Most Interesting Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy

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The most original and best ideas that you can give birthday gifts for 1 year old boy – from family and friends. Ready-made collections on the topic for a year-old baby. Tips on how to choose a gift and what not to give.

The baby’s first birthday is always an exciting event for parents, the child himself, of course, does not yet understand the meaning of this holiday, but he will certainly be delighted with the gift. However, the question of what to buy a birthday present for a boy is often perplexing, because you want it to be useful, please the baby and serve for a long time.

Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy

A child at this age actively learns the world around him, the task of adults is to help him in this, so it is good if your gift will contribute to the development of his cognitive and cognitive abilities. Bright and mobile toys and educational games will help to gradually form the child’s self-awareness and understand how the complex world around him works.

When choosing what to give a boy for his birthday for 1 year, you should not think that the child still does not understand anything and will be happy with any toy. Of course, the baby will not be upset when he receives a useless gift, however, such a present will not bring him any benefit, and most likely, he simply will not pay attention to it. But you can offend parents because this is their son’s first birthday and they probably want everything to be perfect, and a useless thing, in this case, will be regarded as disrespect for this solemn event.

Therefore, the choice of a gift for the first name day should be approached quite responsibly. To make things easier for you, we have collected the most interesting birthday gifts for a 1-year-old boy.

List of 60 Ideas for Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy

There are quite a lot of options for gifts for the first birthday if you choose a gift for the son of friends, nephew or godson for 1 year, then we first offer you the freshest ideas that you can give a boy for 1 year.

  • Sorters.
  • A toy in the form of a night light.
  • Projector starry sky.
  • A set of rubber ducks for swimming.
  • Children’s outdoor swing.
  • A car or motorcycle can be driven by pushing off with your feet.
  • Children’s finger paints.
  • Suit with tie and vest, like adults.
  • Basket for toys.
  • Hanging swing for the house.
  • Playhouse.
  • Clamshell books with 3D characters.
  • Drum or tambourine.
  • A book with fairy tales with a soundtrack.
  • Soft cloth cubes for the game.
  • Large machine models, excavators, tractors, trucks.
  • A toy wheelchair with a handle.
  • A tortoise-shaped lamp is projecting stars onto the ceiling.
  • Mini synthesizer for children.
  • Talking electronic toys.
  • Pyramids of different formats for training fine motor skills.
  • A set of rubber frogs, dolphins or whales for playing in the bathroom.
  • Classic rocking horse.
  • Serpentine.
  • Rubber jump ropes in the form of animals.
  • Warmer in the form of a toy.
  • Frame with inserts.
  • Warm blanket made of quality material for babies.
  • Stadiometer for a children’s room.
  • Set of rubber dinosaurs.
  • Car seat.
  • Children’s piano.
  • Children’s bedding with a bright print of cartoon characters.
  • Beautiful bright ball.
  • Toys for children’s theater can be worn on the hand or on the fingers.
  • A set of quality dishes for a child.
  • A bottle for a baby from which liquid does not pour out when turned over.
  • Large ambulance, police or fire truck.
  • Massage mat for children.
  • Children’s steering wheel with many buttons and sound effects.
  • Snowmobile or sled.
  • Toy phone.
  • Markers you can use to draw on fabric.
  • Playpen.
  • Comforter, is a special device in the form of a toy that helps a child to fall asleep without a mother.
  • Tumbler.
  • Magnetic constructor.
  • Photo album.
  • Matryoshka.
  • Yula with sound effects.
  • Air purifier and humidifier in the nursery.
  • Inflatable pool with balls.
  • Xylophone.
  • Soft constructor.
  • Engraved chain and medallion.
  • Classic wooden pyramid.
  • Inflatable turtle for the bathroom.
  • Large developmental cube.
  • Walkers.
  • Water flute.
  • Train with various animals.
  • Large and light truck.
  • Cubes.
  • Musical rug.
  • The caps are a variation of the pyramid.
  • Developing a rug with pictures and sounds.
  • Clockwork toys.
  • Silver spoon.

Original Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy

If you choose a gift for a child who has everything, that is, parents and so spoil him with a lot of toys, then you should buy him something original to please the baby and surprise his parents.

Pay attention to our selection of original gifts:

A seedling of a tree that will grow with the baby is a symbolic gift. Trees are traditionally planted in honor of certain events, so let the baby have such a tree planted in honor of his first birthday.

A set for impressions of a child’s hand and foot. The set includes the gypsum itself in the form of a powder, a frame for the final impression (or several frames) and a jar for preparing the mixture. This is an original gift that will delight parents and a grown-up boy in the future.

Plush jumpsuit in the shape of an animal. This is both a practical and original gift for the first birthday of the baby. There are very cute styles of jumpsuits with ears, paws and often even a tail, depicting some kind of animal. The material is selected so as to imitate wool, the baby will look stylish, and unusual and at the same time will not freeze in cold weather in such clothes. Children always like these suits, so if you choose what to give your child for 1-year-old clothes, this is one of the best options.

