difficulty level is selected in accordance with the skills of the child.

What to Give a Boy 11 Years Old for a Birthday From His Parents?

When choosing a souvenir, pay attention to what the boy is fond of and select the most exciting gifts. An 11-year-old boy will definitely like a new phone or some kind of gadget.

What to Give a Boy 11 Years Old for a Birthday From His Parents

Gadgets – If parents still did not allow their son to use the phone, now such purchase will emphasize the fact that they understand the growing up of their son and take this fact into account. Of course, you should immediately agree on when you can use it and say that adults should use the phone for its intended purpose and not forget about the lessons.

  • USB friend Tengu – Will amuse the child with his funny facial expressions.
  • Smartphone – The model should be selected depending on the needs of the birthday.
  • MP3 player – This allows the boy to listen to his favorite music on the street and at home.
  • Headphones – On-ear, intra-channel, wireless.
  • Digital camera – For fans to take pictures.
  • Wireless computer mouse – The design can be selected in the form of a car, plane, rocket, etc.
  • USB drive – It allows the boy to store information.
  • Portable charger – A child can always charge a smartphone outside the home.
  • Clever pen – Transfer written text to computer memory.
  • Column – Still aware that listening to loud music is now fashionable. And unusually cold if the column has all kinds of lotions in the form of LEDs.
  • Flash drives – The very age when the guys begin to prepare reports on their own, and save personal photos, and a flash drive is best for this. It will become a secret box that contains valuable information.
  • Phone – Nowhere without him. A gift with a reasonable approach. And you can always reach the child, and he will be able to pick you up in case of something.
  • Clothing – Yes, at 11 years old, the boy needs clothes and shoes that emphasize his musical tastes or preferences in another area. For example, it can be a sweatshirt with the symbol of your favorite group or an idol.
  • Quest Go – On an adventure and solve an unusual riddle – not everyone can handle it. However, children’s quests are always designed so that the child can cope. So, having passed the test, self-confidence awaits him.
  • Collection – Every self-respecting gentleman should have a collection. Therefore, you can help to create or supplement it. Only taking into account the preferences of the child is necessary.
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The following things will be interesting to the growing-up son:

  • netbook;
  • notebook;
  • game console;
  • a player with headphones;
  • electronic book.

If the child has all this, you can choose a gift for the child’s birthday inexpensively from the accessories for these devices:

  • luminous headphones;
  • backlit keyboard;
  • a mouse of the original design;
  • flash drive of unusual shape;
  • stylish keychain to the phone;
  • columns.

The son will appreciate that for his parents, his interests and hobbies are important.

5 Best Gifts Ideas for Creativity

For the creative development of the birthday, you can give the following gifts:

  • A tablet for drawing with water – will develop imagination, suitable for children studying in an art school.
  • Sketchbook – for sketching images, and ideas.
  • Tools for the collector – tweezers, wipes, album, magnifier.
  • Easel, brushes, and paints – will allow you to draw professionally.
  • Table – a tablet for painting with sand – an original gift for a child who loves to invent stories. Develops motor skills, calms, and relaxes.

6 Best Universal Birthday Gifts for 11-Year-Old Boy

At 11 years old, the boy is usually already seriously engaged in something. Things related to his hobby will be excellent presentations. It can be:

  • Sports equipment – rings, dumbbells;
  • Musical instruments – drums, synthesizer, karaoke;
  • Kits for creativity – aircraft modeling, the creation of wooden crafts, dinosaurs, ships, and robots;
  • Microscope – Suitable for the curious discoverers of everything new.
  • Clock –  The presentation will emphasize the son’s growing up, help him navigate in time, and not be late for classes and circles. An electronic model with many features will delight his friends, and their opinion is essential for the child.
  • Clothing – Only trending models. Before buying, take a look at the things that boys of his age wear. Perhaps the son does not say that the only one in the class walks in a stupid jacket or old jeans. Appearance at the age of 11 is of great importance for adolescents.

Remember, maybe your son talked about a classmate’s thing with particular enthusiasm. It can be a 3D pen, luminous shoelaces, a new puzzle, a book, or something that you did not attach much importance to. If you get a thing that caused him admiration, there will be no end to the child’s delight.

