Birthday Gift Ideas for Woman Director

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Choosing good gifts is not easy even for loved ones, and deciding what to give a director a woman for her birthday is generally a challenging task. It is important not only to find something you need but also to comply with all the rules of decency.

In this case, too personal gifts should not be allowed, and simple household items should also be avoided. Moreover, if you know about the tastes and hobbies of the birthday girl, you can use this information when choosing a gift for a woman director. The ideas and tips we have collected will also help.

List of 45 Birthday Gift Ideas for Woman Director

  1. An elegant box, preferably made of valuable material.
  2. A chic bouquet is a universal gift for any woman, including the director, for her birthday and any occasion. If you know what kind of flowers the leader loves, you need to give them. If not, you can trust the master florist and ask him to compose a composition that is appropriate in this particular situation.
  3. Portrait of the headmistress, taken from her photo. You can choose a good photo from the birthday girl’s profile on a social network and order a painting from an artist or in a good photo studio, where it will be made as similar as possible to the work of a famous master.
  4. Nice wall mirror.
  5. An elegant organizer for jewelry if the recipient loves them and even collects them.
  6. A certificate from the SPA, where the birthday girl can have a good rest with benefits for her health and beauty.
  7. Congratulations from a famous musician, actor, etc.
  8. A chic, perhaps antique wall clock or floor model. You can search for them in stores or order from a master to get an original and unique product.
  9. A living and flowering plant in a beautiful pot. This is the simplest and most popular answer to the riddle of what to give a woman for her birthday. Flowers are liked by almost all beautiful ladies, even strict leaders, so a properly chosen plant will be a good present.
  10. Glass vase with commemorative engraving. It is advisable to choose a simple shape, for example, a rectangle, so that the inscription looks better.
  11. A set of good coffee or tea in an elegant gift basket is a super popular and very successful birthday present for a woman leader or colleague.
  12. A perpetual calendar is a stylish and practical desktop decoration.
  13. A beautiful fountain pen in an exquisite case. It can be decorated with a unique dedication engraving if this does not negatively affect the appearance.
  14. Jewelry flash drive made in the form of exquisite jewelry. It can be carried as a keychain or pendant or simply in a bag like any memory card.
  15. Subscription to the massage parlor. Such a gift can please any person because massage is valuable and pleasant.
  16. Book. You can choose from a favorite author of the recipient or a work-related publication written by a real guru in your industry.
  17. Handmade sweets. If you are aware of what sweets the birthday girl prefers, then order for her exactly the delicacy that she will definitely like. It is important for sweets to make a beautiful personalized box.
  18. Gift set of different types of honey in elegant jars.
  19. An elegant briefcase made of quality leather or a folder for business papers.
  20. A beautiful lunch box is a valuable and inexpensive gift for a woman boss if she takes lunches to work.
  21. A collectible fountain pen that can be used as decor for the office and desktop.
  22. Convenient laptop bag.
  23. Table fountain. This is a decoration for the home or office, an anti-stress, and a good humidifier.
  24. A massage cover for a computer chair will help you not get so tired if you have to sit at your desk for a long time.
  25. A designer case for glasses if the birthday girl wears them.
  26. A comfortable and useful for the back office chair or a certificate from a furniture store for its purchase.
  27. Decorative hourglass with real sand or magnetic metal shavings, which will create fancy figures during the fall.
  28. A set of glasses with commemorative festive engravings.
  29. A beautiful and not cheap wristwatch is a chic gift for a woman director for an anniversary or a simple birthday.
  30. Table stand-holder for business cards made of precious wood.
  31. A unique painting made of sand, rhinestones, amber or other interesting material.
  32. Antique or antique candlestick.
  33. The levitating photo frame is a very unusual and stylish decoration for any interior.
  34. Three-dimensional figurine with a portrait resemblance, made from a photograph of the birthday girl.
  35. A table lamp with an interesting design.
  36. Electronic book. If your boss loves to read, she will be glad to receive such a practical gadget as a gift.
  37. Original chess, checkers or other board game in a chic design.
  38. Newton’s gift pendulum or other similar interesting things to decorate the birthday girl’s office.
  39. A personalized diary in a precious leather cover, decorated with a unique embossing or other unusual decors.
  40. Wall map of the world made of wood.
  41. Floriana. This is such a miniature garden with real plants in a small glass container.
  42. Compact safe in the form of a book with a leather cover.
  43. A bottle of good wine or other drink according to the birthday girl’s taste in a wooden gift box.
  44. A reusable notebook that can be erased with a damp cloth.
  45. A miniature rock garden with a real bonsai in the center.

How to Decide What to Give a Director a Woman for Her Birthday

So that your present does not become a disappointment for the birthday girl and a source of problems for you, you should prepare for its purchase in advance. Even your career may well depend on what you decide to donate, so you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the task.

To choose the perfect gift for a woman boss, you must first decide on the cost. In many companies, it is strictly limited and it is impossible to go beyond these figures. It will also depend on the financial capabilities of colleagues and the preferences of the birthday girl.