Useful Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy

Many friends and relatives are looking for a useful gift for a boy for 1 year, such a thing that will be used constantly. In this case, the list of gifts can be very long, but you should not give something too banal, because this is a solemn event and the present must be appropriate.

Choose a gift for your grandson, godson or nephew for 1 year so that it is practical and festive at the same time. Here are some examples of such gifts.

Didactic shoes. These boots with many buttons, fasteners and Velcro have developmental properties. With their help, the child learns to put on his own shoes and at the same time trains in fine motor skills.

Children’s tableware. At the age of about a year, children are just learning to eat on their own, so special dishes will be very useful for parents and children will like them because they are made in a bright and colorful style. The best option is dishes made of high-quality plastic with suction cups, which the baby will not be able to overturn and break it. There are whole sets with plates, glasses, spoons and forks.

Game center. Such a gift is certainly not cheap, but the costs justify themselves. There are, for example, whole music centers for children with a large control panel and many different parts and buttons, and on top, it is supplemented with various toys which you can pull and remove to play if desired.

Bed linen, pillows and blankets. Choose quality materials with colorful cartoon characters or beautiful animals. You can also give an anti-stress pillow, it is pleasant to squeeze it in your hands, and visually it can be made in the form of a character that the child likes.

Inexpensive Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy

If you think that giving a boy for 1 year is inexpensive, but at the same time, so that it is a developing gift, we are ready to offer you a couple of interesting examples.

A set of canvases and finger paints for children. At the age of one year, the baby is still very small to paint with a brush, but with his hands, he will be happy to draw masterpieces every day.

Such paint is absolutely harmless, the composition contains food coloring, so even if a child pulls his fingers into his mouth between drawing pictures, it is not at all scary. In addition to such a gift, you can buy a beautiful easel to make the young artist feel like a professional.

Business board or board with locks. This is a special board on which all the things that are normally forbidden for a child in the house are located. These are sockets, locks, buttons, clocks, handles, latches and much more, the kid will be able to touch, turn on and off all the elements, so he gradually understands the principle of operation of simple devices. Opening the locks and doors on this board, the child finds some animals there, which increases interest in finding the right solution.

Height meter. At the age of about a year, the children are already well on their feet, which means you can start making marks on a special height meter, which is usually hung on the wall in the nursery. A year later, a mark is made again and you can see how much the child has grown in a year.

Gifts From Parents to a Baby for 1 Year

Parents also traditionally give a gift to a child for 1 year, although it is still very small, I want to please my child on his first birthday. We share the best gift ideas for our son for 1 year.

Children’s rug in the form of a puzzle. This is a fairly large puzzle, usually consisting of 9 parts, after being assembled, it turns into a regular play mat. Puzzles can be in the form of numbers, letters, animal drawings, and so on. The child will gradually learn to select them correctly, thereby developing memory and imagination in the process of such a game. Well, the rug itself can be used for its intended purpose.

Easel. This is a tripod with a special drawing surface that adjusts in height depending on the child’s height. The easel comes with special markers that can be easily erased with a napkin if desired. Thus, you do not need to take out drawing sheets every time, buy separate albums and pencils.

These easels often come with additional items such as letters and numbers on magnets, abacus or watches. This can come in handy later on.

A stroller and a bicycle with a handle. This is an alternative option for a summer stroller in which the kid will be interested in riding. It is interesting for the kid to steer, and the parents can carry him by the handle like a regular stroller. As a rule, these bikes come with a removable sun canopy and organizer for things.

A Couple of More Interesting Thoughts on What to Give the Boy for the First Name Day

Sometimes you can just get lost among the abundance of gifts, then you need to choose based on how much this thing can interest and captivate the baby.

Based on this, we will give some more good ideas on what to give a baby for a 1-year-old.

A training table, on which various types of toys are attached – a large mosaic, pyramids and a constructor. The kid, playing at this table, can develop fine motor skills, study shapes, colors and sizes, and train attention and memory. Such things always keep the child occupied for a long time, and the dad and mom will have the opportunity to take a break.

Children’s play tent. Even small children have a need for their own corner, and it is best if it is a small cozy space. Remember in childhood, how we liked to build houses from pillows and huts on the street from branches? There are quite a few types of such tents, there are stylized Indian wigwams or it can be a whole house with many labyrinths inside.

Tolocar. If you are looking for a gift for a 1-year-old boy who is very active, and fidgets, then such a machine is an excellent solution. It will take him a long time, while, in order to ride, the baby will need to actively push off with his feet, which means that all the fuse and energy will be spent on mastering a new skill. Of course, you need to take into account that for such a toy you need enough space at home.

How to Understand What Is Better to Give a Boy for the First Name Day

It is not very difficult to choose which gift to give a boy for 1 year, but there are certain nuances. Try to choose a gift individually, especially for the birthday person, and not the first thing you like on which it is indicated that it is suitable for the baby by age. Here are some more helpful tips on how to choose the best 1-year-old boy gift.

A one-year-old child quickly grows and develops, he learns the world around him, already at this age, the first interests, inclinations, and individuality are formed. Some children are calm, others are active, they need to be entertained and play with them.