Best 5 Board Games for 11-Year-Old Boy

Board Games for 11-Year-Old Boy

Board games are great gifts. They can be played with the whole family. This will bring parents closer to the teenager, allow them to spend more time together, and have common interests:

  • Chess – If the boy has mathematical abilities, this board game will come in handy. It perfectly develops logic, forms the ability to calculate actions in advance. Also, it is essential at this age to consolidate the notion that there is nothing wrong with losing. This is just an excuse to strive for victory and start all over again.
  • Monopoly – Great game for the whole family. Develops important skills: think, act, choose risk, or expectation. This is an exciting gambling game.
  • Dixit – During the game, you need to show imagination and confuse the opponent.
  • The Find for the Spy – you can give a boy 11 years old if he loves detective stories.
  • “Svintus” – a game with multi-colored cards.

What to Give a Grandson for 11 Years?

Nobody loves children like their own grandparents, so their gifts express maximum concern.

A Set for Amateur Performances

Here, a child can reveal his talents and unfold his imagination to the fullest. At the same time, you can look even before the name day, which the child is more drawn to. For example, if he loves cars, then modeling vehicles of various brands is suitable.

A Tablet for Drawings With Water

Even though you can’t save your creations, you can always create something new. And the expanse of water, as everyone knows, calms and helps to sort out your thoughts and problems. A child at 11 years old is simply necessary.

Money in a Piggy Bank

If a boy saves on something specific, then you will bring him closer to a dream, and if not, then give him an independent choice. And in addition to a practical gift, an exciting piggy bank will do, which will help save money in the future.

What to Give a Brother for 11 Years From His Brother and Sister?

It is said that brotherly and sisterly love is more important than just friendship. And you can designate a relationship with gifts with meaning.

Transformer Cube

Just imagine how nice it will be for your brother to receive such a fantastic thing. It can be folded endlessly, and it is very entertaining.


Presenting such a gift to a brother is a reasonable move. It will be possible to read under the covers and light the road when it gets dark with him.


This will be a real concern. This will protect his brother from heavy rains and help him not get wet while fishing in bad weather.

What to Give to a Nephew for 11 Years From an Aunt and Uncle?

You know that uncles and aunts bear considerable responsibility for a child, so take care of him as much as you do about your children.


Evidently, at this age, the boy is engaged in something interesting. Therefore, support his passion and give something that will allow him to expand the boundaries of his activities—for example, a new mouse for games or new shields for football.

Table Hockey

Here it will be possible not only to please the birthday man but also to fight with him. Agree, it’s nice when you can be a rival to adults. Well, let the child beat you at least once so that he feels like a winner.

Radio-controlled Toys

Managing at least something will always attract more things, especially if this is something special—for example, a helicopter, quadrocopter, or just a car.

Diy Gifts for 11 Years Old Boy

Choosing a presentation to a classmate is a crucial matter. When you want to present something unique, there is also a way out.

Diy Gifts for 11 Years Old Boy

Replace products from stores with products created manually! So you can present to a friend:

  • Handmade diary.
  • Flash drive.
  • A basket for small items or toys made of jute or knitted yarn.
  • Wall organizer.
  • Hat and scarf are handmade.
  • Handmade soap.
  • Decorative pillow.
  • Toy Squishy.
  • Picture from threads.

Mars Portrait

Mars Portrait

For work you will need:

  • sheet metal;
  • hydrochloric acid;
  • vinyl paper;
  • spray bottle;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • paper towels;
  • clear varnish in a cylinder;
  • Transparent or other stencil paper.

Working Process:

  • Cut a piece of metal into a square shape.
  • Clean it with hydrochloric acid.
  • Cut the mask out of vinyl paper. Glue to the cut workpiece.
  • Pour hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle. Apply it to an iron sheet.
  • Leave on for a few minutes. Remove excess fluid with paper towels.
  • Take off the vinyl mask.
  • Cover the rusty circle with several layers of spray varnish.
  • Frame the picture or print the portrait on paper using screen printing.

Table Garden

Table Garden

For work you will need:

  • Cactus or succulent;
  • fine sand for a terrarium or aquarium;
  • nylon toe;
  • transparent bowl or other containers;
  • soil for succulents (optional).

Working process:

  • Put the soil for succulent in a nylon toe, and plant a plant there. Sock to tie.
  • Place the stocking with the plant in the bowl and sprinkle it with sand.
  • The surface can be decorated with patterns. Use toothpicks, a miniature rake, or other devices for this.