Next, you should use the helpful tips for choosing:

  • Remember the chain of command. Even if you have a fun and relaxed atmosphere at work, the leader should be treated with respect.
  • Avoid overly personal gifts. This is not only about clothes or cosmetics, but also about everything that does not concern work. Household items can be donated only if the future recipient likes to condemn household affairs with colleagues.
  • Remember the age of the recipient, not only the passport age but also the age at which she feels herself.
  • Funny gifts are allowed only if you know for sure that the boss will take them well.
  • If the birthday girl often talks about her hobby, hobby gifts are allowed.

Try to make your gift non-standard, stand out from the standard gizmos. This will help demonstrate that you have really tried your hand at finding the perfect present. You can also donate things made to order or complemented by unique decor to make the present unique. Engravings, prints, embroidery, etc., will help.

It is better to congratulate the leader on behalf of the entire team and do it in the presence of all colleagues. If you want to give a birthday present to the director on your own behalf, try to choose not very expensive things and hand them tete-a-tete, without attracting too much attention from the employees.

What Not to Give a Leader for Her Birthday

In order not to spoil the mood of the boss on her birthday, it is important to figure out in advance what gifts you will not give in any case. We classified as the worst options:

  • Cheap trinkets, no use, and fakes. This is a manifestation of disrespect not only for the leader but also for any adult in general.
  • Standard stationery from a nearby store. It is possible and necessary to donate office supplies and items for work, but they must be of high quality, original and, preferably, unusual.
  • Jewelry. It’s too expensive and too personal. It is important to understand that giving the director a woman for her birthday something like this is a sign of a different tone.
  • Gifts hinting at the age, health or physical defects of the birthday girl. This can offend any woman, and in the case of the director, it is simply indecent. Therefore, forget about subscriptions to beauty salons and various fitness clubs, vouchers to a sanatorium and chic anti-aging cosmetics.
  • Non-material adventures, a variety of entertainment and adventures are allowed, but only if you are sure that the birthday girl will have the opportunity to use them. Real workaholics, which are often leaders, often deny themselves vacations and work on weekends. In this case, you should choose an adventure that does not require a lot of time and long journeys.

Bad gifts include smoking accessories and strong alcohol. It is simply not customary to give them to women, even if they smoke, have nothing against good alcohol. Also, the rules of decency prohibit handing things related to bad omens, for example, handkerchiefs, empty wallets, pearls, etc.

Practical Birthday Gifts for a Woman Director

A person who has made a career and is a leader is probably distinguished by a practical warehouse of character. Therefore, when deciding what to give a woman boss for her birthday, do not discard useful things, even if they seem not very interesting to you. A small highlight in the design and presentation will help to make them more original, and the recipient’s presentation will certainly appreciate the usefulness. Good gifts for the lady boss would be:

  • Organizer for papers and other little things.
  • Humidifier, ionizer or cabinet air purifier.
  • External hard drive for storing large amounts of information.
  • A smartwatch is a small gadget with a lot of useful functions.
  • A personalized external battery or power bank for a woman who often works outside the office, where there is no way to charge her smartphone.
  • A GPS navigator for a female boss, especially if her job involves frequent travel.
  • Desktop weather station. It will be especially useful if the work of your company is somehow dependent on weather conditions.

It is better to congratulate the leader on behalf of the entire team and do it in the presence of all colleagues. If you want to give a birthday present to the director on your own behalf, try to choose not very expensive things and hand them tete-a-tete, without attracting too much attention from the employees.

What Can a Director Give a Woman for a Home?

Household “household” things are considered not the best present for the leader. But, if your team has a rather warm relationship, you can give the director for his birthday one of the such simple and useful gifts as:

  • A set of towels of different sizes, decorated with personalized embroidery;
  • Retro or waterproof radio for showering and outdoor recreation;
  • Photo frame in the shape of a tree with small frames on the branches;
  • Exquisite silk handkerchief or delicate scarf can be hand-painted, packed in a gift box;
  • A blanket with sleeves for a cozy weekend getaway;
  • Luxurious woolen blanket in ethnic style;
  • Bio fireplace with a real open fire;
  • An original 3D light or “smart” light to help you adjust lighting with sound or movement;
  • Growing kit or self-watering pot.

Since you hardly know in what style the interior of the birthday girl’s house is decorated, you should choose things with a simple universal design.

What Is the Original to Give a Woman Boss for Her Birthday?

Various unusual gizmos are most often presented for birthdays to the director from the team and not from one person. So you will amuse the birthday girl and create a festive mood at work for the whole day. Good surprise gift ideas for a woman Boss who has it all:

  • Camera with quick print function;
  • Light alarm clock with sounds of dawn in nature;
  • Globe of the traveler, allowing to independently paint the countries, “opening” them;
  • Aquarium with mechanical fish, very similar to live;
  • Picnic basket with blanket and matching utensils;
  • A ring of omnipotence for the fantasy lover;
  • A copy of an Oscar statuette or a ceramic copy of a Hollywood star;
  • The star named after the birthday girl is a symbolic gift to the leader who has everything;
  • Non-fading flowers in a vacuum.