Some can spend hours assembling a constructor and building pyramids, others like to run, climb, and ride a bicycle, but the third child loves books with colorful pictures and so on. Therefore, be sure to take these factors into account when choosing, and if you do not know what the child is inclined to do, ask the parents.

So that you don’t choose in the end, pay attention to the quality, because a small child will use the object and it is absolutely not permissible that it accidentally injures itself or the material causes an allergy in the baby.

The material must be safe, preferably natural and suitable for small children. Look also at the quality in general (strength, foreign smells, the absence of small parts that can break and get into the baby’s mouth), for example, if this is a radio-controlled machine, it will be a shame if it breaks down in a few days.

If possible, consult with the parents, they always know what the child is missing, and if this is not possible, then it is better to choose something classic and useful, without showing excessive imagination.

Also, if you were invited to the name day in advance, try to buy a gift right away, without putting it on the back burner, because the necessary thing may simply not be available in the store or there will be a problem with delivery if you order a present via the Internet.

Do not buy toys and things for growth, because what is relevant now in a couple of years may not be useful at all, the world is changing very quickly. The child should use your present right now.

One-year-old babies still do not understand well what is happening around them, but at this age, they perfectly respond to vivid emotions, so try to impress them.

You can arrange a small show with balloons and whistles, solemnly read out congratulations to the birthday boy and his parents, and then give a gift.

Examples of Unsuccessful Gifts That Are Best Not to Give a Baby on Their First Birthday

So, above we examined in detail the question of what can be given to a boy for a 1-year-old, but it is worth mentioning separately what should not be given.

Various rattles. They will no longer be interesting for a one-year-old boy, he will play with them for a few minutes and lose interest.

Baby food, diapers and other hygiene items. You are going to the name day and the gift should be festive and bright, so it is completely inappropriate to give such things. The exceptions are cases when the parents themselves asked you about this and named the desired brand, size, and so on, things that they usually buy themselves for the baby.

Toys with small parts that can break off can also include board games with chips and cubes. Remember that children pull everything into their mouths, and if a part suddenly breaks off the toy, the child may accidentally swallow it. The same applies to the environmental friendliness of the material, it must be of high quality and better natural.

Various sweets, at this age, it is still too early for a baby to eat such foods, besides, many have diathesis.

Pets. A child will definitely not be able to appreciate such a gift, and parents can also be heavily burdened with them because, in addition to caring for the baby, another creature will appear that requires care and attention. In addition, the joint habitation of a child and this animal may be unacceptable.

Plasticine and other sticky substances. There is a risk that the child himself will get all smeared in this and dirty the whole house.

When you choose a gift for a one-year-old birthday boy, remember that often there are even more requirements for such a gift than for a gift for an adult. Well, having made the right choice, you will also receive threefold gratitude from the parents, from the child, and in the end, you yourself will be satisfied with yourself.

Birthday Wishes for 1 Year Old Boy

  • Time passed so quickly, and now a whole year has passed and you have your first birthday today! Grow up kid, smart and inquisitive! With such parents, your childhood will be a wonderful carefree time.
  • I congratulate you, baby, on the first important date in your life, your birthday! Grow up healthy and be happy in this world, which you are now getting to know so quickly. May he never disappoint you and give you only smiles and warmth!
  • Today you turned exactly one year since your birthday and I would like to wish you to be always cheerful and positive, even when you grow up and become a man, may a smile and a good mood always accompany you. Your wonderful parents will help you take your first steps in this world.
  • I would like to congratulate this little treasure on the first birthday. I would like to wish the parents patience, strength, kindness and happiness, and the baby an easy fate and good health. Happy holiday to all of you!
  • Happy birthday little prince. Always be cheerful, do not cry and do not be sad, in order to grow up to be a real man, whom all relatives will admire and be proud of.
  • Happy first birthday to the little birthday boy! On this beautiful day, I would like to wish you more laughter and good health for many years to come. Stay as curious, sweet, and smart. Discover this wonderful world and all the best in it!
  • Congratulations on your little miracle on the first year of life! We wish him to have a strong character, an excellent mind and good health. May he have an easy, carefree childhood and a happy destiny!
  • I would like to congratulate this small and bright sun on the first year of life on Earth! Always go along the road of kindness, cheerfully and fervently, charming everyone around. Be joy for your parents, obey them, and love and honor, them because they brought you to this wonderful world!
  • We sincerely congratulate your child on his first birthday! Now fervent laughter and fun will settle in your life for many years. I wish you good nights, health and patience, and the baby grows big and smart!
  • My dear son, you are exactly one year old today from the moment you were born! Be the light in this world for your loved ones, smile more often, let your eyes shine with happiness and warmth, and life will be beautiful like a fairy tale!
  • We want to congratulate your little prince on his first birthday. We wish your sweet boy a quick development so that he grows up smart and does not get sick. Let him be always surrounded by relatives, loved ones and friends, and his fate will be easy and happy.
  • Those who grow up at home with such a small miracle are simply called happy people! I congratulate your cute little one on the first year of life, let him grow up curious, intelligent and healthy. Happy Holidays!

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