Top 10 DIY Designers & Kits

  • Designer “Lego” – topics should be chosen in accordance with the interests of the birthday.
  • The designer book “Human Body” – will introduce the young man to human anatomy, and show in detail how the human body works.
  • A set for burning wood – can be presented for a birthday, then to spend leisure time together.
  • Set for modeling – The material can be very different: clay, plasticine, and dough.
  • Jigsaw cutting kit – The figure can be selected based on the boy’s hobbies.
  • The mini brick constructor, “Knight’s Castle,” – will introduce you to the peculiarities of construction.
  • Electronic constructor – suitable as a gift for the 11th anniversary, if the boy is interested in electronics.
  • Set of origami shapes – teach you how to fold different shapes out of paper.
  • Metal constructor – teach to use a screwdriver, and nuts.
  • Constructor for spatial modeling – From balls and sticks, you can collect different shapes. The main thing is to show imagination.

Gift List for Outdoor Activities

Gift List for Outdoor Activities

Gifts for 11 years should correspond to the interests and lifestyle of the birthday person. For fans of active leisure, the following presentation ideas are good:

  • Tent for camping.
  • Snow scooter, inflatable sled, ice floe.
  • Snezhkolep.
  • Bow and arrows.
  • Portable music speaker.
  • Tickets for football, hockey, and basketball are an idea of ​​a gift to an 11-year-old boy from his parents.
  • Sports uniform with the emblem of your favorite club.
  • Traveler set: compass, flint, thermos, folding chair, Swiss knife.
  • Air mattress for a beach holiday.
  • Airball HOVER BALL – a safe and original gift for lovers of fun.

Using these ideas, you can easily decide what to give the guy for active leisure.

A Selection of Gifts for the Athlete

Young men involved in sports have their preferences. For young athletes, the following gifts are suitable:

  • Medallion with an original design – you can store received awards in a visible place.
  • Set for scuba diving: mask with snorkel, flippers, towel, swimming trunks, and life jacket.
  • A bicycle is the best gift for a boy.
  • Protection for the body and head – is selected depending on the sport in which the teenager is engaged.
  • A set for playing tennis (table or large).
  • Ball: football, basketball, tennis, etc.
  • A punching bag, gloves, burl.
  • Weights, dumbbells, weights.
  • Wristband, headband.
  • Fitness bracelet.
  • Skateboard.
  • Ski set: skis, bindings, poles, boots.
  • Pedometer, stopwatch.
  • Stick with a puck.
  • Pump for the ball.
  • Sports bag.
  • Sports shoes: cleats, basketball sneakers, running shoes, aquatic shoes, slippers.
  • Thermal underwear.
  • Bag for wet items.
  • Sunglasses sports.

10 Best Adventures and Impressions as a Gift

Best Adventures and Impressions as a Gift

Gifts for the boy should bring positive emotions so that you can give:

  • Driving lesson on a motorcycle, ATV, tractor, etc.
  • Flying in a wind tunnel.
  • Racing on a buggy, pit bike.
  • Walking on horses, camels, etc.
  • Kayaking on the river.
  • Bowling. The accuracy competition is suitable for a company of 3-4 people.
  • Billiards – for lovers of strategies.
  • Themed quest – an exciting game with traps, riddles, and challenges. The plot is selected in accordance with the interests of the gifted.
  • Ballooning – initially solves the issue of what to give a child for 11 years.
  • A visit to the contact zoo, a farm in the village – for lovers of the animal world.

What to Give a Friend for 11 Years – 18 Cool Ideas

Friendship always says that you know your friend better than yourself, so please him with cool gifts.

Friends can give a friend the following presents:

  • Lizun – Just imagine how much fun you have, aiming at each other with such a thing. And you can start having fun immediately after the gala dinner.
  • Spinner – Imagine your friend’s admiration when he sees such a fashionable thing. But even if he already has one, you can choose a more interesting model.
  • Mug – Purchasing a mug as a gift, you can choose an interesting drawing or sign it so that a friend drinks it every morning and never forget about your friendship.
  • Trinket. When choosing, you should focus on the nature of the birthday.
  • A ball with answers to questions – the young man will tell you the answers to his questions.
  • A bracelet is a stylish and inexpensive birthday present.
  • T-shirt with an original inscription or pattern.
  • Set of markers for drawing.
  • Luminous shoelace.
  • Musical mat for dancing.
  • Themed puzzles.
  • Darts.
  • Nameplate.
  • Candleless candles for the cake – will decorate the festive dessert and cheer the birthday boy.
  • A leather pencil case is a cool present for a friend who will remind him of his comrades while studying.
  • They named hockey puck or ball. Teenagers value individuality, so they are kind to gifts of this kind.
  • Photo collage. You can make a collage of photos of the birthday or joint.
  • Gift set for winter games: a snow thrower, an ice bucket, a bag for skates, etc.
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10 Best Gift List From Relatives