If you can’t think of what to give a director for a woman’s birthday, get together with the whole team and analyze your talents. Perhaps there are great writers, designers, photographers, etc. among you. Then you can work together to make a small masterpiece, for example, a book about a birthday girl. It can be both an independent present and an addition to a more useful and necessary gift in everyday life.

What Intangible Gifts to Give a Woman Director

Adventure gifts are becoming more and more popular every day. They are a real lifesaver if you need to decide what to give for your birthday, for example, to a woman director who has everything. It is only important to make sure that the birthday girl will have the opportunity to use your present. Therefore, the best choice would be entertainment that does not require a significant investment of time. Good ideas:

  • A ride in a real carriage, like a queen, or in a chic limousine in the morning to work and home in the evening or first to a restaurant;
  • Tickets to the opera, theater or an interesting exhibition, you can also choose a concert if you are aware of the birthday girl’s musical predilections;
  • Invitation to a birthday girl’s hobby master class ;
  • Participation in an extreme or intellectual quest ;
  • Flight with friends or a hot air balloon instructor;
  • Light aircraft piloting training ;
  • Extreme driving lesson ;
  • Flight in a wind tunnel ;
  • Horseback riding.

It is not necessary to give a present to the leader of travels and trips. It may look as if you decided to “fuse” her somewhere from the workplace with your goals. In addition, a busy lady is unlikely to have the opportunity to give up everything and just leave within the time frame invented by subordinates in advance.

What to Give a Boss for Her Birthday From Inexpensive Ideas

Cost is a very important point that just needs to be taken into account when choosing a gift for a woman director personally. If you present something expensive, you can put the boss in an uncomfortable position, and she will not be able to accept such a valuable thing from the hands of a subordinate without ruining her reputation. In this situation, it is worth thinking about what to give the boss an inexpensive, but at the same time high-quality and pleasant. You can give the director a funny gift that emphasizes a high position, good examples:

  • A cool medal, for example, “Honored Workaholic” – a nice and symbolic souvenir to remember;
  • Ceramic or metal model of your favorite car for an enthusiastic motorist;
  • Glass paperweight with a photo of the birthday girl and company logo.

You can also give the director various cute and original little things for work, such as:

  • Notebook with black pages and white pen for notes;
  • Self-stirring mug or chameleon mug with a cool pattern;
  • Bouquet or other nice arrangements of sweets or fruits;
  • Handmade soap in the form of flowers;
  • Magnetic holder for clips and other small items;
  • Nice tea pair for tea parties during lunch break;
  • Desk clock organizer.

It is also a solution to the problem of inexpensive presenting to a woman director for her birthday in a way that is appropriate – a stylish modern wine set. It will help you to open even the most insidious bottle of wine without any problems and pour it beautifully. If the boss categorically does not accept alcohol, you can give her a set of glowing glasses that are perfect for juices and fruit drinks.

Symbolic Little Things as a Birthday Present for the Headmistress

If you do not have a tradition at work to congratulate colleagues on the holidays and somehow celebrate them, but you want to congratulate the boss, it will be very difficult to decide what to give the director for his birthday. It is important to choose something small, not very expensive and not attracting the attention of other colleagues. Good ideas:

  • Cocktail alcoholic sweets “Assorti”;
  • 4 USB charger;
  • Ecocube “Flora Cube” with violet or other flowers;
  • “Universal Book” diary;
  • Eco pencil set with seeds;
  • Keychain with lock defroster;
  • Chocolate card;
  • Orchid in a jar;
  • Digital pen.

Even such small and non-binding gifts require beautiful packaging. It definitely should not be more elegant than the present itself, but a nice gift bag will definitely not be superfluous.

Unique Gifts for the Leader on Her Birthday

Anyone will be pleased to receive a unique item as a presentation, the likes of which no one else will have. Therefore, when choosing a birthday present for a woman director, it is important to pay attention to unusual things made to order. Good ideas:

  • Calendar with photos of the birthday girl, colleagues, different working moments.
  • Portrait of the recipient on a lightbox. It can serve as a decoration of the study, or the birthday girl decides to take it home.
  • A video about the career development of a lady boss and significant moments in her life with congratulations from all employees.
  • Unusual cake decorated with a photograph of the birthday girl. You can also use mastic figurines depicting the boss and her subordinates.
  • Chocolate portrait made from the photo of the hero of the occasion.
  • A unique handmade panel on the wall.
  • Large photo album using the scrapbooking technique.
  • Personalized seal decorated with semi-precious stones.
  • A personalized mind game that resembles the work of your company.
  • A portable hand warmer is useful for a woman who is often freezing. She will especially like the device with the name of the hero of the occasion engraved on it.

If you are thinking about what to give a woman boss for an anniversary, then such unique things will be one of the best options. They can directly indicate that this is a present made in honor of a round date. Then your gift will be a great holiday reminder.


If you decide to congratulate from the whole team, then in addition to choosing a present, you need to decide how you will present. It is better to come up with or find good rhymes and pleasant congratulations in advance, divide the “roles” and prepare for their pronunciation. Then your presentation of a birthday present to your beloved boss will be beautiful and harmonious, and she will definitely like it.

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