100+ Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

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Spring holiday on the birthday is a long-awaited event that all girls, girls and women are waiting for. After all, it is on this day that boys, guys and men show special care: they look for a beautiful bouquet of flowers, surround them with attention, and, of course, give gifts.

Not a single girl on this day should be left without a gift. At school, boys must congratulate the girls. What to give to classmates? What gifts will delight them?

Useful Tips

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

The choice of gifts for girls at school usually falls on the shoulders of the parent committee. The class teacher gathers a meeting and raises the issue of choosing gifts for girls:

  • the amount for which gifts will be bought is determined;
  • all presents should be the same so that the girls are not offended;
  • Gifts should be chosen according to the age of the schoolgirls. So, for example, it is stupid to give a curling iron to a first grader or a doll to a 9th grader;
  • A gift can be anything: useful, developing, for beauty, or original. Parents must decide for themselves which present to buy. On this issue, it is very important to listen to the position of those parents who have girls.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls: 1st or 2nd Grade

In elementary school, boys usually prepare gifts for girls on their birthday in the form of cards, which they, together with the teacher, make in a labor lesson. Girls enjoy such presentations. But the parent committee, in turn, can also prepare small and budgetary presentations, for example:

  • Coloring pages with tasks.
  • Lego constructor for girls.
  • Mug “Multiplication table.”
  • Children’s wallets in the shape of an animal.
  • Crayons for coloring the ends of the hair.
  • Original lip balm, for example, in the form of a doll, ice cream, or lollipop.
  • Fur keychains in the form of unicorns, kittens, and flamingos.
  • Badges (pins) that are hung on a backpack can be flowers, emojis, cartoon characters, or animals.
  • A cup with an individual print, for example, with the girl’s name.
  • A bottle for water in a girly design – in pink, with a cute print in the form of animals, butterflies, and flowers.
  • Jewelry (bracelet, brooch, hair accessories) – girls adore all sorts of beautiful little things, so they will be happy with various beautiful and bright details.
  • A bag for removable shoes is a beneficial thing for schoolchildren. It is advisable that the handbags be of different colors or prints so that the girls do not get lost, and do not constantly look for their bags.
  • Original stationery: a set of pens with cute animals, growing eco-pencils, glowing ballpoint pens with unicorns, etc.
  • Puzzles with princesses, kittens, and cartoon characters. It is important that the puzzles are on the same theme: if they are princesses, then all the girls need to choose different pictures with princesses.
  • A book for extracurricular reading – literature should be interesting for a girl. For example, you can choose something from the category of books “How I Grow Up,” “Encyclopedia of Questions and Answers,” “For a Stylish Girl,” etc.
  • A book with stickers that can be glued to any object: diary, notebook, pencil case, etc. Girls love these things that can decorate school supplies.
  • Jewelry box – you can buy a special set where the girl herself will have to paint the box with the attached paints.
  • Squish is an anti-stress toy that not only touches with its beauty but also performs an important function – it develops fine motor skills.
  • Soft toys with big eyes – while the girls are still small, they will be happy with such gifts.
  • A set for creativity, for example, beads to create original bracelets; elastic bands for weaving; picture to paint by numbers.
  • A lunch box in its original form, for example, in the shape of a cute panda or an owl, is a valuable gift for any child.

Birthday Gift Ideas for 7-10 Years Old Girls

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At 7-10 years old, gifts can be chosen from the previous category, for example, stationery and various educational gifts, but surely girls in grades 3-4 already want to receive something else, for example:

  • A small night light.
  • Fortune cookies.
  • Magnetic chalkboard.
  • Nail stamp printer.
  • Glowing studs-clips.
  • A beautiful scarf.
  • Creative notebook.
  • A set of double-sided markers.
  • Notepad/diary with a lock for notes, and secrets.
  • Stylish cosmetic bag with a mirror and a beautiful comb inside.
  • An umbrella with a girly print is the right thing for rainy spring weather.
  • A compact money box is a helpful present that helps you save money for a dream.
  • Experimental set, for example, for growing crystals, and plants, and making bath bombs.
  • A bouquet of sweets, marshmallows, marmalade and fruits.
  • Pendant with a pendant bearing the name of the girl.
  • Home hair bandage (fur with ears or animal muzzle).
  • A board game such as a twister. This game will allow you to have fun.
  • Stylish shoulder bag. Nowadays, it is fashionable to carry bags with sequins.
  • Photo frame with a girly print – in pink, lilac, and purple.
  • A set of interesting bookmarks for books.
  • Music box for jewelry with a ballerina.
  • Beautiful figurines, for example, in the form of a fairy princess.
  • A rose in a flask is beautiful, original and memorable.
  • Gel anthill – it will be interesting for girls to watch how the ant farm develops.
  • Thermos in the original design.
  • Origami kit.
  • Personalized set of sweets “For study and creativity.”
  • Set for creating air unicorns.
  • Pencil case with the name of a classmate.
  • Globe for coloring.
  • Personalized chocolate postcard.
  • The original toothbrush holder.
  • Set for making perfume. Why use my mother’s eau de toilette if you can create your own unique scent ?!
  • Backlit neuro jump rope – develops coordination and dexterity.
  • Children’s set for coloring plaster.
  • A set of a young cook (apron + cap) – at the age of 9-10, girls can already help their mother in the kitchen, so this set will definitely come in handy for them.
  • Decorative pillow – you can order an original pillow, for example, with a picture of a girl; a simpler option – with a congratulatory inscription.
  • An electronic butterfly in a bank – any girl will like such a gift because the butterfly is very realistic.
  • A beautiful photo album – surely the classmates have already accumulated a lot of photos in 2-3 years of study. Now they can arrange them, sort them and put them in a photo album as a keepsake.
  • A set of nail polishes – it is important that these are nail polishes for children, that is, those that can be easily removed in one motion.
  • Beautiful wristwatch. There is no need to choose an expensive accessory because there are budgetary but beautiful girls’ watches on sale.
  • Keychain for keys – in grades 3-4, children for the most part, already go home from school by themselves, so a beautiful keychain will definitely come in handy.
  • Table mirror with LED backlight – at the age of 10, girls are already beginning to pay attention to their appearance, watch their hair, and paint their lips. Therefore, they will definitely need a table mirror.
  • Set for modeling shoes – allows the girl to show her creativity and taste. The girl herself will be able to create her own unique model of shoes.

Birthday Gifts for 11-13-Year-Old Girls

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At the age of 12-13, girls are already becoming adolescents who try to stand out, watch their appearance, and accept the flirting of boys. Gifts for the birthday should already be more mature, practical and valuable. We offer such ideas:

  • Warmer toy.
  • Raincoat in a case.
  • Glowing headphones.
  • Boardgame “Crocodile.”
  • Stylish or original calculator.
  • Handicraft box for storing small items.
  • Book safe for storing money savings.
  • A stand for a mobile phone in a beautiful design.
  • Calendar constructor.
  • A curly flash drive with a lot of memory.
  • The book for a young girl “100 and 1 question about it”, “The girl is 100%”, etc.
  • Thermo cup for brewing tea with a lid.
  • Personalized, stylish T-shirt with a photo or themed inscription “From a birthday”.
  • Bathroom set (original design soap, bath foam, shower gel, bombs).
  • Decor for the wall in the room. It can be an abstraction, flowers and other elements.
  • A set for creating multi-colored decorative candles.
  • Stand-organizer for stationery with engraving “On the birthday + girl’s (name).”
  • Table chest of drawers for cosmetics, elastic bands, hairpins, etc.
  • Magnetic whiteboard on the refrigerator in the form of an Apple icon for notes, and reminders.
  • Silicone curlers in the form of mushrooms, and sweets.
  • Sewing and darning sewing kit. It’s time to learn how to sew, sew and stitch.
  • An unusual mouse pad, for example, with a common photo of all classmates.
  • Wireless computer mouse in a girly design, for example, with rhinestones, in pink.
  • Scented jewelry. And what, I wonder, after all, when a bracelet or necklace smells like flowers or vanilla?
  • Temporary tattoos with rhinestones – let the girls have fun and decorate their bodies with beautiful designs.
  • A set of tools for a manicure. The gift, of course, is not cheap, but useful and so necessary for teenagers.
  • Culinary tools, gadgets like an ice cream maker or a waffle maker – let the girls start making their own treats.
  • Sand table painting – anti-stress – will help you relax, and turn on your imagination and fantasy.
  • Indoor flower in a pot. It is important that the plant is easy to care for so that the girl can take care of them herself without any problems.
  • Dishes with photo printing. This can be a set of a mug and saucer or a mug with a teaspoon.
  • Painting on the wall with a girlish pattern. Girls love nature, flowers, and animals, so you can pick up interesting options for paintings on these topics.
  • Illumination lamp for books. With this accessory, girls will love to read books. This process will be fun and rewarding for them.
  • A running away alarm clock on wheels – with such an object, classmates will definitely never oversleep at school.
  • 3D smartphone screen magnifier – allows you to enlarge the image for comfortable viewing without harming your eyes.
  • Fashionable glowing or neon shoelaces. It will be interesting when all the girls put on such laces on their sports shoes during physical education class.
  • The Selfie Remote is an indispensable accessory when using a tripod. Modern girls love to be photographed from different angles images, so such a thing can be useful to them.
  • Chameleon ring. It is very interesting and funny to watch how the ring will change color depending on the body temperature and the environment.

Birthday Gifts in 14-16 Years Girl

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Girls’ tastes at 14-16 differ from those of schoolgirls 10-15 years ago. Then there were still no fashionable phones, social networks and various gadgets. Today the world dictates a new fashion, therefore gifts should be given appropriately. On the birthday, you can give all the girls the following gifts:

  • Selfie monopod.
  • Soft plaid with sleeves.
  • Fitness elastic bands.
  • Massage roller.
  • Holder for notes.
  • A book with recipes.
  • Keyholder in the original design.
  • Holder for a bag with rhinestones.
  • Beautiful flower on the desktop.
  • A portable phone charger in a cute design, such as a powder box.
  • A pendant for a smartphone with the first letter of the name of each classmate.
  • A motivating scratch poster, such as “100 things to do,” “50 of my achievements,” etc.
  • Visualization board with different formats of annotations (pencils, stickers, buttons).
  • Headband for a bath from getting wet hair.
  • Body shimmer – cosmetic glitter spray for disco parties.
  • USB hub in the form of a man.
  • Kit for weaving braids with kanekalon (with artificial strands).
  • Dryer for nails – for high-speed drying of varnish.
  • Decorative cosmetics – lip balm, eye shadow, blush, etc.
  • Headrest pillow for travel or general excursion trips.
  • A functional and bright cosmetic bag.
  • A gamebook with puzzles and interesting tasks.
  • A towel with the name of a classmate.
  • Instagram photo taken at the photo studio, taken from the girl’s Instagram. You need to place the photo in a beautiful frame.
  • Caricature doll (figurine from photographs) – made to order, demonstrates the character of a classmate, and her interests.
  • A set of skin cleansers – At the age of 14-16, many girls develop skin problems, so it is important to take care of your face.
  • A set for making chocolate – this includes caramel syrup, marshmallows, chocolate powder for the drink, and spices.
  • Personal passport cover. In the 9th grade, girls already receive a passport, so such a present will definitely be appropriate.

Important Points

It is important that on the birthday every girl is surrounded by attention and care. To do this, you need to:

  1. each boy gave a present to his neighbor at the desk;
  2. the class teacher or boys congratulated the girls together with words and wishes;
  3. The boys organized a small party, for example, after school, you can set a sweet table, arrange a disco or spend an entertaining evening with quests, contests and games.

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