Best Gift List From Relatives

Gift ideas from close relatives and parents are as follows:

  • Box with branded things: socks, T-shirt, tie, etc.
  • Ticket for the concert of your favorite music group.
  • Electric scooter for moving around the city.
  • Flashlight with a portable charger.
  • Genuine leather wallet where you can invest.
  • Chess or checkers with an individually selected design.
  • Wall clock in the form of a 3D picture.
  • Pet. Such a gift can not be given to babies, but at 11 years old, the child can take care of the pet independently.
  • Backpack. There are many options: sports, school, tourists, summer, winter, etc.
  • The game console is the dream of every man at any age.

10 Best Sweet Birthday Presents – a List of Ideas

Every teenager loves sweets so he will like gifts such as:

  • Box with sweets. Filling depends on the taste preferences of the person being presented.
  • A pot of sweet flowers.
  • Predictive sweets are one of the most original gifts that can be presented to boys.
  • Signature chocolate in the form of a car, plane, ship, etc.
  • Cartoon character ice cream. Such a dessert may not melt for up to 8 hours.
  • Bouquet of favorite sweets.
  • Sweet kebab. Skewers with marmalade and souffle are packed in pastry paper or a box.
  • Chocolate cards with wishes from friends and relatives.
  • The Themed cake is an original gift for a boy on his 11th birthday. Confectioners will choose the best option in accordance with the hobbies of the person being gifted.
  • A sweet gift in the jar. The filling should match the tastes of the birthday.

A Gift to a Boy of 11 Years on New Year’s

Gift to a Boy of 11 Years on New Year's

On New Year’s Eve, young men are waiting for unique gifts. The following ideas will help you choose a New Year’s present:

  • Backlight for Bicycle Wheels – The 11th anniversary of the New Year is an occasion to present a bright and practical gift. The backlight will not only please the child when riding but also make his movement safer.
  • Home planetarium – Suitable for curious children.
  • Transforming robot – The model is recommended to be selected in accordance with the interests of the child.
  • Finger skate – suitable for those who want to learn this sport, but are afraid of injuries. Such a New Year’s gift will delight a teenager.
  • The LoftBox Build Kit – is a fascinating design of a tyrannosaurus head made of paper and glue.
  • Remote control toy – robot, car, tank, etc.
  • A set of comics – for fans of superheroes and sharp stories.
  • Surprise in a box – is a service that many stores offer. The content is selected, taking into account the temperament and hobbies of the child. Such gifts to the boy for the New Year at 11 years old may consist of clothes, gadgets, sports equipment, etc.
  • Clever plasticine – It allows the child to enjoy the sculpting process without soiling the hands.
  • Snakeboard – is a fashionable and easy-to-use skateboard.
  • Christmas balls with a sweet filling – Inside the transparent plastic balls, powdered sugar, multi-colored dragees, and nuts are poured in layers.

Top 26 Gifts That a Boy Should Not Give

In choosing a surprise for a nephew among hundreds of options, you can forget that he cannot give some items to him. We remind you what is included in the TOP list of gifts that it is better not to provide the boy on his 11th birthday.

Do not give the teenager the following gifts:

  • Sharp objects. Leave knives, daggers, and other similar things for souvenirs to business partners and connoisseurs of military history. A teenager at the age of 11 may still be injured with such gifts or inadvertently harm other people. Yes, and signs say that it is impossible to give sharp-cutting gifts for a birthday. So ties with the hero of the occasion are broken, and quarrels and misunderstandings can follow.
  • Clothes and shoes. A boy at 11 years old probably already wants to form his wardrobe. Support him in this endeavor and do not impose your tastes on him.
  • Pet. Sometimes even an adult birthday man cannot afford to take responsibility for a living creature. Why impose additional obligations on a boy at 11, even under the guise of a gift?
  • Certificate. Issued for purchase, entertainment, or any service, this document has one incomparable minus. A certificate always has a limited validity period. The age of the birthday does not still allow him to use the license without his parents’ participation, which makes the gift not quite convenient, as it seems at first glance.
  • A gift for educational purposes. Devices with a reminder of the day, food, or rest are not suitable for a surprise on your birthday. They indirectly indicate the imperfections of the boy, and gifts with such a promise should not be given even to adults. What can we say about a teenager who is still looking for his path in life and often may not understand the motives of his actions due to the difference in hormonal levels?
  • Used items. By this offering, you express your complete indifference to the feelings of the boy. Do not be surprised that after this, he may stop communicating with you. If you present a rare thing or heirloom, tell the birthday person about its value specifically for your family.
  • Soft toys (large, small).
  • Clothing must measure before purchase. A surprise will not work. The child will not feel the joy of the presentation.
  • Souvenir products from tourist trips.
  • Gadgets that break quickly. They are inexpensive, but also do not last long.
  • Bath Kits. Especially if the kit comes with shaving foam.
  • Candles, vases, fridge magnets.
  • Clothes for little ones: pajamas with bears, a T-shirt with the inscription “I love mom,” etc.
  • Tools – the child will be able to appreciate this gift only after ten years.
  • Tickets for uninteresting teenage events.
  • Socks do not belong to useful and original gifts.
  • Cosmetic kits to combat skin problems. This is an individual gift that may not be suitable for a teenager.
  • Going to a bathhouse or fishing with adults.
  • Underwear.
  • Cheap perfume.
  • Steel arms. Even if the knife is decorated with engraving, this is not the best present for a teenager.
  • Items for the treatment of diseases: inhaler, tonometer, thermometer. This gift is suitable for the older generation, but not for the child.
  • Flowers
  • Porcelain figurines.
  • Mirror.
  • Allergenic products.

In order not to be confused about what to give the boy 11 years old, it is enough to be careful. In some cases, you can ask if you would like to receive a birthday as a gift.

Tips: How to Choose the Best Gifts for a Teenager on His 11th Birthday

How to Choose the Best Gifts for a Teenager on His 11th Birthday

Advice and recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a grandson are essential to discuss with the parents of the birthday. We recall the main points about which close people often forget or lose sight of when they choose a gift for a boy for 11 years.

  • Determine the budget for the gift. Also, it is essential not to go beyond it by more than a few hundred rubles. Too expensive, a surprise will put your parents in a binding position in front of you, and a too-cheap souvenir will upset the boy.
  • Start choosing a gift in advance. Immediately after the invitation to the celebration or before it, make a list of ideas that can be presented to the boy within your budget. If you have time, you can order gifts in online stores, which often offer good discounts or optimal prices for goods.
  • Choose quality items. Presenting for your birthday, a topic that will not last long due to poor quality is ugly and shortsighted. The birthday boy will lose all confidence in you.
  • Ask the birthday boy. There are things that a child dreams of for a long time. At 10-11 years old, boys and boys can talk about the coveted toy for hours. Take advantage of this and present to children what they have been dreaming of for so long!
  • Choose what the birthday boy likes. Birthday is meant to give joy, isn’t it?
  • Unite. When you want to give a birthday present for your birthday, talk about it with other guests invited. Perhaps you will provide a valuable thing in a fold? This will save parents from embarrassment, and the boy from another unnecessary toy.
  • Get ready! Even the most long-awaited item will not bring joy to the hero of the occasion if it is casually packed. In a box, tied with a ribbon or even coarse thread, the gift has every chance to protect yourself from street dust, and dirt and maintain its attractive appearance.
  • Arrange the game by presenting the gift. Let the boy and his friends complete several comic tasks to “buy” a surprise box from you.
  • Words of congratulations. Put a card with your signature in the package with the gift. When presenting an offering, do not forget to congratulate the birthday man and say why you sincerely appreciate him.
  • Do not insist on asking if the birthday boy liked your offering. It is not customary to do so, so as not to distract the boy from other guests. He will thank you in a few days when he will appreciate your gift.

A Couple of Interesting Ideas on What to Give a Boy a Teenager for 11 Years

Choosing a gift for your son is a responsible mission. In order not to knock it down, use the options for win-win offerings. Here they are:

  • The simulator “Grasshopper.” – With such a stick, a teenager will become the most popular boy in the yard. And, of course, with this device, there will simply be no time to get bored or stay too long at the computer.
  • Game console – It’s no secret that boys love to play computer games. Even psychologists note that this hobby is entirely consistent with the condition of an 11-year-old boy. Boys at this age are quite hyperactive, always want to do something, and at this age, the first aggression begins, which needs to be splashed out somewhere. Let the game console become this antidepressant – it will be calmer and safer.
  • Themed gift – If your child is a fan of a celebrity, if he has a favorite movie hero or a famous singer, then the best gift for such a boy will be a “thematic” item – some item of clothing (football or hockey symbols), a figurine or a copy of his thing idol. Most of 11-year-old boys are crazy about the films “Harry Potter” or “Star Wars,” modern cartoons are also very popular: “Transformers,” “Cars,” and more.
  • Interactive toys – 11-year-old boys like radio-controlled toys – cars, railroads, boats, and helicopters. Therefore, it makes sense to give just such a thing, and it will cause a storm of delight in your child. Another advantage of such a gift is that they are durable since, with proper use, they will work for many years (just manage to charge the batteries).
  • Sporting goods – 11 years is the best time to get your child involved in sports. A good birthday present that will delight boys for many decades will be a bicycle, a soccer ball in a set with boots. An excellent gift for a birthday or New Year can be a pneumatic gun (!) True, the child must shoot at targets under the control of his parents. Another exciting gift option can be a dart-throwing target, it is also a traumatic and dangerous gift, but there should be no problems under parental control.
  • Board and floor games – Table hockey and football, noose, billiards, sea battle, as well as games that mimic various popular computer toys. Popular outdoor games: twister, bowling kits.
  • Name bathrobe – He will warm the boy after the bath and give him the feeling that he is an adult.
  • Case for phone – On the 11th anniversary, you can choose an original cover with a pattern that will meet the child’s interests.
  • Flying alarm clock – With this device, the student will wake up quickly and in a good mood.
  • Game weapons – Bow with arrows, blaster, water gun, etc.
  • Robot dog – Will become the best friend and solve the problem with the pet.
  • Leather key holder – It allows you to store keys in one place and save the boy from losing them.
  • Thermo mug – For lovers of hot drinks. You can order a registered or original mug.
  • Notepad – In a leather cover, with replaceable blocks, original design, etc.
  • The projector of the starry sky – Introduces astronomy, and makes the room look like space.
  • A personalized set for experiments – This will allow the boy to learn how to conduct experiments, and introduce him to the basics of chemistry.
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Traditional Skateboard


To start and learn, the ideal is a skateboard of about 7.5 to 8 inches wide, to have stability, with wheels of 52mm maximum and axles with soft rubber to learn to move the board. Street-type skateboards are the most versatile and perhaps the best to start with.

Also, at these ages, it is worth investing in a skateboard of a certain quality to learn without catching vices or fears. Of course, you have to wear a helmet and highly recommended elbow pads and knee pads.

Waveboard (two-wheel skateboard)

This type of skateboard only has two wheels and is powered with a movement of the body and legs, as if it were a surfboard. It is a little more challenging to learn, but once the trick is caught, it is fun and spectacular. You must wear a helmet and highly recommended elbow pads and knee pads.


From 9-11 years, the 24-inch size and a bike with gears are normally recommended to learn and use force in different situations. Remember that safety equipment is also important, especially the helmet is essential to avoid scares.


It is an easy sport to learn, at least the basic hitting, it can be played in any outdoor space (park, garden, etc.) without a net. You can get a pair of quality badminton rackets and shuttlecocks (badminton balls) for little money. Some packs include a small network.

Inline Skates

There are two categories of skates: the traditional four wheels (2 to 2 in parallel), also known as quads and inline skates. The inline skates are generally more comfortable to carry and can be used in more rough and uneven surfaces. When in doubt, I would choose inline skates for a child who is going to learn. Usually, the children’s inline skates are of the fitness type, more comfortable, and easier to use.

Try to choose skates from proven brands: Hudora, Fila Skates, Rollerblade, Powerslide, K2 Skates, Roces, and Seba … They can be a little more expensive but offer more quality and safety to minimize the risk of injury.

Classic Scooters

For this age range, I might already choose an adult scooter, for example, a larger wheeled urban scooter. It depends on the child’s physical constitution if you think she will use it a lot, etc. (Also, if it is an adult, it can also be used by parents)

LEGO Technic

From 11 years old, they can play perfectly with LEGO Technic sets. The assembly is a little more complicated than the LEGO Classic, but it also allows more movements and realistic models.

Within the Technic series, there are sets of different sizes and difficulty. Each box indicates the recommended age (from …). In some cases, the help of an adult will be necessary for some assembly steps, although it is usually well explained with images in the manual.

LEGO Series / Theme Packs

The LEGO-themed series, is based on movies or characters from film and television. Within some series, such as the Star Wars series, there is also a wide variety of models with different sizes and degrees of difficulty. The recommended minimum age appears on the box.

In any case, they are usually constructions that children at this age can do correctly following the instructions and with a little help.


Geomag boxes include magnetic pieces that allow both predefined constructions (depending on the number of elements in each box, etc.) and free designs.

The essential elements are magnets and steel balls. It is a very entertaining game because the combination of attractions and connecting balls allow the creation of unique structures.


A classic of construction games that will possibly excite both children and parents. Meccano has plenty of sets, from small assemblies to massive constructions. Vehicles or projects that have some kind of mobility (cranes, etc.) are usually more enjoyable for children to play with them once they are built.

Other alternatives to Meccano that are also very good are Tronico and Hitech. For children, choose the 1:16 scale models better. The 1:32 scale (smaller builds) is a bit more complicated because the elements are smaller and more challenging to screw, etc.

Set of Puzzles

Receiving such games as a gift, the boy will not even have time to get bored because the game will not be alone. Accordingly, you can play it for a long time.


Wow, how cool it will be. Especially if you pick up something with a cartoon theme, he will be able to train his accuracy and compete in it with his friends.

Plus – Simple Block Construction

Plus is a construction game with a different concept: hundreds of pieces, but they all have the same shape. Each piece is very small and is like two joined ‘++’ signs, hence its name (in English: plus).

Some pieces fit with others in different positions, and all kinds of structures can be made in two dimensions (as a 2D puzzle) and in three sizes: buildings, characters … It is very, very entertaining. As there are no pieces of different shapes, the type of construction is not conditioned and it is all a matter of imagination and creativity.


Those parents who prefer to give toys should take a closer look at the radio-controlled options:

  • A flying helicopter will be a great choice. It can be launched into the sky on the street with the whole family. This is a fashionable toy, a child, having received it, will not think that you think it is small since adult men choose a similar model for entertainment.
  • You can buy cars with remotes and arrange competitions with your father or brother.

An Original Gift for a Boy on His Birthday Will Be a Handmade Gift.

The great idea is to give a classmate a self-made college for 11 years on his birthday in honor of the birthday man. To do this, place a photo of the boy on a sheet of Whatman paper (you can ask your parents or take a picture of him when he doesn’t see), sign the original and hand it to the birthday man.

You can make an unusual box with wishes. For this, each classmate must write on a piece of paper, his wish, and congratulation. Be original and come up with a lot of comic wishes, but be careful – congratulations should not be offensive to the birthday person. Turn it into a tube, and tie it nicely with a bow. Put the scrolls in a festive box and give them to the hero of the occasion.

Original Gift for a Boy on His Birthday Will Be a Handmade Gift

If a classmate wants to congratulate the boy, she likes on her birthday, and she can prepare a small souvenir for him. You can give birthday gift ideas for a best friend for 11 years from a boy a bookmark for textbooks, made by yourself. To do this, use the origami technique (on the Internet, there are many video lessons on making shapes suitable for the boy) or rely on your imagination and create it with the help of an application.

Boys are big sweet tooths, so it’s good to give your brother 11 years old sweet souvenirs for his birthday. From desserts, you can make an unusual sweet steering wheel.

To make the steering wheel, cut a piece of cardboard from an appropriate shape. Glue the candy in bright, colorful wrappers with adhesive tape or glue to the blank. Decorate with a bow and give it to the birthday man.

You can make an unusual car out of square or rectangular marmalade. Fasten the marmalade cubes with toothpicks in the shape of a machine. It is good if the marmalade is colored. Put the product on a beautiful flat plate and go to your brother.

Surround the boy on this day with care and attention, organize a fun event with entertainment. A happy holiday will remember for a long time with a birthday person.

Final Words

Choosing a birthday present for an 11-year-old boy only at first seems complicated. A budget or elite surprise for a teenager should be made with a desire to please the future owner. If you listen and take a closer look at the boy’s lifestyle, you can probably pick him up for just such a surprise!

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